In an earlier post, Lion said it might be fun to be edged again. I guess with Edex he was fairly confident he could maintain his erection even through the starting and stopping of edging. It seems like a sound theory, so I decided to try it.

To be fair, we got the injection in the wrong spot. He said it hurt going in and that usually doesn’t happen. Normally, he springs to life like a diving board and that didn’t happen. He did get hard and stay hard, but we could tell something was off.

The first time I edged him, I don’t think he was very close. I kept going u til I was sure he was close and I stopped again. There was a tiny drop of precum. That’s a good sign, right? Not this time. My weenie was deflating. I tried for a while and it looked like he might be getting closer, but no luck. Lion suggested a blow job. I was game.

Even my magic mouth ministrations couldn’t revive him. I think he might have been able to get there if I hadn’t needed to stop. I was very achy all day, and my shoulders gave out.

We’re going to try again today. I’m not sure if I’ll edge him again or just go in for the kill. I know he’s horny. I had a theory that edging him might produce some cream filling. It hadn’t worked in the past, but I figured I’d try. Worst case, it doesn’t work again. Actually, the worst case is I edge him and can’t get him back. Of course, that means trying again tomorrow. How many days in a row can he inject Edex? I’d rather not have to find out. [Lion — Three days in a row is the limit. Then, we have to wait four days.]

By the way, Lion informed me of many local places, wax men. I’m sure there are. But then I’d have to take him there and wait. I might as well do it myself. Is that his sneaky way of getting me to wax him? Well, it worked. I’ll pull out the waxing cart and set it up. When will I do it? There’s a little matter of an orgasm to take care of, and then I can wax him the next day.

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  1. Hello! Any stories of prostate milking?
    Squishy Latex Dildoes?
    Golden Showers?
    (Forced Bi?)

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