I think Lion is bored, not broken. I’m not surprised he got hard as soon as I touched him yesterday. He knew I’d turned on the heat in the dungeon. He watched me prepare the ginger butt plug. He knew he was going in the sling. I’m surprised he wasn’t hard as soon as he was strapped in. I think the shaver I used was also providing some vibratory action for Mr. Weenie. Lion said it doesn’t vibrate, but it sure feels like it does in my hand. Maybe not as much as the Magic Wand, but it does provide a little stimulation. All these things combine to make a happy Lion. And then I started stroking him. And then I started sucking him. Yes. A happy boy.

It took a little while for the ginger to take effect. He felt it right away, but it didn’t get really hot for about five or ten minutes. He said moving it around cooled it off a little, so naturally, I stopped moving it. The piece of ginger we bought will make two decent sized butt plugs. Sometimes, by the time I peel it and shape it, it’s very small and fragile. We are fortunate to live in an area that has a few Asian markets. They may have an even better selection of ginger. In this case, bigger is better.

I was really only going to edge him yesterday. It hasn’t been that long since I gave him a bonus orgasm and his scheduled orgasm is tomorrow. Someone suggested that Lion gets too many orgasms. I had that in the back of my mind as I was sucking him. But then, when I finally got him close to the edge, it was clear I went too far. To avoid a ruined orgasm, I started in again quickly after I stopped. I’d rather give him a full one than a ruined one. Unless, of course, I was going for the ruined one.

At this point, I don’t know if Lion will be ready for his scheduled orgasm tomorrow night. I’ll have to see what the Lion weather report is today. For all I know, he just needed his pump primed and he’ll be back in fighting action for a while. Maybe he just can’t deal with my taking the night after an orgasm off. If I play with him tonight, he may not lapse into his slump again. I’m up for the challenge. Are you, Lion? [Lion — I’m always ready for a challenge!]

Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Lion led me to our dungeon. I had been unlocked and climbed into the sling. Mrs. Lion began by doing some much-needed hair removal. During the process I became hard. I was quite surprised. I’ll save the description of the rest of the proceedings for Mrs. Lion’s post later today. What I do want to talk about is the remarkable  change in my interest in sex.

Since my last orgasm a week ago on Sunday, I didn’t feel any real interest in sex. None. Mrs. Lion unlocked me last Tuesday and we cuddled. She tried to arouse me, but it just didn’t work. On Thursday she unlocked me and did manage to get me hard. After a lot of attention she edged me. I know, you’re thinking that means I was interested after all. Hang on, there’s more. After the edging I immediately lost my erection and with it, any interest in more activity. The edging was nice, but not really something I cared about.

That is certainly out of character. I was concerned. Clearly, something was going on. I wasn’t upset with Mrs. Lion. Work is going very well. There was no reason for my loss of libido. I knew that Mrs. Lion had plans for us to play this weekend. I wasn’t interested. So, yesterday when the time finally came, even as I was being secured in the sling, my interest was low. But as soon as Mrs. Lion touched my penis I reacted normally. An internal switch was thrown and I was the normal, horny lion Mrs. Lion knows and loves.

I’ve reported how my interest in sex follows a predictable pattern after each orgasm. This last time was completely different. In the past there were periods when I wasn’t very horny. These periods last from a few days to weeks. This time, if it is my normal sexual cycle was far more severe. I just don’t understand why. What’s worse for me is that I have no idea if the same thing will happen after our fun today. I had an orgasm yesterday after seven days of waiting. I am dreading a repeat this week.

Maybe I shouldn’t be concerned. After all, it makes waiting painless. But it isn’t the “me” that I know. I want to be horny. I want to ache for that orgasm. I don’t want to be indifferent to whether or not I get to come.


