Today is the last day of the year. I, for one, am ecstatic. Good-bye 2019 and all your problems! Go on! Get out of here! As for Lion and I, it’s business as usual. We just keep plugging along come hell or high water, of which we’ve seen both this year. And we just keep going like the Energizer bunny. Sure we’ve had to put things off for a while because of illness or injury but we got right back on the horse as soon as possible.

The other interesting thing is that we not only maintained things, but we also managed to come up with new things. Or, more accurately, we brought back some things we’ve done in the past. Anal training comes to mind immediately. We tweaked the way we do punishments by creating funishments.

lion in panties for spanking
To help deal with Lion’s bleeding, I am spanking him in thin panties.

That’s not to say everything has been rosy. Lion still has trouble remembering Saturday punishment day. For now, forgetting has moved from funishment to punishment. Yesterday I wondered if spanking him in panties (on him, not me) would do anything to solve the problem of a wimpy Lion butt that keeps bleeding even though I’m not hitting particularly hard. I think he’s out of practice. I need to toughen up his hide.

So we tried some frilly panties. He said it did dampen the swats a little. I swatted him for five minutes. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but I’ve never timed it before. And Lion was bleeding through his lovely green panties. I figured I should stop at five minutes and see how much of an impact I’d made on him. Sadly, he reported that he wasn’t very sore. Oh well. We’ll give it another shot tonight – in panties again.

Another thing I changed up is how I edge him. Or, rather, don’t edge him. I’ve been giving him oral attention but I stop when I feel like it. It’s sort of a variation of edging. I’m not very concerned if he gets to the edge or not. As far as I know, he loves it. The only problem is that I want him to have an orgasm by tonight and so far, he’s hitting a plateau. He can’t get there. I think he might need mechanical intervention via the Magic Wand. Of course, that defeats the purpose of oral attention. Before I give up, I think I’ll tie his balls up and see if that helps. He loves that.

Assuming all goes well with giving him an orgasm, we’ll ring out the old year with a bang. Then we’ll sleep in and ring in the new year with a snuggle.

It’s New Year’s Eve. This is when we make resolutions and then promptly forgot them. This year, it’s not the same here in the lions’ den. Failing to keep my resolutions results in painful reminders to get on track. After all, resolutions are rules. At least for me.

I usually don’t make any resolutions. That’s not because I don’t want punishment. It’s because I’ve always questioned the value of such promises. By converting them into rules, they have teeth and will literally bite me in the butt if I don’t do them. The problem is that any behavioral issues that need correction are rules that Mrs. Lion enforces. The only resolution I can think of that she hasn’t covered is that I want to lose more weight. Perhaps I can make a resolution to lose 4 pounds a month and Mrs. Lion can enforce it.

For those of us in disciplinary relationships, New Year’s resolutions can be considerably more significant than they are for people without the disciplinary component. I don’t think that the majority of guys who are in this type of relationship have much flexibility in terms of the reasons they get punished. I wonder if they ask their disciplining wives to punish them if they failed to honor a resolution, they would agree.

In my case, other than weight loss, I think Mrs. Lion continuously sets rules for me that makes me a better lion. There’s been a hiatus in rulemaking over the last few months. I’m encouraging Mrs. Lion to become more active again.

mrs. lion jerking lion off
Mrs. Lion tries with both her hand and mouth. So far I haven’t been able to get to the edge.

Sexually, there’s been a recent development that puzzles both of us. I don’t appear to be able to have an orgasm when Mrs. Lion decides I should. This could be one of my slumps. We aren’t too worried yet. Well, I’m a little worried. Even the magic of Mrs. Lion giving me oral stimulation isn’t doing the trick. She threatened to bring out the heavy artillery: the Magic Wand vibrator. I’m not too happy about this idea. I don’t think I’ve been waiting long enough to justify such drastic means. Of course, Mrs. Lion is the ultimate authority on this. As of yesterday (Monday), it’s been 10 days since my last ejaculation. That’s a little longer than usual, but not enough to be concerned. I know that’s a bit of a switch for me, but I would prefer to continue getting horny until Mrs. Lion can get me off without mechanical help.

I’m not saying she shouldn’t use the Magic Wand to edge me. I would strongly prefer to finally have my orgasm in Mrs. Lion’s mouth or by her hand. Of course, she decides and it could well be the Magic Wand.

