We started off the morning with a blueberry walnut pancake and bacon breakfast. Then we watched our football team with the horrible record actually win the last regular season game. That’s huge! And it made us both very happy.

Today we have a few small errands to run and then we’re home for manscaping. It needs to be done. Lion is very furry in places he still gets furry and bald in places he never gets furry. He looks mangy. Luckily it can all be fixed in about an hour if you calculate in numbing time.

Last night I unlocked Lion and he said he didn’t think he was very horny. He had been earlier but he didn’t think he was just then. I said we could snuggle and watch TV. Later on he said he really had been horny. I hadn’t tried because I never want him to think I’m pressuring him into being horny when he isn’t. But how do I know if he changes his mind if he doesn’t tell me? For all our talk of improved communication we still fall into old habits.

My plan for today, assuming the errand run stays short and I can do manscaping, is that Lion will be well on his way to being un-numb by the time I want to play with him. It’s no fun to wrap him in Velcro or go for the record clothespin count if he can’t feel it. It’s also no fun to try to arouse a numb weenie. It just doesn’t work. By getting the manscaping out of the way early enough we can move on to the main event later on.

Of course, tomorrow is New Year’s day. What does that mean? A holiday orgasm for Lion! Before said orgasm I want to give him a holiday pegging in the sling. That will set him up nicely for an oral orgasm. See? I’m already planning on starting out the new year with a winning percentage of oral orgasms. Go me! If I never give him another orgasm all year, oral will win. (Do you seriously think I’m not going to give him another orgasm all year?)

Have a safe and happy New Year’s eve celebration!

You’d think that after almost 3,000 posts we’ve said all we can possibly say about our sexual relationship. My relationship with you might be like an old, married couple. What was tantalizing in the beginning is now pleasant, but routine. The sight of my penis resting in its steel cage is fun to see occasionally, but doesn’t evoke any sexual feelings.

The sight of it in the beginning, when you first began reading me, might have made you feel a little disgust at such an intimate reveal. Or, it might have been provocative, even a little sexy. After all, you don’t see many penises in captivity. After a while, though, the cage and its resident become familiar images. They’re hardly worth more than a glance. You might wonder why I haven’t grown weary of this display.

But you keep coming back. You don’t masturbate to my words or pictures. You don’t even get aroused. Too bad. Sometimes I do when  I write to you. My vulnerability at such a public display turns me on. I feel a stirring behind the steel bars. I imagine how it would feel if the cage wasn’t locked firmly in place and my penis was free to grow.

I can imagine how I would like you to react to my revelations. I like to think that sometimes I make you smile. I wonder if my words stay with you and give you pause for thought. I sometimes see you, aroused and a bit puzzled why this stranger that shows entirely too much of his body can make you feel that stirring inside. Are you feeling what it is like to be me?

Can you feel my frustration when I’m denied even the slightest manifestation of my arousal? Do my words let you picture how my penis struggles against its cage? I don’t feel pain when it does. Perhaps pain would be better. At least it’s a consequence of my unauthorized lust.

But there is no pain. Just pressure that frustrates me more. Even though you may not have a penis of your own, you can understand that feeling of helpless lust when you know your desire isn’t going to be answered.

I know that eventually the cage will be removed. She will take my penis in her hand and I will get hard. As her hand begins to move, I anticipate that moment when I am powerless to stop the cries that accompany my orgasm. I can hear them in my mind as her hand  moves  in that special way that we both know will make me cry out in ecstasy.

I’m almost there. I can hear my heart beating. I’m panting in naked lust. Her hand continues pulling me toward the peak. Then she stops and moves her hand away. My breathing slows. I moan softly. I am left with frustration and a shrinking penis. She takes it in her hand again and I willingly move close to the top. I help her get me there, even though I am sure she won’t let me finish. She doesn’t. She smiles at me, kisses the tip and moves back to my side. We snuggle.

I want to finish. I want to be hard again and deliver the essence that is waiting to come out. It’s not to be. She asks me to put on my base ring. It’s easy now. All hope has drained from me and I am soft and pliable once again. I’m willing to go back into my cage and sleep until I have a chance to try again.

