london tanners dd spanking strap

One of the odder things about domestic discipline and spanking, in general, is that the spankee (me, for example) tends to do most of the purchasing of things to be used to beat him (or her). Mrs. Lion, and most other spankers, are far less interested in what they use to bruise our butts. All she wants is something that will efficiently make me yelp and make it painful to sit for a couple of days after she spanks me. We have a very large collection of high quality paddles and straps. Many of them were bought for me by women I spanked in the past. I bought a good number to use on me.

lion's severely spanked butt

Lately, I’ve been shopping again. It isn’t that Mrs. Lion actually needs anything new. I think we need to improve our leather collection. I don’t have any particular spanking fetishes. Hairbrushes and slippers do nothing for me. My search for leather is based on a more practical matter: I don’t tend to bleed when beaten with leather. Wood invariably causes blood to flow. I’m not being cut. I think that the unyielding wood tends to create blisters and swelling that leak a bit of blood. It isn’t dangerous, just messy.

Leather, on the other hand, molds itself to my skin and distributes the force more evenly over my skin. I still swell and get leathery, but I am much less likely to bleed. This is both good and bad. So far, the leather paddles she’s used make me yelp but don’t provide any lasting pain. I should be happy about that. I’m not. Like every other spanko, I want her to be able to deliver the full effect every time. (Stupid lion!)

That’s why I bought the 6-Whips leather paddle (“Review: 6Whips 14-Inch Leather Paddle“). Unfortunately, it isn’t heavy enough to make the deeper impression needed for that three-day pain. So, my hunt continues. Of course, Mrs. Lion has a simple solution: a hybrid spanking. She can do most of the spanking with leather and then perform the coup de gras with wood. Voila! Problem solved. [Mrs. Lion — This is not news to me. I was doing a combination of wood and or leather and or rubber before we moved. I’ve done more leather lately, but in the recent past I have used primarily leather and switched to wood for the money shots.]

I’m sure that I will hate this if Mrs. Lion accepts my idea. I always hate improvements in her spanking efficiency. That’s the irony she likes to point out. Like most people who want to be spanked, when I’m not strapped to the spanking bench, I find thinking about spanking arousing. I’m smart enough to know that I will regret improving the quality of the beatings I get, but I can’t help myself. When I am sitting safely in my office, I want to provide Mrs. Lion with the best possible tools to make sitting uncomfortable for days. When I am strapped to the spanking bench, I’m sorry for the offense that brought me there and even more sorry that I provided the ability to hurt me more efficiently.

Well, right now, I am comfortably sitting in my chair and feeling mildly aroused as I consider meaner leather paddles. A commentor suggested London Tanners. It’s a European outfit with very nice-looking leather implements. They are expensive. One that I was looking at (DD Straap) costs $150 (shipping included). That’s not out of line for a quality spanking implement, but I wouldn’t order it without Mrs. Lion’s approval. It might be a very painful addition to our small leather collection. It’s made of hand-tanned English harness leather. Yup, that would be a purchase I would regret for years.

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