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Lion is still a horny boy. You’d think I would have bought myself some time by giving him an orgasm Saturday night, but no. He was horny last night. I edged him quite a few times. I almost went a little too far, but stopped just in time.
He says at times I am a little too rough when I’m jerking him off. I can see that. I tend to get into it and forget how hard I’m gripping or how fast I’m moving. Poor Lion. He just wants to have some fun and here I am practically yanking his weenie off. I think I should get some credit for enthusiasm though.

Last night I think it was just right. After I had him going I even did an edging where I just barely touched him. Sort of a whisper of a touch. At that point all he needed was a strong breeze to get him off. But it was not to be. Don’t get me wrong. I considered it. I could have given him a bonus orgasm. It had only been two days, but you know Lion; the more the merrier. Unless he thinks about it too hard. Then he comes up with all these ideas about optimum wait times. And then he says it’s up to me anyway. Well of course it is. I already know he prefers to wait about four days, and two weeks is probably best but only on the third full moon of the month. Leave it to me, Lion. I’ve got you covered.

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Abstinence May Not Make The Heart Grow Fonder

I keep reading about guys who want to be challenged to wait longer and longer between ejaculations. Initially, this is a very exciting, if somewhat contradictory idea; doing without sex because it is so sexually exciting to be denied. I find it very arousing. But, and this is a big one, the excitement associated with abstinence, at least in my case, doesn’t persist indefinitely.

Enforced chastity is about involuntary abstinence. Either through the use of a chastity device, or the male’s desire to be obedient, he abstains from ejaculation until his keyholder permits his release. Each of us is unique and so what may work for you could be horrible for me. I don’t want to make any global pronouncements. I do want to talk about exactly what abstinence is for me and what it might be for you as well.

I think we can agree that in enforced chastity, abstinence is a form of obedience. One of the most enjoyable, core capabilities of a male is being able to ejaculate. We are built to ejaculate often; the preservation of the species depends on it. It is an instinctive activity that comes with one of the greatest rewards we can receive: an orgasm. Reducing our opportunities to have this massive pleasure simply to please another person is a  big sacrifice.

We are often the architects of our own denial. We start associating our level of devotion with the more time we wait between orgasms. We may reason that if we are made to wait a week and then suggest we wait a month, we are displaying more devotion to our keyholders. If that’s true, then waiting six months or a year makes us even more devoted. If you follow this line of thinking, never having another ejaculation again would be the ultimate expression of obedience.

I don’t agree. Yes, it’s true that surrendering my sexuality to my lioness is certainly a sign of devotion, but not a measure of it. If she gives me an orgasm once a week or once a year, it doesn’t change how devoted I am to her. It just changes how often I get to ejaculate. I don’t think that measuring the number of ejaculations in a year is a way to count the extent of my obedience. Fewer orgasms may be a way I can test myself and go for a personal best, but it has nothing to do with Mrs. Lion.

What counts as far as I’m concerned, is that I only ejaculate when she wishes. She is the sole owner of my sexual pleasure. My obedience is measured by how well I accede to her wishes and please her by being her kind, obedient partner. Expelling semen has nothing to do with that. We males do tend to think way too much about our cocks and our ejaculations. The fact that we do makes us easy targets for manipulation. Every female learns how to exploit that at some point in her life.

What Mrs. Lion and I are doing has nothing to do with sexually-based manipulation. It is a mutual conscious choice that I am obedient to her in all things. She is in charge and will reward or punish me based on my behavior. One of her tools is tease and denial. She makes use of my need for stimulation and (eventual) orgasm to remind me of her power. Whether or not I am wearing a chastity device is completely beside the point, as is how often she lets me ejaculate. I’m hers. Period.

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Travel Day

Today is travel day again. Both Lion and I work only two days this week before we are off on our next adventure. This time it’s a long drive to an off-the-beaten-path area of the state. But first, we have our three hour drive home from this trip.

Lion and I are getting back into the swing of playing. Now that he’s back to work and the newness of that job has calmed down, we can resume normal activities. Play in some capacity is at least every other night, assuming we feel up to it. Lion’s rules were always in effect, but I didn’t always enforce them. I pointed out the infractions, but I didn’t actually punish him. I’m trying to get better about that now.

As I said in a previous post, playing in the RV is a little more challenging due to space constraints. The bed is “only” a queen size rather than king. But it’s actually the space around the bed that is most limited. Anything that requires my standing next to the bed (spanking, for example) is more difficult. So I have to do that kneeling beside him on the bed. Not a tragedy. Just perhaps not as comfortable at that moment. On the other hand, we could always pull the sofa bed out and play there. Food for thought, Lion. Too bad I came up with that idea with only one trip left in the summer.

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Lion’s Sex Life

Lion had his last orgasm on August 27, 2016. 3 days ago. Lion has at least 3 days to wait for his next chance to orgasm. He has been locked in a chastity device 2 years and 7 months

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