It’s hard to believe it’s only Wednesday. It feels like we have been fighting to get the car fixed, even picked up, for a lot longer. I stood in the rain Monday night watching one tow truck driver fail to do what it took another one about a half hour to do. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see that car being towed off.

Of course, the bigger problem is that the dealer can’t get to it for a month. That is until Lion called to ask if he should find a lawyer to sue them. The service guy told Lion not to threaten him, but then, magically, they can look at the car in the next week or so. Lion also got Hyundai to agree to pay for a rental until it’s fixed. Well, we rent it and they will reimburse us. Until today, they wouldn’t even commit to reimbursement.

Lion has been panty-less for all of this. It was a combination of my forgetting and not wanting to add anymore aggravation to his day. He’s been snarling at a lot of people lately. He’s had my blessing with all but one of them. I had to remind him he wasn’t mad at the person he was talking to, but with the company. Thankfully, his growling seems to have gotten the ball rolling. We still don’t know when we’ll see our car again, but at least it’s somewhere it can be looked at. At 3 pm, Enterprise is supposed to pick us up so we’ll have a rental car.

Not surprisingly, we haven’t thought about sex. Nerves have been frayed. Annoyances have been high. I don’t think either of those are good for boners. Once we have the rental car, we may feel better. We don’t leave the house often, but that’s by choice. Not being able to go out is another matter. I still can’t believe a 9-month-old car with 2500 miles on it died like that.

Tonight, we’ll definitely snuggle. We’ll go from there. For all I know, Lion will be incredibly horny once we get the rental car. Maybe he’ll need to recharge another night.

We are both totally frustrated and not in a good way. Yesterday, after work, Mrs. Lion wanted to go to the store to pick up a prescriptioon. Our car, a 2023 Hyundai plug-in hybrid wouldn’t even unlock. We called their roadside service people who sent a tow truck. Since the car is all computer controlled, the car was locked in park and had the parking brake on. The tow truck driver tried to jump the 12v battery with no luck. He sent a different tow truck with dollies to go under the locked front wheels. That didn’t work either.

Today (Tuesday), I’ve been on the phone since 9 AM trying to get help. It turns out that the car has a 12v cutoff that prevents the Lion (lithium-ion, not me) battery from being damaged. According to the manual, there is a 12v reset switch. The illustration of the dashboard does not show the switch for the plug-in hybrid. It does show it for the non-plug-in version.

I spoke with two dealers and Hyundai customer support and did a ton of research. No luck. The towing company just called to say that they are trying to get a flatbed with “skates” to take the car to the dealer. Meanwhile, we have a dead car in the driveway. Grrr!

If all that isn’t bad enough, Hyundai said that they can’t even look at the car to fix it for at least two months! Holy shit! Two fucking months! We don’t have another car, so this is a big problem. They might reimburse us for a rental car. How nice.

Things have been quiet here in the lions’ den. Mrs. Lion has been working, and I’ve been doing some tedious but necessary cloud housekeeping. It’s all techy stuff that bores Mrs. Lion when I try to tell her what I’m up to. The result of all this work, aside from interrupting the website many times, is to speed things up and significantly lower our costs. I’m about done with that stuff just in time for the weekend.

We got a bit of a blow. Our landlord decided to move into our house. We have a few months to relocate. Finding a new place should be fairly easy. There are quite a few houses available in the general area at prices we can afford. The big problem will be moving. I’m not going to be much help. Mrs. Lion will need to do almost all of the work. We didn’t budget for this.

We have five months to move. That’s a nice, long runway. Still, it isn’t going to be easy. We’re both worried about the cost and the needed work. I hope we can still have some fun this weekend. Mrs. Lion hasn’t spanked me in almost a month. I suppose she has a spanking on her weekend agenda. Our football team has a bye this week, so she’ll have some extra time. Maybe there will also be some time for sex and BDSM too. Who knows?

This afternoon, Lion announced, “This is horrible!” I asked what. He said, “This is the worst news.” Okay, what. “What are we going to do?” I don’t know because he won’t tell me. It turns out our landlord has had some “reversals” and needs to live in our house. Before we moved in he said they’d probably be downsizing into this house, but it was at least eight years away. I figured he’d never leave his upscale house for this place. Wrong.

Lion doesn’t do well with moving. He wasn’t much help at all for the last move. We wound up hiring a moving company to pack a lot and actually move us. We don’t have money for that now. But, the good news is that I never really unpacked a lot of the stuff. Ha! My procrastination may have paid off at last.

In all seriousness, moving is a big problem. At the very least, we’ll need help to move the big things like the bed, washer, dryer and other furniture. I can load up a U-haul with a lot of the other stuff. Last time we had to move in 60 days. This time we have more warning. From a quick check of houses on Craigslist, there are houses available within our price range. I’m sure the list is larger if we widen our search area.

We’re not in crisis mode yet, but we do need to start planning. I’m just glad the landlord let us know on a weekend. I haven’t gotten much work done this afternoon. I’d really be useless if I had to work any more this week. Tomorrow I can start sorting through things to put them in keep, sell, and trash piles. We can do this. We’ll just have to do it with no help this time.