clothespins on balls

We are having a quiet weekend. Mrs. Lion didn’t feel very well on Friday and Saturday. We slept late, and she took it easy. I slept until 11 on Sunday morning. That’s very unusual for me. Mrs. Lion felt better on Sunday and caught up on unpacking and laundry. She is also excavating in our still-packed boxes for our stew pot. We have the makings for beef stew. i’m hoping to make some. It’s cool and damp out; perfect weather for beef stew. We have a great recipe for it.

If Mrs. Lion and I have the energy, there may be some BDSM fun later. She unearthed the toy bag that she used in our trailer. She said, “There ought to be some clothespins in there.”

Uh oh. Sounds like an Edex injection and lots of pinching clothespins on my cock and balls. OK, we both like those clothespin sessions. I think Mrs. Lion’s record is 45 covering my tender bits.

The WordPress sex nazis closed down one of the blogs I recommend, Our Bottoms Burn. Fortunately, the blogger maintains a supplementary version of the blog on Blogger. The link on our site now points to the Blogger blog.  We wish him well and hope he can restore his blog on a provider who isn’t allergic to sexual images. The idiots at are on a crusade to shut down any explicit sexual content that they host. They aren’t mature enough to understand the difference between sex blogging and commercial porn. I wonder how many of our readers are sex nazis from WordPress. It’s OK, I won’t tell your bosses what you do at night.

In case you don’t know, our posts are also available as podcasts. The most recent 500 are carried by every major provider including Google, Apple, and Amazon Music. It’s helpful if you have limited vision like me. I’m considering putting an audio player here to help visually impaired friends. We also offer versions of the blog (logo on upper right of your page) to help people with limited vision. Computer translations of our blog are available in 18 languages (see flags on top navigation bar). We’re committeed to doing whatever we can to make our blog available to as many people as possible.


Does size count? I hope not! There’s no getting around it; my penis is barely adequate. Some time ago Mrs. Lion made a silicone cast of my weenie. Looking at the disconnected likeness of my cock was a disappointing revelation. I’ve been handling it all my life. It felt just fine when pumped up. But my little six-inch weenie isn’t much in a world of eight-inch monsters. None of the women who have handled it laughed or commented on its size. The didn’t gasp or whisper, “Oh my God!” either.

I’ve never given size much thought. I’ve measured and have been measured when soft. That’s the only way to get a male chastity device that fits. My flaccid length is definitely on the short size, barely two inches. When hard, it grows to about six inches long and one-and-a-half inches in diameter. I’ve been told it looks cute. Cute? Sheesh!

My penis isn’t exactly a secret. Over five million people have seen it in various poses that range from soft and”cute” to hard with clothespins attached. I’ve only received one comment from a guy who said it looked cute and suckable. Only one comment in ten years and over five million views. I didn’t expect to have a fan club, but still…

What promted this painful memoir was a picture that popped into my Twitter feed. Holy shit! Is that what women want? I don’t have it if they do. No wonder Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex. She has a life sentence with my tiny dick. When I was locked in a male chastity device she didn’t have to deal with my low-rise erection. Maybe we should go back to locking me up.

double whammy

My sex life has become very difficult. The biggest issue is that I’m the only one in this marriage interested in sex. Mrs. Lion is done with sex for herself. She kindly gets me off. Sex is all one-way. Foreplay is limited to what Mrs. Lion wants to do to get me aroused. This has been going on for a very long time: nearly half of our marriage. She deserves a lot of credit for taking care of my needs. Let’s face it, sex isn’t something she wants; it’s a service she gives me. Foreplay is almost impossible. When both of us were interested in sex, our foreplay increased in intensity as we both got more and more aroused. That doesn’t happen now. I miss it.

My ability to get hard has also suffered. I need to get an injection of Edex in order to get a full erection. The process of preparing the solution and then injecting it into my penis is about as far from foreplay as you can get unless you are into medical scenes. To make matters worse, Edex is expensive so there os pressure to make every shot count.

