erect spanking
Lion obviously doesn’t exactly hate being spanked. He often has a nice erection when I get started. It’s true that it doesn’t last very long. Oh well.

Lion showed me an email this morning in which the writer thanked us for our blog, told us a little about herself, and said I should teach a spanking course. When I got to the very end, I laughed. Lion wondered why I was laughing. Me? Teach a spanking course? No one wants that; least of all, me. I don’t do well with public speaking. And I am, by no means, any sort of expert on spanking.

[Lion — Mrs. Lion is far too modest. She is an excellent spanker as well as an excellent disciplining wife. She really should teach a workshop.]

A little while later, Lion said he was curious how I know when to end punishment. He also wondered how I’d progressed to the point that I can administer such harsh spankings. I don’t really know how I know punishment is over. The best I can say is that I go until I think I’ve done enough and then I continue a little more. The reason for continuing is that a long time ago, Lion told me I wasn’t going far enough. Now I go farther than I think I need to. And, of course, now he tells me I can go farther. I don’t think it will ever be far enough to satisfy him.

The second question is a little easier to answer. As you’ve no doubt read, my beginning spankings quite literally wouldn’t have hurt a fly. I don’t think Lion even registered them hitting. They were absolutely pathetic. Every time, Lion told me I couldn’t hurt him and that I could hit him harder. Every time, I would hit a little harder. At some point I realized I really couldn’t hurt him. I mean, I was hurting him. But I wasn’t injuring him. Eventually I made it to some serious spanking.

I’m not really a fan of punishment spanking. Despite the comment we had the other day, I am not a sadist. I do not rule my workplace with an iron fist. I’m not the boss and, even if I was, I couldn’t rule with an iron fist if I wanted to keep my job for very long. The way I look at it is that Lioness whatever.0 is role playing. There’s me and then there’s Mrs. Lion. When Lion asks me a question and I answer as me, he’ll get one answer. If I answer as Mrs. Lion, he’ll get an answer much closer to what he’s looking for.

For example, if he asks if I enjoy punishing him, he’ll get this answer from me: It’s ok. If you broke a rule, you should get punished. However, Mrs. Lion might say: Are you kidding? I love making your cheeks red. The redder the better. I have to teach you a lesson.

The trick is to answer the way Lion wants me to answer. And sometimes I have to ask which persona he’s looking for because he tends to get upset if I answer as me and he was looking for Mrs. Lion.

In answer to the email we got this morning, I applaud you for jumping in with both feet. It does take time to build up to harsh punishment spankings. I don’t think anybody should tell you to just throw caution to the wind and whack away. You have to get there at your own pace. If I had gone too fast, I think I would have done more emotional damage to myself than any physical damage I would have done to Lion’s butt. You’ll get there.

figged lion
Mrs. Lion’s ginger-flavored Chinese dish reminded her of a non-culinary application: figging me.

It’s Saturday morning. In light of her post Friday, I asked her what she had in store for me today. I got the distinct impression that there would be considerable playing, most of it uncomfortable, with me today. She replied,

“We have to go to the store and I have to do some cleaning.”

That wasn’t what I expected to hear. She made a big deal about being sure that I got enough sleep on Friday night to be wide-awake for Saturday’s fun and games. For the record, I took a sleeping pill and got a full night’s sleep on Friday. I am wide awake and horny thanks to a long, sweaty, close-to-coming teasing session Friday night. Could I have misunderstood? Mrs. Lion didn’t explicitly say what we would do or when we would do it. It could be just wishful thinking on my part. Fair enough.

Friday night was the last installment of my three-part spanking for forgetting to tell her last Saturday was punishment day. For the record, I reminded her first thing Saturday morning this week. She’s been experimenting a bit with her spanking technique. I detect that her swats are a little harder and she told me that she’s increased her striking area to include some of my upper thighs. For my part, I think I’m learning to remain still during my spanking. I think it helps me to be lying across the edge of the bed with my legs dangling to the floor.

My teasing session followed my spanking by just about one half hour. My libido did not seem a bit damaged by the burning in my bottom. I like the way Mrs. Lion is treating both my punishment and teasing as routine events. She begins each without fanfare or comment. Before the spanking, she reminded me why I was getting beaten and asked me if I remembered. I did, of course.

