We have an osmosis filter under our kitchen sink. I hate it. The water is great. There are no nasties in it. But: a) I’m always afraid it will leak, and b) when I changed the filters – with lots of grumbling – something happened to the feed for our ice maker. Since Lion can’t crawl around on the floor, I have to do it. I hate anything associated with home improvement. My ex-husband and I did a lot of home improvements. We fought constantly while we did them. We fought constantly anyway, but particularly when we did home improvements. Thus, I don’t want to crawl around on the floor while Lion offers suggestions as to what the cause of the ice maker’s problem may be.

I started writing this post before we attempted to fix the kitchen light. It’s a fluorescent fixture with four bulbs, two of which worked, and a ballast that buzzed like crazy. The other day, for some reason, all four bulbs came on and the brightness was cut in half. Lion decided we needed to fix it. He’s done electrical work in the past, (I have too in the home improvement hell of my first marriage) and he was sure it would be an easy fix. Ha! I believe in Murphy’s Law. However, Lion was right. The only problem was that he kept telling me to tuck wires that didn’t seem like they’d be in the way and there was nowhere to tuck them until I put the shroud back up anyway. Wires stripped. Wires connected. Shroud up. Wires tucked. Bulb in. Bulb tested. Repeat three times. Cover up. Done. Dare I say it was easy?

As we ate lunch by the light of the newly wired kitchen fixture, Lion conceded that the ice maker is working fine. It may have slowed down, but there are no crimps and there is nothing to do. Is that my second win of the day? I’m getting light-headed. The only chores left today is maybe some laundry and watching our football team attempt to look like they know how to play the game. Yesterday’s chore was much more fun. [Lion comments — Spanking me is also on her list.]

While I dislike waxing Lion, there are some fringe benefits. Number one is, of course, having a naked Lion in front of me. Since he’s normally naked, that may not seem like a fringe benefit, but he’s not normally on full display on a waxing table. And part of the waxing process is oiling him up so the wax doesn’t stick to his skin so much. The obvious fringe benefit there is that my hands don’t stick to him so much either. As in, they glide ever so smoothly over my weenie and the boys. There may not be a lot of hair on my weenie but I made sure the wax wouldn’t stand a chance of sticking. A little side trip to hand job-ville is always fun. You might say he got more of a benefit out of it but I’m not keeping score. I was distracted from the chore of waxing for a few minutes. I think we both took advantage of the situation.

Sometimes Lion thinks playing with him is a chore. I suppose, when it takes a long time to get him to the edge, I might see it as more of a chore than other times. In general, it’s not a chore. Besides, if playing with a hard weenie and making a Lion squirm is a chore, sign me up. It’s as much of a chore as giving a hand job to an oiled up weenie. I’d much rather play with Lion than do a load of laundry. Some chores are obviously more fun than others.

Sometimes I just get tired. It’s a little cold in the bedroom and we are hunkered down watching TV. I get under the blankets to get warm. Before I know it, the program is over. I fell asleep again. When this happens, Mrs. Lion generally assumes I don’t want sex. That’s what happened the other night. Maybe she was right.

The magnetic number on our Lion Orgasm Whiteboard read “5”. That meant it had been 5 days since my last orgasms. As things go for me, that isn’t very long. My last wait was 20 days. Mrs. Lion indicated that was a reasonable number. My birthday is coming up in October. If she waits until then, well, makes me wait until then, it will be in the low 20’s.

She doesn’t spend much time thinking about how long I wait between orgasms. Understandably, it is a subject I think about quite a bit. I’m not yearning for my next opportunity to ejaculate. At this point, I’m perfectly happy. My only worry is that Mrs. Lion will look to me to decide when I get to come. I don’t want that. In fact, I try not to send any signals beyond letting her know when I feel horny. If I say too much, she will assume I want to have an orgasm and then give it to me.

“The bitch!” you must be thinking. “How could she do that to a poor lion?” I know. That never crossed your mind or mine. I think her willingness to get me off when she thinks I want is my own fault. When we first started male chastity, Mrs. Lion decided to unlock me and make me ejaculate every day. After a few days, I begged her to slow down. I think that since then she has used my guidance to pace me.

