Saturday morning I was greeted with an email from my cloud provider. It informed me that my instance (virtual computer) that hosts this blog was unstable. It might be unreachable, and my provider said that it would be maintained. OK, good. Why bother me? It said that the computer would not be running and I would have to start it. Oh shit. In other words, the blog would go down until I discovered it was gone. They didn’t suggest the absolutely simplest way to deal with the problem I made a backup of everything and started a new virtual computer and loaded the backup on to it. Problem solved. We are now on the new instance.

That took the better part of an hour to do and test. I then went to the virtual server that hosts our statistics program. It had a big banner across the top informing me that the version of the programming language it uses was no longer supported. I was advised to update to a new version and reload the program. That was not so easy. I had to create a new instance and install the program. That also included configuring the web server and adding the maintenance programs I use. I also had to export the data from the old instance an set up a database for the new one. That took me until 7:30 on Saturday night.

Mrs. Lion didn’t spank me, and I was in no mood for sex. Today is Sunday, and the technical work is done. We have a couple chores to do. We have to change the water in our hydroponic tomato and strawberry farms, and Mrs. Lion plans to wax me. She didn’t mention spanking. While we were eating breakfast, she suggested that I watch an opera while the wax melts. That takes a couple of hours. She bought me a year’s subscription to the Metropolitan Opera streaming service as a Christmas present. I’m thinking of watching “The Marriage of Figaro” today.

Blogging isn’t a matter of writing posts. I suppose that if you use Blogger or, you don’t have too much technical stuff to do. You can still get into trouble even on those services. Collared Michael’s blog has been down for weeks. I sent him an email, but he hasn’t replied. I hope he is OK.

It’s nearly 1:30, and we haven’t started anything. I better get off my ass and mix plant food.

I was pretty productive yesterday. Like I-never-do-this-much-in-a-day productive. Compared to what other people do, it was a day off, but I don’t usually get that much done. Of course, it doesn’t look like I did anything because I’m so far behind. But it was nice to check off some boxes. Lion was productive yesterday too. He was doing something with the website. He explains it and I nod my head and agree with the crazy person. He moved our blog from point A to point B in the cloud, and then he did the same with a database. I think. Something like that. Anyway, it took all day. I had to pry him away from it to have dinner. Needless to say, I didn’t spank him.

Today is waxing day. It’s also gardening day, as every Sunday is. This week is tomato and strawberry day. Some weeks we just feed them. Other weeks we replace the water and feed them. Obviously draining and replacing the water takes longer, so that’s what I’ll be doing for a while. The wax is melting. It seems to be taking longer than usual to melt, but we’re not going anywhere.

This morning, I noticed the remnants of the box of candy Lion gave me for Christmas. It’s interesting that all the “bad” food around here hasn’t been knocking us off our diet. I just look at it wondering how long it will stay fresh or should I toss it now. I’m not tossing it because it’s calling to me to eat it. If anything, I think it’s better to have it around to show us how much we don’t need it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m looking forward to the day I can go back to eating crappy again. I just won’t go overboard with it like before. So, the box of candy reminded me that I got Lion a subscription to opera and he only watched one so far. Why is that? I suggested he watch one today while we wait for the wax to melt. He’s been doing whatever he’s doing in his office for a while now and the wax is well on its way to melting. He needs to start watching or I may decide either to cut the opera short or not wax him today.

I’ll still spank him. I haven’t forgotten about that.

This weekend, apparently, is for catching up on things. I’ve been doing laundry pretty much non-stop since this morning. I get behind on comforters and towels. Lion asked if I could wax him. I don’t remember the last time I did that. It’s long overdue. And, of course, Lion “needs” an orgasm. I put that in quotes because he may want one, but he never really needs one. Ironically, if he hadn’t asked me to wax him, he would have had it today. Now he’ll wait until I’m cleaning him up from waxing him. I wouldn’t want him to miss out on an oily hand job. That just leaves spanking and edging for today.

I know I’ll definitely spank him today. We’ve been out of sorts with sex lately. As much as Lion claims not to have enjoyed my hands running all over him a few weeks ago, I think he really likes that part of waxing. I don’t think he likes getting hair yanked out. He likes when I rub oil on him to loosen up the wax residue. Of course, that’s especially true once I get to his weenie. Last time I waxed him, I purposely ignored his weenie until the very end. I used to give it a coat of wax as a preview. Last time I made him wait. I’m not even sure he realized it. Sometimes I do things, thinking it will have some impact on him and he hasn’t even noticed. Other times, I don’t do something on purpose, and he thinks I did. Oh well. [Lion — I noticed!]

Today’s spanking is a regular punishment day spanking. He hasn’t done anything wrong. Well, nothing that would get him punished. He hasn’t been pushing my buttons at all. Could it be that he doesn’t want to be spanked? No, that can’t be it. He loves the thought of a sore butt. Just the thought, though.

Mrs. Lion is right. In her post yesterday, “No Football But There’s Still Spanking,” she mentioned that I haven’t been very interested in sex lately. That’s absolutely true. I’m writing this late on Friday afternoon, and I didn’t even get a tingle when I read that she wants to take out the massage table. I do think that I’m broken. I hope it isn’t permanent. If it is, what will I write about?

I could write political editorials. I’m sure that would thrill you. I could talk about blogging. Nope. I have to face the fact that the overwhelming majority of our readers expect spanking and male sexual adventures when they read our blog. That’s only fair. We’ve written 3.6 million words on the subject so far. The region between my belly button and my knees is extensively documented here. I always wanted to be popular.

I hope that Mrs. Lion is right and she can resuscitate my limp weenie. She is a very skilled lover. Today (Saturday) is punishment day, and based on her post, I can expect time riding the spanking bench. She’s right that it is always useful to remind me of the consequences of bad behavior. Doesn’t that seem odd to you? I’m a grown man, but I still need reminders, painful ones, to do what I’m supposed to.

If you put this in the context of a long-term relationship, it isn’t so odd. I get punished when I don’t live up to Mrs. Lion’s expectations. I agreed to set up the coffee pot every day. If I don’t, she has to do it the next morning. Not a big deal in the scope of a marriage, but an irritant that could fester and leak out in destructive ways. I realize that’s a very small chore that I am using as an example. Other, more important rules involve showing proper respect for my mate.

Mrs. Lion hates it if I interrupt her. It’s a big deal to her. She also doesn’t like it when I act like a know-it-all. In the pre-spanking days, these upsets would build up. At some point, she would withdraw and refuse to tell me what was wrong. She had nowhere for her feelings to go. She could have growled or yelled at me. I don’t think that would have helped either of us. Instead, she punishes me. It’s very humbling to be spanked by your wife. It also makes a powerful point that has nothing to do with the pain of paddling.

When she spanks me, Mrs. Lion is letting me know that she controls the consequences of my behavior. She expects me to be a responsible adult. She also makes sure I know what happens if I’m not. That’s why we have punishment day. Five minutes with her paddle is an excellent reminder to watch my step. It works.