Effective Spanking Part 2: How To Spank Me

anatomy of a spanking
This is the anatomy of effectively spanking me, aptly superimposed over my butt. I imagine it is probably applicable to other submissive males.
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The other day when I wrote about effective spanking, I created an image that describes what I consider the anatomy of a good spanking. After the post was published, I kept revising the image. I realized that simply swatting the sweet spots and the area next to them wasn’t really right. There are many other good options to enhance the experience for the spankee. The revised image is in this post.

Since for the last decade I have been the recipient of spankings, I’ve done a great deal of analysis on the specifics of the activity. I’ve offered Mrs. Lion many suggestions on how to improve her technique. I don’t think my advice is always welcome. Imagine that!

lion's sweet spot
If I get hit nowhere else, this is the most important spot. Click to enlarge.

The evolution of the image reflected what happened when I focused on the process rather than just how it feels when I receive a spanking. It also offers an idea of how a disciplinary spanking differs from a “play” spanking.

In the image, activities inside the blue oval represent the disciplinary focus. There’s no doubt that hitting inner thighs and balls hurt. It hurts a lot. But in my opinion, punishment is more focused. The way I see it, my mind should be focused on the pain my sin has caused me. By limiting the area of beating, I’m not thinking about which pain is worse. All I feel is the world of pain Mrs. Lion’s paddle is putting me in.

small blue apanking paddle
This is Mrs. Lion’s little blue paddle. It is lightweight and a perfect size for close work like inside the crack or balls

As I see it, varying the area hit provides a somewhat unwelcome variety of sensations. By restricting the “variety” by focusing 3/4 of the swats to the sweet spots, I get the feeling that there is no relief. Every swat hurts more and the beating isn’t going away. Moving to my balls or thighs might temporarily feel like relief.

My theory is that the reason spanking has been universally adopted for punishment, even for adults, is that it has a very large effect on the person being punished while being easy to perform. The lower buttocks are almost all muscle and very difficult to injure. Bruises there are painful, but present no real risk.

There are several significant benefits when you spank for punishment: It’s humiliating; here I am, a grown man, meekly presenting my bare bottom for beating. It’s very painfu

This is Mrs. Lion’s bubinga paddle. It’s small head and long handle make it a real punisher. This is the perfect paddle for sweet spot beating.

l; the longer it goes on the more it hurts. I never get used to it. It’s safe; you can safely hit as hard as you want on the sweet spots. It can be long lasting; bruises and serious redness can hurt for days. And last, but not least: I’m stupid enough to get sexually aroused when thinking about it. That arousal helps make me lie meekly on the bed to be hit. By the time I realize I may not enjoy the beating, it’s too late.

I’m not easy to bruise or make very red. However, focused, very-hard swats in my sweet spots will eventually make me crimson and bruise in spots. As Mrs. Lion is learning, that threshold is much more severe than she expects it to be. I guess it is my tough, lion hide. As long as the swats stay in the “safe” zone, I won’t be injured by a very hard beating.

Mrs. Lion believes that spanking is the best way to punish me. She often completes her punishments by adding corner time or soaping my mouth. From my point of view, the longer a punishment lasts, the more I hate it. Mrs. Lion knows that, of course and makes sure she draws it out.


  1. Thank you for the “tips”!
    I think I have been severely neglecting my husband’s balls…

    1. Author

      You are my spanking hero! You’ve taught us both so much. I’m glad I can return the favor. Ball swats are the worst. A light strap burns like fire and won’t injure the delicate balls.

  2. Where did you find the blue paddle? It seems really versatile.

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