Sunday night we played Spankball. This is a game we play while watching football on TV. The rules are simple: Every time either team scores, I earn two swats for each point. A touchdown and a successful extra point earn me 14 swats. Additionally, I get one swat every time the team we like has a turnover (loses the ball to the other team). Up until Sunday night, Mrs. Lion administered the swats immediately after the score was made. This works well with TV football because at least two minutes of commercials follow any scoring play.

This time, we decided to try accumulating the swats and administering them after the game was done. This is a technique we use when we play Spankardy. This game is based on Jeopardy. After the game Sunday, I had accumulated over 170 swats. As I recall, the score for both teams added together was 68 points. Doubling that translated 176 swats. I believe there were also a couple of turnovers that added a couple of more swats. It was considerably harder to accept all of those swats at one time. I’m not sure it was as much fun for either of us. Mrs. Lion will let me know how she wants to play next time.

Spanking games help keep us in practice. I haven’t earned a punishment spanking in at least a week. We seem to need regular activity to keep things in the front of both of our minds. Sunday night’s football spanking certainly reminded me how uncomfortable punishment is. Even though I received considerably less painful swats, I was howling before it was over. Mrs. Lion did a good job making me red and sore. I published a picture of my poor, abused bottom at the end of yesterday’s post (link here).

Our Sunday evening was notable for one other important reason: after a 21-day wait, Mrs. Lion gave me a delightful oral orgasm. This was the first timeI had any sexual activity in about two weeks. This was due to the injury on my penis, which I’m happy to say has finally healed. She decided not to just tease me because she wanted me to have a birthday orgasm. Fair enough. It was wonderful!

Sunday turned out to be a very pleasant day. We watched two football games. One of them was a disaster, the other a last-second triumph. One game was followed by a bottom-punishing spanking and the other by an amazing orgasm. Pretty good, huh, sportsfans?

We’ve had some miscues lately. Lion wants structure. I want chaos. Not really. I just don’t want to be told to do something at a specific time. You probably noticed our passive-aggressive posts back and forth the past few days. Oh yeah? Says you! It hasn’t risen to that level. It usually doesn’t. We say (type) what we need to say and go from there. I guess in keeping with the chaos, I forgot to punish Lion for forgetting Thursday was punishment day. Friday night and Saturday got away from me. His shoulder was hurting a lot Sunday night. And I remembered Monday night.

When I brought out the paddle Sunday night, Lion said I must be going for bright red. It was the hardwood, spoon-shaped paddle. I don’t know. I was just going for pain. I always forget which paddle causes sting and which causes thud. If I can’t remember that, I have no hope of remembering which one is more likely to cause bruising. Anyway, Monday night I went for a rubber paddle. If pressed, I would guess it’s more likely to cause bruises. However, the reason I picked it is because Lion made the comment about the wooden one. I like to keep him on his toes. For all I know, he knows that and that’s why he made the comment.

split rubber spanking paddle

I had my choice of rubber paddle. There’s one about three inches wide. Another one has holes. And the other one is a tawse. I chose the tawse. I don’t know why. It just seemed like the one to use. I didn’t care about bruising. I didn’t care about blood. I just wanted to punish him while I remembered to do it and before it was so far beyond the infraction that it didn’t make any sense to do anymore. I’m sorry. That’s my motivation. I wasn’t thinking, “Oh boy, I’ll whomp his butt and he’ll never forget another punishment day again.” I just knew he needed to feel a paddle, any paddle, long enough to make him sore for a while afterward. I don’t know how long he felt it. I don’t think it was very long because he didn’t say much after the initial sitting back down on the bed.

Perhaps the threat of the impending swats caused him to remember Saturday and Monday are also punishment days. I thought I’d have to add swats when he forgot to put the coffee pot together Friday night, but he scurried out of bed after midnight to fix that issue. He’s been very good otherwise. Maybe we’ll play Spankardy tonight to see how sore those buns are after his run in with the paddle last night. Even if they aren’t sore, they’ll certainly remember quickly enough.

