I have just one explicit rule and managed to break it on Wednesday. I am supposed to fetch my pill packets every night before dinner. I forgot on Wednesday night. Mrs. Lion spanked me on Thursday. It was almost a full ten-minute spanking; she stopped thirty seconds early. I was yelping and kicking my feet. There is no dignity when on the spanking bench.

Being spanked for a reason is different. Mrs. Lion works harder to make her point and chooses paddles she knows I dislike. I got the message. She reminded me that this was what I asked for. She was right. It is exactly what I need.

Some readers have commented that it seems unfair to beat me so soundly for such minor offenses. It isn’t. Consistent, severe punishment works. It teaches me to do what I am told. That doesn’t mean I am submissive and treat Mrs. Lion as my mistress. She’s my life partner. Her role hasn’t changed because she can punish me.

Now that we’ve begun domestic discipline again, I expect to be riding the spanking bench frequently. The big question is whether or not it will be for a reason. We both get more out of it when the spanking is earned. I’m waiting to see what new rules are on the horizon.

what about sex?

I have been pretty horny lately. The problem is that I get tired after dinner and often snooze. Apparently, my “Wheel of Fortune” naps signal Mrs. Lion that sex isn’t going to happen. I can’t help it if Pat Sajak puts me to sleep. The Edex box sits unopened on my nightstand.

The problem is that I’m the only one interested in sex. Mrs. Lion’s libido isn’t working. She’s kind enough to get me off but needs to rely on my signal for sex. Snoozing during “Wheel of Fortune” apparently isn’t the right signal.

Of course, she’s been tired and achy lately. She has to unpack all of the boxes, cook, and clean. It’s a lot for her. Getting me off may be too much for her right now. I feel too demanding. I need and want way more from her than I ever did in the past. I try my best not to ask for more than I absolutely need. Maybe sex is a luxury I should do without.

lion's spanked butt

A couple of days ago, I put the Edex on my nightstand. It was my unsubtle way of hinting that I wanted an orgasm. Mrs. Lion didn’t take the hint. Two days have passed and I haven’t been spanked either. Are we falling back?

Well, on Wednesday night, I did it. I forgot to get my pill packets from the bathroom. Mrs. Lion got them for me but did not comment. Also, there was no spanking after dinner, which surprised me a little.

Wednesday was an unusual day. Someone cut the main fiber optic cable feeding our part of the world. Even though we have two different Internet suppliers, both were out when we woke up. Our cell service was also nearly dead. When I finally got through to our T-Mobile tech support, I learned that they buy their Internet in our area from Comcast, our other supplier. Service was finally restored at 2:30 PM.

Since she couldn’t work without the Internet, Mrs. Lion made good use of the time and unpacked more boxes. Unfortunately, my ham radios were not yet unpacked. If they were set up, I could send emails and get information via the radio. I think Mrs. Lion hurt her shoulder doing the unpacking. That explains why my bottom and penis went untouched.

On Monday night, Mrs. Lion gave me a leather paddle spanking. It didn’t last ten minutes but had me yelping and trying to escape almost as soon as she started. She said that she was hitting a lot harder. Yup, I agree. A ten-minute punishment spanking is going to be pure hell for me.

Mrs. Lion wrote that she figured I would forget my pills twice before her paddle finally got through to me and that I should remember to get them. My first lesson is coming up. It’s true that if she is sufficiently serious about spanking me, I learn more quickly. A “Just Because” spanking is one thing; a ten-minute lesson is another. She may not spank me while angry, but she knows that the best way to teach me is to make me realize that breaking a rule has serious consequences.

This is exactly what I asked her to do. Even though it’s fully consensual, it still makes a very strong point that eventually trains me to do whatever it is I’m being punished for failing. That’s the odd thing about adult spanking. It may have sexual overtones and be something I want. It still has the power to make me change. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work to cure smoking, drugs, cheating, or drinking. Those problems are too deep-seated to yield to the paddle. But it absolutely works when it comes to chores, manners, and attitude. At least, I think it works on manners and attitude. Mrs. Lion hasn’t tackled those issues yet.

It would be interesting to hear from women who spank their partners. Mrs. Lion is one of the very few who writes about her side of the paddle. I’m not talking about blow-by-blow descriptions of beatings. I’m referring to how they feel about punishing their husbands and how effective they think it is in changing them.

I know that when Mrs. Lion consistently and strictly applies her paddles, I change. I don’t consciously try to change. It just happens. I think that Mrs. Lion likes seeing that happen.

lion spanked red

Mrs. Lion seems determined to condition my rear end for full-scale, ten-minute spankings. On Monday, I was invited to ride the spanking bench again for another lesson. It was a very painful lesson with Mrs. Lion using one of her leather paddles. When she was done, she said she hit harder for five minutes.

