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Even though punishment spankings are different and more painful than recreational ones, they can still be perceived as partially fun.

I’m still locked in the Cherry Keeper chastity device. Mrs. Lion left the keys on my nightstand, presumably to let me escape if it becomes too uncomfortable. I guess this isn’t an “official” lockup since I requested it to test the device. On the other hand, we didn’t discuss it and I would probably get in trouble taking it off without a very good reason.

Mrs. Lion is still tired from the extra work she had to do getting our camper back home and set up after our five days away in the mountains. That’s completely understandable. I got some extra sleep on Wednesday night so I’m friskier than she is right now.

For some reason wearing this chastity device seems to make me hornier. I’m not sure why that’s happening. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the hardware. It could be that I’m coming out of some sort of hormonal slump and the sexual restrictions imposed by the cage highlight my desire for sex. In any case I’m definitely horny today.

Mrs. Lion’s new approach to spanking has certainly borne fruit. I have a couple of very tender spots on my bottom that remind me of my last spanking. I am owed more spanking because I’ve managed to spill food on my shirt two more times. I’m not doing this on purpose!

These infractions couldn’t come at a better time. Over the last few months the disciplinary side of our relationship has fallen into disuse. It’s not that I’m becoming so much better as much as the health issues I’ve had coupled with the additional burden placed on Mrs. Lion conspired to push our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD) far into the background.

Mrs. Lion is becoming much more aware of my behavior in terms of how I can annoy her. I hope that she will take action next time something upsets her. There’s a piece of advice every parent gets regarding discipline: Don’t spank when you are angry. Mrs. Lion applies that to me. She’s careful to avoid punishing me when she’s angry at me.

This makes sense in terms of disciplining children. They are much easier to injure. As Mrs. Lion is fond of pointing out, I have a tough hide that’s difficult to mark. There is little danger anything bad will happen if she punishes me while she’s still angry. I think being spanked by my angry lioness is very likely to make a strong impression on me.

She’s also taken a new tack on punishment. We both agree that a typical spanking leaves me sore only a few minutes after she is done. She would like to make a more lasting impression. I think that makes a great deal of sense. My punishments now consist of multiple spanking sessions, the number of which depend on the seriousness of my offense. These multiple sessions are definitely making a more lasting impression on me.

I’m starting to realize that we all operate from some preconceived notion of what punishment should be. It really isn’t an arbitrary practice. Each couple has to discover what works for them. Most of the focus is placed on how it affects the disciplined husband. Has he been sufficiently hurt to avoid repeating the offense? After all, punishment is a conditioning process. In my case, we are learning that a single spanking is generally not sufficient to make the point Mrs. Lion wishes me to understand.

It’s a little early to decide if this new, serial-spanking concept will be more effective. I suspect it will be. I’m certainly reminded over an extended period of time that I displeased Mrs. Lion. That’s excellent in terms of my education. I think she’s getting a benefit as well. She’s commented that at each session she builds on what she did the last time she spanked me. It’s hard to put this into words. I think she is consciously planning how I will feel the results of her paddle on my bottom. Even more importantly, I can’t just put the offense out of my mind. I am forcefully reminded over several days that I did something I shouldn’t.

I realize that this probably isn’t for everyone. People who were brought up in a corporal punishment household are already conditioned to expect correction in a single spanking session. My experience with spanking prior to our FLRD has been recreational. Even though punishment spankings are different, isolated instances can certainly be interpreted, at least partially, as fun. A painful spanking a day (or two in a day) loses any recreational overtones after the second or third session.

The fact that I’m very difficult to mark demands somewhat more extreme spankings. The objective isn’t to mark me. That’s not what I’m trying to say. I not only don’t mark easily, I also don’t feel the effects of most spankings more than a few minutes after they finish.  I know from my experience in our disciplinary relationship, that I need a more lasting reminder to truly learn my lesson. Weird as it may seem, I think we found our answer.