Given all this, it’s amazing that there is any sex at all. Now that Mrs. Lion has discovered that hand jobs work again, she seems inclined to jerk me off as soon as the Edex gets me hard. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but this is not what I want. A handjob is fun at the end of some BDSM, but just jerking me off as soon as I get hard feels impersonal and not much fun for me. I guess that from Mrs. Lion’s perspective, sex is just another chore she has to do before she can go play on her iPad. I’m grateful she takes the time to get me off.

I don’t know what we can do about this. I know that Mrs. Lion can have orgasms; she just doesn’t want them. I don’t understand that, but it’s how she feels. The problem is that activities like kissing and petting have also stopped when sex became one-way. I miss that, too. The only intimate activity we do that doesn’t involve directly stimulating my penis is spanking. I want to find more we can do.

nazi wordpress logo

Most blogs, ours included, count other bloggers as some of our most faithful readers. It’s a sort of secret fraternity/sorority in that we rarely identify ourselves to other bloggers. The exception to this is when our little community is under attack. About ten years ago, Google, the owner of, notified sex bloggers that they would no longer permit their content. Fortunately, Google relented to the wave of protests and welcomes sexual content.

The largest blog host is WordPress is also the leading blogging software. The software is free and not subject to any form of censorship. is the commercial side of the company. The blogging software is free. You can get a small blog for free from Larger blogs with more features cost money. Unfortunately, the people at are sex nazis. They will shut down any blog with “explicit” sexual content. Our blog is not welcome there. The nazis even kill paying customers if they shop a penis or a vagina.

The nazis also sell a WordPress plugin called Jetpack. This software offers backups, scans, improved commenting, and other nice additions to a WordPress blog. About a month ago I received an email telling me that unless I removed explicit sexual content, my subscription to Jetpack would be canceled. I chose to delete Jetpack and replace it with other free plugins.

Most bloggers aren’t very technical and would have a lot of trouble building a website on their own. So they knuckle under to the sex nazis at I am deeply disturbed by censorship. I don’t think kiddie porn or other illegal content has a place on the Web, but beyond that I believe anything else has a right to exist. Sexual content is certainly free speech and protected under the US Constitution.

Sadly, most bloggers don’t realize that the technical bar is very low if they want to blog without censorship. Google WordPress hosting, and you will find a ton of reasonably priced vendors who will give you a turnkey WordPress site at a low cost without nazi censorship. If you are willing to use your search engine to help you learn some Linux basics, you can self-host in the cloud free from the nazi bastards at

I’m very surprised that is populated by nazis. It makes no sense. Does their personnel department look for sexually repressed Republicans? It absolutely amazes me. In the past, I’ve had to ask some plugin providers for help implementing their products. They needed access to our site to help me. Without exception, they were happy with our content. Only the nazis were offended.

Fortunately, we don’t have to allow the nazi censors to redact sex from our world. If you are a blogger, you have options. If you need help, let me know.

Lion is fur free from his pits to privates. I wondered if I’d have trouble since the hair was fairly long in some places. The light zapper (Lion knows the real term) we used a long time ago, had difficulty with longer hair and hair that was too light. On some level, it makes sense that wax wouldn’t care. It just glues itself to things and yanks them out. I’m assuming it would yank out loose skin if given the opportunity. On the other hand, there are spots I have to go over two or three times before the hair relents.

I’m pretty sure it’s been three months since he was waxed. He was definitely furry, but I don’t think it was growing any longer. My nose was tickled about the same from one month to the next. The hair on his balls was in no danger of reaching his knees. I know he hates to have any hair, but it wasn’t out of control.

I considered only waxing him from belly button to privates. He said it would be nice if I could do his entire chest. I thought I was being nice to do it at all, but I agreed to do his chest. I don’t need the hair on his boobies tickling my nose when we snuggle.

In the past week, he’s been spanked, given an orgasm and waxed. That’s a lot of attention all at once. Of course, he should be getting attention like that more often. The mountain of boxes, while receding, is still a work in progress. I have to figure out how to manage Lion attention and box attention. “All I’ve gotta do” is take the hour after work for box attention and then after dinner for Lion attention. Unfortunately, he’s said that after dinner attention is still too late sometimes. And if I’m whomping a butt, I should do it before dinner so he’ll be ready for any after dinner dessert. You can see how things can get complicated.

The bottom line is that Lion is more important than any boxes. He gets first dibs on my attention.