Can you understand how it feels to be so close and then locked away with no hope of resolution? I’m sure you can. But can you also feel as I do that I can’t wait for the next time? I want to try again even though I am sure it will end with frustration and the cage easily fitting over my once-hard cock.

After all, like any prisoner, it’s good to go out in the sun and enjoy the fresh air even though I know I will be back in my cage after my yard time is over. For someone who has nothing, even a frustrating taste of the promised land is better than the barren world inside my cage. Little things become very significant. A small does of kindness is a tremendous gift when you live in a cage.

Lion’s back hurt yesterday. He doesn’t know what he did to it but I suggested he may have tweaked it carrying laundry up and down the stairs. It’s easy enough to do without even realizing it. Since he was fine when he was on his back, the horny Lion could enjoy some play.

I was happily alternating between smacking his balls and edging him but then I went too far again. He wound up with a ruined orgasm. Some people like ruined orgasms. We do not. Thankfully they usually don’t result in a less horny Lion. I’m not done teasing him and I want him to be ready for a real orgasm in a few days.

We have some errands to run and then I’ll try to fit in some manscaping. Lion is a very furry boy near his balls. Last time I only shaved him. I never made it to the light zapper hair remover. Lion uses a numbing cream that takes at least a half hour to become fully effective. It lessens his jumping from the light pulses that zap the hair follicles. I’ve only zapped my leg once to see what it feels like. Leg skin versus ball skin is definitely not apples to apples. I do know he jumps sometimes even with the numbing cream.

Other than laundry and cleaning up around here, I have no other plans for the weekend. I’m sure we’ll watch some old movies, snuggle and there will be time for Lion play of course. By Monday night he’ll be basking in the glow of another orgasm – oral I assume, in keeping with my New Year’s resolution. He’ll certainly enjoy some sling time unless his back hurts too much. I don’t want him straining himself. There are plenty of other ways to play with a Lion.

naked rear view
This is how I look from behind. I don’t like it at all. But this is me.

I’ve had some time to wander around the blogosphere. In my travels, I’ve discovered that there are quite a few people, women mostly, who celebrate their bodies. That’s probably no surprise to you. But what delighted me was that these women, whose images I love, don’t celebrate the perfect, skinny, 20-something perfect body. They celebrate real bodies. Here is one site that has an endless array of amazing images. You’ll note the women in these pictures have a wide variety of body types. But all the men are fit and young. Interesting.

I don’t look like the buff guys who post pictures of themselves wearing chastity devices. My images are carefully edited to avoid revealing my mature, out-of-shape body. I didn’t want to destroy any illusions you may have about how I look; at least until now.

Mrs. Lion and I both need to lose weight. Over the years my stomach has gotten bigger and my ass flatter. Then I lost weight and I have excess stomach  and ass skin. I have a terrible body image. I think my body is ugly.

Since starting this blog, I’ve wondered if the way we look in your imagination is more important than our reality. I think it is. I’ll soon know if our readership falls away.

I’m going to start working with a trainer to regain the strength I lost after being inactive for the last eight months. I’ll continue losing weight. That’s the good stuff. The bad is that so far I don’t like how I look even as I get thinner.

Like many men, I don’t look at myself in the mirror. When I shave, I do it by touch. I use an electric razor. I think that pictures of me with clothes on, look pretty good. But naked, I’m fat and ugly.

I’ve noticed that many female sex bloggers seem to have overcome body image issues and happily post pictures of their imperfect selves. Male bloggers who publish more than penis and chastity device pictures, have buff bodies. The rest of us do without illustrations.

Women bloggers who are looking for partners always specify, under 30 and fit as requirements to apply. Since guys stereotypically want fit girls in their twenties, it’s understandable that women looking for submissive men want the male equivalent of those perfect twenty-somethings. I always believed women were more mature in their sexual outlook than men. Nope, not these bloggers.

As I get thinner,, loose skin is revealed. You can see it in the rear view I included with this post. I can’t imagine ever celebrating this body. Mrs. Lion likes it, especially this view. She must need glasses.

Go figure.