Yesterday at work I felt nauseous. There was no reason for it. I hadn’t eaten anything weird. Everything else seemed normal. And then it passed. Until it was back. The nausea gave way to intermittent pain and then nothing before it all began again. I still have no idea what was going on but there was no play in the Lions’ den last night.

As he was getting ready for bed, Lion made a comment that things would never get back to normal if I’m sick. Excuse me? If I’m sick? It seems to me we’re both still feeling the effects of being sick and he was sick longer. The comment reminded me of his post saying he didn’t want to go back in the cage. I thought the cage would help signal the return to normalcy. But it’s inconvenient? Unlocking him and locking him for the past three or four years hasn’t been inconvenient? His surgeries haven’t been inconvenient for me too? I’m not going to that pity party, thank you very much!

Lion is going back in the cage this weekend. Things will go back to normal. He will snap out of whatever funk he’s in. It’s spring time. New beginnings and all that crap. I get that he’s feeling down about losing strength and time to his surgeries but he’s never going to regain strength if he doesn’t try. And that’s me, the self-proclaimed optimistic pessimist, talking. We both know what we need to do to get in better shape. We both need to get off our asses. Or on our asses if it involves a piece of exercise equipment.

Today we have some errands to run. If there’s time I’ll manscape him. We don’t celebrate Easter so there’s no reason we can’t play tomorrow. And if he’s manscaped there’s no reason he can’t go back in the cage tomorrow night, if not tonight. I don’t know how to use a whip but I think I might have to learn to get Lion back on track.

I despair about returning to normal, whatever that is. The last year has been very stressful for me. I had two procedures for kidney stones, and then a couple of months later, rotator cuff surgery. That was three hospital procedures with general anesthesia. I am still recovering from the shoulder surgery.  All this medical stuff put a crimp in my sexual interest, not to mention my general physical strength. Then, to add insult to injury, we both had the flu.

The net result of all this is that we’ve had to shift focus away from our FLRD. In addition, I’m not sexually reliable. I’m very unhappy about that. I hope my  libido returns to its former glory. I wonder if my Lioness will need to make more use of the Magic Wand and her incredibly skilled mouth. Manual stimulation hasn’t been as successful as in the past.

Mrs. Lion wrote that she is going to lock me up again this weekend. She also said that the device isn’t necessary for sexual control, but has other value. I’m not sure what that value might be. At this point, it feels more like inconvenience to me. I don’t want to be in a chastity device right now. Of course, that’s completely beside the point. I wear it when Mrs. Lion wants it on me. She has all the keys.

We will probably be visiting Mrs. Lion’s Box O’Fun. Maybe we can get into the play. Maybe wearing the Jail Bird will get my motor started. I’m not overly concerned if my interest remains low for a while. My general energy is low. On the positive side of the ledger, my shoulder is largely pain free and I can use that arm for most anything.

This weekend will offer us an opportunity to get things going again. We can play and try to get our sexual connections going again. If it doesn’t work out, maybe it will later.


Yesterday’s conference was as boring as I’d thought it would be. There was really no point in going, especially when management refuses to implement anything learned there. But they did pay me for the day so that’s something.

There seems to be a general consensus that I should have Lion’s trainer report to me if Lion slacks off with his exercise program. Lion says she looks vanilla. I wonder if I don’t look vanilla. I think Lion looks vanilla. There is nothing about his appearance that would make you guess he’s anything else. I think most people hide their kinky sides. Unless you’re in a profession that let’s you wear anything and you aren’t afraid of repercussions, you hide it.

At any rate, I’m not really inclined to ask his trainer for reports. That may change as we get back to normal. Or, of course, if Lion starts giving me grief about my own eating and exercising habits. Don’t poke the Lioness.

The other night we did take a step toward normalcy. I edged Lion orally. I got him very close. Very, very close. He wanted to come so badly. Nope. He’s waiting. How long? I don’t know. He may have to wait until we are solidly back to normal. Or he may get another “cleaning of the pipes” in a few days. Everything is still up in the air. The Box O’Fun hasn’t been touched. I let him get away with not reminding me about punishment day until after 8:30 pm. He interrupted me a few times in the past few days.

The first step, I think, may be manscaping and a return of the cage. I can accomplish both this weekend if I put my mind to it. I think the cage will signify that we’re serious about things returning to the way they should be. It’s interesting how the cage is no longer needed for orgasm control but is definitely needed for other reasons.

Female pubic hair styles have varied over the decades.

My review of the Balls Bare Balm started me thinking about the larger subject of body hair removal. Throughout history various cultures have favored body hair removal. Over the last forty years, we’ve gone from full bush to bare.

It’s not that new generations have different views of pubic hair. In the 70’s a full bush (natural, you know) was the way to go. Men and women were ungroomed. Many guys had no real idea what a vagina looked like. All they saw was hair. If you don’t believe me, check out This site has a “hairy” fetish section.

Male pubic grooming tends to lag the girls by some years. In the 90’s when my pubic hair left for good, women were well on the way to bare skin.

I’m amused by the rationalizations that the pro-hair folks provide for letting the underbrush grow. The first one I heard was that hair retained sexy scents. Apparently, I would be irresistibly attracted to a woman with a bush because of the sexy scents her pussy was transmitting.

I don’t understand how those tantalizing scents got through underwear and outer clothing. When I got close and personal to a bush, all I remember is the vague smell of pee. Is this the scent that I would be drawn to like a magnet attracts iron filings? It certainly didn’t repel me, but I never wanted that scent on my pillow to give me sexy dreams.

More recently I read that pubic hair prevents friction during intercourse. What? Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Fucking involves moving my penis in and out of a well lubricated vagina. Side-to-side motion has never been in my sexual repertoire. In fact, I’ve caused some discomfort when my penis drew a female pubic hair along for the ride. Pubic hair pulling just doesn’t turn many women on. I really like the current trend in female grooming. Vaginas are beautiful and shouldn’t be obscured by foliage.

Since I have no real interest in male genitals, other than mine, I have no idea how many other guys are bare like me. I do know that wearing a chastity device is much more comfortable when there is no pubic hair to get caught in it. As far as I can tell, Mrs. Lion has no strong preference in how my naughty bits are groomed. She agreeably manscapes me because she knows I like no hair there. Of course, she never saw me with pubic hair. I haven’t had any in 30 years.