There’s something arousing about having things done to me in a matter-of-fact, routine way. It’s not exactly impersonal, but it makes me feel that I have no input on the activities performed on me. I like that a lot.

Yesterday I published a picture of a woman spanking a man. He was on his knees and she had a firm grip on his balls and was pulling them while she spanked him. I find that really hot. I pointed that out to Mrs. Lion and let her know that I hope she will try it. Maybe this would be a good thing to try in a non-punishment setting. I do hope I get to experience it. I also suspect that position and control of my balls would assure there would be minimal wiggling and no attempt to escape.

Mrs. Lion has left me wild. I don’t know what her plans are to lock me up again. I’m not complaining. I’m just curious. If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that my curiosity often gets me into uncomfortable situations. Asking to have my balls gripped firmly during a spanking may be yet another example of something I shouldn’t have suggested.

Every so often, we receive a poisonous comment accusing Mrs. Lion of being an abusive, sadistic person. I don’t publish them. They have no real value. Obviously, everything we do is consensual and safe.

Friday night, we went out for Chinese dinner. It was delicious. Mrs. Lion had a dish cooked with ginger. She commented that the ginger was sweet but had quite a bit of heat. I remarked that I know all about the heat ginger produces. Mrs. Lion occasionally peels some ginger root and inserts it in my butt. The ginger oil burns like fire. This practice is called figging. She replied that I knew better than most about ginger heat. Completely coincidentally, we are heading to an oriental food market today. They usually have a good supply of ginger root.

For ginger root to be effective, it needs to be peeled and formed into a sort of vegetarian butt plug. Mrs. Lion is very good at carving that shape. Once carved, she works it into my ass without any lube. Lubrication would get in the way of the ginger oil. After a few minutes the ginger starts burning and keeps on burning for quite a while. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced that. You never know what kind of new ideas crop up when visiting a Chinese restaurant.

During my serial spankings, Mrs. Lion didn’t use any punishment desserts. I know they are extra trouble and she’s been tired. So I understand that it would just be too much to have added them. I don’t think I’m safe. I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before I’m in the corner, holding soap in my mouth, or in bed on top of a scratchy coconut mat. Who knows? She may have come up with other ideas.

I believe there are clear signs that lioness 3.0 is on the way. It may not sound significant to you, but the nuot-so-subtle changes to her spanking technique is significant to me. For one thing, completely on her own, she decided to include my upper thighs for punishment. All these years she has restricted herself to the lower half of my buttocks. This expanded area shows true growth in her technique. She’s also hitting harder part of the time. At the end of each spanking she gives me very hard swats one at a time, allowing me the opportunity to feel the pain fully before the next is landed.  All her doing.

I don’t want to read too much into this. After all it isn’t revolutionary. But it is definitely an evolutionary advance in her technique that she initiated and was not inspired by anything I’ve said. And no, I’m not feeling that I should be careful what I wish for. I did wish for this and while I hate it at the time, it’s exactly what I need. Thank you Mrs. Lion!

You stopped too soon!

Our trip to the Chinese restaurant did not leave us too full to make play impossible. I did forget to swat Lion though. He asked me about 8:30 if I was going to. I suppose I could have rewarded him with an end to the punishment, but what fun would that have been? He needs to learn his lesson.

After another bloody butt-whomping, I was able to get Lion to the edge several times. Is there a correlation? I have no idea. He says he loves to feel my power and having someone swat your butt for breaking a rule is powerful. I think there must be a correlation. I asked him if he’s glad I learned to spank so well. He’s not sure. On the one hand, I know he’s proud of me. On the other, he’s not so fond of the idea right after I’ve shown my prowess.

[Lion — I’m proud and grateful even if I don’t say so between yelps.]

I don’t think he’s so fond of my learning to edge him. Again, he’s proud of me, but in the heat of the moment he wishes I’d forget everything I know about it. Just keep going. Just keep going. Keep going. Damn!

Meanwhile, I’ve been wondering how long to edge him. He’s been having some trouble getting that far, but when he does, do I do it twice? Three times? Do I try to break him? Would edging him until he can’t keep it up help or hurt with the issue of not being able to make it to the edge? I mean, once he’s there, if I break him will he be able to get to the edge the next time? It’s always possible that I could go too far and he’d wind up with a ruined or salvaged orgasm. That certainly won’t help. I’m not sure there’s an answer to any of those questions. Maybe Lion wishes I’d edge him more, but he also wishes I’d go all the way. I’m not sure how reliable his input is. Fortunately, I can do anything I want. Lion isn’t complaining.

