boy butter package
This is the best lube we have used. It is perfect for anal play and cleans up easily.

We had a nice weekend. We got a lot of chores done and, of course, Lion got his orgasm. It was a rainy weekend so we couldn’t do any outdoorsy stuff. Originally we planned to be away, but Lion had an interview Friday. It’s just as well since many of the campgrounds near where we planned to be got horrible rain and wind. Some even had to close. Next weekend is our last trip of the season.

Lion is worried about getting our massive trailer back off the lawn after all the rain. And he’s worried about the weather where we’ll be next weekend. It’s not supposed to rain but it might be chilly at night. The forecast calls for one night possibly in the 30s and the others in the mid to upper 40s. We have heat so I’m not so worried. Besides, we can snuggle together to conserve heat.

We’re playing another waiting game for news about a job for Lion. He got encouraging feedback on Friday. I guess waiting for what we perceive as good news is better than waiting to hear if he will actually get an interview. It’s still waiting. And still nerve-wracking. But we’re optimistic.

We didn’t play last night. Initially Lion said he wasn’t very horny. It makes sense since he just had an orgasm. But by bedtime he was horny. Too late! He didn’t want to play anyway. He was just giving the Lion weather report. I’ll unlock him tonight and make him a little more horny. He might get a little more play than just edging. I’ve had my eye on the butt plug currently residing next to my sink in the bathroom. It’s conveniently located next to the Boy Butter. One stop shopping. We haven’t done anal play in a while. No time like the present.

Saturday night was orgasm night. Mrs. Lion gave me a play spanking that included her hand, a strap, and a suede flogger. When she was done, she commented wryly, “Not as red as when I punish you.”

I replied, “I would hope not!”

She then told me to roll over and proceeded to edge me over and over. She asked me if I was a puddle yet. I was and all I could do is nod. She then asked me if I wanted to come. I replied, “Yes.” Using her mouth she finished me off. Afterward she commented that I must have been very horny since I came almost immediately. I rolled my eyes. My next orgasm is scheduled for September 7. I can’t wait. Shortly after I came, Mrs. Lion handed me the base ring for my cage. In the past she would let me stay wild until I asked if she was going to lock me up. She now firmly takes the initiative.

Mrs. Lion has become very accomplished as my keyholder. The changes are subtle, but their impact is not lost on me. The most significant change is that she no longer gives in when I beg or whine for an orgasm. Until very recently, I have been careful not to beg because I don’t want to feel I am controlling when I get to come. I haven’t tested this yet, but based on her recent behavior I am pretty sure any begging will get a laugh and a “No.” from Mrs. Lion. That’s been my hope since we started. For me, at least, it isn’t so much how long she makes me wait (beyond a minimum number of days that guarantees I really want to come), as it is that she and she alone decides when I get release.

I’m very lucky that Mrs. Lion likes my penis and truly enjoys making me come. Some guys aren’t that lucky. I’ve noticed that some women are not visually attracted to a penis. Some dislike semen’s smell and taste. Enforced chastity is seen as a gift by them. Many chastity devices are solid tubes with only an opening in the end and perhaps some small vents cut in the side. This is perfect for the keyholder that isn’t fond of her mate’s member. Since many men believe that enforced chastity means transferring their sexual pleasure to their partner, the keyholder is happily relieved of the need to deal with semen as well. Many guys in this situation, when allowed to orgasm, are instructed to jerk off.

This arrangement is a win-win. They guy gets enforced abstinence and his wife’s enthusiastic support of a chastity device and transfer of sexual activity from him to her. She gets all the orgasms she wants and doesn’t have to deal with his penis at all. This arrangement works extremely well for some couples. Enforced chastity makes something that could badly stress the marriage into a benefit that both enjoy. That’s the thing about many so-called kinky practices: they turn a negative into a positive. Or, if you will, turning sexual lemons into lemonade.

In our case, enforced chastity has made lemonade from two issues that were causing us some unhappiness: The first is Mrs. Lion’s lack of libido; the second, my difficulty initiating sex. Both of these issues work together to make things worse than one alone. My inability to initiate, which it turns out was a sign from me that I wanted to surrender control, was interpreted by Mrs. Lion as me not thinking she was sexually attractive. Her lack of libido meant that she was perfectly happy that we had no sex. As a result, I felt terribly guilty asking Mrs. Lion to get me off. I felt horribly selfish.

We were both feeling badly in our own ways. Enforced chastity started a dialog about both of these topics. You can read that dialog here if you go back to when we started the blog. It also gave us a practical solution that has brought us closer and meets both of our needs. Mrs. Lion’s libido has not magically returned. Too bad. But, enforced chastity provides us with an active sex life that works for us both regardless. When Mrs. Lion gets her libido back, it won’t change the power dynamic. It will mean that in addition to my nearly-daily edging, there will be oral and manual orgasms for Mrs. Lion as well.

