I realize that I am incredibly lucky. My real-life sexual activities are very much like the stuff you read in F/m fantasy stories. This has been going on for more than thirty years. Mrs. Lion has been providing the fun for twenty of them. We’ve been writing about our sexual adventures for the last decade, and you can read about them here in almost 6,000 posts. I’m always surprised at how few comments we get. We have our own web statistics software, so we know how many people visit and how many pages they read. Our blog is popular, but our readers remain silent.

If  you’ve been following our recent posts,  you know that I’ve been horny without any relief. That changed a little on Sunday night. Mrs. Lion brought out the Edex. The injection was very painful. I almost never feel the shots in my penis. There aren’t many nerve endings in the shaft. This time, I hit one, and boy-howdy did it hurt! I worried that I wouldn’t get hard, but with the help of Mrs. Lion’s hand, I did.

She decided to edge me, and got me close a couple of times. Then, my erection disappeared. That shouldn’t have happened. Edex usually keeps me hard for at least an hour, even after I come. The shot didn’t go into the right place. Our session ended with me being edged twice without release. I was soft. Mrs. Lion tried mouth-to-cock resuscitation, but it didn’t work. She promised a Monday night session with an orgasm for me.

I’m not complaining. The edging was fun. An orgasm would be even more fun, of course. I guess that I’m getting spoiled. Ever since we started using injections to get me hard, Mrs. .Lion has given me an orgasm with each shot. The Edex is expensive, so maybe she feels we should get our money’s worth. I’ve been worrying that the Edex isn’t working as well as it should. I’m giving myself .75 ml shots. I can raise the dose to 100. After that, I would have to switch to another drug, probably Trimix. We have to drive about fifty miles to pick up a Trimix prescription. Unlike Edex, it requires refrigeration and expires in just three months.

I’ve also wondered if my ED is nature’s way of telling me that I am done with sex. Nope, I still get horny. When we try again tonight, I’ll stay with the .75 ml dose. If it doesn’t work well, I’ll have to go to the max. What a guy has to do to get hard!

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  1. I have been following you for some time and found inspiration in your quest for erections as I have after prostate surgery. Like you, drugs and pumping haven’t worked. So now I am on Trimix, shipped from a company in S. Cal. My PA tells me if it stays refrigerated, it will last over a year. It works for me. Hopefully for you too.

    1. Author

      I’ve used Trimix too. You may be able to save money if you buy if from a local compounding pharmacy. Most online suppliers charge a lot more. I paid $135 for a 4ml supply. So far the Edex is working for me. It’s covered by my health insurance.

    2. I also had Prostate surgery, The Trimix only gets me semi-hard. I have tried the pump and pills. My Doc says he would recommend an implant. I am not too crazy. He said he would send me a script for a quad mix. Does anyone have any experience with that?

      1. Author

        I haven’t tried Quadmmix but it has to be worth trying. Beats surgery.

        1. That is what I am leaning toward too. At least I am Cancer free

  2. I stopped writing to you and the missis because not one time did I ever see any of my comments appear in print in reply to any of your posts. My writing was lucid, relevant to your posts, contained no fantastical imaginings, and was not replete with typos, clumsy sentence structure, or other common mistakes.

    So, I finally said to hell with you; if neither of you have the common decency to even tell me to shut up and quit writing, then I would at least have the common decency to tell you I’ve quit reading your blog.

    So there you have it; I no longer care about your housing difficulties, how bruised your ass gets after Mrs. Lion paddles you, or whether your dick goes North, South, East, or West. Or, remains as limp as overcooked linguine. Thank you for nothing. I will leave it to your thousands of other readers to continue to contribute their pithy remarks and comments.

    1. Author

      I found your comment in our spam folder. Appparently the software has been marking your comments as spam. I can’t control that and I admit that I don’t check my spam folder very often. I’m sorry your comments were lost. I’ll try to do a better job of scanning the spam folder in the future. Thanks for your interest and I hope you keep reading and commenting. If you don’t see your coments published, please use Contact Us to email me. I love comments and feel badly that we missed yours.

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