A New Twist On An Old Spanking Game

Mrs. Lion loves to play games. However, she is notably reluctant to play games that involve me. I’ve wondered about this for some time. I don’t think it’s because she doesn’t like doing things with me. I wondered if the effort required might be the problem. It’s certainly possible. However, it might be simpler than that. She likes to play the games, not necessarily be the quiz master.

For example, when we play Zapardy, her job is to administer shocks when I miss questions. I doubt that’s too much fun for her; though she does enjoy giving me shocks. I know that she likes to play along and answer questions herself. It has to be less enjoyable when she is simply waiting to see if I get them right.

The exception to this is when we play our NFL game. She genuinely seems to enjoy administering swats when points are scored or there are turnovers. Spanking me for those situations doesn’t interfere with her watching the game. There is always plenty of time to get me red and sore during the commercials. She does like spanking me when we play that game.

Maybe we need to make our Jeopardy games more interactive. Perhaps allowing Mrs. Lion to be an active participant should be part of the way we construct any of our BDSM games. Maybe we should change the rules for the Jeopardy game. Currently, failing to answer a question earns me one shock or spank depending on whether we are playing with the shock collar or the paddle. Getting a question wrong earns me two swats or shocks. Answering the question correctly allows me to avoid the penalty.

When we play for spanks, Mrs. Lion has a counter she clicks for each swat I earn. She administers all of them at one time after the show is over. When we play for shocks, she administers them immediately. What if Mrs. Lion gets to play as well? Just like the contestants on the live show, she has the opportunity to answer before I do. If I’m fast enough to answer first and I get it correct, no penalty. If she answers it correctly first, two swats or shocks for me. If I answer first and get it wrong, four swats or shocks. If both of us fail to answer, one shock or swat for me.

This way Mrs. Lion is not only the judge and executioner, she is also an active contestant. I realize that upping the ante this way has a very strong probability of increasing the number of penalties I earn. If by doing this Mrs. Lion can have more fun, it’s worthwhile.

Since this game is much more complex for her, she probably doesn’t want to get distracted by administering shocks during the play. I think playing for swats makes more sense. Also, based on the way she likes to play the NFL game, making this game Spankardy instead of Zapardy, perhaps it will be a winner. A winner for her, that is. I’m guaranteed to end up with a sore rump.