I need to make a to do list to make sure Lion gets “done”.

Lion has been a little snarky lately. It comes in conjunction with grumblings that I haven’t been consistent or “enough” in the play and FLR departments. Initially these seem like attacks to me. I think I’m doing well and suddenly I’m not. I mean, I know I’m not as strong as he wants me to be and maybe he’s just frustrated that I’m not progressing as quickly as he’d like. I know he needs a stronger hand than I am giving him, but I’m just not there yet.

It’s easy to say he needs to just suck it up and deal with it. 2.0 would. But she hasn’t been around much lately. For my part, I’m trying to deal with panties and punishment and corner time and anal play and everything else I “should” be doing. Lion is a full time job all by himself. Here I am, trying to work him in around other things like laundry and other chores. How silly of me!

I wonder sometimes how he would react if I suddenly became 2.0, or 2.5 for that matter, all the time. Within reason, of course. He’d still be autonomous in the areas he’s autonomous in now. But his ass would be mine in the other areas. Does he want to be my bitch, as Julie calls her husband? Does he want me to order him to do things? Does he want a bruised and bloody butt from punishment? Does he want me to dig a three-inch stiletto into his balls? Actually, I think a part of him does. (Not his balls in the case of the stilettos.) At least he thinks he wants to. I’m not sure what would happen if he got his wish. I guess I need to double down and give Lion what he thinks he wants. My baby steps don’t seem sufficient.

Today, for example, Lion is working from home. Last night I told him I wanted him in his hip hugger panties today. He had the choice of color. This morning he sent me a picture to prove he’s wearing them. He said they’re falling down. I told him we’d have to get him more panties because if they fall down they’re pretty useless. It doesn’t matter so much when he’s home but he can’t wear them anywhere because he has enough trouble keeping his jeans up without having to worry about his panties falling down.

He seemed somewhat excited that we’d be shopping for more. So much so that he’s off and running, looking for panties online and sending me links to what he’s found. Sheesh! Since when did “we’ll” look for more turn into “you” should look for more? Since it’s Lion. I told him I wasn’t ready to decide yet and I’d look when I get home. A line in the sand. I don’t do that often.

Perhaps it’s me that just needs to suck it up. Rather than be hurt by his grumblings that I should be doing more, I’ll take his advice and actually do more. He’d love/hate that. Let’s see how long it is before he grumbles that I’m doing too much.

mrs. lion orgasms
After a long winter, Mrs. Lion orgasms by her own hand.

Mrs. Lion, still naked after her shower, walked into the bathroom and came out with a bottle of lube in her hand.

“Are you going to do it?,” I asked.

“Yes. I’m going to try.”

She moved her left hand between her legs. “Interesting,” I thought. “I used to jerk off with my left hand.”

I waited about a minute and then ordered, “Alexa, 25% bedroom.” The lights dimmed to a romantic glow.

“Alexa, play romantic music.”

Alexa replied, “Playing romantic music from the 2000’s” It is nice that I can give orders to something. Music of the 2ooo’s? Yeesh!

I caressed Mrs. Lion’s breast. My right arm doesn’t go too far since the surgery. I could only reach her right one. I massaged her side and gently moved toward her pubic hair.

After a few minutes she said in a somewhat apologetic voice, “This takes a long time.”

I worried she was ready to quit. “It takes a long time when I give you an orgasm. There’s no rush, we have all night.”

Mrs. Lion didn’t respond. Her hand kept moving. Good sign.

Another few minutes and there was a change. Mrs. Lion was somewhere else. She moved into a world of her own. I knew she would succeed. I also wondered who was making love to her in that private world of pleasure. Was it me? I hoped so.

Whatever signaled me that she had withdrawn from our space, also prompted an erection for me. I could feel the pressure in the chastity device. The root of my penis outside the cage was hard. I wanted sex! Oh yes, she was on the way.

I think that quiet energy is the sign she is in deep heat. She was ready to be entered.

Her hand worked steadily.

