Some time ago, I mentioned that I tested a safe for storing things like keys to a chastity device. The first unit I got was virtually unusable. There were big problems with the setup. It claimed it could be unlocked using voice, but it couldn’t. I complained to the company. They got back to me with a new device and improved software. Now the device can be unlocked using Amazon Alexa voice control.

The Pillar, by Lockedbrands (link to Amazon page), is a high-quality plastic safe. It is unlocked via either a phone app or voice. It isn’t cheap: $100. I think it is worth the money. I set it up so that only Mrs. Lion can open it. She can use our Echo devices at home and say, “Alexa ask my pillar to unlock,” and it will. After unlocking, it automatically resets to locked in a few seconds.

You open it by twisting 1/4-turn and lifting, just like opening a jar. You lock it by putting the top on and twisting until it clicks. There is plenty of room inside for more than just keys. You can store other valuables there too. Obviously, since it’s made of plastic, it can be “cracked” with a saw, but that’s not the point. You can’t open it without wrecking it unless you are authorized.

This device neatly solves the emergency key problem, at least at home. The keyholder can unlock the Pillar from anywhere her phone can connect to the internet. She can do it with her voice through the Alexa phone app or by clicking a button on the LockedBrands app. Think of how useful this could be for a findom or professional keyholder? She could set up any number of Pillars on her phone and unlock them for poor boys as she wishes. They would have five seconds from the time she clicks “Unlock” to open the Pillar and retrieve the key. Facetime is an easy way to assure the key goes back, and the Pillar gets relocked.

The Pillar solves the problem of digging out the key or unlock a box or safe to get it. Male chastity just got a lot more convenient for the keyholder.

I came across the bumpy, rainbow-bubble glass dildo on Twitter. I think it’s a great butt trainer for me. For me, at least, just learning to accept larger diameter objects doesn’t prepare me for motion or Mrs. Lion’s hand. I thought it would because logically, I figured that if I could comfortably accept a dildo the same diameter as her fingers, then the real thing should work too. I also thought that motion wouldn’t be uncomfortable if I learned to hold the object when it was still. I was wrong.

No matter how hard we tried, the motion was very uncomfortable, and Mrs. Lion could only get a few fingers in. I read that a better way to train is to use a butt plug instead of a dildo. The plug is moved in and out. I have always found inserting and removing a plug uncomfortable. There’s something about the change in diameter that hurts. According to my reading, the real training for pegging and fisting is learning to handle the change in diameter. Size is less important than handling change of diameter.

Last year, when I told Mrs. Lion about it, she tried with a butt plug. It was very uncomfortable the first night, but each successive try got easier for me. Then we stopped. When I saw the picture of this dildo, it looked like exactly the right toy for my anal training. The bubbles get larger as the toy goes deeper. The smallest is 1.1 inches in diameter, and the largest is just over 1-3/4 inches. That’s a nice range of sizes.

Anal play with it should be interesting. In the beginning, I will probably be able to take just the first couple of balls. As the play progresses, more and more will disappear up my ass. Motion is easy for Mrs. Lion since she can get a good grip on the bottom bubble. Over time I will learn to take the entire dildo and eventually accept hard pegging with it. It will take a while, but if Mrs. Lion persists, I have no choice about becoming an expert.

Aside from being very pretty, the Rainbow Bubble dildo is heavy. It’s about the same weight as stainless steel. It’s made of borosilicate glass; Pyrex is the trademarked term. It’s dishwasher safe. It has a nice prostate-massaging curve. The people who sell this are called Crystal Delights. They sell a nice range of penetration products made of glass. The service was excellent. I received the didlo only a few days after ordering.

Mrs. Lion left it on the bed. I suppose that means she intends to test drive it tonight.

When I think about sex toys, my mind never drifts toward pillows. Yet, Mrs. Lion and I have long struggled to find a really good position for me when I’m spanked or when she wishes to peg me. I always thought that if I was on my knees, I would be presenting my rear perfectly for her use. The first time we tried this when I had earned a spanking, I was flat on my tummy in seconds. It hurt too much for me to stay in that position.

We tried stacking bed pillows on the edge of the bed with me lying on top of them in order to get me at a height where my bottom was stretched tight and presented nicely. They were too squishy and just couldn’t hold me still.

The problem is simple but very difficult to solve. Mrs. Lion likes me draped over the edge of the bed. In that position, my rear end isn’t stretched it all. Some folds of skin even develop. The area Mrs. Lion needs to spank — the lower half of my butt and my upper thighs — is draped below the edge of the bed. It’s uncomfortable for Mrs. Lion to try to spank me over her lap. That position stretches the butt nicely and puts it in an easily accessible location for spanking but doesn’t work for Mrs. Lion.