Mrs. Lion and I had an interesting email conversation yesterday. She’s had to stop a spanking before she reaches the point she thinks I’ve learned my lesson because I bleed and get blood on her paddle. She wondered if I wore a pair of underpants, if I would still feel the spanking but would prevent my skin from breaking. I suppose it’s worth a try. I suspect that if the underwear is very thin, like a pair of panties, I will feel the spanking and I will still bleed. Thicker underwear will cushion the blow and Mrs. Lion will have to hit much harder to make an impression. Maybe she should experiment. My vote is staying with the bare bottom. I sent her an email suggesting she spank me more frequently to toughen up my hide.

This may be the first practical reason for maintenance spankings. I’ve generally been against them since they reduce the significance of disciplinary spanking. However, it may be a spanking offense to force her to stop before she is ready. I suggested it to her in an email and she agreed. I may have gotten myself into a world of pain.

We are both wrestling with my current problem with edging and orgasm. I like Mrs. Lion’s current approach. It’s likely to mean that I will get a lot fewer orgasms if she stops playing with me when she gets tired of it. On the other hand, it’s my fault after all, so I should be prepared to pay the consequence. Naturally, I’m not happy that this has become such a problem but there is nothing that either of us can do about it other than to ride it out.


Since this is our 4000th post I guess I can do some reminiscing.  I never thought we’d still be at it this long. As I remember, I didn’t even know about the blog in the beginning. I think Lion got a comment that needed a woman’s touch so that’s when he invited me to post. 

[Lion — Actually, I started the blog with a female writer who turned out to be not what we needed. I asked Mrs. Lion if she would take over. I was very happy when she agreed. This would make our blog able to show both sides of our power exchange.]

As with most things, over the past few years, it’s become second nature to write a post. Sometimes I have nothing to say. I tend to do the play by play about our play. Lion did this. I did that. I should have done this. I forgot to do that. Sometimes my play by play is just venting about things that went wrong. It’s not always fair to Lion. When he writes something that he thinks might cast me in an unfavorable light he offers not to publish it. I always tell him if it’s how he feels, he should. Whether it makes me feel bad or not, it might help someone else dealing with a similar issue.

I wonder if our sex life has continued and developed the way it has because of the blog. Or, it’s possible the blog has continued because of the way our sex life has developed. In either case, they seem intertwined.

We have gone far beyond male chastity. Whether Lion is caged or not, we still practice enforced chastity. We’ve just branched out into other areas as well. If nothing else, it keeps our readers on their toes. Who knows what we’ll come up with next? That’s a question I ask myself too! What will Lion come up with next? He’s very fond of searching the web for new things.

Six years ago was the last time Lion jerked off. He isn’t allowed to ever do it again.

When Lion approached me with the idea of enforced male chastity, I really thought it was something that would last a week or two. Things we’ve tried in the past, and some even since then, tend to have short lifespans. Once I realized how neglected Lion felt, I knew we had to keep going. Even when I no longer cared about sex for myself, I still wanted to continue. Male chastity definitely brought us closer together.

If enforced male chastity doesn’t float your boat, it could be any type of play to jump-start your sex life. Lion could easily have started with rules and punishment. Anything that opens the lines of communication can work. However, I think it was the finality of locking the chastity device on him that did it for us. I would have (and do) forgotten to catch him breaking rules. If I did catch him, I would have (and do) forgotten to punish him. After a while, it would have fallen by the wayside.

Having something tangible locked on his cock meant that I had to do something. I needed to act. He was dependent on me to free him at least every other day. Of course, freeing him didn’t mean he’d get any relief. I might just tease him, slap the cage back on and go about my merry business. That’s all part of the game.

The blog has become a means of communication between Lion and me. Sometimes there are things that are just more easily written than said face to face. We are, by no means, the king and queen of communication. We have many, many misunderstandings. However, I really think we communicate better through our posts. Of course, the written word does not capture nuances. Some misunderstandings come from the inability to hear sarcasm or other tones. When that happens, we have our daily emails to help when we’re at work and, obviously, actually talking when we’re home.

