london tanners dd spanking strap

One of the odder things about domestic discipline and spanking, in general, is that the spankee (me, for example) tends to do most of the purchasing of things to be used to beat him (or her). Mrs. Lion, and most other spankers, are far less interested in what they use to bruise our butts. All she wants is something that will efficiently make me yelp and make it painful to sit for a couple of days after she spanks me. We have a very large collection of high quality paddles and straps. Many of them were bought for me by women I spanked in the past. I bought a good number to use on me.

lion's severely spanked butt

Lately, I’ve been shopping again. It isn’t that Mrs. Lion actually needs anything new. I think we need to improve our leather collection. I don’t have any particular spanking fetishes. Hairbrushes and slippers do nothing for me. My search for leather is based on a more practical matter: I don’t tend to bleed when beaten with leather. Wood invariably causes blood to flow. I’m not being cut. I think that the unyielding wood tends to create blisters and swelling that leak a bit of blood. It isn’t dangerous, just messy.

Leather, on the other hand, molds itself to my skin and distributes the force more evenly over my skin. I still swell and get leathery, but I am much less likely to bleed. This is both good and bad. So far, the leather paddles she’s used make me yelp but don’t provide any lasting pain. I should be happy about that. I’m not. Like every other spanko, I want her to be able to deliver the full effect every time. (Stupid lion!)

That’s why I bought the 6-Whips leather paddle (“Review: 6Whips 14-Inch Leather Paddle“). Unfortunately, it isn’t heavy enough to make the deeper impression needed for that three-day pain. So, my hunt continues. Of course, Mrs. Lion has a simple solution: a hybrid spanking. She can do most of the spanking with leather and then perform the coup de gras with wood. Voila! Problem solved. [Mrs. Lion — This is not news to me. I was doing a combination of wood and or leather and or rubber before we moved. I’ve done more leather lately, but in the recent past I have used primarily leather and switched to wood for the money shots.]

I’m sure that I will hate this if Mrs. Lion accepts my idea. I always hate improvements in her spanking efficiency. That’s the irony she likes to point out. Like most people who want to be spanked, when I’m not strapped to the spanking bench, I find thinking about spanking arousing. I’m smart enough to know that I will regret improving the quality of the beatings I get, but I can’t help myself. When I am sitting safely in my office, I want to provide Mrs. Lion with the best possible tools to make sitting uncomfortable for days. When I am strapped to the spanking bench, I’m sorry for the offense that brought me there and even more sorry that I provided the ability to hurt me more efficiently.

Well, right now, I am comfortably sitting in my chair and feeling mildly aroused as I consider meaner leather paddles. A commentor suggested London Tanners. It’s a European outfit with very nice-looking leather implements. They are expensive. One that I was looking at (DD Straap) costs $150 (shipping included). That’s not out of line for a quality spanking implement, but I wouldn’t order it without Mrs. Lion’s approval. It might be a very painful addition to our small leather collection. It’s made of hand-tanned English harness leather. Yup, that would be a purchase I would regret for years.

According to our Alexa, it’s going up to 77 today. I like the warmer weather but that seems a bit excessive all at once. If I scramble to set up the air conditioners, it will be in the 50s and raining by tomorrow. Actually, I think that is the forecast. I found the window fans, so I think we can last a day with just those. I think the same is true of the magnetic screen door I got for the dog. It will be fine for today, but then unnecessary for a few more months.

We did a run this morning to get rid of our excess cardboard. For the most part, it will fit in our recycle can, but sometimes we have a lot, and we’ll need to load it up and drop it off. Luckily, it’s not a long drive. It’s also not out of our way like it was at the old house.

Lion was talking about moving again. He doesn’t like the area. I wonder why I’m busying myself unpacking if I’ll just have to start packing all over again. I don’t necessarily like this house, but I don’t mind the area. He also doesn’t like the management company. We know they’ll likely raise the rent in a year. I guess I’m unpacking but not getting too comfortable.

I did manage to clear a path through the middle of the living room the other day. I got rid of some cardboard and moved some of the moving boxes into the garage. There’s more to do, but I gained a little bit of wiggle room and now I can unpack more boxes, which creates more cardboard and more empty moving boxes. Vicious cycle. However, I’m that much closer to being able to use the living room.

