Here we are, it’s afternoon already and I’ve only really done two useful things beyond making breakfast. Our Saturday morning routine is watching “Law and Order: SVU” reruns for hours and hours. Then we both go on our computers and waste some more time. Then we wonder why we haven’t gotten anything done.

I need to make a run to the store to get some stuff. We were debating about going last night and then decided we’ll go today. I don’t know when, so I’m sort of in a holding pattern. If I get involved with something, Lion will want to go. If I do nothing, he’ll either suggest going tomorrow or that I go alone. We need to get our act together. I think this is why we wind up not playing a lot of the time.

I forgot to weigh myself at the usual time yesterday. When I remembered, I was dressed. I gained two pounds. Maybe three. Can I blame it all on the clothes? Nope. We’ve been eating homemade meals in addition to our diet meals. I haven’t figured out how to gauge the calorie count on homemade food. For the most part, I’ve decreased portion sizes but that’s probably not good enough. I say this as I’m determined to make the butternut squash soup and Lion wants to make chicken soup. Are they harboring high calories? No idea.

Like a good boy, Lion reminded me today is punishment day. Does he need to be punished? I’m sure he’s done something to annoy somewhere along the line. Maybe it’s just one of those times he wants me to say I’m punishing him because I want to punish him. Is it different to say I’m punishing him because I’m sure he needs it? It probably is in his mind. I think he needs me to say I want to punish him. Specifically, those words. I want to punish him. I don’t want to. I recognize he needs it. Yes, there’s a difference. I want to eat asparagus means I like asparagus and I want to have some. I recognize the benefits of eating asparagus means I want chocolate cake, but asparagus is better for me.

Can I say I want to punish him? Sure. If I’ve gotten to the point that spanking (hurting) him doesn’t bother me, I bet I can fake saying I want to punish him. It’s all perception.

Information is starting to come out about my 2024 health insurance options. One very interesting change is that my coverage includes sexual dysfunction drugs for both men and women. My current (2023) plan covers Edex, but doesn’t cover generic Cialis or Viagra. The new plan covers both at a rate of six tablets a month. That’s in line with Edex, which is covered for six injections a month. The new plan also covers female libido improvement drugs.

This is a significant change. While good in every other area, my plan refused to cover sexual improvement drugs. I’m unsure what brought the change, but a good deal. Maybe there is a growing recognition that adults need sex for good health. Also, generic Viagra and Cialis are dirt cheap. You can get them with coupons from for pennies each. The Edex and the female libido drugs are expensive, brand-name products that are seriously discounted by my insurance.

Our discovery that Edex allows me to have orgasms while Trimix and Quadmix don’t, was an accident. My doctor prescribed the Edex for travel. Trimix requires constant refrigeration. Edex’s active ingredient is in freeze-dried powder form until just before injecting. The product comes in a special cartridge that has sterile saline in the bottom and the powder in a top compartment. Just before use, you press the plunger of the syringe just far enough to force the water into the top compartment. A few easy shakes, mixes the drug with the water, and it’s ready to go. In powder form, the drug is stable at normal room temperatures. I tried the Edex so that we could work out the correct dose. Now, we’re going to use the Edex all of the time.

The months of trial and error we have gone through have paid off. I’m very glad we kept trying. Mrs. Lion has different insurance than me. I wonder if her plan covers female libido improvement. She isn’t really interested in getting her libido back. Maybe it’s a relief to her not to have it. I selfishly want her to get it back. I miss being ridden by her. Now that we are both substantially thinner, lion riding should be easier. With my chemically-assisted boners, we can try other positions, too. Mrs. Lion used to enjoy anal sex.

lion's erect penis

I was looking at the picture of me tied to the bed. It was on top of yesterday’s post. My erection looks very functional. I’m sure it would work well for any penetration Mrs. Lion might want to try. In the past, my inability to keep it up restricted us to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion prefers doggy (lion) style to her being on top. If I can interest her in some penetration, maybe we can go back to positions where I was on top. The possibilities are exciting.

I am so glad Lion can still have orgasms. Somehow, I knew he’d be able to. Even though he has gut feelings about things, he didn’t trust my gut feeling about that. Live and learn. However, I have no explanation for the single-boner juice working better than the tri or quad-boner juice.

Regarding the restraints, I swear we got cheap-ish ones with Velcro to use until I found the leather ones. Why I only have two and where the other two came from is a mystery. They worked fine, so I’m not worried about it. Nor am I worried about looking for the leather ones. They’re around here somewhere.

When I was done torturing him with the IcyHot, I untied him so he could move across the bed for oral sex. I was going to leave him untied, figuring that play was over, but he wanted me to keep him locked up. I really should have done it across the bed the first time so I didn’t have to interrupt things. The only issue with having him tied again was I still had less room to “work,” and he wasn’t able to buck toward the end. He sort of squished me with his thighs, which I don’t mind, but I love when he bucks.

I don’t have a specific timeline for playing again. I still have to make my butternut squash soup, and now we’re making chicken soup, too. There are always things to do on the weekend. Our football team won’t have another chance to lose until Monday night so that won’t stand in our way. I bet we’ll find time. How we’ll feel is the only barrier. Lion spent a good portion of yesterday in bed, feeling yucky. Somewhere along the line, I annoyed my shoulder. It’s nothing some Tylenol can’t fix if it acts up again. We’re just old farts. What can I say?

About an hour after Mrs. Lion finished work, she helped me get an injection of  Edex. I promptly produced a full erection. Obedient Lion. While I was stiffening up, Mrs. Lion got out some restraints. I have no idea where they came from. They were cloth and closed with velcro. Apparently, our nice new leather restraints are still missing. Anyway, the cloth ones worked well, and I was tied down spread-eagle. The bondage improved my chemically-induced boner.

Once restrained, she applied some IcyHot to my perineum and the underside of my balls. It felt cool, but not heat. I guess the IcyHot was old and lost its kick. Mrs. Lion then got out the maximum-strength spray version. She used that to cover my entire scrotum and below. You can see the effect it had on me in the image above. After a couple of minutes, my balls started burning.

Mrs. Lion took some pictures. This is the first full body image I’ve seen since I started dieting in January. The over 40 lb. weight loss is apparent. How nice! After she finished spray paining (yes, I coined that new word) my balls, she used her mouth to distract me. It worked very well.

Mrs. Lion was uncomfortable with me tied in that location. The footboard of the bed was in her way. So, she stopped sucking and had me move across the bed. She fastened the restraints with me in this new position and went back to sucking. While this change was going on, my balls felt like they were on fire. That seemed to amuse her. I wasn’t a happy camper at all, but I couldn’t do anything about the situation. Once she went back to work with her mouth, I was pleasantly distracted again.

I don’t know how long it took, but I eventually had a nice orgasm. By then, the burning had subsided to a ‘toasty warm. After I recovered and Mrs. Lion released me from the restraints, I took a shower. It felt odd to have a boner and no arousal. However, it’s easier to soap up and clean when hard. Every cloud… The erection lasted about two hours. There was no pain at all this time. It just felt strange walking around the house with my hard penis swaying in the breeze.

We seem to have the dosage correct. Mrs. Lion is learning to work with my chemically-induced boners. I think we are finally back to normal.