I am sad and annoyed. Betty White died. She was so close to her 100th birthday, and she was gone. It’s just the sort of thing you’d expect from 2021. Not that 2020 was any better. My mother died at 95. One of my aunts lived to be 100 and, the rate the surviving sisters were going, I expected them to make it to 100. I don’t know what it is about making it to 100 that intrigues me. I guess I figure, if you’ve made it close to that age, you deserve to make it. I told my mother I was looking forward to her making 100. If anyone deserved it, she did. She fought through some pretty horrible illnesses and injuries. One of the last times I spoke to her, she said she didn’t care about being 100. She was done. She’d lived a long life. The next time she got sick, she said she’d give up. And that’s just what she did. I was proud of her for going out on her terms. Maybe it would be different if she was closer to 100 like Batty White. I might have been sad and annoyed then instead of sad and proud.

Okay. Enough doom and gloom. Lion is looking for a recipe for a pot roast. I am trying to wrap up what I can of this year at work. I set myself a goal yesterday, and I honestly thought I’d be skidding in under the wire, but I managed to complete that goal, and I’ve moved on to other things. I’m still behind where I’d like to be, but I’m doing better than I thought I would. In a few hours, I’ll bring out the spanking bench, and Lion will get a “just because” spanking. He hasn’t done anything to earn one in a while, so we’ll have to make due. I doubt he’s happy about it, but he doesn’t need to be.

[Lion — I am not happy about it!]

Later on, maybe after dinner, he’ll get his last orgasm of the year. When he gets his first orgasm of the new year depends on him. I can only do so much. He has to be at least partly horny. I assume it won’t be too far in. By the tenth, I hope. I’m not committing to a certain number of orgasms per month in the coming year. I don’t schedule them anymore. We just play it by ear, which seems to work just fine.

Today is New Year’s Eve. It’s a day to reflect on the past year. In most ways, 2021 is a year most of us want to forget. COVID got in the way of nearly anything people wanted to do. Mrs. Lion and I hunkered down and avoided contact with others. My lioness was permitted to work from home. We love each other’s company. In that sense, things are better for us.

My vision has deteriorated a little more. It’s more difficult for me to do simple things like cook. With Mrs. Lion as my sous chef, I made most of our Christmas dinner. I had a great time cooking with her. I miss being able to cook. Maybe in 2022, we can plan to work together in the kitchen more often. Tonight’s dinner will be a pot roast we will prepare. Yum!

2021 is our eighth year practicing male chastity and our fifth of domestic discipline. Our blog is celebrating its eighth anniversary in February. As of today, we have written 5,386 posts. This makes our blog one of the largest, if not the largest male chastity blog in the world. We may hold a record in other categories as well.

The blog continues to provide us with opportunities to communicate with each other and with you. Our daily posts accurately chronicle our evolution. In one sense, it’s not a good thing. Newcomers may find what we write now less useful in helping them get into our kink. We have some static pages (menu is across the top of our pages) designed to help with subjects that many of our readers want to see. The ones on male chastity are among the most popular search engine referrals.

We lost our beloved golden retriever, Daisy, in 2021. It was incredibly painful for both of us. A month or so after she passed, we got a golden retriever puppy. She’s totally different from our previous goldens. At seven weeks, she housebroke herself and had relatively few accidents in the house. She’s a nut and gets frantic a few times a day. This has been difficult for us. We both hope she will settle down soon.

Things that used to be challenging for Mrs. Lion are now routine. She considers spanking me as an everyday task. She has no remorse for making my bottom sore for days after a spanking. She says that it isn’t fun for her but doesn’t bother her. Domestic discipline is completely assimilated into our marriage.

I’m happy that we started all this. Our blog has connected us with great people. Male chastity and domestic discipline add richness to our lives. If you had asked us in 2014 if we would be permanently doing all this. We both would have laughed. I guess the laugh is on us.

Lion wrote yesterday that the year would go out with a yelp but not a bang. Why not both? He assumed he’d get an orgasm with the Magic Wand. It usually gets him very excited. I like seeing him straining to have an orgasm. And then I usually give in. But, last night, he didn’t get as excited. I’m not sure why. It might have been the angle. I was sitting on the opposite side of him. It’s somewhat more comfortable for me.

I didn’t mention it to Lion, but I planned to spank him earlier in the day tomorrow. Normally, I stop work at 12:30 on Fridays. Since I ran to pick up our prescriptions yesterday, I need to make up some time tomorrow. I also have some things I’d like to get done before the end of the year. However, working from home means I can take a short break to spank Lion. Lucky him! If I spank him earlier in the day, that leaves plenty of time for the year to go out with a bang. Maybe not a traditional bang. I still don’t know if I’m ready to attempt another Lion ride, but I can definitely try for a Lion orgasm before the clock strikes midnight.

I gave up on new year’s resolutions a long time ago. I bet if you go back to the last posts from last year and previous years, you’ll probably find a resolution or two that I had every intention of keeping. I’ll also bet at least one of them said I’d make new rules. And that’s exactly why I gave up resolutions. I don’t keep them. I think if you’re going to do something, you’re going to do it. Why add in all the fanfare? Want to eat healthier? You don’t have to do it just because you made a resolution. You can decide to do it at any time: March 22nd, tomorrow, a week from Tuesday. I’ll make a new rule when a new rule is needed. It will make itself known. Ha! Lion just did X. I hate X. I’ll make a rule. Until then, we’ll just keep motoring along, waiting for him to forget the damn coffee pot again.

Every time I think I have Mrs. Lion figured out, she surprises me. Take Tuesday night. I figured that she would build on the fun we had Monday. Instead, she told me that she just wanted to snuggle. Don’t get me wrong. I love snuggling with my sweetie. I figured that Tuesday would continue Monday’s fun.

Yesterday, in her post (“Super Hard“), she announced that we would end the year with a spanking. That wasn’t the fireworks I imagined I would experience. It’s been a couple of weeks since my bottom has felt her wrath. She made the valid point that we need to stay in practice. But New Year’s Eve?

We originally had plans to see”My Fair Lady” on New Year’s Eve. The Lincoln Center traveling company is in Seattle presenting it. The latest COVID problem made sitting in a theater with 2,000 strangers a questionable thing to do. I was able to sell our tickets at a small loss. We will be home on New Year’s Eve. According to Mrs. Lion, we now have something to do. How nice.

Apparently, my last orgasm of 2021 is coming before New Year’s Eve. That’s fine with me. I’ll take an orgasm anytime Mrs. Lion wants to give me one. Based on her post, it looks like her Magic Wand will deliver it. It’s been a little over a year (Dec 20, 2020) since my last Magic Wand ejaculation.

Living better electrically with the Magic Wand is a good energy saver for Mrs. Lion. I am grateful for any opportunity to get to the edge and beyond. I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon. I have no idea if tonight will bring edging or orgasm. Either is fine, of course. So far, I’ve had three orgasms in December. I had three in November and two each month for the six months before. Mrs. Lion might decide that I’ve reached my 2021 quota and wait until 2022 before I get to come again.

I’ve discovered that there’s no point in speculating. My lioness likes to surprise me. I have to remember that not every surprise is fun.