What happens if we run out of rules? Mrs. Lion and I have be practicing domestic discipline for years. We started it because I’m very turned on by the idea of being spanked and feeling Mrs. Lion’s control. Those feelings are sexual. When we implemented DD, Mrs. Lion created rules that I was sure to break. We agreed that I shouldn’t intentionally break a rule. The reason for the easy-to-break rules was to give us both a lot of experience with discipline.

It worked too well. The consistent spankings for breaking those rules trained me to change. I didn’t consciously try. I just changed. This was both good news and bad news. We learned that Mrs. Lion’s authority was real and her punishments were effective in changing my behavior. The relatively frequent spankings satisfied my inner need for spanking.

I admit that I was worried that I wouldn’t take the disciplinary spankings seriously. After all, I get aroused thinking about being spanked. In the beginning, Mrs. Lion’s spankings weren’t very painful. They hurt, but not as much as I’ve experienced in a BDSM play session. I encouraged her to turn up the volume and she did. Even with the less painful spankings, my behavior changed. Something inside me understood the difference between punishment and play. Nowadays, punishment is unmistakable. Mrs. Lion is a very effective spanker. The idea of being spanked still turns me on. Getting spanked is something I dread.

We both agree that relatively frequent spankings are important for us. Since Mrs. Lion isn’t finding any real reasons to punish me, she’s giving me five-minute spankings on our punishment days. It’s too early to decide if this is an effective way to keep things top of mind. Maybe we should just be happy that I’m not annoying my lioness and let it go at that. After all, if needed, she can always paddle me.

If the two of us came from a corporal punishment background, I think we could just be happy I don’t need to be punished. The concept of spanking, when needed, would be deeply ingrained, and there would be no danger that we would revert to old patterns. Unfortunately, that’s not us. When I’ve managed to obey my rules for a while, Mrs. Lion stops noticing when I get myself into some trouble. When she has me ride the spanking bench frequently, she is more observant.

What happens when even heightened vigilance fails to turn up infractions? That’s our current situation. Should we just congratulate each other and let DD fade into the past? If we had the right background, that would be fine. We know that I will need correction every now and then. It’s important to me that Mrs. Lion is ready to correct me. She’s inclined to let things slip until she starts reacting by avoiding me and not letting me know what I did to upset her. If she is in DD mode, she lets me know and spanks me. The tension is relieved. That’s what I value most about our disciplinary relationship. I love that I am learning to be a better husband. We agree that DD is helping us both. Keeping it alive and well is our challenge.

I actually followed through with what I planned last night. Lion told me when he was getting ready to take a shower. I was able to sneak away from my desk for a few minutes so I could spank him. When he came out of the shower, I had the massage table all set up, and we moved on to that. I tied his balls up to get him excited. I teased him almost to the edge and stopped. And then I did it again. I’m such a bitch. To make matters worse, I sucked him just before I told him I was done with him. Yup. A bitch.

Afterward, he asked if he was harder this time. I’m not sure I can answer that. There are fluctuations in his hardness. He was nice and hard this time, but was it different from times before? I don’t know. He’s looking for confirmation that the penis pump is helping. I just can’t give him an answer. I do know that I’m looking forward to sucking him tonight. I liked doing it last night. And now that my dizziness seems to have stopped, I want to do it tonight.

I’m hoping we’re both done with whatever illnesses we may have had. We missed a lot of spanking and sex for a few weeks. Maybe we can get things back to normal. We’ve got one night under our belts so far. Let’s go for two tonight.

Mrs. Lion isn’t dizzy anymore. I wish we knew why she got those bouts of dizziness. I’m glad she’s feeling better. Sunday night was a dud. Mrs. Lion wrote that she was going to set up the massage table and tease me. My stomach wasn’t cooperating. So we ate leftover turkey and watched TV. I was better on Monday. I’m writing this post on Monday morning. It’s punishment day, and since Mrs. Lion isn’t dizzy and my stomach is back to normal, I expect a spanking.

We’ve reached a sort of balance. While we have missed several punishment-day spankings due to illness, Mrs. Lion has made a point of spanking me when we have both been feeling well. Sexual activity has been less consistent. I’m pretty sure that’s because Mrs. Lion wants to settle in bed and play with her iPad after dinner. I think she will work out a way to add sex to the equation the same way she handled punishment day spankings.

I continue to use the penis pump. I don’t know if it is doing any good. I’m not surprised that the results aren’t obvious. It takes at least a month before results can be seen. I’m only pumping for a few minutes every day. It’s a little uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel at all like an erection, even though I can see my penis is fully engorged during pumping. If there weren’t so much evidence this activity is good for me, I probably wouldn’t bother with it. I’m convinced that any man over forty would benefit from sane pumping. Too many guys overdo it.

I wonder if Mrs. Lion will be breaking out the massage table tonight. She seems to have more energy today. This could be one of the rare days that we are both feeling good.

Yesterday, when I said I felt better, I didn’t. Once I stood up and moved around, I wasn’t quite as steady as I thought I was. I would have soldiered on, though. However, Lion’s tummy was giving him trouble. We just can’t seem to get on the same page. I’m hoping tonight will be better.

It’s been strange being back to work. This morning, people were asking if I enjoyed the four days off, and I realized it wasn’t a big thing since I was off between September 16 and November 21. In that scenario, I think I enjoyed working for three days, even though most of it was spent messing around in the different computer programs to get myself acclimated. The worst thing has been trying to get to sleep when my brain won’t shut up. It’s the whole “if I get to sleep now, I’ll still get four hours sleep” thing. Both Lion and I are tired today.

My plan for tonight is to swat Lion before he heads into the shower. While he showers, his buns can cool off and he’ll be ready for the next phase. Ideally, I’ll have the massage table set up so I can get to him before dinner. We stand a better chance of not having stomach issues if we haven’t eaten yet.

Nope. I don’t know what I’ll do with him yet. Let’s just get to the point that we’re able to do anything before we cross that bridge. I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something to do to him. At this point, just touching him may send him into orbit. Wouldn’t that be fun? A fully erect, super hard weenie. Yum!