Lion has been hinting (strongly) that he’s horny. Nope. He’s outright said he’s horny. Hint. HINT. And, of course, he’s furry. When, oh when, can I wax him. I guess it would be different if he was trying to make himself pretty for me, but I have nothing to do with it. Aside from the occasional tickled nose, I couldn’t care less how furry he is. It’s not like he smells. I don’t wind up with errant pubic hairs in my mouth. It is strictly a Lion-likes-to-feel-pretty thing. I uncovered the cart for the wax melters. I’m just not in a real hurry to wax him. If I have to choose between waxing and all the other things that need to be done around here, I choose all the other things. I will, however, take time to solve his horniness issue.

review of 6whips 14-inch classic leather paddle
6-Whips 14-inch Classic leather paddle.

I bought Mrs. Lion a new leather paddle. I wanted to give her something in leather with more power than the ones she has now. She gave me a long-overdue spanking on Thursday night and used the new acquisition. She gave me a full ten-minute punishment spanking. She didn’t hold back! I would say that we gave the new paddle a fair test.


The paddle is made from layers of leather stitched together. According to the 6Whips website, it is ” made with 3 layers of thick leather and spring steel reinforcement in the handle.” I expected three layers of saddle/harness-grade leather. The paddle I received was made with thinner leather. It was much lighter than I expected. The construction was good, and the stitching was very professional.

Because the leather was so thin, the spring steel reinforcement was necessary to prevent the paddle from being floppy. This trick is used by inexpensive leather paddles to keep them stiff enough to swat a bottom. A paddle that costs $75 plus shipping shouldn’t require this steel insert. 6-Whips offers this paddle in three versions. There is one with just two layers of leather, this one, and one with four layers. Joe, who makes the paddles, writes that the model I bought balances thud and sting. It doesn’t.

Road test — where the leather meets the bottom

Mrs. Lion said that she liked using the paddle. She didn’t like the handle’s feel. It is flat and the same thickness as the striking end. She wanted it rounder. I checked it out and agree. I would say it would benefit with some extra layers of leather to give it more of a “grip.” I was on the receiving end of the spanking. This paddle is pretty much all-sting. It felt too light to create a lasting effect. Mrs. Lion said that she hit very hard. After a full ten minutes of spanking, I had a small leathery patch on one cheek. Mrs. Lion said that some areas were a sort of red-purple, but she didn’t think I would bruise. I didn’t.

I expected that this paddle would provide the ability to do some bruising. It doesn’t. The size and shape are good, but the leather just isn’t right for the job. 6-Whips seriousiy oversells this product. I haven’t had a chance to test the four-layer paddle, but I would guess that one would possibly behave the way Joe describes the classic model. It’s too bad. Joe’s workmanship is good. His product is too light and not worth the high price. Also, the shipping is horribly slow. 6Whips is locvated in Canada, so there is a delay for customs. I’ve bought many products from Canada. UPS, for one, offers much faster service to the US.

I think I’ve mentioned that I’m trying to become a published novelist. No, the book isn’t about anything this blog covers. It’s a vanilla mystery. Since the last English class I took was in high school, my degree didn’t include any writing classes. Writing fiction has been a challenge.

I’ve written two novels. The first had many problems in my writing and the subject matter, but it was good practice. The second book seems to have commercial potential. Last year, I sent query letters and sample pages to about 75 agents. None were interested in representing me. I put the book aside and just picked it up again. I’m using all I’ve read to sharpen the writing. I’ll try agents again.

The odds are very much against me. The average agent gets about fifty queries a week and requests a full manuscript from about four authors monthly. Of those authors, maybe one gets an offer of representation every three months. Sure, there are hundreds of agents, but tens of thousands of wannabe authors are querying them.

Self-publishing is largely a waste of time. It’s easy to publish a manuscript on Amazon but very expensive to promote. It’s all very discouraging.  I’ve decided to revise my draft and try agents again.  It may be futile, but I don’t believe in giving up. Work on the project is one reason I’ve blogged less frequently.

Another reason is that Mrs. Lion has been too busy with important things that need to be done around the house. She hasn’t had the time or energy for spanking or sex. That means there is nothing to write about here. Of course, things can change quickly when Mrs. Lion decides I need attention. Stay tuned.