In the beginning, I threw Lion a few curves. First, I asked him to masturbate for me. I wanted to see how he turned himself on. It was also sort of a good-bye for him. He’d no longer be able to make himself come. I was taking away his favorite toy. The second curve was when I gave him an orgasm every night for a while. Several years earlier, he got sex every night and every night ended in an orgasm, as it should have in the “normal” world. Was I making up for all those orgasms he’d missed while I ignored him? I prefer to think of it as following orders. Lion said I had the power to give him an orgasm any time I wanted. Well, I wanted to do it every night. Problem? Eventually, Lion had had too much of a good thing. He said he couldn’t go on any longer. It may have been the first time I told him to be careful what he wished for.

On the flip side, he once had a 28 day wait for an orgasm. Some chaste males see it as a badge of honor to be made to wait extremely long times between orgasms. Neither Lion nor I care too much about long waits. I don’t think I’ll ever make him wait that long again. At a certain point, he loses interest in sex. It becomes almost impossible to arouse him. The bigger problem (because I’m the boss, that’s why) is that I love making Lion come. Making him wait makes me wait. We can’t have that!

Now the longest I make him wait is about ten days. Right now I think he’s been waiting longer but that’s because I’ve been playing with him differently. [Lion — Today is the tenth day] I don’t make it my life’s work to get him to the edge. If he can get there before I get tired then he gets his orgasm. If not, we try again the next night or the one after that. I’m not sure how long I’ll do this. It may just depend on when I want to take an orgasm from him. If I want the cream filling then I’m going to get the cream filling. Dammit!

The one thing I’m sure about is that we’re happier since we started enforced male chastity and all the rest that’s followed. I hope the blog reveals that. We’ll continue sharing our weirdness as long as you’ll have us. Thank you for following our journey!

If you are statistically minded, this is our 3,999th post. Mrs. Lion’s post later today will be number 4,000. By any count that is a lot of blog posts. Mrs. Lion and I have posted nearly every day since we started this blog. That must be a record. The first issue of the Journal published in February 2014. Mrs. Lion and I started practicing male chastity in December 2013.

spiral chastity device on penis
This device made by Lori in her early days went through my frenum piercing. (Click here to view larger)

Many years before 2013, I reviewed sex toys. I came across chastity devices and contacted the manufacturers for samples to review. At that time, I had no idea what size to request. The devices were custom-made. One device, (see image, right) worked with my frenum piercing. The device threaded through the piercing and then locked securely shut to the base ring. There is no question that it was the most secure device I ever tried. It was also the most uncomfortable and clearly too long for my penis. Like almost every other device I tried, it became too painful to wear after only a few hours. I liked this design, though I suspect it is so open that cheating would be fairly easy. You can see how the oversized spiral stretched my piercing and my penis painfully.

2nd cage i tried
This Chinese cage was way too long for me.

In December 2013, I was idly searching through Just for the fun of it I typed “male chastity” into the search box. To my surprise, a fairly large number of male chastity devices were shown.

I couldn’t resist. I picked a few likely candidates and ordered them. They were all very inexpensive; none priced more than $50. Two of the candidates had urethral tubes. These tubes channel urine and make wearing the device neater. I was concerned about having a tube inside my urethra continuously. It seemed to me it could cause an infection. The others were pretty standard cages. One of them seemed to fit quite well.

This device felt fairly comfortable. I wore it for the afternoon and took it off before Mrs. Lion came home from work. After dinner, I brought it out and showed it to her. She took it in her hands and looked at it with a puzzled expression on her face. I explained that she could lock it on my penis. Wearing it obviously would prevent me from masturbating. She seemed a little surprised. She asked me if I masturbated. I told her that I did once or twice a week. She was very surprised. She told me that she had no idea I did that. She also said that she didn’t want me to do itt again.

It was my turn to be surprised. I was sure she knew that men masturbated. I never considered it a big deal. She does. She agreed to lock me in the device. I explained that she would decide how often to unlock me and how often she would allow me to have an orgasm. Before locking me up that first time, she told me she wanted to see how I masturbated. So, I jerked off while she watched. Later she told me that she wanted to see because it would teach her how I did it and she could then learn how to better jerk me off.

first male chastity cage on penis
Mrs. Lion locked me in this device that fateful night in 2013. It was one I found online. It was obviously too long for my penis. (Click here to view larger)

I should say that for some time Mrs. Lion had no real interest in sex for herself. That was the reason I masturbated. Once a month or so, she would either jerk me off or on rare occasions give me a blowjob. That was the only sex I got. One reason I wanted to try enforced male chastity was to see if it didn’t improve the amount of sexual attention I got from my lioness.

