Tuesday, I posted a picture of the result of my most recent spanking. I didn’t look at it very carefully. I was illustrating the latest, painful experience. I took a closer look, and I noticed a significant change. Ever since Mrs. Lion started giving me serious spankings, the most significant marks were always on the sides of my bottom. She noticed this and was still unable to correct the coverage. The image below is from a punishment spanking in May. It was delivered with me on the bed with my legs mostly off the side.

lion spanked ass may 2021
Result of p;unishment s;panking in May. I was on the bed.

Even with a strong effort to even out the coverage, the crack area got less attention. I know that Mrs. Lion worked hard to get some marks near my crack. It turned out to be very difficult. It didn’t occur to either of us that it might be my position and not her spanking technique.

When I got a “just because” spanking on the new spanking bench, the pattern was very different. You can see that the heaviest marking was close to my crack. Nothing changed other than me riding the bench. I am sure it gave Mrs. Lion the ability to move much more freely relative to my butt. Marking the center area is much easier. She can move back to the end of the paddle hits next to the crack. She didn’t have much room when I was across the foot of the bed. You can see the result below.

lion's ass after spanking
After my recent spanking bench paddling, the marks move to the center.

There are still significant marks on the sides, but the crack area has very significant marks. This is much closer to even coverage. Now that Mrs. Lion has more flexibility in her position, my bottom receives significantly more diversely spaced marks.

Very mean blue paddle. It’s perfect for inside my crack. Click image to purchase.

Coverage is still not even. That’s very difficult to achieve but is possible in a ten-plus minute spanking. She now has much easier access to the inside of my crack. Her mean, the blue paddle can come into play there. Her improved position lets her stand right over me for access to that most tender and painful area.

I don’t seem to color very much except for bruising and blistering. The best Mrs. Lion has been able to achieve so far is dark pink. I know she wants to produce an even, dark red. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to do that yet. The swats that produce the general redness sting like hell. They are good for discipline as well as post-spanking photography.

Mrs. Lion said that she might try much more frequent “just because” spankings as a way to improve our attention to behavior and to give her a chance to refine her technique further. I’m sure she will take pictures to show you.

My butt after Monday’s “just because” spanking. It’s sore, but not nearly as bad as it feels after a disciplinary spanking.

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, I got another “just because” spanking. She is still working out the best way to spank me with our new spanking bench. She set the timer to ten minutes but disregarded it when it went off. I guess she wasn’t finished. That’s fine. It’s the DWC method.

These “just because” spankings aren’t as painful as my punishment spankings. We agreed that there shouldn’t be any real difference, but so far, the damage is less when it isn’t a punishment. Monday night, I was very happy that Mrs. Lion didn’t hit as hard as usual. The position I’m in on the bench stretches my bottom. This makes the paddling hurt much more. I know. That’s a good thing. Spankings are supposed to hurt as much as possible.

In the past, we tried having me on my knees, with my head on the bed. That puts my rear at about the same angle as it is on the spanking bench. I couldn’t hold that position. Now, I can’t move. I’m strapped down and can’t do anything to reduce the pain. All I can do is yelp and scream. Don’t you feel sorry for me? Of course not! It’s what we both want.

Right now, it hurts when I sit. It isn’t as bad as my last punishment, but it does hurt. Mrs. Lion likes to experiment, so I expect that another “just because” spanking is coming up as soon as I heal from this one. Based on my experience and my reading, this isn’t a bad thing. Other than helping Mrs. Lion increase my discomfort, it also focuses our attention on our disciplinary relationship.

It isn’t just about punishing me for disobedience. I’m starting to think that isn’t the most important aspect of our domestic discipline. I can’t put my finger on it, but things are lighter around here for a few days after a spanking. Mrs. Lion is more playful. She even pays more sexual attention to me. She teases me about being spanked and will play-threaten me with a paddling.

I’m more playful too. And, I have to admit, I feel more sexual. That’s no big surprise. I get turned on by being spanked. But, that doesn’t explain Mrs. Lion’s changes. I think she gets turned on too–not in a sexual way, but an emotional one. She doesn’t exactly enjoy spanking me but likes her ability to blister my bottom. We are similar this way. Neither of us exactly likes the actual spanking, but we both get value out of it after it’s done.

When I think back to the “experiments” when Mrs. Lion spanked me almost daily, we were both more physical and affectionate. There’s no question that my reaction to spanking is different than hers. She isn’t turned on by it. But it affects her.