I guess it shows that every couple has to approach their power exchange as unique. There are no cookie-cutter formulas for success. When I first started thinking about this, I imagined that a disciplinary marriage isn’t very different than the way a strict mother would deal with the child. After all, it’s the only disciplinary model I’ve ever known about.

The only thing marital discipline has in common with parental discipline is that the same punishment techniques are usually involved. As we’ve learned, applying those techniques is very different when punishing an adult. I don’t just mean that the spankings are more severe for an adult. Of course they are. It goes much deeper than that. It’s taken us years to just begin to learn how to effectively  apply punishment in our marriage.

We started with things I suggested that represent typical parental corporal punishment. Mrs. Lion was successful applying those techniques. However, she’s learned that while spanking, for example, is the best primary punishment for her to apply, the single-session technique used with the child is less effective with me.

Beyond learning how to effectively punish me, I think we’ve both learned that this female-authoritative model helps both of us. We need the regular reminders of infractions and the resulting punishments to keep us properly oriented on our chosen path.

By the time we got home and I’d unpacked the camper, I was done. I told Lion I didn’t care what was for dinner or if we even ate dinner. Luckily he offered to make spaghetti. I’m still sore and tired from bending and lifting. And today is garbage day. Yay! More lifting.

Lion is wearing the new cage. I haven’t heard any reports on how he’s doing with it. It was a little tricky to get on and then locked, but that happens with each new cage. And I wasn’t really in the mood to be bending over and maneuvering it at the time so that probably had something to do with it too.

I still owe Lion swats. He spilled coffee on himself at breakfast yesterday. Now I have the last swats for the chocolate, two more sets for salad dressing and three sets for coffee. I guess I could double up if I do swats for something and another punishment for something else. Now I just need to figure out what the other punishment would be. I could hit him with Icy Hot on his balls but that hasn’t really been a punishment up to now. Spanking has just been the go to punishment. Why should it change?

Regardless of what I intend to do, if anything, about the backlog of punishments he’s owed, Lion will have very rosy cheeks again tonight. I don’t know if he’ll get any other attention tonight. I might just leave him locked away for a while. Not long. Maybe that will be part of the punishment. A few days locked away for spilling salad dressing sounds like a suitable alternative. I’ll still give him the swats for the other things.

Okay. Done. I think his accumulated punishment has been squared away. I hope he doesn’t do anything else silly before we’re done.

cherry keeper chastity cage
This is the Cherry Keeper cage with the 3 mm headlock. Note the 3mm “shelf” designed to “lock” the penis head in place.

When we got home from our trip, a package was waiting with my new 3D-printed Cherry Keeper. This one is an off-the-shelf design: the short model with the medium “headlock”. I ordered this one with the “premium” finish. This extra-cost option includes tumbling with ceramic beads to help polish the pieces.

This device is locked with the standard brass inset lock used by a lot of devices including Holy Trainer and many of the Chinese stainless steel cages. The Cherry Keeper does not come with the lock. Fortunately, I have a whole bunch of the inexpensive Chinese devices and I took the lock from one of them. If you don’t have one of these locks and you want to order this device,  you can order the lock from Amazon for about $7 or directly from China for about $8. Thanks to Tom Allen and Mark for these links.

Upon inspection I noticed that the surface still isn’t perfectly smooth. It has a sort of eggshell finish. I’ll let you know after I wear it a while if this finish is a problem for me. I’ve had devices (a custom device from Custom Chastity) with the stock finish. It caused me nothing but trouble. I ended up spending hours sanding the device smooth. Hopefully, that won’t be necessary this time.

Putting the ring on was straightforward. I ordered the 44 mm round ring. This is as close as I could come to the one and three-quarter inch size I like. It fits comfortably as expected. I asked Mrs. Lion to lock the cage on me. We both expected there would be some difficulty getting the head of my penis past the headlock feature. This is a shelf that goes around the base of the cage on the inside. The idea is that it “traps” the head of the penis and prevents it from moving backward. The designer feels this will make pullout more difficult. I thought it would keep the head in place and my urethra centered in the opening.

