We went to the casino last night. They offered us coupons for free dinner. Obviously, we weren’t going to pass that by. Mrs. Lion had crab and pasta. I had prime rib. We also had mozzarella sticks and popcorn shrimp. We were stuffed. Our slot machine time wasn’t as lucky. We both lost some money. I never expect to win. I look for slots with the most noise and color. We found one based on “Little Shop of Horrors.” It was very entertaining, if not profitable. We don’t spend money on other frivolous activities, so this wasn’t all that expensive for a fun evening.

We got home early. It was 9:30 and still a little light outside. We both smelled like smoke and casino air freshener. We took showers. By the time we finished and settled in, it was 10:30, too late to start being frisky. I streamed repeats of “Mom,” and Mrs. Lion fell asleep. I didn’t watch much longer before I felt my eyes closing. Thank you, melatonin!

I woke again at 1:30 AM. That sometimes happens, and I fall back to sleep. This time, it was hot in the room, and I threw off my covers. Still no sleep. It smelled like cigarette smoke. The casino stink must have infiltrated my sinuses. I was also stuffy and uncomfortable. After trying to get back to sleep for a while, I gave in and turned on the TV. Mrs. Lion almost always sleeps through my middle-of-the-night TV watching. I also took an allergy tablet. Three “Mom” reruns, I was sleepy again. I turned off the TV and slept until 10 AM. Mrs. Lion woke up soon after. [Mrs. Lion — I was awake at 6:30 to let the dog out and went back to sleep until 8:30. I snoozed on and off until 9:30. I was contemplating breakfast when Lion woke up.] We both needed the rest.

I’m writing this post on Sunday afternoon. I just read what Mrs. Lion wrote in her post. It’s true. I forgot to set up the coffee pot on Saturday. You think I would remember given the very painful consequence of forgetting. I didn’t. According to her post, she’s going to spank me before we go out to run errands. I’m not happy about that. It isn’t that I have to get dressed and go out. It’s that I am absolutely not in the mood to be spanked. Yeah, I know, nobody asked me if I wanted one.

It’s times like these that make me question my sanity. Yes, the idea of a spanking is hot. Right now, my nose is running again (time for another allergy pill), and my head feels full of cotton. The beating will probably clear my sinuses that still smell a little like the casino. I admit that I’m curious about how a lioness 4.0 spanking is different from one 3.0 delivered. I’m sure 4.0 is a lot more severe and less interested in how I feel about the beating. Oh well, this is out of my control anyway. I’ll let you know what happens. Right now, I’m going to go set up the coffee pot for tomorrow. My momma didn’t raise any stupid cubs.

I finished mowing the lawn yesterday. It took me two days. Well, really, only about two hours, spread over two days. But it’s done, and I don’t have to think about it again for a while. I count that as a win. Lion wanted to go to the casino, so last night we went. We got a free dinner, and we both came out down some money. Lion says it’s similar to the cost of going to a musical or a concert. Despite having fun with all the lights and sounds of the slot machines, I count it as a loss. I can, and do, play slot machines on my iPad, and I don’t lose any money.

The biggest loss of the night was Lion missing out on a chance for an orgasm. He never really had a chance since I wasn’t going to give him one, but he missed out on the build-up to a potential orgasm. He may think a night out is equal to or better than sexual attention. I do not. [Lion — I don’t compare them. I had fun last night, and by the time we got home, I was too tired for sex anyway.]

Another loss for Lion happened when I walked into the kitchen and hit the brew button on the coffee maker. I didn’t even look. I just expected it to work. The flashing light was confusing at first. Then I looked more closely. Nope. No coffee pot, no water, no filter. No wonder it was flashing. I’m certainly capable of putting it together. I just found it interesting that I relied on it being done for me and never bothered to look. Now Lion is due for a punishment spanking. In my 4.0 mind, I was thinking of whomping him before we go out to run a few errands. How uncomfortable will it be to have a sore butt while clothed? I’m sure it won’t feel good. But, given his outing last night and the fact that he said he’s tired, I’m not sure he’ll be running errands with me. Of course, I could always whomp him and tell him to get dressed so he can feel clothes on his freshly bruised buns. It’s an interesting idea.

Sometimes it feels like all I do is write. I know, I’m a writer now. It makes sense that I should be busy at the keyboard. Still, it’s fairly new to me. I began my new writing career about a year ago. I’ve learned a lot in that time. For one thing, I have to figure out how to sell my work. I self-published a novel. It’s gotten some good reviews. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to get the word out so that people might buy it. I’m glad I decided to publish it myself. The chances of landing an agent and a real publisher are between slim and none.

