Friday night was a bust. The weird side effect from my local anesthesia was still going on. My nose was running, and I was sneezing. It was still bothering me when I went to bed. Saturday morning started early for me. I woke up at 5 AM and the puppy at 5:15. Mrs. Lion got up to take the puppy out. I let her know I was up too. She asked if I planned to stay up. I said I thought so. She decided she was up too. When she came back from supervising the pup’s backyard visit, we streamed “Law and Order SVU.” She slept through about two hours of episodes.

Saturday is a designated punishment day. Coincidently, I will be spanked later. I’m writing this post on Saturday morning. Mrs. Lion’s patience only goes so far. It’s very unlikely I will escape another day. Maybe I will be spanked and wanked. The probability of ejaculation is less than ten percent. That’s OK. It has to be.

In other news, Mrs. Lion installed my new monitors on Friday. I also installed Windows 11 on my desktop computer. So far, it is about the same as Windows 10. I’ll have to read up on why this version is better. I belong to the Microsoft preview group, so I get new stuff a bit early. Microsoft says that your PC has to have a certain amount of power to utilize the new OS fully. Our PCs are new and very powerful. Upgrading was trivial with no glitches.

I realize that this isn’t exactly hot stuff. I’ve been thinking about some very important questions relating to male chastity. The male perspective is everywhere on the Web. It appears that male chastity becomes less about the hardware over time. Some guys are very attached to their chastity devices. It appears that most aren’t. I don’t know of any wives, including Mrs. Lion, who care much about locking up their husband’s penis.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about controlling my orgasms. She’s very serious about that. I may not be wearing a device now, but I know that I am not allowed to get off on my own. I haven’t. The last time I masturbated was in January 2014. It isn’t my fetish. Mrs. Lion wants to be my only source of release. She isn’t terribly interested in making me wait for long periods of time, but I think she’s learned to enjoy being in control. I imagine that most women aren’t all that interested in their husband’s ejaculations.

I’m convinced that male chastity promotes intimacy. I don’t know about Mrs. Lion’s prior sexual experiences. I suspect she provided sex when asked in her prior marriage. In our marriage, she has the wheel. I think that offers a new layer of intimacy we both enjoy.

Lion was still sneezing and stuffy last night. For some reason, my sinuses were hurting too. Maybe it was sympathy pains. I decided to push off his spanking another day. I want all his attention focused on his rear end, not his nose. Besides, as Lion just reminded me, today is punishment day.

In his post yesterday, Lion says he doesn’t normally feel like doing anything sexual after a punishment spanking. I thought it was fine as long as there was some time in between. We don’t have to play after punishment. It makes more sense to have him stew in his own juices, so to speak. Rather than distract him from the pain, I’ll leave him to consider each movement and how much it hurts then and ponder how much it will hurt the next day. That’s a much more valuable use of his time. We can play the next day.

On that note, I will give Lion something to look forward to. On Sunday, I will tie him to the bed again. This time it will be face up. I haven’t decide what evil thing I will do to him once he’s in that position, but he has very little say in it anyway. It might be something he’ll enjoy. It might be something he won’t. I know he’ll like being tied up and from there he might be sorry I ever got new restraints.

He knows the things he won’t like. I’m talking about those tiny clothespins, IcyHot, ball swats, etc. While he will stay still if I use them when he’s not restrained, he obviously has no choice when he is. Then there’s the irony. He wants me to tie him up even though it means I can do the evil things to him. Of course, the larger irony is that he wants painful things done to him but insists he doesn’t like it while it’s happening. He maintains that it turns him on thinking about it before and after, but not during. I still don’t get it. Good thing I don’t need to get it to do it.

Yesterday was my last day of “work.” I was on furlough for 18 months. Then I was informed that my position was being eliminated. I was put back on the payroll for a month (notice time) and yesterday received my last paycheck and severance pay. So now I am either unemployed or a full-time author, depending on how you want to look at it. For the time being, I choose author.

I had emergency dental work Thursday afternoon. It wasn’t serious, but I needed an anesthetic for an upper, front tooth. After the work was done, my nose wouldn’t stop running, and I sneezed a lot. The running nose continued all the way through the night and all day Friday. My nose itched at the same time. Mrs. Lion did some research, and we learned this is a fairly frequent problem after anesthesia in that area of the mouth. As a result of my misery, Mrs. Lion postponed my spanking. What a sweetie!

I’m writing this on Friday afternoon. My nose is a bit better but still running and itching. The article we read said that this problem lasts about 24 hours. That means I will be better just in time to be punished. I’m being spanked because it annoyed Mrs. Lion when I referred back to when I purchased pill bottles. See my comment in “Problem Solved.” I also interrupted her once or twice though she didn’t mention it in terms of spanking me.

I think that she plans to tease me tonight if I’m up for it. I don’t know if I will be. Post spanking, I’m often not feeling very sexual. I may not get a choice. Mrs. Lion can decide whether or not I am in the mood. If she is sexually aggressive, spanking or no spanking, I will be in the mood.

All this may sound like I don’t want to have choices. I do in most areas of my life. When it comes to sex, it’s different. Since Mrs. Lion doesn’t want sex, it makes me feel selfish when I feel that I am asking for something. I don’t feel right about asking for something for myself when I can’t reciprocate. Mrs. Lion says, that’s silly of me, but I can’t shake it. If Mrs. Lion initiates and doesn’t give me a choice, it’s part of or FLR, and I don’t have to feel guilty. At least that’s what I think is going on.

My nose is feeling a little better. If it stops running by the time we finish dinner, I know I will be getting sore buns for dessert tonight.

I didn’t spank Lion last night. Before you say I was being too nice or letting him off the hook, there was a valid reason. The other night, he broke his tooth. He was able to get into the dentist yesterday and on the way home noticed his nose kept running. By the time we got home he was sneezing and thought maybe he was allergic to something. Is it possible the novacaine did it? I know they don’t use novacaine anymore, but everyone knows what you mean when you say it. I Googled it this morning and, sure enough, it’s a known side effect. Anyway, I didn’t want to put Lion face down on the spanking bench with him sneezing and his nose running. I didn’t even tempt him to play, as if I could have tempted him. He felt awful.

Tonight is another night. There’s no reason he can’t be swatted tonight, unless he feels worse as the day progresses. I’ve found that I sometimes feel worst in the late afternoon or evening. If it happens to Lion, we’ll wait another day. There’s no rush. I know where he lives, as they say. The most important thing is that he feels better.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I suspend Lion’s rules when he doesn’t feel well. I think he needs to devote his energy to feeling better. He doesn’t need to wait for me to eat first or worry if he spills something. He feels bad enough with whatever is bothering him. Why add to his misery? That said, if he pushes his luck too far, he might find himself with a sore butt. I can take some whining or snarkiness but there is a line and Lion has been known to cross it.

For now, he’s safe. His nose is still running but it’s been a lot less. According to the article I read, he should be better in about 24 hours. He’s only got a few more hours to go. I hope the article wasn’t lying.