Attack Of The Sex Nazis

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Most blogs, ours included, count other bloggers as some of our most faithful readers. It’s a sort of secret fraternity/sorority in that we rarely identify ourselves to other bloggers. The exception to this is when our little community is under attack. About ten years ago, Google, the owner of, notified sex bloggers that they would no longer permit their content. Fortunately, Google relented to the wave of protests and welcomes sexual content.

The largest blog host is WordPress is also the leading blogging software. The software is free and not subject to any form of censorship. is the commercial side of the company. The blogging software is free. You can get a small blog for free from Larger blogs with more features cost money. Unfortunately, the people at are sex nazis. They will shut down any blog with “explicit” sexual content. Our blog is not welcome there. The nazis even kill paying customers if they shop a penis or a vagina.

The nazis also sell a WordPress plugin called Jetpack. This software offers backups, scans, improved commenting, and other nice additions to a WordPress blog. About a month ago I received an email telling me that unless I removed explicit sexual content, my subscription to Jetpack would be canceled. I chose to delete Jetpack and replace it with other free plugins.

Most bloggers aren’t very technical and would have a lot of trouble building a website on their own. So they knuckle under to the sex nazis at I am deeply disturbed by censorship. I don’t think kiddie porn or other illegal content has a place on the Web, but beyond that I believe anything else has a right to exist. Sexual content is certainly free speech and protected under the US Constitution.

Sadly, most bloggers don’t realize that the technical bar is very low if they want to blog without censorship. Google WordPress hosting, and you will find a ton of reasonably priced vendors who will give you a turnkey WordPress site at a low cost without nazi censorship. If you are willing to use your search engine to help you learn some Linux basics, you can self-host in the cloud free from the nazi bastards at

I’m very surprised that is populated by nazis. It makes no sense. Does their personnel department look for sexually repressed Republicans? It absolutely amazes me. In the past, I’ve had to ask some plugin providers for help implementing their products. They needed access to our site to help me. Without exception, they were happy with our content. Only the nazis were offended.

Fortunately, we don’t have to allow the nazi censors to redact sex from our world. If you are a blogger, you have options. If you need help, let me know.

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  1. The irony is that WordPress first came to prominence by stealing the content of the Disciplinary Wives Club, word for word, without the photos.
    Clearly they are part of growing number of those in this country who believe that what they do is above reproach while what others do must be policed and punished.

    1. Author

      WordPress didn’t steal the DWC content. The site was in danger of dying (last time I checked it was dead) and someone decided to preserve the content on a free WordPress website. I’m glad whoever did that was so prescient. I’m very happy the content is still around.

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