What people call kinky sex is more accurately sexual adaptation to specific needs. It’s way too easy to look down on so-called kink. A look just below the surface reveals that so-called kinky behavior represents a practical solution to something that could damage the relationship. There is a very good reason that Mrs. Lion and I have continued enforced chastity as long as we have: it solves a problem that was getting in the way before we started.

Lion got lots of attention yesterday. Before he went in for a shower, I unlocked him and did the manscaping. He was very furry. Naturally, Mr. Weenie sprang to attention and needed some strokes and a few sucks. And naturally, after getting him nice and hard, I had Lion roll over onto his tummy so I could manscape the backside. I do that on purpose, of course. It’s fun to watch him try to get his erection out of the way. When I was done I left him wild. It may have been a mistake to leave such a horny boy wild during a shower, but I know Lion won’t cheat. Besides, it was his night to come and I had plans for him.

It’s been a long time since Lion had a nice, long spanking. I’m not talking about a punishment spanking. I mean a play spanking that starts out slow and builds to nice, rosy buns. I did it mostly with my hand. And I did bite him a few times. He had some teeth marks on his pink cheeks. He’d forgotten about asking me to do that. All in all I think he enjoyed his spanking. He was sore and a little hot. And ready for the main course.

I told him I wanted him to beg for his orgasm. Well, he didn’t really wind up begging, but toward the end I don’t think he could form any sentences. I edged him quite a few times with my hands before I began with my mouth. Between licking and sucking he was very close. When I finally stopped and asked if he wanted to come, all he could do was whisper yes. Within a few seconds he was done.

One of the benefits of playing with him for so long is that he generates some pre-cum. I love these little appetizers. Another benefit is that when he does finally orgasm, he produces a lot. Yum! We both love when he comes. I’m sure it could be argued that he loves it more, but I am a very close second. Sometimes he gets a silly grin on his face afterwards. He’s such a happy boy.

His next wait is about ten days again. Of course, if he gets a job he gets a bonus orgasm. He’s got two prospects now. What happens if he gets two job offers? Hmmm…maybe two orgasms? We’ll have to cross that bridge if we come to it. Right now it’s just fun to believe the end of our financial troubles are in sight.

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion speculated that there must be times I am sorry for what I wished for. She imagines that when I am being teased and extremely close to orgasm that I regret not being able to seal the deal. I’m not sure that I do. The feelings are much more complex than that. For example, when I am allowed an orgasm, I am very happy that Mrs. Lion let me come. It feels wonderful. When she teases me and I know that it isn’t my time, my body wants those few extra strokes that will take me over the top, but my mind doesn’t. On Thursday night when Mrs. Lion held on while I bucked, I stopped myself when I hit the edge. I didn’t want to come then. I have to admit that when I did that, I was confused by my stopping. It took me over a day to finally realize that I had to stop myself. It wasn’t the time Mrs. Lion set. It’s one thing when she goes a bit too far and I have a ruined orgasm, but something completely different when I was in control and could come if I kept bucking. It’s true that she didn’t tell me not to come, but she did say that it wasn’t my day. I would have preferred her saying that I was not to let myself come.

We’ve discussed the idea that I should be able to stop myself from coming even if she continues stimulating me. Well, I discussed it. She was never a fan of that concept. She’s right. I don’t think I could do it and if I managed to learn, the control would pass from her to me. It makes sense that if she lets me buck and there is the possibility that I might get myself off, that she tell me her intention. Of course, she could tell me that if I keep bucking I can go all the way. She still has the option of letting go when I hit the edge. That would be an interesting variation on edging sessions.

She also talked about punishment and maintenance spankings. She is absolutely correct that I hate them. In another way, when she forgets, I do feel unhappy that she did. It is about the power exchange. It’s also about the spankings being a sign of her love. She does the spanking and the teasing because she knows it contributes to my happiness. Yes, I am aware that there is a contradiction here. It’s the same one that applies to edging: I really want that orgasm but getting it too soon can detract from my sense of Mrs. Lion’s control. She’s right that it isn’t the length of my wait that gives me the sense of her control. It is the fact that I know my pleasure is her decision and hers alone. The same is true with discipline. When I understand that discipline is inescapable and will be as severe as she wishes, I feel that thrill of her control. As she learned on Monday, there are times I just want it to stop; but I need it not to stop until she is done. Will I ever be able to stay in place regardless of how much it hurts? I don’t know. Of course, while it is extra work, she has the means to keep me face down until she is done. While I am not sure it’s true, I suspect that living through tied-down very painful spankings is training to hold still without the bondage.

By definition, there will always be times I am unhappy with the result of our power exchange. It’s when Mrs. Lion says I am being a toddler. Of course after waiting many days I want to come. Naturally, I hate feeling my bottom burning like fire. I am sure I will be very unhappy when I am spanked so much that sitting becomes painful. But as anyone who has been a bottom knows, the painful aftereffect of a spanking like that feels good because it is tangible evidence of a successful power exchange. I guess feeling the frustration of wanting to come but being stopped just before getting to the promised land is also graphic proof that I am not in control. There are times I am sorry I wished for all this, but they don’t last long.