What will I do with my next book? I can’t see it selling any better on Amazon. I don’t know any published authors who could introduce me to an agent. Unsolicited submissions have no serious chance of success. Maybe this is my whiney weekend. It’s unattractive, and I’ll stop. Besides, if I am any good, someone will discover me. After all, how many literary lions are there?

I think that Mrs. Lion will need to stick with blowjobs. Our handjob experiment wasn’t very successful. It isn’t her fault. It’s mine. Maybe after 10,000 handjobs, my penis loses sensitivity. Remember that all the edging we did almost every day for seven years was with Mrs. Lion’s hand. Maybe it wasn’t really 10,000, but it was almost certainly over 5,000.

Anyway, she gives the best head I’ve ever gotten. I’m delighted that she wants to keep being so nice to me. I’m very happy. Meanwhile, I’ve been doing some research. Every night for the last year or so, I’ve been taking melatonin to help me get to sleep. This is a harmless, natural substance that the body produces. It helps control our sleep cycle. Melatonin supplements are medically approved to help with sleep and to assist in helping our day/night cycles.

I tried different doses and found that 40mg at bedtime will put me to sleep in less than an hour. I haven’t noticed any obvious side effects. This is a much larger dose than WebMD and other sites say are typical. I tried smaller amounts, 3mg, for example. It had no effect on me. I worked my way up to 40mg. It is great.

The only thing is that my sex drive is way down, and I’ve been depressed. There are obvious reasons for some depression, what with the pandemic and losing my job. It turns out that a known side effect of melatonin is also depression. It’s fairly rare. I tried just leaving the melatonin out. I had miserable nights. My latest idea is to reduce the dose. The chances are that if any of my troubles are due to it, the reduced dosage will also lower the side effects. Last night I took 30mg. I had no trouble sleeping. In a couple of days, I’ll go down to 20. Experimental lion!

I’m going to ask Mrs. Lion to return to blow jobs. I hope she will. Meantime, we can see if my sexual responsiveness improves as the dose of melatonin decreases. Wish me luck!

Apparently, I’ve forgotten how to jerk Lion off. Either that or he’s been putting up with the wrong way for a while and hasn’t said anything. He’s told me I don’t do much for him when I try to masturbate him under the covers. Duly noted. Last night wanted to use some lube on him to get him excited before sucking. He said he was still trying to process dinner and didn’t really want the lube anyway. I suppose I could have told him it was too bad and that 4.0 wanted to use lube, but I was still a little full from dinner myself, so I backed off. A few minutes later, he said we could snuggle and see what happens.

Not long after we started snuggling, Lion wiggled a little and laughed. I asked what he was laughing about, and he said he was giving me a hint. Okay. I knew what the hint meant, but I was a little confused since he said he was still processing dinner. Had he processed it in ten minutes? Oh well. I started to play with him. And then he started telling me things I was doing wrong: Straight up and down works better than to the side. (I had no idea I was doing it to the side.) It won’t work with your fingers there. Like this. And so on.

Finally, I sat up. I thought we were snuggling to see what happened. I had no idea we’d segued into the main event. And I thought the main event was oral anyway. So I got into a better position. There hasn’t been a good position for hand jobs in a while-which is why I changed to oral, but I got as close to good as possible. He was responding, so I thought I was doing well. Then the combination of leaning and reaching started getting to me. I tried to find a more comfortable way to sit. He said it takes a long time when I’m sucking him too. Then I wasn’t doing things right again. So I moved and must have gotten it right because he was responding again. And then he wasn’t. Then he was. Then he wasn’t. Then he said he thought he was losing it.

handjob technique

When we had gotten ourselves situated again and started watching TV, Lion said he thought he masturbated more slowly. I was going fast. I didn’t think I was. I thought I was going the same speed he was when he showed me a few minutes prior in our tutorial. I know sometimes I go too fast, and I slow down, but then I think I’m going too slow. When I suck him, I vary my speed. Eventually, I try to settle in around the speed he goes when he’s humping. That’s what I was trying to do, for the most part, when I was jerking him off.

The bottom line, I guess, is that I’m out of practice jerking him off. I haven’t really done it in a long time. There must be a better way to sit that doesn’t involve so much reaching and leaning. I’ll have to figure it out if he wants to be jerked off more.

[Lion — Maybe I’m getting too fussy in my old age. I realized that there was a chance that technique was what made handjobs stop working. Yes, I know. How hard can it be to jerk a man off? It can be very difficult. One reason many women use lube is that they can slide their hands all over the penis. When they do that, they have a great chance of hitting the magic spot. Dry handjobs depend on having a hand in just the right spot and moving most excitingly. We need to practice more. Also, I’m starting to think that the “right” spot moves during the handjob.]