Lion is wearing these panties.

I haven’t been feeling well the past few days. I don’t know if it was connected or not, but it started with my stomach and with the stomach still lurking in the background, I got a headache. Then the headache lurked in the background and said just sleep off and on all day. And, of course, I didn’t get to sleep until 2 am so I slept late-ish this morning. Anyway, the point is, I’m not feeling 100%. There was no way I was going to give Lion any attention last night, play or sex or whatever you want to call it.

When I did the dinner dishes, I noticed Lion hadn’t put the coffee pot together. He’d taken his mid-morning break and was in the kitchen but he hadn’t done it. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be in the mood to punish him when I “caught” him in the morning, so I decided to give him a hint. I asked if he forgot something. He didn’t think so. Then he thought of the coffee pot. He did it right away. As it turns out, I slept so late that he started the coffee anyway so he would have caught his mistake this morning.

I know what you’re thinking. I did him a disservice by reminding him. The way I look at it is I did myself a great service by not having to punish him. I really feel drained. It’s like I can’t possibly get enough sleep. I think Lion is in the same boat because he dozes off a lot too. Maybe it’s the social distancing coma. The more we don’t do things, the more we don’t want to do things. There’s no motivation.

Well, I do have some motivation today. I need to make us masks so we can take a fairly scary trip to Seattle to get Lion’s eyes checked. He’s losing some vision and his pressures need to be checked. Every time we leave the house, even if we follow all the guidelines, I’m afraid we’ll bring the virus home with us. Since hospitals already have all the sick people, it’s very scary to be going to one right now. Luckily, we won’t be anywhere near the emergency department or patient rooms. That makes it only slightly less scary.

I also have a video conference with work today. The scuttlebutt is that they want us back to work by May 4. The other boss would like it to be May 18. Obviously, of the two, I’d rather have May 18. But I really don’t think either is a safe bet. Even with masks there’s no real way to do social distancing in my tiny office. I know they need the income for the practice but I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do.

On Saturday or Sunday, I thought maybe I’d get around to waxing Lion this week. At that point, I didn’t feel yucky and he didn’t have a doctor’s appointment. I know after tomorrow neither of us are going anywhere so there’s no problem with pushing it off till Friday or the weekend or next week. I just want it on the record that I had the plan. It was me. Lion wasn’t nagging me. I know he wants it done. He’s mentioned it, but it was my plan. And then it went to hell like most of my other plans.

Today I’ll see if I can remain upright for more of the day. Maybe Lion will get some action during the day. If I can figure where I put his panties, maybe he’ll be wearing them this afternoon. Time to get motivated.

[Lion — She found them. I’m wearing them now.]

I worked an hour later than normal yesterday. I’m attempting to make up some of the time I missed on Monday and to dig myself out from under the mountain of work on my desk. By the time I got home and we ate, it was fairly late. My shower was late and when I showed up with paddle in hand, Lion was not in the mood.

I told him I wanted to swat a pantied butt. I have no idea why. Would it really make a difference if he had panties on or not? Since I hadn’t noticed that he was wearing them – something he pointed out – I decided to make a bigger deal out of the panties than I normally would have. Plus, who knows, maybe it would be different.

Lion said he didn’t think I was actually going to spank him. I guess he thought it was late. Maybe he thought I forgot. I was actually going to beg off because I was achy from head to toe, but then I thought that would just be an excuse. I can make it through 300 swats even if I do just want to crawl under the covers.

It turns out Lion was achy too. His back and legs were sore. He didn’t know why. I suggested maybe it was because of our weekend shopping spree through the local grocery store and Costco. Then he cooked on Monday night. Lots of standing and walking for two people who haven’t done much of either in a while.

So I gave Lion 150 swats. Pantied swats sound different from naked swats. It was more thuddy. I started off too hard, but I adjusted. It wasn’t until after the spanking that Lion told me he was achy. But I figured we hadn’t done our experiment in over a week and the Super Bowl was a bust in terms of swats, so I took it easy on the old buns.

When we snuggled and my weenie responded, I had the last few ruined orgasms on my mind. I couldn’t give him another one. I’d just edge him. But not too close. And, although he was horny, it was late so it took some time for him to get to the edge. I’m sure his achy legs and back played a part in it. I decided to give him a full orgasm long before he got to that point.

First, it would erase the possibility of a ruined orgasm. Second, it would reset the clock. He can look back on the last ejaculation with fondness since it wasn’t ruined. And he may have to look back a while. Who knows when he’ll have another orgasm?