Mrs. Lion locked me inho the device. I suggested that we have a contract that spelled out how we would manage male chastity and agree on the minimum amount of time we would continue before we could decide if we wanted to continue or quit. Mrs. Lion agreed to unlock me and tease me, at the least, every other day. We agreed we would continue with my penis locked in chastity for six months. At the end of that time, we would decide if we wanted to continue.

The device was pretty comfortable. It had one major problem: the base ring was hinged so that it opened up to allow easy trapping of the balls and penis. Unfortunately, the space allowed for the hinge, would pinch the underside of my balls. I would feel it is a sharp pain and over a day or so, it would show up as a red mark. The device came with a piece of rubber tubing designed to go over the hinge and protect the balls. We tried it, but it would migrate away from the place it was needed. As a result, I had to go uncaged for a couple of days every now and then to allow me to heal. When I was uncaged, Mrs. Lion said that I was wild. Of course, the same rules applied. I wasn’t ever free to masturbate.

Like most newly-caged males, I read everything I could find on the web about male chastity. I read about custom chastity devices. The consensus at the time was that devices by Mature Metal were the very best. I read every word on their website. Various blogs and male chastity forums suggested that the Jail Bird model was the most comfortable.

long jail bird
I was too generous in measuring my penis length for my first Jail Bird. The tip of my cock didn’t touch the end of the cage.

I religiously followed the measuring instructions on the Mature Metal website, and sent an email ordering a Jail Bird. I was told the device would arrive in about six weeks. This long delay is one of the reasons that many newly-caged males don’t order custom devices. However, after a month or two of wearing an off-the-shelf device, the value of a custom-made chastity cage becomes apparent.

The Jail Bird arrived in due time. It was beautiful. It fit very well and we were both happy with it. The open cage-like design made it easy for me to keep clean. It didn’t allow enough room for an erection. It did the job and was very comfortable to wear.

I had a problem, however. Because the tip of my penis was not touching the end of the cage, when I went to urinate, frequently the spray would go all over. Some guys deal with this by peeing sitting down. When they do that, they don’t get the bathroom floor all wet, but they do give their balls a shower. I wrote to Mature Metal, and asked if there was something that could be done. It turned out that for a relatively small charge, they could shorten the cage. Mrs. Lion took a tape measure to the cage while my penis was in it, and determined that it was 1/2 an inch too long. I ordered that the cage be shortened by three-quarters of an inch. This would allow a little compression to assure the head of my penis stayed in place.

1 inch-long jail bird male chastity device
This is the shortest Jail Bird. The cage is just one inch long. It fits me perfectly. (Click here to view larger)

When the shortened cage arrived, it appeared to solve the problem. The cage was only 1 1/4 inches long. It didn’t take long to discover that head of my penis could still pull back enough to go off-center and spray through the bars. I went back to Mature Metal and asked them if they could shortly cage to just 1 inch. They said they could, but warned me that they couldn’t go any shorter. I sent them back my cage and within a couple of weeks, I got back the new, 1-inch cage.

This device was perfect. My urethra poked out of the bars just a little bit, and for the most part, stayed in position so that I could use the toilet standing up with no problem. Occasionally, even with this very short cage, I could go out of alignment a little. A small amount of pressure with a finger or a Q-tip got me back into position. This is my current go-to cage.

lion's penis in cherrykeeper chastity device
The 3D printed Cherry Keeper is an example of excellent devices at reasonable cost.

Over the years, I have tried other custom-made chastity devices. If you want to read about them, do a site search on “Reviews”. They have ranged from cages to a device that completely encases my cock and balls. Most have been 3D-printed. 3D printing has lowered the cost of a custom device as well as made delivery much faster. It’s now possible to get a custom-made device for less than $200 delivered in less than three weeks. Of course, that doesn’t mean people have stopped buying handmade stainless steel devices. There is something about wearing steel that is very exciting. to many men

lion's butt paddled with paddle tramp
This little paddle was bought as a joke and spent years hanging from our refrigerator. It’s no joke on my bottom.

The other side of the lion
Over the years before we began male chastity, Mrs. Lion and I enjoyed some BDSM play. She would spank me (not very hard), put dildos and butt plugs up my ass, and play with my cock and balls. We didn’t do this very frequently but it was a lot of fun when we did. Mrs. Lion always topped me.

