Just kidding. It wasn’t his fault. We both had a hand in it, even though his hands were bound. I went a little too far and he wasn’t able to stop it so he had a ruined orgasm.

I can’t really be too mad, although I hate ruined orgasms, because I got some tasty cum out of the deal. Lots of it. Yum! I told Lion I wasn’t going to share it with him. He didn’t care. He hates eating his cum.

The good news is that Lion is just as horny as ever. Ruined orgasms do nothing to satiate him. We can try again tonight. I’ll have to be more careful. I just want him frustrated, not having ruined orgasms.

We’re out running errands this morning. Once we get home I’ll decide what plans I have for Lion. I’m pretty sure it will involve restraints and at some point this weekend he’ll have some red buns. That’s all the preview he’ll get for now. I’m still plotting his fate.

One of the least discussed aspects of enforced chastity is enjoyment, particularly for the keyholder. I know that the enforced chastity mythology claims that the keyholder gets endless pleasure from the service of her caged male. On the surface, that seems valid. But if you think about it, the keyholder could get exactly the same services and pleasure from her partner without the trouble of locking up his penis. According to the myth, males are reluctant to give orgasms to their partners unless they lose the use of their cocks. Really?

Even if that were true for some men, who would want to take the time and energy to cage them in order to force them to do what they should have been doing all along. The myth is about selfish males who are “taught” to be giving by taking away their orgasms. I will do anything for Mrs. Lion. I always felt that way. It has nothing to do with my penis.

The question of where the keyholder gets pleasure from enforced chastity is valid. It isn’t from her orgasms or his help in other things. She gets that anyway. It has to come from a new direction. Some women genuinely enjoy the role play. They have fun training their caged males. I suspect most women don’t find that aspect especially rewarding. It may be fun, but not a giant motivator.

I’ve long wondered why Mrs. Lion has been so diligent with our enforced chastity and FLM. She isn’t in it for the sex. She knows that it means a lot to me and making me happy certainly is a key motivator. Over time, I think there are other opportunities for her to get satisfaction.

Thursday night we played. It was an extremely intense edging session. I was sure several times that she was going to let me come. She even speeded up when I got close. But she stopped just before the happy ending. She was incredibly close over and over. There were no ruined orgasms and no satisfaction for me. It was perfect edging that left me a puddle of frustration.

Later in the evening and Friday morning she seemed very pleased with what she did. She should be. That pleasure suggests a way she might find more satisfaction and at the same time make me happier too. We know that I have a cycle of frustration that is well understood. What if using her considerable skill, Mrs. Lion could change the cycle and extend my increasing sexual frustration longer?

We know that yesterday was my fifth day and the day I am most frustrated. I wonder if the sixth day letdown and then the gradual loss of interest can be reversed by Mrs. Lion’s skilled hands. Over time I wonder if she can keep me at a high level of need for as long as she wants. This is the sort of challenge she may enjoy. I realize that if she is successful and I am still very horny next Thursday when my next orgasm is scheduled, that she might extend my wait to continue keeping me frustrated. I don’t mind if she wants to do that. It’s a valuable experiment.

I realize that this method of delivering satisfaction to her can result in my waits being extended. I don’t mind. I know I hate the frustration, but I like the way it meets what I asked her to do for me. I think it is very important for me to help my lioness find ways to get pleasure and satisfaction out of my enforced chastity. Are there ways I haven’t considered?

Lion is a frustrated boy. Last night I was relentless when teasing him. Afterwards, he said he was positive a few times I was going to give him an orgasm. I got within a stroke of going too far. Normally he’s resigned to the fact that he’ll just be teased, but he really thought I was going to give him one last night. For the record, I did have one brief glimmer of wanting to give him an orgasm, but then I decided against it. Sometimes it’s fun to hear him grumble about being frustrated. He really was horny. And I used lube which always gets his motor running a little hotter.
My pet is also frustrated because his eye is not better. It’s not worse, but it’s not better. Daily visits to the doctor have not magically cleared up the infection. I’ve tried telling him it will be at least a week, maybe two, before it’s gone. In the beginning, not getting worse is a good thing. He’s just impatient. I’m hoping a weekend of less eye strain will help. It’s difficult because he’s back to work so driving and reading make his eyes tired. He normally has me to chauffeur him around on the weekends anyway, so driving shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll make it a temporary rule that he not be on the computer unless absolutely necessary. His eye needs rest and relaxation. And antibiotics. My job as wife, nurse maid, and Mrs. Lion requires me to limit his activities while he heals.
This does not mean my plans for him need to change. Of course I don’t have those plans yet, but Lion can still play. I don’t need his eye to torture him in other ways. I did a very good job last night and I was nowhere near his eye. I need the middle bits of the Lion for play. And maybe his hands and feet. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that he’s not allowed near the computer too much.

The clouds have returned after a brief, sunny respite. After a three day hiatus, play is back to normal as well. I’m still pretty tired from the issue with my eye. Things are improving, or at least not getting worse. Times like this remind me how lucky I am. I know that the love of my life will help me get through anything that befalls me.

One issue the confronts most of us who want to maintain a power exchange like enforced chastity is that over time the exchange becomes just one more part of life. Living with a chastity device locked on my penis is routine. It’s the way things are and will always be. Even though I get some time without it, even then I forget it’s not there. I can’t speak for her, but Mrs. Lion expects me to be locked in too. I think it’s passed the point of being something I want and is now part of us.

The same is true of our play sessions. It’s our sex life. I’ve learned that edging is the norm; orgasms come at intervals, but I no longer expect sexual stimulation to imply that I will ejaculate. That is very infrequent. The vast majority of my sexual pleasure is produced by Mrs. Lion’s hands. Sometimes she uses her mouth, much more infrequently she will ride me. I never masturbate, but my lioness masturbates me almost every night. Of course, I’m not masturbated to orgasm, but her hand gives me a very vigorous workout edging me over and over.

None of this was typical of us two years ago. In 2014 we rarely has any sexual activity. What we did have was an occasional hand job to orgasm. Neither of us was happy with it. In one sense things haven’t changed. Hand jobs are still most of my sexual experience. But boy are they different! They are both better and worse: Better in that they are beautifully executed and work me into a lather. Worse because they almost never result in orgasm.

We are both having more fun. Granted, it isn’t the same kind of fun for each of us. I’m both loving the sexual stimulation and hating the frustration. Mrs. Lion is enjoying arousing me and eventually making me ejaculate. We are both loving the increased communication and affection. We are not just communicating about sex and power exchange. The power exchange dynamic has facilitated more openness and willingness to change. Mrs. Lion is beginning to let me know what she wants and doesn’t want. We haven’t quite gotten to the point that she will punish me for doing something she doesn’t like, but we are moving in that direction.

We’ve made a lot of progress. I think our next step will be reward and punishment. That is a very difficult step for both of us. Enforced chastity was relatively simple to implement. For Mrs. Lion it was doing something that would make me happy. Only after considerable time passed did we realize it was much more than something to please me. I think that reward and punishment will be even better for us both. No matter how much I talk about wanting to surrender, I know that I like having my own way and taking charge. It’s easy for Mrs. Lion to let me. But we both know it would be better for us if she would expect her wants and needs to be met and to take whatever action is necessary to assure I fulfill them. We’ve been working on this around the edges. I’m not sure what it will take for us both to plunge in. But have no fear, we will. What we have done so far have been very good for me. I’m being trained to be a much easier lion to live with.