I think we need to think about a scoring change for Spankardy. Currently, Lion gets two swats for a wrong answer and one if he fails to answer at all. Additionally, he can wager swats for Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy. He did answer a lot of questions right, but he only wound up with 50 swats. That’s hardly worth breaking out the paddle. Lion did suggest adding swats for an incorrect answer for Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy. However, how do I keep the smarty pants from answering so many questions correctly?

It stands to reason it will even out over time. He’s bound to hit more categories he doesn’t like. I’m not sure how often we’ll play. We could either plan on a specific night per week or play it by ear like we’ve been doing. Of course, it’s all for fun. Lion likes to be spanked and this gives him an opportunity to get non-punishment swats.

I gave Lion the option of playing or not playing last night. Many times, he’s uninterested for a few days after an orgasm. I don’t want him to feel pressured. He was hard fairly quickly. And he stayed hard for quite a while after I started sucking him. I thought he might even start bucking a little bit, but I guess it was just his way of telling me it felt good. I think it was about ten minutes later when he told me he was done.

The fact that he was hard almost immediately is a step in the right direction. I can’t say it proves my cage theory. I can’t point to any specific reason for it. It just happened. Obviously I’m not going to let him roam wild just because I can’t say the cage did it. I’m sure it helps. Knowing you can’t get hard goes a long way toward making you want to get hard. I never wanted spicy food so much as after I was diagnosed with an ulcer many years ago and told to avoid spicy food. It stands to reason my weenie would want to get hard while locked away.

The question now is how long do I want to make him wait this time? Twenty days again? Ten? Thirty? The possibilities are endless.

We started off okay. Our team looked a bit better than last year. They were still in the game after the first quarter. Lion was taking his swats with the rubber paddle. And then our team started playing like they had last year. Into the second quarter they were doing pretty bad with very few bright spots and Lion was snoozing. Just before halftime, there was a score. I decided to let Lion snooze. I could swat him when he woke up.

Initially, I thought we’d play at half time. We could have paused the game at any time, but half time seemed like a logical break in the action. However, it was getting late and Lion was already snoozing. He woke up briefly, asked if someone had scored, said he was too tired to do anything and went back to sleep. No big deal. We can play Spankball when our team plays next weekend. I don’t see the need to play it with every game we watch.

I’d be more concerned with his snoozing if it weren’t for the smoke in our area. We’re used to sleeping with the window open and sometimes we have the fan or air conditioner on. It hasn’t been very warm around here with the smoke cover but having air moving helps. Of course, it’s better when it’s fresh air. There hasn’t been much fresh air in over a week. That makes it difficult to sleep. I’m hoping we’ll do better tonight.

We now have a magnetic white board in the bedroom for keeping track of how many days Lion has been waiting. I figured he’d just write the number, but he bought refrigerator magnet numbers. I haven’t really looked to see what the highest number is that I can create. I did tease him that he had the right numbers to do 365. [Lion comments — There are enough numbers to to to 9,999] I really don’t know how long I’ll make him wait. I also don’t know how long he wants to wait. He must have a number in mind. Or maybe he just knows he wants to wait longer than fourteen days which has been the longest I normally make him wait if I want to push him. So far he’s up to fifteen. The longest he’s ever waited is twenty-eight days. He’s halfway there.

It’s difficult to tell if Lion is horny because he’s just horny or because of the cage. It could be a little of both. I enticed him more last night by tying his balls up tightly. He loves that. And then I edged him to the point that he couldn’t move at first when I was done with him. I like that. He’s already hinting today that he wants to be unlocked.

Tonight is the first game of the season for our NY Giants. We didn’t play our football spanking game yesterday. I was saving it for tonight. Added to the regular two swats for each point scored, there are swats added for a Giants fumble if they don’t recover and for each interception that’s our players’ fault. Of course, these are subjective things, but I don’t want to swat him if the other team makes a really good play that results in an interception. It’s not always our player’s fault that turnovers happen. On the other hand, when our quarterback throws to a spot where there are no players other than the opposing team, there’s no excuse for that.

Lion has absolutely no control over any of these things. He doesn’t play football. It’s just a game we came up with to make things interesting. Lion’s butt gets a workout and I get practice swatting. Win-win. It also celebrates the return of football which is very exciting. It’s really the only sport we watch and we miss it when it’s gone.

Depending on what time we start watching the game (we record it so we can watch when it’s convenient and we can zip through commercials), we’ll either stop after the first quarter or at halftime for fun time. He was easier to get to the edge the other night when we played Spankball the first night of football. Clearly that helps him. I think any attention helps him.

I bet Lion is hoping for a low scoring game tonight. With two swats per point plus a swat for some errors, his buns might be very red by halftime.

The long-awaited start of NFL football happened last night. I guess I wasn’t clear on Lion wanting to play our football spanking game. Initially, he suggested Spankardy and I was fine with that. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of reading something when Jeopardy started so we didn’t play. After the first score in the football game, Lion grumbled and started to get into position. Oh, ok. I didn’t realize we were playing and we hadn’t reviewed the rules. I had to ask how many swats he should get. Duh!

I don’t know what the score was after the first quarter but Lion had gotten two swats for each point. And I asked if he wanted to pause the game to play Suck The Lion. He did. No question. He’d been hinting oh-so-subtly that he was horny by outright telling me he was horny. I didn’t want it to get too late for our fun. I wonder if his horniness can overcome how late we play if he’s getting swats and is otherwise excited. I think the real enemy of erections is his thinking I’m ignoring him and he sabotages himself.

At any rate, I got him to the edge at least twice. I mean, very, very, very close twice. I might have gotten him somewhat close a few other times, but he was sweating those two times. When I was done, I think he was actually panting. He didn’t move as fast as he usually does. That, to me, means a job well done. If I’ve got his body thinking he’s really going to have an orgasm, and all sights are set on it and then I leave him hanging, bingo! Obviously, it’s a let down but that’s the point. Personally, I hate to get to the edge and be left hanging. Lion has done it to me a few times, at least once on purpose. I wanted to punch him. Do it all the way or don’t do it. There’s no stopping just short. With me, that is. He likes it. Weirdo.

After he caught his breath, we watched football again. He got his two swats for every point. I’m sure he’s conflicted. He loves football, but those swats…. Oh, he loves the swats too. Don’t let him fool you.