Lion after his 244 Super Bowl swats.

The Rams won the Super Bowl. It certainly didn’t look like they would until the very end. The score was 23-20. Lion swat count was 215 plus 14 for sacks. For some reason, we counted 244 swats. Oopsy! He got fifteen more than he should have. You’d think that would make him not want to be spanked again for a long time. However, when I went to shower, the door was open, and there were dirty dog footprints inside. Silly boy. I didn’t have the energy to spank him again. He’ll get those swats tonight.

We both snoozed a bit during the game. I guess that’s the peril of watching TV in bed. After our showers, Lion snoozed again. By the time he woke up, it was 9. In the past, that’s been considered late. He was annoyed when I said we didn’t play because he’d snoozed, and nine was too late. I file this under the “can’t win” heading. If I don’t get started till 9, it’s too late. If he snoozes and we don’t get started until 9, it’s not. [Lion — That’s not illogical. If I snooze, I’m rested at nine and ready to go.]

In all fairness, I was going to suggest we play before the game. I had to trim the dog’s nails and maybe give Lion a haircut, and then we could play. Unfortunately, the dog was difficult to get onto the grooming table and then she got even more difficult when I tried to trim her nails. She scratched Lion so badly he needed two bandages and she got me on the arm, too. After only three nails, we had to give up. I was pissed. Lion was hurt. The dog didn’t care. So much for playing early.

After Lion’s shower tonight, I will swat his buns. They should be nice and tenderized by the warm water. I’m sure last night’s spanking has worn off. It may have hurt at the time, but I doubt there are any lingering effects. Even the potential bruise is probably gone. If I punish him before dinner, he will have recovered by the time I’m ready to play around 8. If he’s snoozing, I’ll wake him up. If he complains about not playing because he snoozed, then he shouldn’t snooze when I want to play. Fair is fair.

Today is the Super Bowl. We don’t care about either team except that we want Tom Brady’s team to lose. Always. We do nachos and have chips and dip and generally have our own little party. We could play spankball. We can’t pause the game because our local affiliate is playing chicken with DirecTv and not broadcasting anything right now. We have to watch it another way and we can’t record or pause. If nothing else, we could catch up on swats during halftime if we need to. We don’t care about the halftime show, but we do like the commercials.

I had thought maybe we’d play before the game, but it starts early for us. It should be done by 6:30 or 7 and that still gives us some time before it gets too late. Plus, if we play spankball, Lion will be all primed for some play. He’ll be thinking about his sore buns and that might make my weenie get hard. Yeah. I’m leaning toward playing spankball. I wonder what Lion thinks. I’m sure he’ll be hoping for a low-scoring game. Maybe, because I hate Tom Brady so much, Lion should get three swats for every point Tampa Bay scores and only two for Kansas City. Too bad the swats are spread out over the course of the game. Lion’s butt can have a rest between each set. Or, we could do all the swats for the first half during halftime and the second half after the game. We could even wait until the game is over. So many choices. [Lion — Swats after the game would have the most effect.]

I just hope our tummies are okay today. So far so good but we don’t know what set them off yesterday. I’ve been looking forward to nachos and chips and dip. I hope we can enjoy the game, spankball or no spankball. But spankball definitely. Yeah. Poor Lion butt.

It never fails to surprise me how Mrs. Lion and I end up thinking and writing about very similar things. In her post yesterday, “Super Horny,” she wrote about edging me the night before. She wondered about edging me day after day until I was at the limit and just had to come.  I commented that in the past when she asked me if I wanted to come and if I replied that I did, she would let me ejaculate. It spoils the fun of the power exchange if I can simply say I want an orgasm and then get it.

She did write that maybe she would say no and make me wait. She went on to say that she may make me wait a day or two more. She also wrote that it would be fun to make me wait until I had reached a limit and just had to come. I agree. But how would she know I had reached that point? More importantly, how would I know?

