While I was making dinner last night, I felt yucky. My sinuses were hurting but not as bad as they have been. Still, I decided to take some Tylenol to see if I could fend off the yuckiness. I do that when I’m heading out to mow the lawn. If I don’t, sometimes I can’t make it through the whole lawn. I’m happy, and, more importantly, Lion is happy it worked.

Every weekend we seem to shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to eating. We don’t think about lunch, and either don’t eat at all or eat late. Not eating at all is less of a problem. We eat dinner a bit earlier. However, eating late throws us off. Dinner is then late, and play is late. You’d think we’d figure it out, but we did it again yesterday. I didn’t start making dinner until 7. That actually wasn’t so bad because I still went to do the dishes at 8, which puts us in the same time frame of a weeknight.

Lion has been critiquing my hand jobs lately. I’m not sure I can even call it a hand job. It’s the attention I give my weenie to see if he’s interested in getting hard. It’s not always designed to make a run for the money. Lion has told me he doesn’t like it when I go from 0 to 60 in no time. He says I’m rushing him. With that in mind, I’ve been trying to have a little getting-to-know-you session before I move on. During this stage, Lion gives the helpful advice that he reacts better to up and down motion. Really? You don’t say. And I’ve been jerking him off for how long without realizing that? Huh. Who knew?

At any rate, soon after this suggestion, I had a suggestion of my own. Wouldn’t he react even more to being sucked? I can usually tell how horny he is by how fast he answers me and how fast he extricates himself from the blankets. Talk about 0 to 60 in no time.

I’ve been massaging his balls while I suck. Last night, I decided to tickle them. He loves that when he gets very close, but he also reacts to it early on in the proceedings. I like to reach between his cheeks a bit and trace a line to the bottom of his balls. I think he likes that, but what do I know? I had no idea he reacted better to up and down motion when I jerk him off. (Did you see my eyes rolling?) It still took a while, and I wasn’t sure he’d make it all the way, but he did. I considered stopping short a few times like the good old days of edging, but it’s been hard to tell how close he is, and I didn’t want to jinx things. I was rewarded with creamy Lion filling. He was panting for a while afterward. And here I thought I was doing all the work. I’m glad we have another orgasm in our orgasm experiment. I’m not sure when we’ll go back to edging and making him wait. I’m having fun this way.

Lion said he’s not broken after all. I didn’t think he was. He said I did the other night when he didn’t get all the way. I did not. I assume there will be nights he can’t get far. That doesn’t mean he’s broken. It means it wasn’t time. And it means I get to try again the next day. I love sucking him almost as much as I love giving him orgasms.

My first sexual experiences were a little unusual. No, not because they involved kinky activities, but because they didn’t involve vaginal sex. I went to an all-boys boarding school for my high school years. No, those first experiences didn’t involve another male. It’s just that I had no real sexual information until I got to college. My first girlfriend, there was as ignorant as me. We were both virgins.

We tried to have sex on our first date. In fact, I thought we succeeded. I got my penis in the right place, and we both had orgasms. It turned out I wasn’t actually in the right place, just between the outer lips. There was enough friction for us to get off. We discovered this little situation when we tried to have sex again the next day. This time we were less frantic. I was on top, and I tried to enter her. I couldn’t. Apparently, her hymen was thick. I was afraid to push too hard. I didn’t want to hurt her.

Since we had no real knowledge of what we were doing, we decided to do some research. We bought a self-help book for new couples. It talked about various positions as well as oral and manual sex. It didn’t explain what was wrong in our situation. We tried again with no luck. It was too frustrating to forget about sex, so we tried oral sex. That worked very well for both of us. For the six months we dated, that was what we did.

I suppose those early experiences imprinted me. While I figured out how to fuck with my next girlfriend, I retained a strong preference for oral activities. It could be that our first sexual experiences mold the patterns of our lives. Of course, I had a lot of vaginal with plenty of hand jobs thrown in. But I always loved oral sex most of all. I don’t mean just getting blow jobs. Giving oral sex has always been just as much fun for me.

It’s not a fetish. I enjoy all of the other forms of sexual release. One woman I dated insisted that men could only ejaculate inside her. She was happy to use her mouth or hands but insisted that 100 percent of emitted semen end up in her vagina. Unsurprisingly, she had six kids. I don’t think it was a religious thing. It wasn’t sexual because she was happy to receive oral or manual orgasms. She insisted her man finish inside her and no other way.

All this came to mind when I was thinking about our current situation. Mrs. Lion’s interest in sex for herself disappeared quite a few years ago. It isn’t showing any sign of returning. For the first seven or eight years, that meant my sex life was almost exclusively hand jobs. This includes the years of orgasm control. I would get an occasional blow job, but the vast majority of my sex was via Mrs. Lion’s hand.

