Mrs. Lion wrote about our puppy’s digestive illness. She seemed more energetic on Sunday but still not her normal self. Dogs do their best to hide any weakness. Our previous dog worked hard not to let us know that she was in terrible pain. Willow is the same. I get it. If an animal who lives in a pack exposes any weakness, she is likely to be prey. Even though dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, this trait still persists. We have to watch for subtle clues to determine if our pets need help. Her current problem was easy to spot. She was throwing up and had no energy.

While I’m on the subject of pets,I want to say that we have pet health insurance. We are covered by Trupanion. It covers 90 percent of all treatments and drugs. Willow’s policy costs more than Mrs. Lion’s health insurance and is only a few bucks less than mine. Our last dog was also insured. She started having seizures when she turned one. Her insurance paid for expensive medication that exceeded the premium we paid. Willow’s visit on Saturday cost $800. We ended up paying less than $200 for it.

Sex was the last thing on our minds on Saturday. It’s not all that interesting on Sunday, either. I’m writing this post on Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Lion and I might change our minds later. She’ll let you know in her post.

The end of the year is growing closer. We will have completed nine years of male chastity in just a week. We are just over two weeks away from our 6,000th post. I never imagined we would still be at either after all these years. Mrs. Lion and I have been together for twenty years. All those years ago, when we first got serious, I wondered what it would be like in twenty years. At one point early in our dating, she said she wondered if she would get bored with me. I asked her the other night if she was bored yet. She said she wasn’t. We’ve been practicing domestic discipline for at least five years (I can’t remember exactly when we started). We wondered if that would last.

I think the reason we manage to continue is that we keep communicating and trying new things. Based on other blogs I read, this is the secret for other couples who manage to incorporate these exotic practices in their daily lives. If we have anything in common, it may be that we discover real value in some aspect of what we do. We also compromise. Our domestic discipline isn’t what you read in the fictional accounts.

If our blog offers any historical value, it’s the accurate accounting of how we’ve changed over the years. What hasn’t changed is how much we love each other.

Late Friday night, our dog started vomiting. By yesterday morning, she’d vomited four more times. I got her a vet appointment where she had x-rays, anti-nausea medicine and fluids. The x-rays looked okay, but they were forwarded on to a radiologist to be sure. She slept most of the day, which is not like her at all. By bedtime, she wanted more than the measly tiny chicken and rice helpings I was allowed to give her. By this morning, she was picking up her toys and more active. It was a scary day, but I think she might be okay now.

Needless to say, neither of us felt like writing posts yesterday. I was busy putting metal fencing around the lilac bush. I think the dog ate through the plastic fencing and pieces of plastic irritated her digestive tract. I swear she’s more goat than dog sometimes. I didn’t even spank Lion last night. Between the dog and the chores I had to do, I was tired.

Today is gardening, errand running, football watching, chore, sex day. Not necessarily in that order. Now that the dog seems to be doing better, Lion can let his mind wander back to sex. I don’t know if he’s ready for an orgasm yet, but we can take the equipment out for a test drive. He doesn’t have to be ready for an orgasm every time we play. He likes the attention even if he never makes it out of first gear.

I know I owe him an IcyHot racing stripe and some bondage. The racing stripe requires him to be at least a little horny. Bondage can increase the likelihood of his being horny. Just the fact that he’s tied down excites him. Again, I don’t get it, but I don’t have to get it to do it. I don’t have to enjoy the feeling of a freshly made bed to understand that he does.

Hairless male

Male pubic grooming is a subject that doesn’t seem to get much attention. I see some references to manscaping but no real discussion of what it means for most men. Let’s face it, any sort of body hair attention is a fairly new idea. In the last century, body grooming had a sort of feminine air. Guys were supposed to be hairy. It didn’t occur to me until a girlfriend brought it to my attention in an unsubtle way.

Before I met this woman, I trimmed my pubic hair.I didn’t remove all that much but trimmed to about two inches. I thought it looked good. We had really good sex. I forgot about trimming my hair. After about a month, we were playing. She had me tied to the bed. She left the room and came back with a bowl of water, soap, and one of her razors. Without a word, she began shaving my pubic hair. I asked her to stop and explain what she was doing. She smiled and said, “Can’t you tell?” Then she explained that she didn’t like pubic hair. She said that when we met, I didn’t have much. She went on to explain that she never liked pubic hair. She had almost none. She didn’t have to shave.