Not only did the Rams lose in what had to be the most boring Super Bowl ever, but we also got snow yesterday into today. Western Washington does not do snow well. I heard on the news that there were a hundred trucks out plowing Seattle. Granted, we don’t see much snow west of the Cascades, but they always seem surprised when it happens, even if they’ve known about the storm for a week. Anyway, I’m losing yet another day of work because the roads are fairly treacherous. Actually, I could probably make it. I have four-wheel drive. Lion doesn’t want me to chance somebody else not being able to drive in snow crashing into me. Better safe than sorry.

It looked like Lion’s prediction of a 3-0 football game was going to come true. I was fine with that as long as the Rams had the three points. They didn’t. Well, they got them, but it wasn’t enough. By the time the Patriots scored the last field goal, I was so annoyed I forgot that Lion was supposed to get four swats for each point. I only gave him two swats per point. Oh well. There’s always next year.

I’m not sure if the swats he got were enough to make him horny or if he was already horny, but Lion wanted some action. I edged him quite a few times before I went too far.


The past few times we’ve played I’ve been trying to edge him over and over to break him. I want to get to the point where he just can’t be edged anymore. I suppose giving him a ruined orgasm meets that criteria but it’s not the way I want to do it. I don’t want him to have a ruined orgasm. That’s not the plan.

Lion was grumbling while he brushed his teeth that he’s tired of ruined orgasms. Me too! But hey, too bad, buddy. If I want to give you ruined orgasms ten times in a row, then that’s what will happen. I don’t. I’d already said it wasn’t my intention to give him one last night. Why grumble about it? That’s the same as grumbling about having a real orgasm because he wanted to wait longer. Tough toenails. Pull up your frilly panties and move on.

Hmmm…frilly panties. Maybe he should be wearing some today.

LIon in thong panties
Here is Lion in one of his thong panties.
(Click image to view larger)

I unlocked Lion last night and edged him closer than I ever have before. Mr. Weenie was still at full attention for a few minutes afterward. As he slowly started to sink to half mast, I grabbed him again and got his attention. Lion was still very horny. With good reason. I’d whomped his butt for all his transgressions over the past few days.

My daughter was having trouble installing something on her laptop. I asked Lion a question about it. He answered, but in the email he got a little too snarky. When he said, “Seriously? She couldn’t just Google it?” he had crossed the line. One of the perks of living with a techy guy is asking questions that should be easy peasy for him. I was annoyed at his answer so I told him I was sorry I’d bothered him and planned to add some extra swats to his punishment. Why is it easier to punish him for things at certain points and not others?

Lion maintains that my daughter should try doing things on her own. It’s not like she hasn’t gutted her laptop to replace the hard drive all by herself or anything. It’s not like she isn’t going to college or anything. Still, it was a snarky answer for something that should have been an easy answer for someone with his computer knowledge. Maybe that’s why it was easier to punish him for it. He “attacked” family.

From time to time, Lion does attack my family. I’ve been on the receiving end of things like this for a long time. When my sister got pregnant, my parents made a big deal about it. It was wonderful news. When I got pregnant, it was not such wonderful news. Oh well. I chalked it up to being the screw-up of the family.

Lion doesn’t like the fact that my son is in the army. He remembers the Vietnam war and all the issues surrounding it. He hates the army for that reason. I think that joining the army was one of the best decisions my son ever made.

Any time I talk about my daughter and her plans for school, he’ll say she doesn’t know what she wants and she’ll change her mind a million times. He’ll say she’s making a stupid decision for following this path or that path. Needless to say, I try not to discuss family with Lion. My excitement about things will be squelched quickly.

Despite all this, when Mr. Weenie faded to half mast, I decided he should be edged again. He was very nicely hard with just the slightest amount of pre-cum on the tip. Yum! I needed more than pre-cum. I gave Lion another orgasm and left him wild. {Lion — She also fed me a big serving of semen after rubbing some on my nose. Not my favorite smell or taste.}

On the way to work this morning, I decided Lion should have pretty toe nails. I’m hoping I have a color that will match the panties he’ll be wearing. When will he wear them and for how long? I think I’ll choose the panties and polish when I get home. There’s something to be said for threatening to make him be pretty. I may milk that for a while. Or I may just paint his pretty toes tonight and make him wear the panties all weekend. We shall see.

[Mrs. Lion – For the record, Lion is proud of my kids.]