This is Mrs. Lion’s tenderizer. It is a very heavy paddle that hurts even with mild swats (which Mrs. Lion doesn’t give). The pointy side is used for turnovers and sacks. They leave my butt covered with little bruises.

The New York Giants played the San Francisco 49’ers Monday night. We both root for the Giants. Until last night, the Giants only won a single game all season.

On Sunday, we played our football spanking game while watching the Seattle Seahawks play. It was a painful experience for more than the players. Actually, it wasn’t too bad for me.

Being a helpful lion, I sent Mrs. Lion an email on Monday suggesting that instead of one swat per point (either team’s points), I get two. That would raise the ante for me. I also suggested that swats for turnovers and sacks be doubled too. Graciously, Mrs. Lion agreed. I figured that we would play again next Sunday. Mrs. Lion had a different plan. She announced we would play on Monday night.

We record games. Because we live on the West Coast, Monday Night Football starts at 5pm local time. That’s too early for us. So, we record the games. We settled in to watch the action at about 8pm. Mrs. Lion had the large tenderizer paddle on the bed next to her. I strapped on my shock collar and we started playing the game.

Lion's football injury
Here is the outcome of Monday night’s game. The tenderizer created little bruises. The flat side did the rest. It’s not painful now. (Click to view larger.)

I won’t go through a play-by-play, but there was a lot of scoring. The Giants won 27 to 23. That meant I got a total of 100 scoring swats. My bottom was burning by the end of the fourth quarter! In addition to the scoring swats, I got a few for sacks and one turnover. Those swats are administered with the pointy side of the tenderizer.

That large paddle managed to bruise me a bit (near my crack). That’s a tribute to Mrs. Lion’s excellent aim. The tenderizer did its work over a larger area of my bottom. By the start of the second half, I was hoping no one would score.

Fourteen hard swats for each touchdown was challenging. I wanted to move away, but I didn’t. The image of me posing with the tenderizer was taken a few days ago. You can see the “before and after” by comparing that one with the image, left.

These marks aren’t terribly serious. They’ll be gone by the weekend. They do show that Mrs. Lion is a tough football player. In punishment or play, when she picks up a paddle, she means business. No more softballs for me. I’m glad and I can’t wait for our next game.

I’m generally not marked after being punished. I don’t think it is because Mrs. Lion is meaner when we play football. I think it’s a combination of two things: The tenderizer is a well-made, heavy spanking paddle. Where the front edge caught the side of my crack, it left a nice bruise. It marked me a bit less severely on other spots. It is an excellent tool. The second reason is that the spanking was delivered in installments. I got a flurry of swats after touchdowns or field goals. I had the time between them to recover. That made it easier for me to stay still for the painful flurries.

Theoretically, a punishment spanking should mark me at least this much. Because the blows are concentrated in a short period of time, the punishment hurts more. Well, it stings more. Maybe this new, heavier paddle mutes some of the sting in favor of longer-lasting thud. This level of marks the next day provides a bar for Mrs. Lion to exceed.

Ironically, the tenderizer’s pointy side doesn’t hurt as much as the smooth one. But it leaves the most marks and hurts more later. The edge of the smooth side creates nice bruising. The combination could leave my bottom with memorable souvenirs of both games and punishments. I hope Mrs. Lion is encouraged by her football prowess.

Last night was our first football spanking game. Sadly, the Giants didn’t win. I also lost! Mrs. Lion used her “tenderizer” paddle (smooth side) for score keeping. Each point Atlanta scored earned me one hard swat. Giant points got me less painful hits. My bottom was red and sore by the end of the fourth quarter.

In addition, she used the shock collar to zap me under my balls each time there was a penalty. There were a few. She was kind to me and her zaps were short and not too strong. Still, it is a very uncomfortable feeling. It felt strange to hope no one scored, but I did. After the game, we agreed that we would continue with this game, playing once per weekend. We often watch more than one game a week. Of course, Mrs. Lion will decide which game.

This is the first spanking game we’ve played that works for both of us. Mrs. Lion said that she had a good time playing. I think activities like this are good for us. They playfully reinforce our power exchange. More importantly, they turn the passive, solitary activity of watching TV into an exciting interactive game.

For the record, Lioness 2.0 is firmly in residence. She acted pleased that my bottom was red and sore. She showed no sign of reducing the impact of her spanking as I got redder. That’s what I hoped would happen. Too much empathy can spoil a game, and, for that matter, a punishment.

Speaking of punishments, I earned one yesterday at lunch. I spilled food on my shirt. I wasn’t punished last night because of the game. I expect that my bottom will be very sore tonight. Mrs. Lion has been less severe with punishments lately. I imagine that’s because a spill on my shirt doesn’t demand a full-scale spanking. Much as I hesitate to say it, I believe that may be a mistake.