That isn’t unusual. From what I read, most keyholders gauge at least the magnitude of time between ejaculations based on what their men say they want. Some want enormous waits of more than a year. Others, like me, want much more frequent release. Since male chastity is a sexy game, it makes sense to allow male input.

Mrs. Lion uses comments I make here in the blog to help guide her. For example, she had increased my wait from about 7 days to about 14 days earlier this summer. I don’t think that was a decision as much as a reaction to my apparent inability to reach the edge until about two weeks passed. In a sense, she got me off at the earliest time my body seemed ready.

I commented that I would like to wait a little longer. I reasoned that if the “fun” of being able to edge me didn’t start until about two weeks in, then wouldn’t it make sense to start the clock then? Mrs. Lion agreed and my last wait was 20 days; a week longer than my previous four.

A week is a long time when you are being edged every day. From the 13th day on I was a panting puddle of desire after every teasing session. I loved it. After a week of this, Mrs. Lion let me ejaculate. It was an incredible oral orgasm. I’m not complaining at all. The experience worked on every level. Does that mean I should expect to come every 20 days? That’s the big question in my mind.

Before she told me to put up the whiteboard and track how long it has been since my last orgasm, Mrs. Lion didn’t pay a lot of attention to how long she made me wait. As it turned out, her internal clock is very good. For years, I got to ejaculate about every 6 or 7 days. Shorter and longer waits were very rare. When I asked her to consider making me wait longer, she wanted the whiteboard to help her keep track.

Now that she has it, I wonder how she will use it. Should I be careful to avoid writing and talking too much about when I think it would be good for me to come? I hope not. Part of the fun for me is being able to beg for release and not get it. I like it when I don’t learn when I’m going to finally come until I feel her pushing me past the point of no return. I guess the bottom line is that I like surprises.

Yesterday afternoon, Lion had a doctor’s appointment. I’m sure I remember him telling me when he made it. I just don’t remember when it comes up. He “sprang” it on me the other day when he found out we could get a drive-through flu shot. A what? Yup. A drive-through flu shot. [Lion comments: You do have to slow down while they do it.] The office our primary care doctors work out of didn’t have appointments till October, but we were able to get appointments yesterday in Seattle where his other appointment was scheduled. 2020 is definitely a strange year.

While we were waiting for the doctor, Lion asked what we should have for dinner. I ran down the usual suspects and Lion growled. Why can’t I think of something else? He suggested stir fry. I never thought of that so I agreed. On the way home, he asked if I’d rather have barbecue. It made sense. We were going right past the barbecue place. Why not? Done.

I’ve been trying to get the house cleaned up for a while. I finally found the top of the kitchen table so I asked if Lion wanted to eat in the kitchen. I reasoned that he’d be less likely to create a mess with his ribs if he had a solid surface to eat them on. Just before he started eating, I sweetened the pot by nullifying the spilling rule for the night. It’s almost impossible to eat sauce-dripping ribs without spilling, or at least getting some on your hands that transfers to your shirt even with napkins or paper towels. Lion was more than happy to accept it. And, wouldn’t you know, when he’s allowed to make a mess with no consequences, his shirt was pristine. Go figure!

Once we hit the bedroom, Lion snoozed. I figured the outing did him in. He answered a few Jeopardy questions in his sleep and then woke up a bit around 8. I was about the ask if he felt up to playing when he asked me if we were going to play. He said he could go either way. If he’s not up for it, why do it? I let it go and Lion snoozed off and on for a while. Then, around bedtime, he asked if we could snuggle. Did that mean he wanted to play earlier? I don’t know. I thought by asking earlier, he’d let me know what he wanted. Did he leave it up to me because he didn’t want to decide?

The problem with asking him, I guess, is that he doesn’t want to impose on me. We play for him. I don’t think I’ll ever feel slighted if he says he doesn’t want to play because he truly doesn’t want to play. He’s done that before and I’ve never pushed him to play when he says he doesn’t want to. However, if he says he doesn’t want to play because he thinks I don’t want to play or he knows I’m tired so “don’t worry about it”, then I have a problem. If he doesn’t give me an honest answer, he can’t be upset, annoyed, sad, neglected, etc. that we didn’t play. If I have a reason that I don’t want to/can’t play, I’ll be honest.

