heavy rubber spanking paddles
New rubber spanking paddles. Both are made from nearly 1-inch thick conveyor belt material. They are very heavy. Lion definitely won’t like these. I wonder why he ordered them. (Click here for purchasing information)

Last week we got two new paddles. They’re heavy rubber and smell like tires. I left them on the deck for a few days to out-gas. They weathered a few days of heavy rain. I put them in the main bathroom so they could dry and that’s where they’ve stayed.

Not that I need an occasion to test out a new paddle, but Lion has given me one. I almost said he “thoughtfully” gave me one, but if he had been thinking he wouldn’t be getting punished. I know the days all blend in together when you’re home but he’s been working. He should know what day of the week it is. By afternoon I realized he hadn’t reminded me of punishment day. Of course, I’m not going to say anything because he has till 8:30 pm to do it. Around dinner time I remembered again. Still, he had a few hours. The next time I remembered was 11 as I was putting drops in his eyes.

When I told him of his error, his face went blank. He had an “oh shit” moment and then admitted he forgot entirely. Sometimes he remembers things in the middle of doing something else and forgets to tell me. We both do that. For days I tried to remember to make his scones. (I finally made them. Blueberry yumminess, according to Lion.) But this time he completely forgot. I could see he was trying to figure out how he could have forgotten something that’s been in effect for so long. Saturdays are a much more recent addition to the punishment schedule, but Mondays and Thursdays have been in effect forever.

A little while later, I forgot to set a timer between drops. Lion asked if his remembering the timer negated forgetting about punishment day. Ha ha! Nice try, my pet. No. One of those new paddles will be broken in on your buns this afternoon.

Mrs. Lion commented in her post yesterday that if you want to see a man move fast tell him you’re going to give him a blow job. She’s right. When she told me to get into position, I didn’t waste a second. There’s no question about it, if we don’t have vaginal sex, oral sex is definitely my favorite. In fact, when we had vaginal sex I still liked oral better. Mrs. Lion is a virtuoso at it.

She often writes about her dilemma when deciding when to finally give me release. She’s right, sometimes I do complain if she gives me an orgasm too soon. How long should she make me wait? That’s a difficult question for both of us. Historically, my average wait over the last couple of years is just under seven days. We’ve gone through fairly long periods when it was just three or four days.

Recently, she hasn’t been able to get me very close to the edge some of the time. This is usually the first five or six days after I ejaculate. Sometimes, it takes her at least a week. I have no idea why I respond that way. There’s no obvious explanation. Even oral sex won’t get me up there. When I’m finally able to get to the edge or beyond, we both have a lot more fun.

Sunday was the magic day when I could reach the top of the curve. This is the time when Mrs. Lion frets about what to do next. I certainly get frustrated after repeated edging. I don’t believe that’s a good reason to take me out of my misery. I also don’t think there’s a formula to apply to decide when I finally get to ejaculate. From my perspective, as long as she’s willing to put in the effort, teasing me for days and days after I finally get that ability to reach the edge is a lot of fun for me. Before I get to that tipping point, I’m not all that interested in getting off. However, I really love the attention.

BDSM activities are a real aphrodisiac for me. We’ve learned that even though I like them, the clock that controls when I can reach the edge doesn’t seem to change even if we play. It does improve my general happiness even if it doesn’t make me want to ejaculate.

Sexual stimulation for me seems to be in two phases, well three if you count my refractory period. After the refractory period passes, stimulation gets me erect and I enjoy being masturbated. At some point during the stimulation, I lose the erection and my interest in being stimulated. This is a very frustrating phase for me. How long this phase lasts is variable. Sometimes, by the third day, I can be edged without a problem. Other times, like this past week I wasn’t able to reach the edge until the eighth day.

We haven’t tested whether BDSM activities change the day I can be edged. It might. The thing is, we need to acknowledge that I have this pre-edging phase and make the best of it. It is fun for me. I love the attention. I just need to accept the fact that every time I’m sexually stimulated I may not get all the way to the edge of orgasm. I know that Mrs. Lion accepts it, now I have to.

She’s right when she says that I’m not broken. I don’t have any idea why I do this, but apparently this is the way my body works now. Obviously, I would prefer to be orgasmic right from the day after I have my ejaculation. I’m grateful that Mrs. Lion can make me hard and is willing to stimulate me without the incentive of frustrating me.

I like the frustration. I’ve learned to love the way it feels to be brought to the edge over and over and then left hanging. Is this sexual masochism? Perhaps. Whatever it is, after more than six years of it, I consider this perfectly normal and what I really like. I may get tired of hand jobs but I don’t ever tire of Mrs. Lion’s wonderful sexual attention.

hard lion

When you watch TV shows that center on the husband being a buffoon, which is almost all shows, the wife tends to be a bitch. At some point, someone will say the phrase “happy wife, happy life.” Lion is not a buffoon, I don’t think I’m a bitch and the phrase tends to be “happy husband, happy life.” I know it doesn’t rhyme but bear with me.