I didn’t protest further. I wanted her to be attracted to me and I figured that she was the only one who would see me naked. It looked and felt odd, but she was happy. I got used to it and learned to like how I looked. I had absolutely no idea that there was such a thing as manscaping. After we broke up, I stayed hairless. Women I dated never commented on it. Most had full bushes of their own. I guess the times caught up with me. More and more men were hairless. When I checked out porn videos, no one had any pubic hair. How about that? I was a trendsetter.

Women have been removing body hair for a long time. I’ve never dated a woman who had hairy legs or pits. I’m all in favor of them removing the pubic hair too. Womanscaping is almost universally accepted. There is occasional controversy about shaving pubes, but I’ve never seen any serious discussion of hairy legs or pits.

Over the years, I decided to extend my manscaping. At this point, the only body hair I have is on my arms and legs. Mrs. Lion prefers hairy legs.. My chest, back, pits, pubes, and butt are all hairless. I like how I look. My chest is much better looking without the fur. It’s a choice that doesn’t suggest anything about my masculinity. I think that’s a good thing. Maybe we should write and read more about male body hair options. I wonder how women feel about it. Mrs. Lion says she is neutral on the subject, but clearly likes my hairless pubes.

[Mrs. Lion — For the record, I don’t care about body hair, except when guys are really hairy. I don’t like when a guy looks like he’s wearing a sweater when he’s naked. Lion’s pubic hair tickles my nose when it gets to a certain length and I tease him about it, but it wouldn’t matter if it was always there. I got used to it not being there and I could get used to it being there. Lack of pubic hair makes wearing a cage and anal play a little easier, but manscaping is mostly for Lion.]

Image: Lion sporting his cute bunny tail. I wonder where it is now?

Lion likes butt stuff. That’s no secret. He likes to be spanked, and he likes to be pegged. Aside from receiving anal sex, I’d never thought about other butt stuff. Sure, I knew guys had anal sex, but I’d never considered that a straight guy would want to be penetrated. There’s nothing wrong with it. I knew spanking existed, but I never thought about it either. Of course, that was before I met Lion.

If you’ve been following along with our story (thank you), you know that my first attempts at spanking Lion were comical. I was so afraid to hurt him he barely felt it. I started with my hand and, since my hand hurt, I reasoned I must be hurting him. It took quite a while for my hand to get used to hitting him. Poor Lion had to suffer through my ineffective spankings. I wonder, now that I’ve graduated to effective spanking if he misses those early days. [Lion — I don’t]

Our punishment day spankings of late aren’t really as forceful as regular punishments. Given the fact that his buns hurt afterward last night, Lion may disagree with that. The five-minute spankings are usually delivered with a leather paddle, and I don’t hit as hard. That’s not to say I don’t hit hard. He certainly feels it.

The first butt thing we did was anal sex for me. Our first date went straight to it. I don’t remember how long it was before he sprang spanking on me. It was a long time before he brought up anal play for him. By that time, I was already starting to fall for him. In for a penny, in for a pound. Things were beginning to seem less strange to me. He wasn’t asking to do things to me. That probably would have been a deal breaker. Although, I do wonder from time to time if I could gain some insight into why he wants to be spanked by letting him spank me.

All this leads us to last night. I took care of a few chores when I was done with work. I still had more to go, but I sat down for a while. Lion said he was hungry. We decided what to eat. I went off to start dinner and the other chores when I remembered his swats. I didn’t really have time for it, but I knew I couldn’t let it go. I got the spanking bench ready and invited Lion to join me. He wished I’d forgotten, but not really. He knows how important these sessions are. I swatted him for five minutes with the leather paddle and went on my merry way.

When I returned from doing the dishes, I asked if he wanted some oral sex. Silly question. He rarely says no. I grabbed his balls, tugged, and settled in. He didn’t get very hard. I knew he was interested, but it wasn’t the same intensity as the other night. No idea why.

I alternated between tugging on his balls, rubbing just behind his balls, and running my fingers along his butt crack. He likes all three. Apparently, he liked the butt crack thing most last night. I stopped once to reposition myself, and he wasn’t too close to the edge. I guess it snuck up on him because he went from zero to done in no time. I don’t mind. I got a nice creamy snack out of it.