It was like we never did it before. Here we were, an old married couple, trying to fuck. Mrs. Lion turned around with her butt facing me. She tried to get my cock inside her. I was well lubed, but she couldn’t seem to find the right position to let me in. We never had any problems before. I suggested she turn around and ride me cowgirl style. In the past, she would start in this position and stay that way until she had her fill of orgasms. Then, she would turn around and I would have my turn.

Riding me cowgirl style worked easily. We fit perfectly. Since Mrs. Lion didn’t want an orgasm, and this position doesn’t stimulate me enough to get off, we knew we had to make reverse cowgirl work. Encouraged by my cowgirl penetration, Mrs. Lion turned around again’; still no luck. What the hell?

She moved up a bit, and I reached under. Her vagina was a tight ring. I moved my cock under it and she eased down. Nope, I couldn’t get in. I joked that Mrs. Lion was a virgin again. In reverse cowgirl, I think she is.

We gave up and Mrs. Lion used her hand to give me a happy ending. I wondered if mating lion-style (doggy style to the rest of you), would work better. There are a couple of advantages in this position. My erection is firmer if I am standing. It has to do with bloood flow and blood pressure. Since erections are generated by blood pumping into the penis, low blood pressure makes for softer erections.

Also, my ED includes weakening the internal valve that keeps blood sealed into the erect penis. When I am on my back, the blood leakes back into my body and softens my dick. Ugh! When I stand, gravity is my friend, and the blood stays where it belongs. If we do it lion-style, I am standing behind Mrs. Lion. My cock stays harder, and I can control penetration. Ironically, we stopped using this position when I had my first symptoms of ED. I would penetrate her and then get soft.

Now, with the help of Edex, the situation is reversed. It’s harder to stay erect on my back and easier when I’m standing up. We haven’t tried fucking this way in a very long time. We’ll have to see if our parts line up correctly when I’m standing behind her. If this position fails, we can try good old missionary. Neither of us were fans of fucking that way.

Even though we didn’t succeed this time, it felt very good to try. That’s the nice thing about sex over fifty; it’s less about reaching the goal post and more about feeling close to each other.

We are by no means virgins. I do tease Lion about having a virgin butt when he squirms so much during spanking and complains I’m hitting too hard. I suppose there are some ways we are virgins when it comes to trying different things. However, we have apparently reverted back to virgins as far as intercourse is concerned.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall. I can almost guarantee that fly would have fallen on the floor laughing watching us last night. Lion has the exact number, but it’s been years since we’ve had vaginal sex. I don’t care about sex anymore, so I don’t miss it. Lion misses it a lot. To say we’re out of practice is an understatement. [Lion — The last time we had vaginal sex was March 2018]

Lion did his Edex injection. I used my hand to get him more excited. Then I slathered on some lube, still using my hand. Once I thought he was excited enough, I attempted to mount him in reverse cowgirl style. Men often have trouble finding the right hole. This time it was me having trouble. After several tries, Lion suggested trying cowgirl. That worked. Reverse still didn’t after more tries. By that time, he was less than excited, so we gave up. I did give him a hand job that resulted in a less-than-fulfilling orgasm.

I don’t know why we couldn’t make reverse cowgirl work. I seemed too tight, and Lion teased me about being a virgin again. Maybe we need more practice. Lion is all for that. He’s also suggested doggie style. As I recall, that never worked very well because we had trouble with a height difference. But I guess we can give it a shot. It can’t possibly look more ridiculous than last night.

No one seems to want to talk to us.

Our blog is over ten years old. When I started it, I hoped it would be interactive—you know, with lots of comments and back-and-forth conversations. That never happened. Most posts never get any comments. With over 6,500 posts, we have less than 8,000 comments. About half of them are replies from Mrs. Lion or me. Is it that our posts are offputting? We have lots of readers but very little interaction.

Similar blogs get large numbers of responses; we don’t. I’ve been considering turning off comments entirely and resigning myself to writing an online magazine. The problem with silent readers is that we miss out on a lot of potential topics for future posts.

We know that we have loyal readers. Our site consistently draws a large audience. Our blog is part of the Google AI database. We rank in the top half of the sources used. It surprised me that any sex bloggers were included. I’m not whining about this situation. I’m genuinely confused. Both Mrs. Lion and I have equally bad luck attracting comments. This is true even when our posts are controversial.

Is this a problem with our site layout? Comments are only visible if each post is selected individually. If you just type our URL, you don’t see comments. If you click on the title of a post, you get comments. That’s true on almost every other blog. I don’t think that’s it.

After a decade of nearly no reader response, I’m ready to give up and turn off comments entirely. Mrs. Lion and I are also growing less motivated to post. Blogs tend to die in a decade or less. We’ve decided to keep posting. How much we write and what we write about can be influenced by you, our reader. If you interact with us, things happen. If you don’t, we lose interest. There’s nothing in this for us beyond the satisfaction of sharing.


lions mating

It’s been quiet here. Mrs. Lion has been helping me solve some difficult radio issues, which has taken time and energy that might have gone to sex. We’ve both had sleep problems too. So, nothing going on below my waist. Maybe that will change this weekend. We are making a one-day road trip on Saturday. That leaves tonight (Friday) and Sunday as the only possible times for activities.

I don’t know if I’m due for a spanking. Mrs. Lion hasn’t said anything about broken rules. Experience has taught me that doesn’t mean she isn’t going to paddle my bottom. She has written (“Roll the Dice“) that I’m due for an orgasm. She hasn’t said anything about spanking.  She’s also been talking a bit about riding me (reverse cowgirl position). It’s been over six years since we had vaginal sex. Mrs. Lion has no desire for orgasms, so vaginal sex is more trouble than fun for her.

I’m not complaining. Mrs. Lion has been very happy to get me off with her hands or mouth. Vaginal sex has never been critical to my enjoyment of sex.  But, I miss it. Now that I’m using Edex, and erections seem more reliable when I’m not lying on my back, maybe we can do lion-style mounting. That was the way we had sex on our first dates. Well, it was me mounting from the rear, but the target wasn’t vaginal. We had agreed to have anal sex.

Neither of us remembers why we decided that was the way we wanted to go. Our original plan was to meet for sex. How that became anal sex is unclear. Mrs. Lion enjoys anal penetration but doesn’t orgasm from it. Maybe we decided to start with backdoor visits because it was something she hadn’t done. Whatever the reason, we both had lots of fun.

If Mrs. Lion decides that we can have penetrative sex again, we can experiment with positions and orifices. Speaking of orifices, Mrs. Lion added anal play to our dice game. I have a one-in-six chance of anal penetration (my anus!) when we roll the dice. There’s a one-in-six chance of vaginal sex too. Of course, Mrs. Lion can choose to bypass the dice and do what she pleases.