Mrs. Lion loves to play games. However, she is notably reluctant to play games that involve me. I’ve wondered about this for some time. I don’t think it’s because she doesn’t like doing things with me. I wondered if the effort required might be the problem. It’s certainly possible. However, it might be simpler than that. She likes to play the games, not necessarily be the quiz master.

For example, when we play Zapardy, her job is to administer shocks when I miss questions. I doubt that’s too much fun for her; though she does enjoy giving me shocks. I know that she likes to play along and answer questions herself. It has to be less enjoyable when she is simply waiting to see if I get them right.

The exception to this is when we play our NFL game. She genuinely seems to enjoy administering swats when points are scored or there are turnovers. Spanking me for those situations doesn’t interfere with her watching the game. There is always plenty of time to get me red and sore during the commercials. She does like spanking me when we play that game.

Maybe we need to make our Jeopardy games more interactive. Perhaps allowing Mrs. Lion to be an active participant should be part of the way we construct any of our BDSM games. Maybe we should change the rules for the Jeopardy game. Currently, failing to answer a question earns me one shock or spank depending on whether we are playing with the shock collar or the paddle. Getting a question wrong earns me two swats or shocks. Answering the question correctly allows me to avoid the penalty.

When we play for spanks, Mrs. Lion has a counter she clicks for each swat I earn. She administers all of them at one time after the show is over. When we play for shocks, she administers them immediately. What if Mrs. Lion gets to play as well? Just like the contestants on the live show, she has the opportunity to answer before I do. If I’m fast enough to answer first and I get it correct, no penalty. If she answers it correctly first, two swats or shocks for me. If I answer first and get it wrong, four swats or shocks. If both of us fail to answer, one shock or swat for me.

This way Mrs. Lion is not only the judge and executioner, she is also an active contestant. I realize that upping the ante this way has a very strong probability of increasing the number of penalties I earn. If by doing this Mrs. Lion can have more fun, it’s worthwhile.

Since this game is much more complex for her, she probably doesn’t want to get distracted by administering shocks during the play. I think playing for swats makes more sense. Also, based on the way she likes to play the NFL game, making this game Spankardy instead of Zapardy, perhaps it will be a winner. A winner for her, that is. I’m guaranteed to end up with a sore rump.

I worked an hour later than normal yesterday. I’m attempting to make up some of the time I missed on Monday and to dig myself out from under the mountain of work on my desk. By the time I got home and we ate, it was fairly late. My shower was late and when I showed up with paddle in hand, Lion was not in the mood.

I told him I wanted to swat a pantied butt. I have no idea why. Would it really make a difference if he had panties on or not? Since I hadn’t noticed that he was wearing them – something he pointed out – I decided to make a bigger deal out of the panties than I normally would have. Plus, who knows, maybe it would be different.

Lion said he didn’t think I was actually going to spank him. I guess he thought it was late. Maybe he thought I forgot. I was actually going to beg off because I was achy from head to toe, but then I thought that would just be an excuse. I can make it through 300 swats even if I do just want to crawl under the covers.

It turns out Lion was achy too. His back and legs were sore. He didn’t know why. I suggested maybe it was because of our weekend shopping spree through the local grocery store and Costco. Then he cooked on Monday night. Lots of standing and walking for two people who haven’t done much of either in a while.

So I gave Lion 150 swats. Pantied swats sound different from naked swats. It was more thuddy. I started off too hard, but I adjusted. It wasn’t until after the spanking that Lion told me he was achy. But I figured we hadn’t done our experiment in over a week and the Super Bowl was a bust in terms of swats, so I took it easy on the old buns.

When we snuggled and my weenie responded, I had the last few ruined orgasms on my mind. I couldn’t give him another one. I’d just edge him. But not too close. And, although he was horny, it was late so it took some time for him to get to the edge. I’m sure his achy legs and back played a part in it. I decided to give him a full orgasm long before he got to that point.

First, it would erase the possibility of a ruined orgasm. Second, it would reset the clock. He can look back on the last ejaculation with fondness since it wasn’t ruined. And he may have to look back a while. Who knows when he’ll have another orgasm?