Another few minutes passed with her body completely still; the only activity her hand moving between her legs.

Then it happened. First a guttural grunt. More quiet. Then that wonderful song she sings when she comes. It started then stopped. A few seconds later, it was back. She sang in full voice as her orgasm overcame her.

She sighed contentedly. She remained still for a while, then we talked. I asked her how she felt. She was happy. It felt very good. I asked her how long it’s been since she came this way before. She said it had been a very long time. It was a little odd that there was no kiss for me. She was still bathed in the glow of her trip to the top. I guess it wasn’t me who was with her there.

I was still hard inside my cage. I needed release too. She made a move to unlock me and give me a turn. I told her that she doesn’t have to do that. This is her night to just enjoy her orgasm. I didn’t need to take away from that.

I admit it. I was a little grumpy. I wanted to go to the top too. But that would be selfish. It was her night. She’s given me plenty of fun. She deserves to focus on herself this time.

A little later, she said she was sore down “there”. She said the lube wore off. I asked her if she remembered me telling her to put a couple of fingers inside. She was past hearing me at the time. When I reminded her I told her that, she said that she didn’t feel like it. I pointed out that I insert fingers not just to further excite her but also to bring natural lube up to her clit. She said that she had the bottle of lube. The lube wears off and gets sticky. Her juices never do that.

I smiled. Maybe I wasn’t the only one who could learn by watching her.

Of course, that’s not the point. Mrs. Lion gave herself an orgasm for the first time in many years. I hope this is the harbinger of her libido awakening. Spring may be coming at last.



mrs. lion orgasm
It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Lion-free orgasm.

I don’t know why I decided it would be a good idea to masturbate last night in front of Lion. I haven’t masturbated in a long time. It’s usually been in conjunction with Lion saying he misses giving me orgasms and wants me to get my libido back. I give it the old college try in private to see if anything happens. The past two times (at least) haven’t resulted in much of anything happening. I figure who would know better how to give me an orgasm than me? I know what feels good. I don’t have to tell myself faster or slower. I just do it. That is, of course, if the “it” wants to happen.

Did I think it would be a turn on for Lion to watch? Did I think he would learn anything? Did I think he would keep asking me what I was doing and how hard was I pressing and why is this spot better than that spot? I really don’t know. I was just thinking about Lion being caged all this time and his final sendoff was having him masturbate for me. It was mostly so I could see how he did it. I know I know how to do it, but who knows better than Lion what feels good to Lion.

As soon as Lion read my post I was trying to figure out how to back pedal. I’ve never masturbated in front of anyone. And my track record the past few times in private wasn’t very good. I could potentially be there all night trying to have an orgasm and not be successful. I knew Lion wasn’t going to let it go. If I hit the X minute mark and decided to stop, he would want me to continue. Or he’d want to do it for me and that was not the point of the exercise.

I used some lube. It wasn’t the lube I wanted to use but I didn’t know where the other one was and I figured it would take a long time to find it. The lube had a warming effect, which I thought would be nice. The warmth didn’t really have an effect one way or the other. Sure it felt good trying but it didn’t feel “turn on” good. Lion started touching me and kissing my neck. I just remember watching him when he masturbated. Somehow having him touch me made it different from masturbating. It wasn’t bad. Just different. And then he turned on music, which from time to time felt like a distraction. Not enough to turn it off. He was trying to help. When he told me to stick my fingers inside me I snapped back to thinking that I know what I’m doing. Obviously I didn’t or I would have been done long before I was.

The clitoris is a sensitive area. Direct contact will get you what you want but too much contact can go anywhere from uncomfortable to electric shock. As it took longer and longer to reach my destination, I decided to hop on the express train. Direct contact it was. And it did the trick. Twice. But it left me sore, which I knew it would. I won’t say I was looking to get it over with, but it was becoming clear that I could have gone on all night without much happening.

