So You Want To Be Locked Up

If you’ve gotten here you’ve probably been thinking about locking up your penis so that when and if you can climax is controlled. To be perfectly clear, we are talking about enforced male chastity. That is, you will be wearing a device that will deny sexual access to your penis. There are many variations on this theme. Some men want continuous (24/7) enforced chastity, some want it within a particular play period with or with out a partner, and others want it as a form of punishment.

Here are some of the most popular scenarios:

  • Full time male chastity In this scenario, the male chastity device remains locked on you 24/7. This doesn’t mean that you never get out. In fact, even if your particular form of this kink is to permanently prevent release, you will have to be out of your cage periodically for inspection and cleaning. There are no devices that are absolutely safe to wear continuously over long periods of time. Most chastity fantasies are variations on this theme. Caged lion is living this lifestyle. In his case it doesn’t mean he never gets to orgasm. In fact, Mrs. Lion gives him regular release. This adventure is just beginning. You can read about his adventures in the journal section of this site, Caged Lion’s Journal. This scenario is played out in one of two ways: you have a partner who is willing to be your keyholder, or you do this alone either by keeping the key or sending it to someone you find on the Internet who agrees (usually for a fee) to be your keyholder. The content on this site discusses the first scenario, however much of it applies to solo play as well.
  • Weekend prisoner Many people start out this way. This is, in fact, the way the vast majority of men endure enforced chastity. Enforced chastity is part of a power exchange play time. You and your partner agree that you will be under her control for a period of time (usually a weekend). During that time you will not be able to get hard or come without her permission. You get locked into a chastity device to assure you follow the rule.
  • Bad boys can’t come This is a particularly interesting fantasy that plays out well in real life. In this case, enforced chastity is a punishment. In order to have this work you need a partner who is willing to make and enforce obedience to her. If you have this sort of relationship, chastity can add a very interesting twist. If you break a rule or fail to obey, your partner locks you up for a period of time; your jail sentence. Generally this sentence is at least three days; often it is several weeks. During that time you are locked up the same way as men in 24/7 chastity relationships. However, during your sentence you aren’t released to come. She may take her toy out for some “yard time” during which she stimulates you to the edge of orgasm and then locks you up again. This yard time is often part of 24/7 enforced chastity too. It keeps your attention focused on what you are missing.  Also in this scenario, if there are further infractions your sentence is extended. This particular scenario is most difficult for your partner. Many women find it difficult to be this “cruel” and don’t have the time or interest to manage a male-disciplined relationship. A very large number of Internet fantasies are about this sort of relationship.

There are many variations on these themes, but as you can see the main difference is in the length of time you are locked up and the motivation for caging your penis. If you begin enforced chastity with your partner, very often the nature of your lockup will change over time. You can easily go from a weekend prisoner to full time. Full timers can find themselves serving time between orgasms for infractions of rules. The possibilities are endless.

What this is about: The bottom line
Forced chastity is about surrender. Your agreement to give someone else control of your penis is surrendering your sexuality to your keyholder. When you cage your penis, your keyholder owns it. It may live on your body, but you no longer can use it for anything beyond peeing. This is a very profound form of surrender. You are losing control of your favorite toy. It’s hers now. How profound this is depends on how important sex is to you. If you are like most of us, sex is something at the top of our pleasure list. When that lock clicks shut, your release is owned by someone else. She doesn’t have to ever let you come again. Even if you thought you were just playing for a short time, if you have a secure device, she can hide the key and have you at her mercy. Powerful stuff!

That may feel like a very hot idea, but think about the reality. It’s like joining the army; once you are in, you are stuck, so you better learn to like it. The other critical point is that you are trusting someone with your penis. Too many men are so desperate to try enforced chastity that they are willing to let the first woman who agrees to hold the key take control. This is usually a mistake. The simple fact is that there is a lot more to enforced chastity than a device and a keyholder. To work and make the fantasy come to life, you need a relationship with your keyholder first.

Here’s a two-step method that you can use to get your partner to lock you up.


  1. Author

    Mr and Mrs. Lion n
    Thank you both for sharing your most intimate journey. Your blog is truly inspirational for myself as a young man who asked for forced chastity in an attempt to give my wife the control of something we both love. I’m currently on day 8 of my chastity. Mrs.S is slowly starting to embrace her new role as my key holder.

  2. Author

    It took my wife and I a year to get to 6 week intervals. At first it was difficult to go even one week but we went longer and longer I got used to it. Right now I am on week 5. It does not bother me like it used to. I get horny a few times a day but not bad at all. My wife wants to go for two months but will release me in two weeks if that is what I want.

    We do not do forced chastity. My wife and I work as a team to agree to a term of chastity and then stick to it. When she edges me, twice a week, neither of us wants me to cum. After 45 years of marriage, my wife knows my body well enough to stop within one or two strokes of my penis. At times she gets carried away by her own orgasm and that is when I have to let her know I am about to cum.

    When release day arrives she will ask me if I really want to be released or go for whatever period she has in mind. She usually goes for holidays. If I do not want release this month she wants me to go to xmas. My wife is bisexual and not a penis or semen fan so she tells me she would love to have me never cum but she knows that I need to so we are limited the number by agreement with each other. If I want out today, she will unlock me and hand me the keys and that will be the end of chastity for me. That keeps me from cheating.

  3. Author

    just an update to my previous post above. Things have progressed quickly as we enjoy chastity more and more. My wife no longer has even lingering guilt for denying me. We are just past month two of a six month chastity period which ends on our anniversary. She wanted to go for a full year but talked her into trying six months first to see how it goes. So far, so good. Unless she is edging me I rarely feel like having an orgasm anymore. I am very goal oriented so it is a matter of personal pride to go the distance.

    In the meantime my wife haas doubled the number of her orgasms and had me buy a professional portable massage table. She likes a massage almost every night. I had studied massage many years ago so I know what I am doing. She usually wants a happy ending which I love to provide.

  4. Author

    Hi, thank you for the excellent journal and the wonderful information. I was looking around for advice on how to get my fiancée more interested in forced chastity. She’s not against it but also not gung-ho at all. Do you have a post or advice on this topic?

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