Lion is fur free from his pits to privates. I wondered if I’d have trouble since the hair was fairly long in some places. The light zapper (Lion knows the real term) we used a long time ago, had difficulty with longer hair and hair that was too light. On some level, it makes sense that wax wouldn’t care. It just glues itself to things and yanks them out. I’m assuming it would yank out loose skin if given the opportunity. On the other hand, there are spots I have to go over two or three times before the hair relents.

I’m pretty sure it’s been three months since he was waxed. He was definitely furry, but I don’t think it was growing any longer. My nose was tickled about the same from one month to the next. The hair on his balls was in no danger of reaching his knees. I know he hates to have any hair, but it wasn’t out of control.

I considered only waxing him from belly button to privates. He said it would be nice if I could do his entire chest. I thought I was being nice to do it at all, but I agreed to do his chest. I don’t need the hair on his boobies tickling my nose when we snuggle.

In the past week, he’s been spanked, given an orgasm and waxed. That’s a lot of attention all at once. Of course, he should be getting attention like that more often. The mountain of boxes, while receding, is still a work in progress. I have to figure out how to manage Lion attention and box attention. “All I’ve gotta do” is take the hour after work for box attention and then after dinner for Lion attention. Unfortunately, he’s said that after dinner attention is still too late sometimes. And if I’m whomping a butt, I should do it before dinner so he’ll be ready for any after dinner dessert. You can see how things can get complicated.

The bottom line is that Lion is more important than any boxes. He gets first dibs on my attention.

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