This morning, Lion told me I have a horny Lion on my hands. I’m glad. I can have lots of fun with a horny Lion. But first, there’s the matter of de-furring. The hair above his penis is starting to tickle my nose again. But it’s the hair on his balls that is surprisingly long. How did that happen? Maybe the cage pushing his balls out actually increases blood flow and that increases hair growth. Weird. I’m thinking I’ll just do the front side this time. The back end hasn’t been bad the past few times. Of course, it was never as furry as the front. We’ll see how it goes. And, since I’m in the neighborhood of a wild weenie, I’ll have to give him a few yanks if not some sucks. It just has to be done.

It seems that I am easier to arouse. Mrs. Lion noted that even though it’s been only a few days since my last orgasm, I was very responsive and she could bring me quite close to the edge. She wondered if this was due to my being back in a male chastity device or just because I am in a naturally horny phase. It’s true that my sexual interest seems to follow a cycle.

It’s not a regular thing that we could plot on a calendar. I gradually go from very horny to not too interested in sex and then back again. I tend to remain at either the top or bottom of my cycle for anywhere from one to several weeks. Naturally, I’m much happier during a horny period. Since this is a rather long cycle, it makes sense for Mrs. Lion to wonder if my current level of interest is independent of it. I suspect that the chastity device is a big factor.

For a while now I’ve believed that the real sexual power of a male chastity device isn’t in its ability to prevent unauthorized ejaculation. I think it is that it prevents erections. If Mrs. Lion leaves me wild, I will have several erections a day. One or more may just be the nonsexual sort that most men get at night or in the morning. Others are the result of thinking about or being exposed to sexually arousing material. When that happens, I can feel a tightening behind the base ring as the little bit of my penis that is internal and behind the ring swells. It is a pleasant feeling, but nothing like an erection. When Mrs. Lion unlocks me, it takes very little to get me hard. It feels great!

This has nothing to do with orgasms or even teasing. Just being allowed to get fully aroused is a big deal when I only get at most, one chance a day. A good part of the time I stay locked for two or three days making that erection even more valuable.

Erection control is much more important than orgasm control

Like most men, I tend to think about sex in terms of ejaculation. After all, that’s the goal. My erection is only the first step on the way to that ultimate pleasure. In a very real sense, anticipating ejaculation is a distraction. It masks the most significant sexual control that wearing a chastity device exerts. I doubt that our keyholders understand how significant erection control is.

Both keyholder and caged male endlessly refer to orgasm control. Delaying ejaculation is almost universally considered the entire point of wearing a male chastity device. Now that I’ve spent a lot of time both in a device and wild while under Mrs. Lion’s orgasm control, I can say that being allowed to have erections but not orgasms is much easier to manage than having erections suppressed as well. Mrs. Lion’s “experiment” supports this.

While I was wild, she would have considerably more trouble getting me hard and aroused than she has had since keeping me in a male chastity device. She has attributed the change to the fact I like bondage and I am wearing the device. That’s certainly plausible. I disagree. It’s true that I like bondage and being locked in a chastity device. However, since I have been wearing one for years, it’s unlikely that I would be so strongly affected now.

Yes, I was wild for months but I have over five years of 24/7 wearing in the past seven years. The novelty of being relocked certainly wore off quickly. What can’t ever wear off is suppressing my erections. Since I get near-daily “exercise” when Mrs. Lion gets me hard, I am constantly reminded how much I like it when my cock is at full mast.

When she can get me to the edge, I’m also reminded how much I want to ejaculate. When she doesn’t, I am reminded of how much I love getting hard. While I was wild, it wasn’t a special treat to get hard. It was wonderful when Mrs. Lion stimulated me. Now the pleasure is doubled since just the erection is a big deal. Mrs. Lion playing with my penis is the cherry on top.

My point is that I am reminded several times a day, every single day how much I miss being allowed to get hard. If Mrs. Lion wanted to use releasing me and letting me get hard as an incentive to do things for her, it would be very powerful. I imagine that this incentive is at least as strong as being reminded that eventually, ejaculation will be allowed.

If you don’t believe me, try it out. Change the incentive from orgasm to a nice hard penis. The reward is being unlocked and allowed a nice stretch and tease. Orgasm isn’t even on the table. It doesn’t have to be.