Too Much

Lion is home today. It must be nice to get every holiday off. I’d much rather be home snuggling with him and snoozing. One good thing about working on a holiday is that there tends to be less traffic. The down side is that when the boss takes the day off, it’s very quiet around the office. You’d think we’d be able to get all sorts of stuff done when it’s quiet. Not so. We all seem to be spinning our wheels and it’s not for lack of trying to get things done.

On the way to work this morning, I was thinking about a blog Lion asked me to read. One of the reasons I don’t normally read other blogs is because they make me feel like I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. They either say I’m supposed to be making Lion wait longer for an orgasm, I should be teasing him a certain way, or I should be punishing him more. The blog I read last night was the latter. Not necessarily punishing him more often; just more harshly when I do.

I had a hard enough time wrapping my head around punishing him at all. It took forever to get to a point of actually punishing hard enough for him to think about repeating the offense. Then I swatted hard enough to cause bruising. Part of me was happy I did it because, while he didn’t really like it, I knew it was something Lion wanted. Part of me hated the bruises. I know they aren’t permanent. I know Lion wants them. I just don’t like hurting him.

The blog said a real punishment should be at least 100 swats. Um….no. First, I’m not going to give him that many. Second, I got bruising after twenty-some swats. What will 100 swats leave behind? Third, I saw the pictures of what 100 to 300 swats look like. No thank you! Too much. I can’t imagine being annoyed enough at Lion to warrant 100, let alone 300, swats.

I know the concept of reading other blogs is to get ideas, but that’s not an idea I want. Lion did say it was too much and all he wanted me to take away is the idea that I’m doing things correctly. The target area, the fact that he should regret making the mistake and try not to make it again, and showing him who’s boss. I’m pretty sure I can do that in less than 100 swats.

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The Public Lions

Saturday night was orgasm night for me. Mrs. Lion brought out the Magic Wand. She said she wanted to test it. A while ago she put the wand in her behind-the-door toy holder (it’s actually a shoe holder). When she took it out to tease me, it had lost its charge. We recharged it, and left it out in the bedroom. As I learned on Saturday, it held its charge perfectly.

As I was recovering from that nice orgasm, Mrs. Lion said that she had planned to just edge me. She says that a lot. But, she got caught up in the moment and there I was happily ejaculating. She had a cough drop in her mouth at the time. She told me that my semen wouldn’t taste good mixed with Luden’s, so she kindly fed it to me. What a sweetheart! For the statistically inclined, this was my third orgasm of 2017 and my average wait is holding at 7 days.

Around this time next month, the March issue of “Men’s Health” is coming out. I was interviewed for the magazine about nine months ago. I’ve been told that the interview is part of an article in the March issue. I’m not confident that enforced chastity will be fairly represented in the piece.

Journalists have a habit of slanting coverage to make things more interesting for their readers. For example, Mrs. Lion and I were interviewed for a podcast and article in the “Huffington Post.” The article was short but a reasonable representation of our relationship. The podcast featured a few other guys who were doing things that has nothing to do with our practice. I think we got a chance to advance our point of view, but I was disappointed in the other material.

I got a few emails from the “Men’s Health” writer asking for further information. The questions were way off topic.  One wanted to know what “manly” activities I enjoy. He wanted his readers to know I am a “regular guy.” He must imagine that guys practicing enforced chastity are feminine by nature. I told him the truth. I let him know about my knitting club and love of scrap booking. Just kidding. I told hem that both Mrs. Lion and I are football fans and I like to put my sports car on the track. Another question asked me to relate to Shel Silverstein’s book, The Missing Piece.

That was  really odd. It’s a kid’s book that teaches you can retain your individuality while being with your soul mate. I created a pithy response.

Based on these questions, I’m not sure how we will be represented. He mentioned that another guy in the article has sworn off women forever. Sheesh! The writer is a senior member of the editorial staff. He tends to write odd-but-true articles. His stuff is really good and often funny. So, I expect I’m in for some tongue-in-cheek treatment. I’ll let you know when the article is published.

In my past life as a dominant, I led quite a few workshops at large leather events. I wrote a few articles too. This was in the pre-blog era of history. My professional work has always been the sort of stuff that wouldn’t welcome a sex educator pervert. For that reason I try to maintain as low a profile as I can. I’ve reasoned that anyone who works with me and reads this blog or attends a conference where I present, wouldn’t be anxious to reveal my interests, since by doing so he would reveal his own.

Being the subject of a story in a general interest publication is a completely different matter. “Men’s Health” has almost 2 million readers; most of them are certainly not doing what I do. I was discovered by the writer through a Google search. We have top or near-top positions when searching “male chastity” or related terms.

There’s no doubt in my mind that when this article is published, a lot more people will find our blog. That’s not completely good news to me. We have our own server that isn’t designed for massive visits to our blog. Most of the other blogs you read are actually hosted by either or Some have their own URL’s like ours. But those web addresses are redirected to the hosts. So, if one of those blogs suddenly got a giant bump in traffic, the host company’s large server farm would easily handle it.

Our little server can be overwhelmed and grind to a halt. If that happens, it will bounce back once the flood of requests recedes. We don’t gain anything except an ego boost if lots more people visit. We have nothing to sell and we don’t carry any advertising. We do this because we like sharing with our community. When you write a comment, we feel rewarded by your participation.

Maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to be interviewed. I think I did because I’ve always liked it when I got into the limelight. Then again, in the past, the attention I got was from other people like me; not the general public. It’s certainly too late to whine about this. It will be fun to get some more attention, if only for a little while. I think.

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