Will a drastic increase in spankings really benefit us both? Will I stop bleeding if Mrs. Lion toughens my hide? Will she find more reasons to catch me? Maybe if she knows she will spank me anyway, she will finally enforce interrupting her and other annoying things I may do.

One of the problems with disciplinary spanking is that it is reserved for punishment. I’m not suggesting that Mrs. Lion stop punishing me. I think that recreational butt-blistering is something that might help us both. Also, maybe we should go back to the Box O’Fun and Zapardy and Spankardy too. I think inertia has taken hold in the lions den, and we need to work to drive it away consistently. If Mrs. Lion agrees, I will have to get used to painful sitting.

Lion on his spanking bench after his paddling last night..

I dragged the spanking bench out last night and got it ready for Lion. He was slow to get into position. I know he didn’t want to be whomped, but delaying can only mean more swats. Of course, this was a “just because” spanking, but it could easily have shifted to punishment.

This time I made sure I set the ten-minute timer. I found some paddles with bigger faces and set to work. The spanking bench is near my paddle collection. Well, one of my paddle collections. There are more on my dresser and in a trunk, and even more in a bin somewhere. We have a lot of paddles. I should really categorize them based on thud or sting and how mean they are.

I swear I started slow. I wasn’t swatting hard at all. By my first-ever spanking standard, I was hitting extremely hard. That felt like a fly was landing on Lion’s butt. I’ve improved my skills since then. Even by today’s standards, I wasn’t hitting hard. His buns were getting pink. I was swatting all over his cheeks, setting them up for the onslaught to follow. I make it sound like he’s as big a mess as the pictures he finds online. He does not look like hamburger meat when I’m done.

Still, even with the warm-up with a larger paddle, he was yelping quickly when I started hitting harder. I was nowhere near full strength yet. I guess the spanking bench does a good job of stretching his skin. There are no wrinkles or folds. I make full contact with his skin. Lion can certainly attest to that. Since I was doing the full ten-minute spanking, I did draw blood. And more blood. And more blood. I cleaned him off, and he was still oozing. As I hit, the blood was spattered on my leg. He was getting my paddles all bloody. How dare he! As soon as he stood up, he stopped bleeding. Something about the stretched skin makes it prone to more bleeding. We’ll have to work on that.

His sore buns festered while I showered. My stomach was a little unsettled, so I was trying not to move to let it calm down. Lion asked why we haven’t done anything sexual since his last orgasm. I said either one of us or the other wasn’t feeling well, and he was sleeping a lot. He has a problem when I say his sleeping gets in the way of sex. He thinks if he sleeps at any point, sex is off the table. Not true. It is off the table when he can’t seem to stay awake.

This morning, I was thinking about it more. I could look through my posts of the time and see what happened exactly, but my recollection is that he had his refractory period of about four days. I don’t remember if it was right after that when I edged him within an inch of his life. Then we were waiting for the strap to arrive for the spanking bench. I was putting off sex until we tested out the new spanking position. Once we got it, we did a short test, and I don’t remember if I played with him. And then he wasn’t feeling well. I remember his snoozing one night, and then I was tired by the time he woke up. Today is day 11, so it’s not like he’s been ignored for a month.

Tonight, I will attempt to make up for not giving him the attention he needs. I mean, nice attention. He got mean, bloody attention last night.

The news this morning reported that the divorce rate in the US is at a 30-year low. The average marriage lasts almost 20 years. That’s very good news. Mrs. Lion and I are married for almost 16 years. We are both happy campers. Popular opinion would suggest that we shouldn’t be happy or still together. The main causes of divorce are sex and money. We have a Grand Canyon-sized gap in the sex area.

About a decade ago, give or take several years, Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex. I didn’t. For a while, we went down the expected path of an upset, horny husband and a quiet, distanced wife. She gave me a handjob about once a month. Sex was dead. If we continued this way, it might have driven us apart. Mrs. Lion was feeling neglected, and I wanted real sex.

If it weren’t for the fact that we are completely in love, I would have probably found sex outside of our marriage, and inevitable separation and divorce would have followed. I can’t imagine not being married to Mrs. Lion. I can’t hurt her.

I’m not going to claim that male chastity and domestic discipline saved our marriage. It didn’t. What changed was the size of the gap between us. It closed up completely. Orgasm control and domestic discipline provide tools that allow us to bridge the sexual interest gap.