The good news is that Lion remembered punishment day this morning. Yay! I don’t know if he set six alarms, had notes all over the place, or he just remembered on his own, but good job, Lion! He won’t get swats for that at least. Before the weekend is up he might be getting swats for other reasons, but he’s safe from that rule.

[Lion — For the record, I was thinking back to my burning buns last night. It was a great reminder to tell Mrs. Lion today is punishment day.]

spanked while having balls held
Speaking of new things, ever since I found this picture, I’ve wondered how it feels to have Mrs. Lion do this to me. It seems especially vulnerable to have her holding my balls tightly and spanking me. What do you think, Mrs. Lion.

I got a one-day reprieve Thursday night. Mrs. Lion decided to give my rear day of rest between spankings. It was most welcome. I know I’m still owed at least one more and it will probably be delivered tonight (Friday) for Saturday. At the moment, I’m wild. Mrs. Lion unlocked me on Thursday night prior to snuggling with me. It was very pleasant.

I’m working on my full review of the Cherry Keeper chastity device. I’ve been wearing various incarnations of an for about a month now. I don’t want to give away everything, but I will say I’m very happy with both its maker, Josielynn, and the Cherry Keeper cage.

I suppose Mrs. Lion will have me back in my cage in the very near future. I haven’t been out of it long enough to miss it. How I feel about wearing it is completely beside the point. It goes on when my lioness wants it on, and it comes off when she decides to unlock me.

Mrs. Lion finished waxing my body last weekend. I suspect that will be my last full body waxing. She likes to see fur on my legs. It’s going to grow back and not come off again. I’m fine with this. It’s much more important to me that she finds me attractive than the small pleasure I get out of being completely hairless. Fortunately we agree that I should always support a full Brazilian. I also like having a hairless chest. Again, it’s more important that she likes the way I look.

The other night I was thinking about our enormous BDSM toy collection. I amassed it over more than 20 years of being a top. A few years ago, I donated a large number of toys to a local BDSM organization. I was thinking that maybe we should consider disposing of more items that Mrs. Lion will never use. Right now, it doesn’t matter since we have plenty of them for everything.

Speaking of room for things, I received a prostate massager the other day to review. I’m interested to see how it will affect me. I also realize that it’s been a lot of months since Mrs. Lion is shoved anything up my butt. Anal activities seem to have fallen off the radar. I’m not complaining. For quite some time all Mrs. Lion used was a butt plug anyway. However, I am obligated to review this toy and let you know how it works. Maybe, if it appeals to her, Mrs. Lion could consider resuming her pegging exercises.

lion with dildo up his ass
It’s been a long time since Mrs. Lion did this to me. (That’s us in the picture). Maybe we should start these again.

Last week she also mentioned thinking about using a cane instead of a paddle. So far, I haven’t seen a cane in our bedroom. I’m not complaining, mind you. Canes are very painful. I only bring it up now because I was impressed that Mrs. Lion was thinking independently about other ways to punish my bottom. I got a little twinge when I read she was thinking about using a cane again.

In her post yesterday, she mentioned that I have been very tired and that is gotten in the way of various activities. She’s right. I have been. My vision has been giving me trouble and I think the resulting eyestrain wears me out. However, I’m game Mrs. Lion wants to do something with me this weekend.

It really feels strange when I can’t help closing my eyes and snoozing. It just comes over me like a wave washing over me on the beach. It’s not that it’s happening at inappropriate times. Generally, these snoozes come after dinner. She suggested I take a sleeping pill which will help me get a full night’s rest. I will do that.

Have you heard that a generic version of Cialis (tadalafil) is now available? I’m delighted. For about 10 years I’ve taken Cialis now and then and it rewards me with exceptionally good erections. The website offers coupons for many prescription drugs. I was able to get 90, 5 mg Cialis generics for less than $50. In case you haven’t heard about it, a daily dose of 5 mg of Cialis essentially gives you the full erection benefits all the time. For only $16 a month I can now do that. Check it out if you’re interested. I got a 90-day supply for $48.

It looks like Mrs. Lion and I have some news to report this weekend. I’m glad; really glad. It’s been a long time since we let out all the stops.