We didn’t play Spankardy last night. Lion had been snoozing during Wheel of Fortune and I told him I could give him a play spanking any time he liked. We didn’t even wind up doing a spanking. It wasn’t necessary. After I’d gotten him a little excited I moved down to lick him and then asked if he wanted some real oral action. That’s always a silly question.

I wasn’t sure if he’d get to the edge or not, but I figured it was worth a try. I’ve missed sucking him. He’s missed it too. He was hard almost immediately. I got him pretty close if not to the edge. I could feel the sore spot as I sucked him. I guess it’s a scar now. Lion says it doesn’t hurt which is good. I would have sucked him longer but my sinuses felt like they were trying to drown me. As it was, I thought it was a very good first try in a long time. And now we know he will get excited even if he doesn’t think he’s in the mood.

Tonight, I’ll make sure I can suck him longer. Maybe we’ll even give a play spanking a go. Barring that, maybe I’ll bring out the rope or clothespins. I have many toys at my disposal to help get him super excited. It sounds like we can get back on track again. Lion will be frustrated in no time. Then it’s just a matter of keeping him frustrated until I decide it’s time for his orgasm. Now the question is whether I should start the clock from last night or back when he had his orgasm. This is absolutely an instance when he didn’t care about waiting for the first week or so. Since he hasn’t suffered yet, does it really count?

I guess I can answer right away. It absolutely doesn’t matter how long he’s been frustrated or even how long he’s been waiting. I just have to make sure he waits long enough and I get to determine that. If I say he’s waited long enough, I can give him an orgasm tonight. Spoiler alert: he hasn’t waited long enough. I will say that, when I decided he should have a short wait thrown in, I hadn’t foreseen his not caring about any sexual contact at all. With that monkey wrench thrown in, I don’t see how it could possibly be a short wait. It will take time to build him up to the level of frustration I require. Nope. He’s in for the long haul again. It may not be 20 days, but it won’t be 4 either. [Lion comments — Today is day 9, FYI in case you wanted to know.]

Sunday night we played Spankball. This is a game we play while watching football on TV. The rules are simple: Every time either team scores, I earn two swats for each point. A touchdown and a successful extra point earn me 14 swats. Additionally, I get one swat every time the team we like has a turnover (loses the ball to the other team). Up until Sunday night, Mrs. Lion administered the swats immediately after the score was made. This works well with TV football because at least two minutes of commercials follow any scoring play.

This time, we decided to try accumulating the swats and administering them after the game was done. This is a technique we use when we play Spankardy. This game is based on Jeopardy. After the game Sunday, I had accumulated over 170 swats. As I recall, the score for both teams added together was 68 points. Doubling that translated 176 swats. I believe there were also a couple of turnovers that added a couple of more swats. It was considerably harder to accept all of those swats at one time. I’m not sure it was as much fun for either of us. Mrs. Lion will let me know how she wants to play next time.

Spanking games help keep us in practice. I haven’t earned a punishment spanking in at least a week. We seem to need regular activity to keep things in the front of both of our minds. Sunday night’s football spanking certainly reminded me how uncomfortable punishment is. Even though I received considerably less painful swats, I was howling before it was over. Mrs. Lion did a good job making me red and sore. I published a picture of my poor, abused bottom at the end of yesterday’s post (link here).

Our Sunday evening was notable for one other important reason: after a 21-day wait, Mrs. Lion gave me a delightful oral orgasm. This was the first timeI had any sexual activity in about two weeks. This was due to the injury on my penis, which I’m happy to say has finally healed. She decided not to just tease me because she wanted me to have a birthday orgasm. Fair enough. It was wonderful!

Sunday turned out to be a very pleasant day. We watched two football games. One of them was a disaster, the other a last-second triumph. One game was followed by a bottom-punishing spanking and the other by an amazing orgasm. Pretty good, huh, sportsfans?

Lion says he likes surprises. I like to surprise him. It works out just fine. I also like to vary the way I do things. For example, I used to change my grip while I jerked him off. Now I change the way I suck him. Variety is the spice of life.

Last night I decided he needed some vacuum power. I maintained a fairly steady vacuum and a fairly steady motion. He likes the vacuum part as long as I let go as he comes. Since I knew he wasn’t going to come, I didn’t let go. It won’t surprise you to know that he loved it.

I got him to the edge at least three times. Actually, I’m not sure he ever got too far from the edge the few times I gave him a break. He told me afterward that he would have liked more. I’m sure he would have liked enough to come, but that wasn’t in the cards. I’m equally sure he would have liked to come and then been upset that I allowed him to come. It’s only been seven days (eight now) since his last orgasm. That’s hardly enough of a wait.

I don’t have a length of time in mind for his wait. I’m sure it will be a combination of when I think he’s ready and when I want to do it. Over the past year or more, his orgasms have happened when I want to give him one versus when he wants one. In other words, he hasn’t ever asked for one with me giving in. I love giving him orgasms so it’s usually me saying, “Dammit! I want one. I’m going to take it now.” The other criteria I use is when I decide an orgasm is sort of a reset button. It’s taking a long time to get him to the edge so I’ll keep going with the hope that it will reset his clock and make it easier to edge him again. He may think he’s influencing me when he says he really wants an orgasm, but he isn’t. Well, he is, but that statement is more likely to make me laugh at him.

You want one? Really? Yeah. Sure. And now you’re not getting one even if I was planning on giving you one. Ha! Take that!

Our area is under a smoke advisory until early next week. This smoke is from Oregon and California. Last week was from eastern Washington. We’re surrounded. Yesterday, we ventured out into the smokiness to get things from Costco. It was pretty thick when we left and even worse by the time we got home. We removed the window fans and closed the windows. Luckily it wasn’t very hot. Our air conditioner, with the outside air closed off, kept us comfortable. Luckily, we have things we can do indoors.

Lion is still snoozing a lot. He slept while I made dinner. He’d told me earlier in the day he was horny. I guess he’s got his mojo back. Today is his twelfth day of waiting. Now that I know he wants to wait longer, I’m trying to get him more hot and bothered. I’ve been edging him mercilessly. He’s been panting and it takes him a few minutes to get himself together when I’m done with him.

Ironically, since we’ve been doing more snuggling before sex so Lion doesn’t feel like I’m rushing him, we haven’t been doing much playing. I did fig him the other night and last night I swatted his balls, but most nights he’s excited so we go for oral sex fairly quickly. I don’t know if it’s just because he’s hit his stride or if the snuggling actually works. I’m not opposed to playing. I should toss in some rope play or clothespins every so often just to keep things interesting. I know being horny doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy/doesn’t need to play.

The new cage was delivered today. I’m not sure if I should put it on him right away and leave him festering until tomorrow or if I should make him wait until after we play today. (I know, I use the word “play” in different contexts all the time.) Maybe making him wait will create anticipation. He’s been looking forward to being caged again. I guess, for now, I’ll dangle the idea of tying his balls up before oral sex. That should get his motor running. And then I’ll lock him up when I’m done with him.

My weenie will be safe inside the cage by bedtime. All tucked in, the way it should be.

[Lion comments — As soon as the cage arrived I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me in. I wanted to photograph it for our posts. She hasn’t said if she will leave it on. She has the keys, so I’ll find out when she decides to take it off.]