We have a large collection of paddles. I accumulated most of them over the years. Mrs. Lion has bought a couple. Almost all of them are effective in terms of causing pain. A few can reliably bruise my bottom and raise spanking blisters. The image, right, shows some on my butt after my lioness spanked me. I recently thought “I’m going to blister your butt” was just an old-fashioned reference to a strong spanking. Since Mrs. Lion has turned up the volume on my punishments, I now get a blistered butt.

Detail of my blistered butt. There really are blisters!

Another recent discovery is that when Mrs. Lion spanks me for ten minutes, my bottom actually gets swollen. I can feel it when I lie on my back after she is finished. It feels like there are hard, rough spots back there. I felt this more acutely on Monday night. I’m pretty sure that’s due to her choice of spanking tools. I ordered some inexpensive paddles made from heavy conveyor-belt material. They are rubber laminated with strengthening threads. The paddles are thick and heavy.

She also used the bloodwood ferrule paddle. It has a long handle and a three-inch diameter striking face. It used to be our most vicious. Now, it is just medium intensity. I have no idea just how many paddles we have. I’m sure there are more than 20 in the collection. So far, the meanest is Mrs. Lion’s spanking spoon. This 3/4-inch thick, spoon-shaped paddle delivers bruises. I absolutely hate being spanked with it.

Note marks higher and closer to the crack. This is new.

Apparently, the use of the conveyor belt paddle changes her spanking pattern. Based on how it feels a day later, and by the picture (left), she did a lot more spanking toward my crack. Normally, there isn’t much red or bruising there. When it hurts to sit, I feel it low, near my thighs and to the sides. This time, the marks are close to the crack, and it hurts higher, toward the middle of my bottom and closer to the crack. I suspect the shape of the rubber paddle focused much more of the force nearer my crack. [Mrs. Lion — I was aiming for the crack more this time.]

This new pattern is much more uncomfortable for me the day after. There is no way I can avoid the pain. While I hate being spanked on my “sit spot,” the area above and below the seam where my butt and thighs come together, attention higher up, was very effective. It may even be more effective than Mrs. Lion’s more traditional targets.

I suppose this means she will take the time to work both areas thoroughly. Poor me.

Here he is after I spanked him. Click for a closer look. I did blister his butt!

As you may have read in Lion’s post, he got a red butt last night. I used a bloodwood paddle and a rubber paddle with holes. I don’t know if either produced sting or thud. They all sound like that sting when they hit. I’ve never been on the receiving end of a spanking, other than the occasional playful swat during sex, so I have no idea what difference it makes between sting and thud.

I tried Lion’s idea of using tiny spot Bandaids when he started to bleed. It didn’t work very well. There has to be a way to keep him from bleeding all over my paddles. There’s some splatter. The paddles start to stick. It’s no bueno. The good news is that he stops bleeding almost immediately when I get a washcloth to clean him.

After my shower, we settled in to watch Grey’s Anatomy. There was no medicine. A character is leaving, and it was his last show, so they were explaining where the character was going. Lion didn’t come right out and say it was soap opera, but I know he thought it. I guess he didn’t want his butt to hurt even more. When the show ended, I asked if he thought it was too late to play. He said it looked like my back was still hurting a lot, so we should hold off another night. It’s true that it was better, but still hurting. I’m sure it’s the bed. A few weeks ago, I made the bed harder. It seems counterintuitive that making it softer will help, but I’m willing to try anything at this point. Well, I won’t go to the doctor, so almost anything.

I will definitely give Lion some attention tonight. I don’t care if it makes my back hurt. He’s waited too long. Who says? I do.

Last night I got the “Just Because” spanking. I don’t know what she used on me, but I’ve never been redder! Click image to view larger.

Well, it looks like Mrs. Lion is getting back to normal. I’m glad. I hate it when she is under the weather. There’s a downside: she’s inclined to give me a “just because” spanking. In her post yesterday, she suggested that I must have interrupted her, and she didn’t mention it. This spanking will cover that and any other oversights. It’s my all-purpose beating. Lucky lion.

I’m not too upset about that. I know that I need regular paddling to remind me why I need to be on my toes. For reasons I will never understand, these spankings also recharge me sexually. Go figure!