The only time to ask me if I want to come is when I have just been edged within a stroke of ejaculation. At that moment I should be at my most desperate. I can honestly say that most of the time when I have just been edged I am conflicted. Part of me wants to ejaculate. Another part wants to wait and have more fun.

Mrs. Lion also wrote that she wished I had a meter that told her how close to ejaculating I am. That would make it easier to avoid ruined orgasms. Sadly, I’m not equipped with one of those. However, there may be a “meter” to determine how desperate I am for an orgasm. I haven’t thought this through, but wouldn’t a good way to decide if I am really at a limit is to ask me if I would do or take something if allowed to come? What would I do for a Klondike Bar?

For example, Mrs. Lion might say, “If I let you come now, your next orgasm will be at least 20 days from now. Are you that desperate?” Her Lion meter would be my agreeing to that. Or, she might ask me if I would trade a disciplinary spanking right after my orgasm for a chance to come? You get the idea. The best way to gauge sexual desperation is to offer an unpleasant trade in exchange for ejaculation.

It can’t be too unpleasant since I don’t think my desperation would ever rise high enough to do anything for a chance to come. Mrs. Lion has a good arsenal of things I dislike. The other key to this is to ask the question when I am most desperate. If you asked me right now while I am writing this post, I wouldn’t be all that interested. But, if you ask me while I am panting from being edged, my willingness to make a deal might improve.

Mrs. Lion likes games. I guess I do too. This one might be fun for her. She gets to work out the “price” of ejaculation and then watch me try to decide if I want to buy an orgasm. Even if I agree, she can still say no. Cruel lioness!

other games

Another area we might want to think about is our spanking games. We only play Spankball and Spankardy if I ask to play. I think it would be more fun for me if Mrs. Lion decides when we play. By that I mean she can just say, “Tonight we are playing Spankardy.” The same is true of Spankball. She doesn’t even have to tell me before or during the game. She can just announce it at any time, even a day later. The score is known. She may miss the turnover swats, but that isn’t much at all.

This all comes down to Mrs. Lion being more proactive. When in the past she has been, we both had more fun.

Sunday night we played Spankball. This is a game we play while watching football on TV. The rules are simple: Every time either team scores, I earn two swats for each point. A touchdown and a successful extra point earn me 14 swats. Additionally, I get one swat every time the team we like has a turnover (loses the ball to the other team). Up until Sunday night, Mrs. Lion administered the swats immediately after the score was made. This works well with TV football because at least two minutes of commercials follow any scoring play.

This time, we decided to try accumulating the swats and administering them after the game was done. This is a technique we use when we play Spankardy. This game is based on Jeopardy. After the game Sunday, I had accumulated over 170 swats. As I recall, the score for both teams added together was 68 points. Doubling that translated 176 swats. I believe there were also a couple of turnovers that added a couple of more swats. It was considerably harder to accept all of those swats at one time. I’m not sure it was as much fun for either of us. Mrs. Lion will let me know how she wants to play next time.

Spanking games help keep us in practice. I haven’t earned a punishment spanking in at least a week. We seem to need regular activity to keep things in the front of both of our minds. Sunday night’s football spanking certainly reminded me how uncomfortable punishment is. Even though I received considerably less painful swats, I was howling before it was over. Mrs. Lion did a good job making me red and sore. I published a picture of my poor, abused bottom at the end of yesterday’s post (link here).

Our Sunday evening was notable for one other important reason: after a 21-day wait, Mrs. Lion gave me a delightful oral orgasm. This was the first timeI had any sexual activity in about two weeks. This was due to the injury on my penis, which I’m happy to say has finally healed. She decided not to just tease me because she wanted me to have a birthday orgasm. Fair enough. It was wonderful!

Sunday turned out to be a very pleasant day. We watched two football games. One of them was a disaster, the other a last-second triumph. One game was followed by a bottom-punishing spanking and the other by an amazing orgasm. Pretty good, huh, sportsfans?