It’s worth mentioning that I don’t fantasize about George Clooney or whoever the latest heartthrob is. A long time ago a friend had sex with a guy who kept saying, “Come on, Eddie. Come on, Eddie. Come on, Eddie.” as they were screwing. (There was no second date.) My thoughts are similar though. I imagine getting close and basically egging myself on. Sometimes I think of Lion doing anything for me to make me come. That usually does it.

Last night was just weird. I don’t know if it was being watched or the music or what. Maybe it was just weird because it took so long. I think from now on I’ll have Lion give me any attention I need. The problem with that, of course, is if it’s just not happening he’ll think it’s his fault when it’s not. Sometimes it’s just not happening.

[Lion – Mrs. Lion didn’t take any longer than usual. I think she may be self conscious of the time it takes her to come. In my experience, she is fairly typical of women I have known. A very few have a hair trigger, most were about the same as Mrs. Lion.]


Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday announced that she has decided she will masturbate in front of me. It was a big surprise. She’s been uninterested in sex for years.  She’s doing it as a way of jump starting her libido. Great idea! It will be very hot watching her playing with her pussy. She’s never masturbated in my presence. In fact, I didn’t think she masturbated at all. I’m sure she told me she didn’t.  She explained that this would be a first step to kick start her libido. She also said that I didn’t need the demo, I do a great job already. In any case, this is very good news to me.

I couldn’t help myself (you hear that a lot), I had to ask if that means I can jerk off too. The answer was a predictable “No!” She went on to say that she considered letting me do it in front of her now and then. My ears perked up. Then she said that she didn’t think it was a good idea. I helpfully pointed out that I haven’t done it in nearly four years. She smiled and said, “I know.”

I tried my next best play,

“But the other guys get to do it,” I pleaded.

“Who besides Julie’s husband does?” she calmly responded.

Long pause. “I don’t know.”

“See? The other guys don’t usually get to do it. Why should you?”

I had no answer to that. I looked down at my caged penis sadly. I wasn’t really sad. I never got a big thrill out of jerking off. It was more like taking care of a bodily function for me. It wouldn’t be a giant turn on to have her watch me masturbate. I’d much rather have her provide my sexual release.

In all fairness, I have to say that Julie’s husband isn’t given a chance to wack off as a reward. It’s generally framed as a way to get rid of his erection or a small treat for performing well. When you are driven half mad by participating is sexual activities where everyone else has an orgasm, being allowed to jerk off is like being served a steak dinner. The more desperate the need, the better it feels.

That’s not exactly true, at least for me. When I am massively horny, sporting a rock-solid dripping penis, the odds are that the orgasm will hurt more than be amazingly spectacular. I expect fireworks and the Eighteen-twelve Overture and end up with a stinging eruption of mount Lion. This doesn’t happen that often, but it is generally when I have been waiting a long time and the buildup has been very successful. The next orgasm will be filled with fireworks and loud, triumphant music.

My usual ejaculations are accompanied by music I emit. Since enforced chastity began, my noise level has gone up significantly. As I recall, five years ago the only evidence of my orgasm was the ejaculation making a mess and some heavy breathing from me. Since Mrs. Lion has been my sole provider, I’m a regular sound machine with loud Oh’s and other noises I can’t describe. I’ve wondered if this was subconsciously encouraged evidence of her success; sort of a way to encourage her to give me more. For the record, it doesn’t work.

The only occasionally successful technique I’ve found to turn teasing into orgasm has been what Mrs. Lion calls bucking. I call it humping. In any case, I move my hips to try to wring out more stimulation that will possibly get me relief. Sometimes she synchronizes her hand or mouth movement with my “bucking”. That is amazing. Of course, she’s on to me and removes contact with my penis just before I reach the promised land.

I know she likes it when I get so excited I “buck”. That’s probably why I get those charity orgasms. I don’t care. I’m not proud.

When I was a kid, the “All the other kids have one” argument was much more successful than it is now. Mrs. Lion doesn’t fall for it like my mom and dad did. You can’t shoot a lion for trying.