I have indeed been less than reliable when it comes to arousal. My interest comes and goes. Part of the problem is that I’m not really getting that much from the sort of fondling that Mrs. Lion has been doing lately. I can’t explain it. All I know is that nothing happens when she does it. This may be my fault. I don’t know. It could also be temporary. I don’t like it at all. However, Mrs. Lion can always get me going with her mouth. Hint, hint.

She will be coming home from work soon. I have time to get a shower before she arrives. For the record, I set up the coffee pot first thing when I brewed myself a cup of coffee. I’m not asking for 15 minutes of spanking! The “just because” spanking is ten minutes long. All disciplinary spankings last at least that long. If I commit a second offense, five minutes are added. Mrs. Lion sets a timer. The number of minutes is a minimum. She won’t stop before it goes off. So far, she keeps going far longer. The ten-minute spankings are more like 15.  Every minute feels like an hour to me.

one cheek sized paddle
Broad-faced, stingy paddle. Click image to view larger.

Mrs. Lion tends to use a single paddle. This is a little problematic. A lighter, broad-faced paddle will produce a lot of sting and redness. It will also bruise a little. The effects aren’t too lasting. The heavy, narrow-faced spanking spoon bruises, and I will feel the aftermath for days.  It also tends to draw blood. Mrs. Lion hasn’t worked out how to deal with the blood. I suggested band-aids. That’s what we handed out to people at play parties when blood was drawn.

spahing spoon on Lion's butt
This is our spanking spoon. It’s made from very dense Chechen wood. This is the meanest paddle we own.
(Click image to view larger)

Some people tend to bleed from strong spankings. It’s not a sign of real injury. The skin splits a little in spots. When I bleed, it stops almost immediately after Mrs. Lion stops beating me. She used to consider blood a signal to stop. No more! I get my full measure regardless of blood. I imagine the spanking spoon will be what she will be using. It seems to work best for her and makes the strongest impression on me. I also truly hate sting, especially at the start of a spanking. After a while, I get less sensitive, and the sting is much more bearable. The spanking spoon is never bearable. Yes, I know, the idea of a spanking is to be as unpleasant as possible. Trust me. Mrs. Lion knows how to do that very well. The scary thing is that she gets better at it every beating.

We are uncoordinated. We do tend to trip over non-existent things, but I mean we can’t seem to be ready for sex at the same time. My back was sore for days. Just when I was ready, Lion had a problem with my weenie. There was a sore spot. I couldn’t see anything, except for lots of hair which will have to be addressed. He put some antibiotic cream on it and it felt better instantly. He thinks it may have been dry. This morning he put moisturizer on it.

His other theory was that it was atrophying due to disuse. Poor thing. I don’t want it to shrivel up and fall off. Luckily, I think I’m ready to resume normal weenie play if he is. I know Lion doesn’t get enough attention as it is. Between my back and weenie hurting, he’s been ignored even more. I don’t know how he’ll recover. It will probably take a lot of sucking to bring my weenie back to life. Poor, poor Lion.

Last night, Lion told me that it no longer seems to work when I play with my weenie while we’re snuggling. He doesn’t get hard. That may be true to some extent. Other times it’s fine. I told him my weenie was needy and greedy. We heard that line on The Big Bang Theory rerun over the weekend. My weenie wants what he wants when he wants it or he’s not playing. Silly weenie. He might get more than he bargained for. I’m pretty sure my weenie was just thinking about his neighbors being tied up or having clothespins placed all over them. But there’s also IcyHot and I think Lion is due for a “just because” spanking.

Assuming my back is still functioning when I get home, Lion will get that “just because” spanking. I’m sure I’ve missed him interrupting or annoying me in some way. I wish I had an example for him. I think it works better when he knows what he’s done to deserve his whomping. On the other hand, I can always paraphrase John McEnroe. He was notorious for fighting with the referee. One time the ref told him he’d be fined if he yelled at him again. McEnroe lost a point and went to yell at the ref, remembered the threat and said, “If you only knew what I was thinking!” I can tell Lion, “If you only knew how many times I bit my tongue.” Of course, I don’t know how many times myself, but it’s a nice catch all phrase for a “just because” spanking.