It isn’t logical to imagine a punishment for spilling food should be as severe as one for an offense that upsets my lioness. Just like the fine for going ten miles-per-hour over the speed limit is less than one for going twenty over, a spanking for spilling should be less than one for interrupting. That makes sense.

The problem with this logic is that the objective of any punishment is to teach me something. Is the reason for a more gentle spanking that it isn’t as important that I learn to be neat as it is to not interrupt? Objectively, it is. However, the purpose is to educate me. In that light, the test of success is how well I learn.

If this is my first spill in, let’s say a month, then maybe a “reminder” spanking is enough. If my last spill was only a week or two ago, then clearly I didn’t benefit from my prior spanking and need a stronger lesson. The same is true with other behavioral slips. I’m not suggesting that a reminder be a “slap on the wrist” so to speak. Based on our experience, it has to be a very strong spanking for me to remember next time. If I’m told that a second offense will be much stronger, the incentive to be careful is certainly larger.

So far, Mrs. Lion hasn’t used this method of escalating punishments. I think it might be time for her to consider this enhancement. Of course, if she chooses to do this, I need to be informed after my punishment what will happen next time, if there is a next time. That’s where the power lies. If I’m foolish enough to slip up again, I will learn how much worse it can get.

Make no mistake, I’m not fond of this concept at all. I believe I will profit if this structure is added to our disciplinary marriage. Negative reinforcement, for me at least, works best when the stakes go up each time I repeat an offense. Enough, maybe too much, said.

I really didn’t remember telling Lion he’d gets swats for football points. I swear I said he’d get zapped. That’s why was only going to do one per score. Seven zaps seemed excessive. I had to go back through my posts to check. Sure enough, I’d said swats. Lion said he didn’t hear what I said in my mind. Silly.

In hindsight, it does make more sense to receive zaps and swats. Penalties and points are two different things. They should receive different modes of attention. Lion was smart not to read my mind.

If it was totally dependent on the Giants score, Lion’s butt would probably be very safe tonight. In short, they stink. They seem to be picking right up from where they left off last season. That’s why I decided to go with both teams’ scores.

I have an idea of the paddle I’ll use. It’s the one with the tenderizer side. I won’t use that side. We use it for play and, after all, isn’t that what this is? It will also save my hand from the misery that is potentially a high-scoring game even if it’s not the Giants scoring the points.

As always, we have no idea how this is going to work. It may not work at all. It may work, but not in this configuration. We may have to tweak it a lot. Poor Lion. Sometimes he’s a lab rat.

Touchdown! 7 swats? 14 swats? 21 swats? Mrs Lion has to decide.

Mrs. Lion is still working out the rules for her NFL game. Currently, she has me zapped for each penalty. She is trying to decide how many swats I get when a team scores. I suggested one per point. She’s considering her options.

Scoring isn’t all that frequent, so maybe one swat per point may not be severe enough. Seven swats, what I would get for a touchdown may not be memorable enough. Mrs. Lion will decide. I’m aroused thinking about playing.

She is a bit concerned that in this game I have no control. When we play Zapardy, I can avoid a zap by getting a question right. In the football game, everything is beyond my control. I don’t mind that at all. Mrs. Lion has to decide if that works for her.

I like the idea of games with penalties. I always have. I’m not sure that Mrs. Lion shares my enthusiasm. She invented the football game. Maybe she will have fun playing it.

She is in the habit of playing on her iPad during games. Playing with me might stop her from playing with the iPad. Maybe not. Things don’t move so fast in football that she has to react as soon as a flag is thrown or a touchdown made.

We aren’t the first to think of a football spanking game. Here is one I found in a reddit discussion:

“Sir and i came up with a great one a couple weeks ago. Whenever we’re watching a football game, i get spanked every time a score happens. If it’s our team, it’s his hand. If it’s the opponent, it’s the hairbrush or paddle. Also it’s cumulative. So six spanks for the first touchdown, then seven after extra point…then ten if there’s a field goal next…you get the idea.”

What do you think of this idea, Mrs. Lion?

I hope she will find other ways to extend our BDSM activities that we can both enjoy. If she is having fun playing, she is more likely to want to play frequently. Based on what just thinking about our football game does to me, it’s obvious I need the additional stimulation.

Masturbation games are also big fun. Mrs. Lion says she has fun edging me. Maybe she can make use of that in a game too. Do you have any fun games you play?

[Mrs. Lion – Lion is anxious to start our game. The Giants play tonight. That’s when we’ll start. Lion will receive one zap every time a penalty flag is thrown. Two flags on one play? Two zaps. He’ll receive one swat for every point scored by either team. I’ll use a paddle of some sort. By halftime we should have a decent understanding of how things are going and we can adjust as needed.]