She has developed a spanking style that maximizes my pain. She starts with light, almost pleasant swats. Then, without warning, wham, she hits hard for several. She backs off when I’m squirming and yelping, then does it again. Each series features harder, more painful swats. As she goes, the bursts of those painful swats get longer and longer.

I get the feeling that she is working up to nearly continuous hard swats. If she continues my daily lessons, I’m sure she will easily reach her goal. I realize that she doesn’t need to worry about how well I am taking the spanking. My new harness doesn’t let me do more than squirm an inch or two in any direction. It’s her kindness that limits how soon she will get to full-force spankings.

So far, the lessons have just been to train me. No rules are in effect yet. I assume that when Mrs. Lion restores the disciplinary portion of the program, punishment spankings won’t be as considerate of my tender rear. Those spankings are intended to teach me something else.

love, honor, and obey

Speaking of lessons, Mrs. Lion still has difficulty extending her game to any failure to honor or obey. I love her and that will never fade or need correction. This isn’t a serious domestic disciplinary issue. She gets to decide what she wants to enforce. I see it differently.

As I wrote yesterday (“Reflections On A Decade Of Male Chastity And Spanking“), Mrs. Lion finds it difficult to punish me for annoying her. She’s improved in letting me know when I’ve pissed her off. She will snarl now and then when I do. But we still haven’t reached the point that she will actually punish me.

I think that this goes back to her feelings of self-worth. She’s told me that she worries about being unfair to me if it turns out that I’m not the root cause of her unhappiness. I get it. The thing is that she also feels fine about spanking me for no reason at all. We both know I need those “Just Because” spankings.

She may not understand that spanking for cause is way more powerful for me. Call it the spanking fantasy, but in my mind, being punished reaches far deeper than a spanking without a reason. That’s the game side of domestic discipline: catch and spank. Mrs. Lion likes the game when it comes to simple rules like chores.

I suppose she may worry that I will feel I am being unfairly punished if she tells me that I’ve annoyed her and then spanks me. That’s not going to happen. I’ve asked for DD. I may not like a spanking while I’m getting it, but we both know that it meets a deep-seated need. After all, I never objected to being spanked for getting a little salsa on my shirt. Why would Mrs. Lion think I would analyze my offense of annoying her and then decide she was being unfair and resent her? I wouldn’t.

I’m not asking Mrs. Lion to stop my daily riding lessons. I need them. I’m saying that spankings for a reason, even if the reasons are flimsy, are way more powerful for me. Maybe we both need lessons. What do you think, Mrs. Lion.

I thought of a new rule while I was cleaning up after breakfast. Once I started packing up the old house, navigating to the kitchen was impossible for Lion, so he couldn’t set up the coffee pot. Obviously, I wasn’t going to punish him for not doing something that was impossible to do. Since we moved, navigating the house has been a huge challenge for him. Initially, there were boxes in his way. I’ve gotten most of the path cleared for him but, while I’m not saying he can’t go into the kitchen, it seems silly to make him set up the coffee pot. However, I do have a new rule for him.

Just before we moved, Lion got the brilliant idea to have me put his morning and evening medications in little packets rather than the bottles that were working well. (Can you tell I dislike this idea?) His reasoning is that there could be a buildup of nasty things over time in the bottles. I’m not sure what nasty things, but I guess I can see his point.

I have several issues with this new system. First, it’s a change and I balk at changes. Second, the little packets are annoying. I have to get the little jig into the openings and the pills often miss anyway. Third, it requires the use of a sealer which looks sort of like a paper cutter but it has a wire that heats up to melt the plastic closed. I usually set up his pills while we’re watching TV. Not anymore. I’m pretty much tied to the kitchen where I have power, a flat surface and more room to work.

Oh, boohoo. Poor me. Okay. I concede I’ll get better at making these little packets up as time goes on. On to the problem. The packets “live” in the bathroom, and Lion can’t seem to remember to bring them out with him after his shower. I have to do it. I think he should remember, and to  help him, I’m making it a rule. I’m sure it won’t take very long for his sore butt to get the message up to his brain – maybe a day or two.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he’ll be swat-free. We still need to make his virgin butt slutty again.

[Lion — I was planning to move the little pill packets from the bathroom to a drawer in my nightstand. That was my solution. I see Mrs. Lion’s point. They’ll stay in the bathroom.]