Mrs. Lion tested positive for COVID yesterday. She was feeling under the weather for the last few days. I’m not feeling great either, but so far I am testing negative. Fortunately, we both have had vaccine and two boosters. Mrs. Lion shouldn’t get too sick. She’s got a prescription for the anti-viral that fights COVID. It’s been creeping up on her for days. It explains her difficulty with getting up the energy for sex. I hope the pills help her. We caught it within 24 hours of testing positive.

I’m sure that in the next day or two I will be testing positive as well. There is no way I can escape infection. We may go dark for a few days if we are both sick.  We’ll try to stay in touch.

I couldn’t figure out why I’ve been so achy lately. I mean, I’m usually achy, but this achy seemed over the top. When we hit our high temperatures the other day, it didn’t seem out of the ordinary for me to have a sinus headache. Any change in the weather can freak them out. Lion suggested I do a COVID test yesterday. I humored him. I was negative.

My sinuses were still whacky this morning. No big deal. The weather changed again to cooler temps. Again, it’s not unusual for my sinus to freak out. Lion suggested another COIVD test. I humored him. Crap! I’m positive. The tester showed positive as soon as I put the drops in it. It reminded me of my pregnancy tests that showed positive practically before I even peed on them. Lion tested negative this morning, but he’s feeling yucky too.

I called for a doctor’s appointment and got a video appointment for tomorrow morning. There was nothing sooner. Both Lion and I jumped online and found video appointments available with an “internet” doctor. I got through eventually and the antiviral prescription was sent to my pharmacy. I hope they have it available. From what I read this morning, the drug is readily available because most people don’t know it exists or have no idea how to get it. If one pharmacy can’t fill it, I’m sure there’s one around here that can do it.

Lion is arguing with an online doctor through his insurance to see if he can get an appointment to get the antiviral. I’m not sure if they’ll give it to him because he hasn’t tested positive yet. There’s a good chance he will because he’s been in close proximity to me. We both think he should take it prophylactically. He’s a less than patient patient. One way or another, he’ll get his drug whether we have to share the first doses of mine or not. I’d gladly give him my entire prescription to keep him safe.

I think neither of us will get very sick since we’ve gotten all vaccinations and boosters. However, Lion tends to get sicker than I do. I’ve wondered if he really gets sicker or if he gets “man sick”. Do men actually get sicker or do they just complain more? I don’t know how anyone can definitively answer that. He keeps asking me if I want to lie down. So far, it feels like a mild cold. I’m still working and I will unless I can’t manage to sit in my chair anymore.

Think about us when you hear COVID statistics over the next few days. I am, and Lion may be, included in those numbers.

Mrs. Lion has had to do a lot of extra work around the house since my vision and balance suffered. She’s been incredible, picking up my share of the load and being loving to me. Apparently, some interpret our different points of view as a sign that we don’t get along. I can’t believe our love for one another doesn’t shine through our posts.

Every day, usually many times a day, we tell each other how much we are in love. Since Mrs. Lion works from home, we are together 24/7 and love it. She is the love of my life. In the 19 years, we have been together, I have been happy and grateful we found one another. Only death will make us part.

One feature of our blog is that we dissect parts of our relationship in an effort to communicate to you and each other how we feel about things we are doing. We are approaching our 6,000th post. We’ve reported on our sexual activities almost every day since February 2014. You won’t find any serious issues in any of them.

It takes deep trust and love to sustain a disciplinary relationship. It only works if both partners feel a sense of fairness and love. Mrs. Lion’s spankings hurt a lot. I never feel they are unjust. She knows that no matter how much my bottom hurts, my love is unshaken. In fact, I love her more because I know she is doing it because I want and need it. Make sense?

A couple with a stressful relationship can’t do male chastity and domestic discipline. Stress inside a relationship involves distrust and a belief on some level that actions are being taken without concern for the relationship. Sure, I do selfish things sometimes. Most of the time, I get spanked when I do. Mrs. Lion doesn’t do selfish things very often. Actually, neither do I. When she does, she apologizes.

It takes a lot of love to maintain a 24/7 power exchange. It also requires complete trust in one another. I’m very happy that we have both.

We have three air conditioners and one fan in the house. It is currently a blistering 94 degrees outside. That’s hot. I was just outside and couldn’t wait to get back in. Lion likes to say, “It’s a dry heat.” I don’t care what kind of heat it is. There’s too much of it. Seriously, coming from New York, I know what it’s like to have 95-degree heat and near 100 percent humidity. It’s a lot worse.

For some reason, my sinuses are acting up. You’d think with air conditioners going and Lion’s dry heat outside, my sinuses wouldn’t have a reason to be all stuffy and gross. It felt like I was drowning last night. I had a sore throat this morning, which means I was breathing through my mouth while I slept. Lion said I was snoring. Anyway, I didn’t feel like doing anything with Lion. It’s hard to suck on a weenie when you can’t breathe through your nose. Tonight, I will take sinus medicine so it won’t be a problem again.

I’ve been pretty achy lately. I know I’ve been doing more running around, up and down stairs and lifting things, but don’t think I should be as achy as I am. I don’t know what to do about it. The doctor doesn’t seem to be much help. I can handle being achy to some extent. The problem is that I get short-tempered with Lion. He’ll ask a question, I’ll answer but probably not loud enough, and when he asks again, I bite his head off. It happens when I’m not so achy, but it’s definitely worse when I’m achy. I’ve been trying to do better, both in answering louder the first time and in not yelling at him the second time. I may have a way of punishing him when he gets snarky with me, but he has no way to combat my snarkiness. I have to police myself.

Tonight, I’ll snuggle up to my weenie again. Of course, Lion will be there too. It will be happy, fun time for Lion. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll have an orgasm, but he’ll enjoy himself nonetheless.