Lion has the misfortune of having punishment day line up with a football game. I don’t even remember if we celebrated last Spanksgiving with a special spanking session. If so, does that mean he needs three spankings today? For that matter, do I need to catch up on the punishment days he missed when he wasn’t feeling well? All interesting questions.

I had planned to spank him this morning to get punishment day out of the way. Unfortunately, we did our signature I-don’t-need-to-get-out-of-bed-so-I-won’t move, and the morning slipped by. Not to worry. I’ll get him just before he goes into his office. Then we just have the football game to deal with.

As much as I want to believe in our football team, they had a few injuries last week, and they played poorly. The team they’re playing beat them once this season, and I have no doubt they will beat them again. There was a time when I was convinced our team lost when I watched the game. Sometimes it seemed like my wearing anything resembling the team colors made them lose. In truth, I guess they just sucked. Sometimes I’d consider rooting for the opponent just to throw some of my bad juju at them. I refuse to root for the opponent today. I hate them as much as Lion hates the other division rivals. Anyway, I think Lion is in for quite a few football swats today.

We usually record the game and watch it at our convenience. I think we need to watch it early enough today that Lion can’t claim to be trying to digest the big Thanksgiving dinner. It’s true he’ll be sitting on sore buns while we eat. However, doing his swats early means there may be time for other, more fun things later on. We can’t let a big dinner get in the way of that, either.

Lion wanted to put off his spanking for a while last night so he could digest his food more. Then he asked me to delay it until this morning. Of course, I forgot this morning. Now it’s no longer morning and I’ll just let it go. It’s not like he got away with anything. It wasn’t a real punishment. It was our new normal of spanking him every punishment day. Well, almost every punishment day. Don’t worry. Tomorrow is punishment day and then we’ll play the football game on Sunday. I don’t think his buns will forget about being swatted. Speaking of our football game, it will be five swats per point and five swats per sack. If he really wants to make me do the math, it will be ten swats per point to start, with ten added per point for every score after that. He might be bleeding by halftime.

When I thought he might be done digesting dinner, I moved over to snuggle. It wasn’t our regular sex night, but he hasn’t felt well for a few days. I decided to test the waters. He seemed a little interested, but he says he can’t be aroused by my hand under the covers anymore. He needs me to sit up. Since I was just messing around, I didn’t sit up. This morning, he said he got turned on last night and asked if I could tell. He said I just stopped. Bummer. I reminded him that I don’t always have to get him to the edge. In fact, some nights, even when I am sitting up, I only get him hard and then leave him hanging. In the words of one of our favorite sitcoms, “I just pumped up the tires. I didn’t ride the bike.”

Tonight, maybe I’ll take the weenie out for a spin. He deserves more attention, especially now that the buns are getting more.

Lion hasn’t been feeling well. It started early yesterday morning and continued throughout the day. I didn’t tell him, but I suspended his rules until he feels better. That let him off the hook for punishment day and coffee pot duty. He talked about taking a shower, but he never made it in there. He would also have been off the hook for the shower door. Neither of us slept very well last night. I wasn’t sick. I just couldn’t get to sleep until about 4 am. This morning, he thought he was feeling better. He managed to eat breakfast, but he stayed in bed and slept on and off. I am suspending his rules for another day. The fact that he’s up and about now doesn’t mean he feels well enough to follow his rules.

We played our football spanking game the other day. I was happy with adding a swat for each loss our team had, which brought us to five swats per point. However, when our quarterback was sacked, Lion said we agreed to add another swat for the sack and all points after. I don’t remember agreeing to that. When the stupid quarterback got sacked again, we added another swat. What the hell? Isn’t this similar to his original add-a-swat idea that I vetoed? I still don’t like this idea.

I have, however, thought about something for the playoffs. The team Lion hates most has been doing well this season. It seems to me there should be more swats when they score. If it’s a team I hate, the same thing should apply. I’m assuming, of course, that his hated team gets into the playoffs. I have a few teams I hate. One of them is bound to wind up in the playoffs. I don’t have a particular number of swats in mind, but I can see having one number for the good team and a different number for the evil team. We can finalize those numbers when the time comes, and we see which evil teams are playing.

Lion both loves and hates punishment day. He knows/thinks it’s helping me get used to the idea of punishing him for the more subjective rules we have. But his buns are paying the price and that hurts. Yesterday’s pain was delivered courtesy of a variety of rubber paddles. These are at least a half inch thick and nasty. The only good thing about them is that they don’t cause bleeding (usually), and they don’t require much effort on my part because they bounce back.

I know we have at least five of these nasty buggers, but I only found three yesterday. That was more than enough as far as Lion was concerned. One has holes in it and is about two and a half inches wide. Another is a tawse, and the last is only about an inch and a half wide, but it’s longer than the others. Between the three of them, Lion’s butt was a nice rosy red. He was yelping, and I wasn’t even hitting that hard. Their weight alone is enough to make him groan.

I don’t know how to gauge the performance of each paddle. I know wood tends to make him bleed. Leather seems to be the easiest for him to deal with. Rubber is pretty evil. I’d guess rubber is the worst. Each swat seems to sink in more if that makes any sense. I think if I had a wood paddle the same thickness, it wouldn’t hurt as much. I may be wrong. It seems like a slap and a thud at the same time. And that thud seems like it goes right to his core. Of course, I’m just an observer. I’ve only ever swatted my own leg and hand with any of these paddles. I know it’s not the same.

Lion should rate the paddles. Sting, thud, heaviness, etc. I’m curious. Not curious enough to be swatted myself, of course, but curious nonetheless. He did say his buns hurt more after that five-minute spanking than they did after any of the others. I guess that means rubber is the winner. Lion, obviously, is both winner and loser.