Once again Lion thinks he’s broken. Yesterday he said it was the third day of our four day weekend together and we hadn’t done any play. That leaves it all for today when we have to go shopping. I had plans for him after dinner last night, but he said he needed time to digest. When I asked if he was ready, he said he wasn’t horny. He didn’t know what was wrong. I told him I could fix things today. He said it’s different this time. He doesn’t care about sex. He hasn’t been watching the calendar like he usually does. He didn’t know how many days until his next orgasm. He didn’t care.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but he’s not broken. By broken, he means he’ll never want sex again. Like me, I suppose. I’m almost positive his slump is temporary. Maybe it’s something I did or didn’t do. Maybe by taking a day off after I give him an orgasm, he thinks I don’t want to play anymore. Maybe he’s fed up with my not wanting sex. Maybe it’s just the end of the year blues with the holidays coming and the pressure to get presents and what-have-you-done-this-year thoughts. Maybe he’s just been cooped up in the house too long. We went out on Friday, but not on Saturday.

Lion’s been working on his computer a lot. There was a big change he was dreading that didn’t go as horribly as he’d thought it would. Maybe, somehow, that threw him for a loop. Maybe it is simply that I didn’t do enough to play with him. Lion and I are polar opposites when it comes to activity. He likes to go out. I like to stay in. He likes to play. I like to vegetate. I’ve loved the past three days of doing little more than decide what and when to eat. So today, we’ll go shopping and then come home to play. There’s a sling and some ginger with his name on it.

hand-shaped riding crop
This hand-shaped riding crop is just the right length to deliver a stinging swat that leaves a nice, red, hand-shaped mark behind.

It’s no secret that most people who practice enforced chastity also have other kinks. Part of the reason for this is that chastity is a fairly advanced kink. It’s a form of bondage that is sustained for very long periods of time. It’s a power exchange that many of us practice full-time. It also surrenders control of a male’s favorite activity: sex. No wonder there are so few of us! Compared to enforced chastity, other forms of BDSM play are much easier to practice.

Sexual surrender betrays a strong desire for power exchange and a strong desire for physical evidence of the exchange. It’s not surprising that I, for one, like domestic discipline. It broadens the power exchange and includes spanking. You won’t be shocked to learn that I like bondage too. I’ve liked that all my life. I could tell you stories… Anyway, enforced chastity is a full-time form of bondage; no wonder I like it.

If you ask people who are actively involved in BDSM, who buys the most toys, the answer is almost always the bottom. As a top I did buy floggers and paddles. These toys are like tennis rackets; the grip, weight, and balance have to be right. Bottoms also bought me toys they wanted me to use on them (selfish, greedy creatures!). In my current, bottom role I find and buy most of the playthings. Now and then Mrs. Lion buys some on her own. Her most notable purchase, based on what she writes here, are the Velcro cable ties. She enjoys using them on my penis.

My desire for trying new things is a product of my innate curiosity and my love of variety. Frequently I bite off more than I can chew. You’d think that with all my experience that I would be  selective about what I suggest to Mrs. Lion. I’m not. The main reason is that I come up with new ideas at times I am horny and new ways to play become appealingly sexy. A good example is my request to be trained to take a ring of tiny, dollhouse clothespins around the head of my cock. I know from past experience that a single one can be unbearable to me. What would possess me to ask to be trained to take ten or more at the same time? I was horny and it sounded exciting. Being a kind lioness, Mrs. Lion is obligingly training me. She’s sure that sooner or later I will learn how to handle the pain. So, several times a week I get to practice. What a gal!

My curiosity goes beyond sensation play. I also ask to be topped in new, more restrictive ways. These requests are more difficult for Mrs. Lion. She isn’t a disciplinarian and my requests for her to be stricter challenge her resolve. They also challenge her view of reality. She knows that I am not submissive by nature. She knows I am a rather dominant person who has a perverted need to bottom. So when I ask for something she knows I will absolutely hate she shakes her head in wonder and then agrees to try it.

If the tables were turned and I were in charge, if my bottom suggested something I knew she would hate, I would enjoy watching her suffer with the fruit of her desire. When I write posts about new ideas for Mrs. Lion, I always mention that I imagine she will enjoy seeing me in this new predicament. That’s my wishful thinking. I’m assuming she will handle it the way I would. Actually, it’s the way I want her to feel. One of my great joys in topping is watching my bottom handle a difficult predicament. Given my penchant for getting myself into painful trouble, if Mrs. Lion could adopt that point of view, she could have some real fun.