We, males, are genetically programmed to expect ejaculation to follow sexual arousal. Every woman knows the sequence of events. She knows that once erection is achieved, the launch sequence has begun. It’s “wrong” to get a man hard and not let him finish. There are subtle variations on this theme. In my experience, if the erection is spontaneous, that is, she didn’t touch my penis, then the woman generally doesn’t feel obligated to make me ejaculate. If she helps my erection along, then there is an implied promise to get me off.

It’s a simple transaction. If the woman didn’t intend to make me hard, she has no guilt if she ignores my arousal. This social convention has served humanity for a very long time. Unfortunately, it also sharply limits the amount of fun both sexes can have. Granted, the continuation of the species requires the traditional practice. We’re past that now.

Consider this: If a woman likes a man, or at least is attracted to him, she can freely touch him anywhere she wants. This includes his penis. She can consider his erection a compliment. He doesn’t expect her to make him ejaculate. Of course, he wants her to, but it isn’t expected. Exactly how the date ends is up to the couple.

This is how male chastity works. I love it when Mrs. Lion plays with my penis. I know that this play will get me very aroused and want to ejaculate. I also know that she feels no obligation to give me an orgasm. Almost all of the time, she stops before I can have an orgasm. Initially, I considered this a power exchange with Mrs. Lion. On one level, that’s true. On another, we have established a new sexual language. Stimulating my penis is not a signal I will get to have an orgasm.

My cock is just another area she can pet that I enjoy. There is no promise that I will ejaculate. In fact, it is understood that I won’t. I wonder how many women would enjoy petting their date’s penis if there was no implied promise of more. Would that increased level of intimacy provide a nice runway that eventually ends with orgasms for both?

If sexual touching is a nice thing people can do without any implied promises, we could all have more fun. Yes, we males are programmed to go for the gold if we get aroused. That doesn’t mean we can’t be trained to enjoy sexual touching without a happy ending. Wearing a male chastity device trained me. I’m having a very good time.

We survived the heatwave. It should be a chilly 97 today. There’s smoke from a nearby wildfire near work. It’s hazy and stinky outside. Good thing we don’t need to be outside.

I decided not to spank Lion last night. It was just too hot. I was sweating just watching TV. I started sweating as soon as I got out of the shower. However, Lion was making horny noises, so I tried to accommodate him. I think I sabotaged things by just sucking him instead of playing with him first. I was going to let him go all the way. When he couldn’t make it, I teased him that it was because he needed a spanking. He claims it was because it was so hot.

Yeah. Sure.

I promised him I’ll spank him tonight. He says there’s no rush. We both know he needs to take his punishment as close to the “crime” as possible, but it was just too hot to do it last night. I’m not really sure tonight will be much better, but we’ll see. The air conditioner and fan will still be going.

Tomorrow, Lion has a doctor’s appointment, and then we’re off to puppy world. I said he needs to distract the owner so I can corral all the puppies into the car and pupnap them. It’s so cute with them all running around together. I was thinking, if we ever got another dog, maybe we should get two, so they can keep each other company. The truth is, we’ll have our hands full with one. If this one is anything like Daisy, she’ll be into everything. I’m not sure we can puppy-proof the house. We have a week or so to figure it out.

You would think it wouldn’t be very difficult for me to remember setting up the coffee pot. It usually isn’t. On weekday mornings, Mrs.  Lion goes to work about 7:30. I head into my home office at about 8. At 9 or 9:30, I go into the kitchen for a cup of Keurig coffee. At the same time, I set up the coffee pot for the next morning. Easy Peasy. The trouble comes when our routine is broken. Then I can easily forget to do my chore.

The theory is that if I know that I will be painfully spanked if I forget, then making sure I do the chore will be top of mind. Over time, the habit will be solidly formed, and the activity will be automatic. It doesn’t work that way. The fear of punishment only persists as long as that punishment is well remembered. Many dominant women have written that behavior is changed for about a month before it reverts.

Nobody has any hard information on why this happens, but it seems fairly consistent across many people. I’m pretty sure after Mrs. Lion spanks me for not setting it up, I won’t slip again for about a month. Then, when the household routine changes for a day, I will forget. This has been going on for a long time. I don’t want a fifteen-minute spanking. Knowing Mrs. Lion, it will be more like twenty minutes of pain.

As soon as I realized what I did, I wanted to fix it. Of course, I couldn’t. I was instantly upset at the prospect of the punishment. Why did I forget? I just did. My routine wasn’t there to save me, and my memory of consequences faded enough to allowed me to forget the damn coffee pot.

It doesn’t help that Mrs. Lion likes catching me. That is fun for her. She doesn’t get turned on by spanking me, but she likes the challenge and enjoys doing a “good job.” I think she likes seeing my reaction when I’m caught. She will also enjoy working out a way to bruise every inch of my butt thoroughly. She’ll take souvenir photos when she’s done.

Some spankers focus on the punishment. Mrs. Lion does that, too, of course, but she also likes observing the effects of her efforts. Lately, she has taken to pointing out that large areas of my bottom are swollen from her paddling. She studies the pictures to assess any areas she might have missed. She is making sure that I will have no fun at all on the spanking bench.

She is a little different from many disciplinary wives in that she doesn’t lecture me. She brings in the spanking bench and expects me to assume the position. Without any conversation, she goes to work. She ignores any sounds I may make. She usually doesn’t speak until she is done. This is her style. I asked her to try telling me what I did to deserve the beating. She tried, but it didn’t work for her. I know why I am there. I hear her tell Alexa how long a timer to set. I don’t need to know anything. Maybe I need to find a way to stop getting into trouble.

I went out when it was a brisk 85 to replace the batteries in our weather station. It is now (at high noon) 103 degrees. We have to go out later to pick up some prescriptions. I hope the car’s air conditioning can hold up to this heat. This is just insane.

By 11 pm, Lion still had not set up the coffee pot. “Luckily” he was going to be spanked tonight anyway. However, he will now have five minutes added. As Lion can attest, five minutes is a long time, especially where spanking is concerned. I’m not bound by the timer though. I can keep swatting away long after Alexa has made her announcement.

Lion did offer to set the coffee pot up this morning so I wouldn’t have to do it. Of course, the issue is not the difficulty in setting it up. The issue is that it’s a rule and he failed to follow that rule. He must have a mental block about the damn coffee pot. Even if he set it up at that point, I would have had to punish him. On one hand, I guess he can take solace in the fact that he’s not being spanked just because. On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter what type of spanking he’s getting. The only difference is the length.

It’s a good thing he doesn’t break too many rules at once. There must be a limit in spanking length. If he breaks two rules soon after being spanked, he’ll be up to twenty minutes. At what point is it overkill? I can’t imagine swatting him for half an hour. My arms would give out and he’d be far to bloody to handle it. I hope we never get to that point. And we won’t if he can just remember the damn coffee pot.

The poor Lion butt will be all red and painful later on. I’m willing to sacrifice being even more sweaty so he can have his spanking. Am I a good wife or what?