I tried to take advantage of the nice weather and mow the lawn this morning. I got pretty far before I had to take a rest. I’ll try for more later. As Lion is no doubt thinking, I also have to save some energy for sex.

We ran a few errands yesterday and then both took naps. We’ve been staying up later and, of course, the dog doesn’t understand weekends, so she insists I get up. Lion tends to sleep through this. In his defense, he was awake a lot last night because of his allergies. Yes, I know I have to change the bed and clean up dog toys so we can run the vacuum.

You’d think, if we took naps, we’d be rested and Lion would be ready for sex. He says he was horny earlier on Saturday. He just wasn’t horny at 8 when I wanted to give him attention. The problem is, in part, that he’s like a newborn baby in that he’s got his days and nights mixed up. I can’t play with him earlier on a weekday. I can potentially do it on a weekend, but not if I have to mow the lawn, change the bed, do other chores, etc. The sweet spot for loving tends to be morning or night. He never liked sex in the morning so that excludes that portion of our program. Night isn’t working for him lately, even if he takes naps. I don’t have an answer for this issue.

We got further than Lion thought we would last night when I tried to edge him. I was hopeful that my magic mouth would get him there. No such luck. I know it felt good. I had fun. He just didn’t quite make it all the way. Yes, he could have had an orgasm. Yes, we’ll try again today. Or, more likely, tonight. I’ve got to get back to the lawn so I have time to rest up for the festivities later on. As long as I get the bed changed before bedtime, that part of the problem will be solved.

Wednesday night turned out to be interesting. Mrs. Lion had a real reason to punish me. I forgot to close the shower door. This is particularly humiliating since I wrote a post about how well I was doing following my two rules. I went 19 days without missing. Then, on the very day I wrote a post about how good I’ve been, I forgot. No, I didn’t do it on purpose. I was listening to an audiobook and forgot.

Hairbrush paddle

Mrs. Lion was quick to inform me that I had broken a rule. After dinner, she got out the spanking bench and informed me that I was to mount it. I did. I think she was in an experimental mood. She began with her hairbrush paddle. This is a hardwood paddle 3/4-inches thick, shaped like a large hairbrush. We got it so she could take it with her when we traveled. It is very effective. She had me yelping in no time. After a while, she switched to other paddles. I don’t know what she was using, but they hurt.

She told me that she wasn’t going for long-lasting pain, just an even red color when she was done. She was happy with her results. My bottom didn’t hurt long after she finished. It hurt a lot while she spanked me. I have no idea why Mrs. Lion decides to vary her style. She did one rather unusual thing this time. She moved next to me and held me down while giving me a series of hard, fast swats. They were very effective. I needed to be restrained for them. Those swats were the most effective yet in terms of making me yelp and want to escape.

I’ve seen spanking videos where this sort of technique is used. It invariably causes yelps and squirms. Now I know why. Wow! That was terrible. I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion knew exactly what she was doing. I wonder if she likes that kind of close-up spanking. Her usual style puts her at a distance from me.

an oral treat

About an hour after spanking me, Mrs. Lion invited me to lie across the bed. I didn’t need a second invitation. I was there in a flash. She got between my legs and made my soft cock hard in no time. She has amazing oral skills. After she brought me right to the edge once, she teased me with her tongue. Then she went to work and edged me again and again. Finally, when she let me ejaculate, I exploded with what she said was a large creamy treat for her. I haven’t done that in a long time.

After that, we both settled in and watched some TV. Wednesday night was eventful. Later, the dog started acting up. I left her zapper control in my office. Mrs. Lion had to fetch it. When she came back into the bedroom, she announced that I have a new rule: The zapper control has to be where we are at all times. I’m responsible for assuring it is always available. That’s bad news for the pup and a likely source of spankings for me.

When I swatted Lion yesterday, I didn’t hit as hard as the time before. I don’t know why. Well, I do. I didn’t want to hit as hard. Why did I hit so hard the time before? I said it was to make sure he knew not to break his rules again. And yet, here he was breaking his rules again. Shouldn’t I have hit as hard? I am nothing if not inconsistent. I’m not sure I should have a set severity for each spanking. Maybe it depends on the situation. I was spanking him for two violations last time. Maybe it depends on what paddles I’m using. Maybe it depends on how long I want him to feel it or if I’m even going for longevity or color of his buns or what I want to concentrate on. Maybe it just depends on my mood at the time. In any case, he was miserable while I was whomping him, so I count that as a job well done.

After dinner, I unlocked him and told him I was going to suck him. No pomp. No circumstance. No fanfare. That goes against what he’s said he’s looking for, but maybe he likes the idea that I’m not giving him a choice. I unlock him and tell him what’s going to happen, and he has to do it. Willingly, of course. Most guys wouldn’t argue with a blow job. Lion has a few times, but that’s the exception to the rule. He loves when I suck him.

What I love is when he gets hard in my mouth. He didn’t even get super hard, but there’s something about taking his soft member in my mouth and making it hard. I guess you could say it’s power. I just know I love doing it and Lion loves having me do it. I had planned on edging him a few times before giving him an orgasm. Apparently, he was too horny for that plan. By the time I thought about stopping, he was already over the edge. I could have left him with a ruined orgasm, but that’s mean. Of course, having him come before I was ready is mean too, but I’ll let him slide. I got a tiny bit of Lion cream.

As promised, I pulled out the spanking bench and gave Lion a “just because” spanking last night. When I was cleaning earlier in the day, I found the large zebra wood paddle and made good use of it. I can whomp his whole butt with it, so that’s how we started out. Beyond that, I used a variety of paddles, including wood, leather, silicone, and rubber. His buns were very red and a little bloody. Of course, it’s sometimes difficult to see how much of the red is Lioness-made and how much is transferred blood, but I still saw red around the edges just before bed. This morning he said it hurt to sit. Job well done I think.

large sporkwood paddle on lion's ass

After dinner, I came around to his side of the bed to see if I could get his motor running. I didn’t have clothespins or rope so I figured my success would be limited. But I had to try. I then suggested he’d be more excited by oral stimulation. Of course, he said he would. And off we went. I know Lion doesn’t like it when I go for gold right off the bat, so I teased him a little with my tongue. He was purring at certain points. I don’t think I ever got him really hard, but I wasn’t giving up.

The thought crossed my mind as I was sucking that he always apologizes when he hits a roadblock. He even said I shouldn’t take no for an answer in those cases. However, the decision I came to last night was that it shouldn’t matter if he can’t get any further. I’ve had fun just trying. If anything, he should be apologizing to himself. He’s the one missing out on the bigger fun. I mean, I miss out if I was going for an orgasm and I didn’t get it. You could argue that he loses even more in that case. I still don’t think there’s anything to apologize for and there’s no problem if I stop when he can’t get anywhere. While it’s true that I can get him hard again sometimes, at other times I’m fighting a losing battle. How long am I supposed to keep sucking? If his mind isn’t in it anymore, we won’t succeed.

I believe it’s been fourteen days since Lion’s last orgasm. I haven’t lived up to my side of the bargain of giving him attention every night, or even every other night. He hasn’t lived up to his side either since he hasn’t been very hard when I have tried. Clearly, there’s still work to be done. It’s a good thing it’s fun work.