My ED doctor has prescribed a different drug for me to inject, Quadmix. This new drug includes the same three that are in Trimix, but adds one more, Atropine. The new drug relaxes the long muscles in the penis–who knew they were there? This mix is considered the most potent boner maker. I’m sure that the blend I’m getting is one of the weaker mixes. Hopefully, it will work. My first dose is supposed to be .30 ml.

I’m going to try it tonight after my shower. I’m writing this post on Tuesday afternoon. I have an unrelated doctor’s appointment at three. We’ll pick up the Quadmix after that. When we get home, I’ll shower and try the new drug. Maybe it will do its magic, and a nice, firm, long-lasting boner will result. I’m hoping for an insertion-grade erection that lasts at least an hour. Stay tuned for results.

I suppose that needing a drug like this is a very strong form of male chastity. I can’t masturbate or do anything else sexual without getting my injection of boner juice. Control my supply of the drug, and you control my ability to have sex, no hardware needed. While it isn’t a formal rule, I always ask permission to get an injection of the medication. Mrs. Lion has full control of my sexual abilities. We haven’t discussed this as part of her power to control sex. It isn’t necessary. She’s controlled that for the last ten years.

The fact that her sexual control is deeply embedded in our relationship makes it more difficult to write about male chastity. It isn’t a novelty for us. I haven’t masturbated in ten years. We couldn’t stop if we wanted to. She is in charge, and that’s that. It isn’t a fantasy for us. It doesn’t even feel sexy to me. It’s just the way we live. I wish it did feel newer and sexier. It’s a little unfair that the novelty has worn off. I still like it and I’m glad we started all those years ago.

Lion is, again, laying in the supplies for the new antenna. Obviously, it would have been better to have done it right the first time, but live and learn. We rarely do anything right the first time. Look how long it took us to figure out punishment spankings. And some people think we’re still doing it wrong.

Speaking of punishment, it’s been a long time since I’ve swatted Lion’s butt. It’s not that he hasn’t done anything wrong. I’m sure he has. I just haven’t enforced the rules. I’ve been stressed lately between work and needing to do everything around here. If I weren’t so stressed, it might not be such a big deal to do Lion’s ham radio license. I just feel like I have a finite amount of things I can care about, and that’s not one of them.

On the plus side, Lion got his haircut, I vacuumed, all but one load of laundry made it out of the dryer and got folded, and I grilled some brats for a holiday cheat dinner. Today, I’m achy and I think the potato chips and possibly the bread are to blame. But it was nice to have “real” food.

In a few minutes, we’re heading out for a doctor’s appointment for Lion, and then we’re off to get another vial of boner juice. It’s new and improved boner juice. It’s Quadmix, which, if you can decipher Latin, means there are four drugs instead of three. We’ll give it a try when we get home. My fingers are crossed that Mr. Weenie will remain at attention long enough to have some fun. I think Lion is due for another orgasm.

It amazes me that so much medical research has been done about boners. Since I’ve been trying to restore my penis to its former glory, I’ve discovered that medical science is on my side. It turns out that my Trimix injections are just the tip of an erection iceberg. I’ve been gradually increasing my dose from .10 ml to 4.5. I haven’t had any improvement in quality since my .30 try. It turns out that there are more powerful versions of Trimix that may inflate my stubborn penis. If that doesn’t work, there are other drugs to try.

I’m grateful for the huge amount of research that has produced this sexual miracle, but I’m also surprised that similar science isn’t available to women. It’s true that there are two drugs available that are supposed to improve the female libido. They are Flibanserin and Bremelanotide. These drugs aren’t approved for post-menopausal women. I wonder if Mrs. Lion’s doctor would let her try one of them. Beyond them, the usual advice is to seek counseling or try hormone therapy.

In fairness, the male problem the drugs solve has nothing to do with libido. All they do is provide mechanical help to get an erection. Sexual arousal isn’t needed. Once the penis is hard, the man can have sex whether he is aroused or not. The opposite is true of a woman. She can have sex whether or not she is aroused. The drugs for her are designed to help her enjoy it. There are no drugs to help a man have an orgasm.

Maybe women are getting the better deal. Also, it has to be much more difficult to develop a drug to get someone aroused than it is to find a way to inflate a limp penis. I know that feminists complain that more research is devoted to getting men hard than to getting women hot. They claim it is because the majority of drug companies and research scientists are men. I think they are wrong. For one thing, the boner-producing science has been the result of unexpected consequences to other research. Viagra was originally a heart medicine. Its fun property was an accident. The penis injections were developed through hormone experiments. That’s not the point.

Erections are necessary to extract semen and sperm reliably. Despite the nonsense you read online, prostate milking does not produce sperm-containing semen. The only non-sexual method is pretty violent. An electrode is inserted in the anus, and a substantial current is applied. This will cause ejaculation. It’s so painful that general anesthesia is required. Muscles contract in a seizure-like way. The current needed can heat the electrode and burn the man. This treatment is used with paralyzed men who want to have children. Sperm can sometimes be collected from the testes via surgery.

Sexual medicine is a fairly new specialty. The urologist I’ve been seeing is such a specialist. I’m encouraged to learn that there are many other ways to help me get hard again.

Sometimes, when I lust for a long weekend, I think about all the nothing I want to do. That never works out. I’m always mowing the lawn or doing other chores. This weekend, I had a few things I wanted to do. I’m tired of mowing around the rocks in various locations in the front yard. I think our landlord is trying to keep people from parking on the lawn. What they’ve turned into are trip hazards. Originally, I wanted to widen the front sidewalk so Lion had more room. He said it would be better just to remove the rocks along the edge. I wanted/needed to do the weed-whacking. I was also going to clean up more around here. I got none of this done.

On Saturday, after we got done messing around with the ham radio antenna and I deemed it too late to start installing it, I said I was going to take down the weather station to move it so it was easier to reach. Lion said I shouldn’t get myself too tired, so I couldn’t do the antenna. Hmmm. Since the antenna wasn’t on my list of things to do, I told him maybe I shouldn’t get myself too tired doing the antenna that I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do.

The four-foot antenna I installed is not sufficient. We’re in a valley. I don’t know how long the antenna needs to be to get out of the valley, but another is on order, as is a better antenna mount for the chimney. I’m so psychic I see another trip up on the roof in my future. If that doesn’t work, I think we need one of those towers that hold the high-tension power lines. (I can’t install that.)

On the to-do list today (Lion’s list) was to fold the laundry that has been lounging in the laundry baskets for far too long, feed the gardens, and do some other stuff I can’t even remember now. The laundry is folded. The next loads are in the washer and dryer. The gardens are about to be fed. I still have to vacuum. It wasn’t on his list specifically, but when he mentions his stuffy nose a lot, it needs to be done. I still have to give him a haircut. The same as vacuuming. I did mow the dog’s lawn, which wasn’t on any list but needed to be done.

I think I only have the day off for the 4th of July since it falls on a Tuesday. That means my next three-day weekend is Labor Day. I’ll start making a list of things I want to get done that I won’t. [Lion — Take a vacation day on the third of July and have a five-day weekend!]