I had received an email from a company that sells very interesting toys. It’s called Tabutoys. One item on their site was brand-new to me. It is a triangular-shaped foam pillow explicitly designed to put the rear end in a very accessible position: the Pillo. The manufacturer intended it to allow a woman to present her rear for penetration. However, it seemed to me that this product might be the answer to our spanking and anal challenges. I ordered one.

It arrived beautifully packed in a large black box. The positioning pillow itself is made of a hard, yet-yielding foam. It has a waterproof inner cover with a soft fabric cover on the outside. The outside cover is washable and the inside cover protects the foam and can be wiped off if needed. My theory was that if I put the pillow on the edge of the bed so that my thigh joints draped over the edge, my butt would be higher and because of the triangular shape of the pillow, it would be at an angle more accessible to Mrs. Lion.

I was concerned that it might not be wide enough to accommodate me or it might not be firm enough to actually hold me in position. It turned out that it was plenty wide and was absolutely firm enough to keep me right where she wants me. We were both surprised at how well it actually works. Its first use was for a punishment spanking. It’s hard for me to be objective about this but I believe that right from the start her swats hurt more. It felt similar to the spanking I received when on my knees.

When used for fun, it provides a very firm support for anal play including pegging. Since my weight is distributed over my entire body, there is none of the fatigue I normally feel when on my knees for a long period of time. Also, because this is a stable position, the softness of the mattress doesn’t make me wobble when Mrs. Lion is using a dildo.

This product isn’t cheap. It retails for $95. It’s worth it! This rather simple design does its intended job perfectly. The quality is very good and the service from Tabutoys is excellent. What started out as an odd idea has turned out to be one of the most useful additions to our kink collection. It solves a very real problem for us.

Click here to visit the product page.

Click here for Tabutoys home page.

evotion orion
This is the black Evotion Orion male chastity device. This is how mine will look when it is reprinted.

The Evotion people got back to me about replacing the dog-chewed component of my Orion male chastity device (My Evotion Dog Snack). They offered to print a new one at a reasonable cost. Since I had trouble with fading on my original device, they strongly suggested I get the jet black version. Unlike the other colors, this version is actually printed using black nylon material. It will stay the same color. They also offered to reprint (it seems so odd to refer to a solid device being “reprinted”) the entire device so that the colors would match.

I’m in love with the matte black finish. I think it has a macho, industrial feel to it. I’m especially impressed by how understanding Yvonne at Evotion has been. It’s clear that she is very sensitive to how I feel about my chastity device. That means a lot to me. Aside from being cool looking, the black Orion resolves the details of the design even better than the red one I had before.

Even before the dog ate my chastity device, I had decided that for me the Orion is absolutely perfect in terms of comfort and function. Unlike other devices I have worn, including the Jail Bird, the longer it stayed on the happier I became with it. Because it’s made from medical-grade nylon, it’s very light. A good deal of the time I’m unaware that it’s even there. Because of the design, I can hardly feel pressure when I attempt to get erect. Everything stays very well contained and comfortable. That means my sleep is never interrupted by the chastity device.

My pet peeve with wearing a cage is difficulty with peeing standing up. The head of my penis can move inside of the Jail Bird cage, for example.  My urethra can be partially blocked by one of the bars. That means that urine sprays everywhere unless I use a Q-tip to push the head back into position. That is a real annoyance for me. I had similar problems with every other chastity device I’ve tried. I know other men do as well. Many just end up sitting down to urinate.

lion's penis head
Center section “locks” into the groove under the head.

My urethra stays centered and in place when I wear the Orion. I don’t have to think about it at all when I need to go to the bathroom. I haven’t had a single problem urinating standing up while wearing it. I consider that amazing. There is a good reason it works so well. Inside the center section, there is a circular ring at the very front. When the devices put on, I pull the shaft back until the head of my penis (glans) is just poking out from that section. The ring seats itself in the depression between the head of my penis and the shaft. The third piece of the device covers the tip of my penis. Because of that ring inside the center section, the head of my penis cannot move back. It’s locked into position. That means it’s always correctly centered. How cool is that?

The “ring” at the front of the center section fits into the groove just behind the head of the penis. This effectively locks it into position.

Obviously, measuring correctly is important for this device to work well. The Evotion website gives you all the information you need to correctly measure. The measuring process is very different than it is for other devices. Length measurements are done along the top of the shaft. This makes it much easier to get things right. It’s absolutely critical to get each measurement as perfect as you can. My device fits like a second skin.

It took me a while to get used to the way it looks. There is a gap between the center section and the tip. A small amount of skin is visible. This is the bottom of the head. It’s not particularly erotic and useless in terms of trying to cheat. It just looked a little bit weird because I was used to wearing devices that completely covered my penis.

I really like wearing this device. I miss it. For the moment, Mrs. Lion is letting me remain wild. I could end up in my Jail Bird temporarily until the replacement Orion gets here. I don’t look forward to the Russian roulette game of urinating while wearing it. I’m completely spoiled after wearing my Evotion Orion. I can’t wait until my replacement arrives.