I ordered the medium headlock. This is a 3 mm wide shelf around the cage. Essentially that reduces the diameter by 6 mm. It turns out this isn’t very much at all. The head of my penis slipped past the shelf with no trouble. As a matter of fact more than the head made it past that shelf. It fits like a standard cage. Mrs. Lion had some difficulty mating the cage with the base ring. She had to do some wiggling and pressing to get it lined up correctly. Once lined up, the locking mechanism slid into place and she locked me in.

lion's penis in cherry keeper chastity device
This is my new Cherry Keeper. It’s the short cage with the medium headlock feature. So far it’s doing a good job keeping my urethra front and center.
(Click image to view larger)

As you can see from the picture, my penis fits in this standard device quite well. My urethra seems to stay lined up and the cage is comfortable. The cage itself is slightly longer than my custom Jail Bird. It doesn’t offer any opportunity for illicit stimulation.

Since I’ve only been wearing it a few hours, I can’t comment on whether my urethra will remain lined up or if the cage will stay as comfortable as it is now. Only time will tell. I’m very fond of the way the front of the cage is constructed. It offers me a really good shot at staying aligned and peeing standing up.

I think the next step for me is to try a custom fit. This is surprisingly inexpensive. The designer charges a flat $75 to modify the Cherry Keeper to exactly fit. Getting the cage manufactured again is cheap as well, about $30. As I’ve written before, I’m very fond of the plastic cage I got from Custom Chastity. I can’t recommend them to you because their prices are rather high and the rough finish requires you to do considerable work to make it wearable. On the other hand, the Cherry Keeper is a really good design and is priced very reasonably.

I’ve been in communication with the designer and he has some ideas to further stabilize the cage. He does have an off-the-shelf headlock that is considerably wider than the one in this cage. I’m sure I need one that will better trap the head of my penis. I think that in the end it will cost me less to go for the custom help rather than trying another stock item and finding it not quite what I need.

Anyone who’s been messing with male chastity devices for any length of time knows how diabolically flexible the flaccid human penis can be. I realize that a design that’s going to keep my urethra centered snf my penis safely out of reach, requires a very clever designer. I think the Cherry Keeper stands a very good chance of doing the best job yet.

Click here to read the full review


I decided Lion should have sore buns when we went out for propane. I whomped him pretty good and could see the beginnings of bruises. I planned to spank him again last night. Rather than multiple days, I was going for multiple sessions.

While we were out, we stopped for a very late lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. Lion had a salad. Mistake. I was looking at something on my phone and when I looked up, Lion had salad dressing dribbled down his shirt. Ironically, we were just talking about the punishment being meted out closer to the infraction. I guess the second set of swats would be the first set for spilling food.

Once we were back in the camper and Lion was naked, he was face down on the bed again. I haven’t been keeping track of the number of swats. I just swat away until I’m happy with the color of his cheeks and I think he’s suffered enough. This time I was looking to expand on the bruises I’d seen earlier.

As you know, Lion has an extremely tough butt. He seldom feels a spanking for very long. I have to bruise him if I want to get any longevity to the burning buns. But I’m almost certain he wouldn’t feel too much this morning.

Lion is a very subtle boy. Not. He was horny and wanted to play last night and he told me several times. The other day he said the sore spot on my weenie would be okay if I gave him oral sex. I’m nothing if not accommodating. Within minutes, Lion was at the edge. I guess he was horny. I edged him a few more times and then he had his orgasm. I was going to edge him one more time but the orgasm snuck up on me.

He informed me it was a ten day wait. Okay. Sure. Whatever. He keeps track. I guess I don’t think about the number of days if he’s not horny. His refractory period, if he’s sick with the flu or the days after a surgery don’t really count in my mind. He’s not thinking about sex. I’m not sure how to calculate it but it seems to me it should have something to do with his horniness level.

If I’m making him wait ten days but he’s not really horny until day six, has he really waited ten days? On the other hand, if I make him wait ten days and he’s super horny on day three, he’ll feel that ten days more. Does that make any sense?