I am in our new house today and  Mrs. Lion is in the old one packing boxes. I’m supervising the installation of the new stove and some needed electrical work. I miss her company. We are together almost all of the time. It feels odd being fifty miles away from my lioness.

Have you noticed that the vast majority of blogging about sex, male chastity, and spanking is written by the bottom partner? Mrs. Lion is one of the few tops who write about their experiences. Most toys are bought by bottoms too.

When you think about it, there is some solid logic behind both. Bottoms, like me, crave the special sort of contact that our kinks require. It’s been 33 days since my last spanking. I know; I hate it when I get spanked. But truth be told, I miss it when I’m not. Even weirder, I miss spanking more than sex. Go figure!

Those of us who are wired to need spanking seem to get grumpy and depressed when unswatted. One of the most in-demand sex work activities is bare-bottom spanking. Paddles, straps, and canes are far and away the most popular toys. in fact, not only BDSM or domestic discipline types buy paddles. One maker told me that most of his business was at swinger events/ Spanking is almost vanilla sex.

Over the years, I’ve read lots of rationalizations for this nearly universal kink. I suspect there isn’t any good explanation of why so many of us need our butts burned. I think it is probably physiological. There are lots of nerve endings in the tush. That’s why spankings hurt so much. Those nerve endings also deliver pleasure too. There is a very small gap between pleasure and pain.

Yeah, I need to be swatted. All of the paddles are packed away for the move. The earliest they can see the light of day is this weekend. Somehow, I’ll survive.

Mrs. Lion and a friend are busy packing. I reminded Mrs. Lion to pack the paddles before her friend arrived. Her friend has no idea what we do and would almost certainly be shocked and put off. I had a male chastity device on my desk. I planned on reviewing it before we move, but time got away from me. I put it into a drawer for safekeeping and distance from prying eyes. Today, the handyman comes to deinstall our water filter and smart thermostat. He is also taking down the last of my ham antennas.  We’ll meet him at the new house tomorrow and he will reinstall the stuff.

When we were at the house on Saturday, we set up our WiFi using our new router and access point. We have a 5g T-Mobile Internet connection there. It was originally meant to back up our Xfinity cable Internet. We were delighted to learn that at the new location, the T-Mobile 5g connection is 245 Mbs. That’s faster than the Xfinity. We will bring our cable modem with us when we move and add the cable Internet to our home network. Mrs. Lion works from home and doesn’t get paid if she can’t access the Internet. Her company contributes to our bill.

All packing here has to be done today. We will be at the new house tomorrow with the handyman. I suppose that Mrs. Lion could leave me there and return to the old house and pack some more. That would be a huge waste of time. The new house is over an hour away. There is a ton of work for the handyman at the new house. I’m sure he’ll be there all day.

I would be very surprised if Mrs. Lion’s friend didn’t stumble over a sex/BDSM toy as she helped us pack. We may have some interesting conversations today. I’m not all that concerned. I think that Mrs. Lion did a good job getting spanking stuff out of the way. If we need to explain a toy, I’m happy to do it. Why not? In my experience, people only ask about things that interest them. They ignore and overlook other stuff.

Mrs. Lion has taken time off to deal with the move. Today is the last day to finish packing. Wish us luck.

google is the largest spammer

Most of the spam we receive comes from gmail accounts. Spammers set up thousands of “burner” accounts that they can use to blast spam and then move on to another burner account. Google does nothing to prevent this outrageous abuse.

Yes, I get it, Google wants to make it easy to own a “safe” anonymous email account. In doing so, they have created a haven for phishers and other spam. My spam filters fail because the thousands of gmail accounts come and go before any of the email protection services can blacklist them. I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t simply block all gmail accounts. I know that some of our readers use gmail, but the proliferation of gmail spam is getting out of hand.

Most email hosts offer a way to blacklist domains. Maybe I’ll add gmail.com to mine.

We are in the middle of our move. Things aren’t looking too good. The movers are coming Wednesday, and we have a lot of packing to do before then. The logistics aren’t easy. On Saturday, we rented a UHaul truck and hired workers to load and unload. They took our outdoor furniture, barbecues, gardening equipment, and other bulky items. By doing this we saved the expensive movers an extra van. As it stands, they say they need two vans and two days. The load on Wednesday and unload at our new house on Thursday.

Tomorrow, our handyman is coming to uninstall our water filters, thermostat, ham antenna, and other stuff. He returns to the new house on Tuesday to reinstall that stuff. Logistics, logistics, logistics. That’s been my job. On Saturday, after the UHaul was unloaded, Mrs. Lion and I set up the new WiFi in the house. It works! That means our household automation will be plug-and-play when we move in.

The big, scary part is packing. I don’t think we will be ready on Wednesday. We have to be. Maybe we will make it. We’re spending Wednesday night in a hotel. All of our stuff will be in the moving vans, We have a large credit from a travel agency. I’m using part of it to pay for a suite in a Tacoma hotel. It will be a nice treat after a day of loading a truck. We plan to unload and set up as much as we can on Thursday. On Friday, Mrs. Lion can return to our old house and clean up.

We are both unhappy that we only got to stay here for four years. We expected to be in this house twice that. Neither of us is very good at change. We like things to stay constant. Moving is pure stress. Mrs. Lion is working hard to stay calm, but the effort is taking a toll on her. I wish I could do more to help. Meanwhile, we stay happy and very much in love. I’m very grateful that I found such a wonderful mate.

Let’s face it: domestic discipline is a turn-on.

Maybe I’m getting cynical and grumpy, but it seems to me that the general tone of some spanking blogs is descending into nitpicking over tiny issues that feel far off course. I won’t go into detail, but I suggest domestic discipline is an activity with limited nuance. The harder we work to make it a true lifestyle or pick apart every possible scenario, the further we get from its real value.

In my opinion, there are two flavors of domestic discipline. One is the religion-based discipline of wives. This practice isn’t really consensual and offers real, unwelcome punishments designed to control married women. That’s not what I write about. The second is consensual spanking delivered at the request of the disciplined spouse. This is what most bloggers I read write about.

Mrs. Lion and I practice this second type. Even though some guys won’t admit it, the reason almost all of us ask our wives to discipline us is rooted in the sexual turn-0n we get when we think about being spanked. All those nitpicking posts are clear evidence that some guys spend a lot of time thinking about their disciplinary relationships. I’m pretty sure that the wives who are punished in those religious DD relationships don’t spend any time thinking about their spankings. They just work hard to avoid them.

Sites like the now-defunct disciplinary wives club offer highly sexualized writing about domestic discipline. Even though the site has been inactive for decades, it provides masturbatory fodder to many men. Don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy reading that stuff. It turns me on, just as thinking about Mrs. Lion’s spanking does too.

The problem I see with not acknowledging the sexual aspect of DD is that the disciplinary wife is left with an unnecessarily difficult set of choices when confronted with her husband’s desire for her paddle. I think it’s fair to say that most women don’t want to become the strict head of household. They prefer a partnership. I think it is also fair to say that a lot of women could be persuaded to spank their husbands if they understood that it was a sexual turn-on for the men to be disciplined by their wives.

Once they understand that the scope of this discipline can be limited, they might be more likely to give DD a try. Keeping things simple and recognizing the real need for DD has to help a couple adopt the practice. Just my two cents.