When we started male chastity, it was a sort of continuation of our BDSM play. Mrs. Lion is in charge and has full control over my ability to enjoy sex. Since the chastity device prevents erections, she also controls when I can get hard. This control is 24/7. In a way, it’s an extreme form of BDSM.

It was natural that sooner or later I would want to extend this. Feeling her control over my ability to have sexual pleasure is very exciting. I reasoned that if that control were extended it would even be more fun. I asked Mrs. Lion if she could take charge of more. She agreed.

In the beginning, things were very simple. Mrs. Lion made a couple of simple rules. One was that I was not allowed to spill food on my shirt. She figured I would break this rule a lot. She was right.

The second rule was that I had to wait to eat until she had started. Again, she figured I’d break this one too on a regular basis. She was right about this too. When I broke one of the rules, she would spank me. We have a pretty large collection of spanking paddles. I acquired most of them in the years before I met Mrs. Lion. During those years, I was the one doing the spanking. Now, they were coming in handy for her to use on me.

Since Mrs. Lion’s spankings have become so severe, lesser offenses are now punished with more childish punishments like this: standing in the corner.

She had never spanked before and it took her a very long time to get to the point that her spankings were painful enough to act as a deterrent. I’m getting ahead of myself.

During those early days of spilling and spanking, it occurred to me that if Mrs. Lion could punish me for spilling on my shirt, she could also punish me for doing things that upset her.

Mrs. Lion has always been rather introverted. She doesn’t like to express her feelings. When I’ve said things that hurt, she just stays quiet about them. At some point, she stays a little too quiet. After some prodding by me, she will tell me what upset her. It occurred to me that if instead of keeping quiet and stewing, she could growl at me and then punish me, we would both be much better off.

I wrote about this in the blog and Mrs. Lion tentatively agreed. That was over three years ago. During the last three years, her spanking skills have improved substantially. Now, at the end of 2019, she delivers bruising spankings that I will feel for a day or two afterward. Her spankings have become so severe that we decided she wouldn’t use them to punish me for breaking those “training wheels” rules. Instead, for them, she would inflict more childish punishments like soaping my mouth or making me stand in the corner.

So far, this has worked out very well. The sole exception is when these milder funishments don’t cause me to correct my behavior. The best example of this is that I consistently forget to remind Mrs. Lion that Saturday is punishment day. I’m required to remind Mrs. Lion every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday that it is punishment day. When we first started with our disciplinary relationship, Mrs. Lion would often put off punishments to the point that she totally forgot them. To help correct this, we established punishment days. On those days if there were any punishments as yet un-administered, after dinner I would be punished. This never worked out very well, but she still wants me to remind her. Sadly, I can’t seem to remember to remind her on Saturdays. I’ve done this so many times, that now when I forget she gives me a full-scale spanking.

For some reason, the red color of my butt doesn’t come out in our photo. Mrs. Lion’s spankings leave marks and hurt for a day or two after she administers them.

Mrs. Lion still has trouble punishing me for saying things that upset her. I’m hoping that this will become easier for her as time goes on. In the meantime, I try to point out situations when she seems to be annoyed. Sometimes, I even point these out in my posts. It’s not that I want a spanking. I want Mrs. Lion to be more aware of what upsets her and to feel she has the opportunity to take action to correct me when I am the cause.

We’ve come a long way
A lot has happened in the last six years. I’ve had health problems that have left me much more dependent than I’ve ever been before in my life. Mrs. Lion has stepped up and takes wonderful care of me. We’ve gone from a tentative step into male chastity all the way to a butt-bruising, full-scale, Female Led Relationship with Discipline.

Now that we have been doing this for years, it’s part of our marriage. There is no way we can go back. We learned this a few months ago. I had to undergo some surgery that required a relatively long recuperation. During that time, Mrs. Lion suspended all rules. One day, I happened to mention to her that I missed our FLRD. I even missed the spankings. She agreed. We both felt that something was missing from our marriage. We were very happy when we could get back to normal.

From time to time we get comments from people who wonder how we can possibly do what we do. They suggest that Mrs. Lion is excessively cruel. This is untrue. When it comes to domestic discipline, Mrs. Lion has been very careful not to do too much. The simple fact is that the level of spanking I get is the minimum required to get my attention. She’s learning how to become a better disciplining wife. She’s already mastered how to be a brilliant keyholder. I’m very lucky she’s in my life.