It turns out that the issue wasn’t the loss of love or goodwill. It was working out ways to replace the normal sexual pull of two horny partners with something else that works. Male chastity and domestic discipline are games couples can play. Please don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean they are casual leisure-time pursuits. They aren’t. But, they are also not lifestyle changes designed to cure and manage serious problems. Ask couples who try to control a partner’s drinking. All the spankings in the world aren’t going to cure alcoholism. By the same token, those spankings will train a man to end an annoying habit.

Here’s how these two games work for us. Because Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex for herself, she has no biological drive to push her into sex with me. Male chastity is an agreement that I get no sex that she doesn’t provide. She agrees to tease me at least every other day and, when she decides I am ready, makes me ejaculate. Male chastity devices are available to assure that I obey this agreement. She locked me in one full time for over three years. I only got out when she wanted to tease me.

Over time, I was conditioned to happily allow her to tease me to the edge of orgasm and stop. I have learned never to gratify myself. It’s an exciting game for me and a manageable way for Mrs. Lion to keep me sexually happy. I guess it is similar to owning a cow. If you take on that ownership, you need to milk her regularly. It’s the same thing with me. Mrs. Lion knows I need a certain amount of attention and eventual release. Since we agreed to how this would be provided, there are no hard feelings and passive-aggressiveness about sex. We have a happy solution to a serious problem.

Domestic discipline is a little different. On the surface, it looks like a way for a woman to control her husband. Bad behavior is punished painfully with spankings. The idea is that these spankings if delivered consistently for offenses, will help cure those bad habits.

The reality isn’t like that. First of all, I like the idea of being spanked. It’s sexually arousing. Because of that, I want Mrs. Lion to discipline me. That’s the male side of the game. The female side is different. Mrs. Lion knows I like the idea of being spanked. It’s this interest in it that makes me meekly accept punishment. In that respect, DD is a game, and she spanks me because I want it.

But that’s not all. If Mrs. Lion’s spankings are sufficiently strict, I will hate being paddled. This fear of pain works the same with an adult as it does with a child. I unconsciously associate the pain of a spanking with the behavior that earned it. This only works up to a point. Serious character flaws like excessive drinking or smoking are unlikely to be spanked away. Interrupting or forgetting a chore can be cured with a sufficiently severe butt beating.

That doesn’t mean the behavior is eliminated. It is corrected until I “forget” how much I hate the result of breaking a rule. In practice, once the behavior is under control, reminder spankings are generally needed a month or so after the last “reminder.” In the beginning, before the behavior is controlled, every offense has to be punished. That’s how it’s played.

You might think this is all work by the female for her kinky male’s entertainment. On one level, it is. However, game or no game, domestic discipline works. The offenses do taper off. Yes, I still forget to set up the coffee pot. Every time I do, Mrs. Lion blisters my bottom as a reminder. It works.

There is another, more subtle benefit for the wife. The agreement that allows her to set the rules and enforce them guarantees that her voice will be heard. He (me) may rule the den, but she can make sure I hear any objections she might have. She can punish me any time she wants. We agree that she has that right. I don’t have anything to say about it.

On one level, that’s a very sexy idea. It’s hot thinking that she can spank me for any reason at all. The actual spanking, along with the reminder of why I am being punished, is no fun at all. I’m too stupid to remember that. A ten-minute DWC spanking refreshes my memory.

Rather than wait until I offend again, Mrs. Lion provides a reminder regularly. It’s my “just because” spankings. I get these to keep the reason I need to follow her leadership front of mind. The theory is that if these are provided often enough, I will offend less because I have a fresh memory of what happens if I break a rule.

We haven’t proven that this works as intended. We have learned that “just because” spankings recharges Mrs. Lion’s observational batteries. She doesn’t particularly like spanking me. She really enjoys observing me and catching break rules. From her point of view, spanking me doesn’t improve the game for her. Simply catching me offend is her fun. She knows that spanking is my side of the equation. Simply catching me and growling has little effect on me. Catching me and punishing me raises the stakes of the game for me. That makes me work harder to avoid being caught. She has to work harder to catch me.

If I manage to avoid being caught for too long, the game loses appeal for her. I forget why I need to avoid punishment. A “just because” spanking reminds us both. Mrs. Lion hasn’t figured out how often we need these. I think she decided that at least once every two-to-three weeks, I need paddling. She isn’t sure how often she needs to spank me to recharge her interest in the game.

Both games have real consequences for me. Mrs. Lion knows this. She’s learned that she can spank me as hard and long as she wants without causing real injury. She also knows that I will docilely wait for her to make me ejaculate. She may not revel in power over me, but she gets real value from our play.