This stopped working very well last summer. I don’t know why, but it got more difficult for her to get me off, or even to the edge with her hand. She had no trouble doing it with her mouth. The amount of effort a hand job took became painful for her. I think it was her position on the bed next to me. Anyway, she switched to using her mouth. Aside from one orgasm induced by her hand and the Magic Wand vibrator, all of my edging and ejaculating has been induced orally.

I’m not complaining. After all, oral sex was my go-to activity at the very start of my two-person sex life. Mrs. Lion tries using her hand for warmup. Sometimes it works well. Other times it doesn’t work at all. I miss not being able to reciprocate. I wish I could do something to interest my lioness. I also worry that she will tire of all the work it takes to get me off. I’m very grateful she enjoys sucking my cock. I certainly love it when she does.

Lion thinks you may have taken me seriously in my post yesterday. I think you understood that I was just teasing him because he always says “poor Lion”. I know he feels bad that he doesn’t contribute as much as he used to in terms of household chores. I wasn’t even thinking about how much money he is or isn’t bringing in. I never equate a person’s worth as a person with their financial wealth. I’ve known quite a few people who had a lot of money in the back and I still wouldn’t want to be around. And I know writing is hard work. That’s why I used quotes. The funny thing is when I was in high school and my first stint in college, I wanted to be a writer. I never thought I’d write the Great American Novel, but I thought I might make a living at it. Lion is a thousand times better at writing than I am.

This morning Lion discovered that my truck registration was expired. Oops. I just drove it on Sunday. We never got the renewal notice and, let’s be honest, who was thinking about truck registration when we’re trying not to die during a pandemic. I remember being with my parents a long time ago when my father got pulled over for speeding. His registration was expired. I guess my mother looked sufficiently surprised because the cop only gave my father a warning for both speeding and expired registration. If I’d gotten pulled over, I probably would have had the same surprised look on my face. Luckily, our local motor vehicle department is open so I renewed it right away.

We didn’t do any anal play last night. I pulled out my trusty rope and tied Lion’s balls up. I stretched and separated them and had bouncing balls while I jerked him off. Eventually, I had him move into the sucking position. With his balls tied, I could tug on him when he tried to roll his hips away from me. I don’t think he intentionally tries to get away from me. It’s a reflex. Anyway, when he started to move, I tugged a little and corrected the issue. I got him to the edge once and was trying for a second when he lost his erection. Maybe I tied him too tight. Maybe he didn’t like being tugged. Maybe it was 41 degrees outside with the wind from the west. The point is, there isn’t always a reason for his losing an erection. And he doesn’t always even have to have an erection to have fun. There have been a lot of times he said he wasn’t going to get anywhere but sucking him felt really good. I consider that a win.

I think today is day twelve of Lion’s wait. So far he hasn’t been incredibly horny or frustrated. Sometimes I’ve used that as a gauge for when to give him an orgasm. Other times I give him an orgasm as sort of a reset button. Clear out the pipes and start over again. I don’t know what I’ll do this time. I tend to do it on a whim. Lion doesn’t usually argue with my system, or lack thereof. He’s just happy to have attention.

Not only did we not play any earlier last night, but we also didn’t do anything anal. Lion was snoozing while I took care of the dinner dishes and he didn’t like the idea of having a butt plug inserted while he was still groggy. I can’t say I blame him. I know a butt plug isn’t exactly comfortable for him, but you’ve got to want one to “enjoy” it.

Despite not having anal activity, Lion was ready for action. I’m not quite sure what changed from one night to the next (I guess I never am), but he was definitely horny. He made it to the edge fairly quickly. I got him there twice before I had to stop.

I seem to be having a problem when it comes to sucking Lion. I think when he’s excited he tends to roll his hips and that changes the angle. It strains my neck and I’m not able to continue for long after that. I’ve tried moving up a bit, figuring that might change the angle back, but I’ve had limited success so far. It doesn’t happen all the time. Last night I was thinking maybe I needed to be on a pillow to elevate myself, but I’m not sure it’s about my being higher. This afternoon I wondered if it’s the angle of Lion’s body that does it. That might explain why it happens sometimes and not others.

Maybe if Lion is in more of a sitting position it would help. I’m not suggesting he sit up. If his head and back are elevated, if he does roll his hips they might not move away from me. It’s worth a try at least. Not only would I be more comfortable, but I’d also be able to suck Lion longer. Of course, he doesn’t care about longer necessarily. He just needs me to suck him long enough. He talks a good game, but I know he likes being frustrated. I guess it makes the orgasm feel that much sweeter when it finally happens.