Lion was upset the other day, thinking that I was bored with him or that I didn’t like him. He’s a very sensitive guy. If I spend too much time on my iPad or I don’t follow through with plans of sexual attention, he thinks something is wrong. In an effort to dissuade this, I changed our agreement from sexual attention at least every other day to sexual attention six days out of seven. I further promised to make afternoon delight the norm for as long as we’re quarantined and on weekends thereafter. We started yesterday.

At some point in the early afternoon, Lion went into the bedroom. I finished what I was doing and followed him. We watched some TV and snuggled a bit before I put the moves on him. When I finally moved into the handjob position, I grabbed the Magic Wand. Lion sighed. Clearly that wasn’t the attention he was hoping for. I told him I didn’t need to use it, but he told me to continue. He wasn’t very convincing. I proceeded for a few minutes and he did seem to be enjoying himself, but it definitely was not what he wanted. It wasn’t what I wanted either, but I’d decided to do something that was a little more than “just” masturbation. What I really wanted to do was give him a blow job, so I told him to lay across the bed. If you want to see a man move fast, tell him you’re going to give him a blow job.

Since he was already pretty hard from the Magic Wand, it didn’t take much to get him the rest of the way. I didn’t go right for sucking though. I kissed him all over and then teased him with the tip of my tongue. And when I finally started sucking him, I made sure there was a lot of suction involved. I don’t normally do it that way because it can get too intense, but intense was exactly what I was going for. I asked him how many days it had been. He said eight and I made a comment about that being no good. I didn’t say what that meant. It could have been too many or too little. At that point, I wasn’t sure which one.

As I continued making him squirm, I decided that I’d get him as close as I could for as long as I could without pushing him over the edge. If it happened, it happened, but I didn’t really want it to. Eight days is an average wait, but I haven’t really gotten him to the edge much since his last orgasm. He needs to suffer a bit. How can he truly enjoy an orgasm to its fullest if he hasn’t been frustrated enough? What’s enough? It’s not an exact science. Many times I think he’s suffered enough and, after orgasm, he’ll say he didn’t really want one. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy it or really want it. He just wanted to be denied again. That’s when I feel like I can’t win.

I don’t know how long I’ll make him wait. Maybe he’ll get lucky today. Maybe it won’t be till Thursday. Maybe, since days are meaningless right now, I won’t have any idea what day it is. But eventually, he’ll have the orgasm he so dearly wants.

There are surprisingly few differences between the way we live in our self-imposed quarantine from the COVID-19 and the way we live when we can travel freely. A good part of the reason is that we aren’t very social critters. We tend to keep to ourselves except at work. Since I work from home, I’m just plain solitary.

The one thing we haven’t figured out, you would think would be the easiest: when and how to do sexual/BDSM things. Since there is no pressure to meet any particular schedule, I think it would be pretty simple for Mrs. Lion to just set aside a little time for fun and games. The opposite seems to be true. Something appears to be in the way almost all the time. We’ve had less activity in the last week then we have even in the busiest of times when we could go out.

I can’t figure it out. I’ve mentioned, hinted that it would be nice to do something. Mrs. Lion hasn’t risen to the bait. The other day when I forgot to set up the coffee pot she was very good about promptly spanking me. I’m very grateful for that. Consistent discipline works best for me. Less important, of course, consistent sexual activity also works very well for me. The reason it does isn’t that I’m greedy for sexual stimulation; well, I am greedy for that. The real reason is that it keeps the right hormones flowing.

Sexual activity, like any other regular part of life, benefits from routine. I don’t mean that at the same time every day Mrs. Lion masturbates me. I mean that at varying times different things happen. The reason this is useful as opposed to just pleasant is that it provides us both with a very exciting and intimate form of connection. It prevents us from withdrawing too much into ourselves. Mrs. Lion, more than me, is very easily drawn into solitary activities. Regular interaction helps counter that.

Sex for us doesn’t mean anyone’s going to have an orgasm. Mrs. Lion doesn’t want them and I’m only allowed to have them when she decides I should get them. That doesn’t mean we can’t do lots of sexual things. She enjoys edging me. I love it when she does. She appears to enjoy cock and ball torture (CBT). I’m not sure that I actually “enjoy” it, but I do like that she does it to me. Truth be told, I generally have an erection while she’s inflicting painful stimulation.

I’m not sure how she feels about anal activity. I like it the same way I like spanking. It’s very hot to think about, not so hot while it’s going on. Anal has a nice benefit: I can be trained to accept larger insertables as well as learning to tolerate pegging. Mrs. Lion appears to enjoy pegging me.

We don’t normally interact a lot. Mrs. Lion plays games on her iPad or computer and I watch TV. I think we both benefit from more intimate contact. Do we have to schedule “sex time” every day? Does Mrs. Lion need to find more reasons to spank me? Needless to say, I would prefer the sex time to additional spankings. However, which is going to happen is purely up to Mrs. Lion. I believe that we need to do something.