When Lion fell last week he must have hurt himself more than he knew. He was in pain for a day or two and thought that was the end of it. If he coughed hard or moved wrong, it still hurt but it wasn’t the horrible pain of the day he fell – until last night. He started coughing and he just kept going and going. Enter the pain he had the other night. I had to run out to get him an ace bandage to wrap around his ribs. That did the trick.

Before I realized he was in so much pain, I dragged out the spanking bench. I offered to postpone it till today but he didn’t want to. Once he was face down, he realized he had to. I’m not heartless. Rib pain is not the kind of pain I was going for. I wanted bright red buns with a bruise or two. No fun! He just asked if I was going to make up the spanking tonight. It all depends on when we get home. The dog ate his glasses so we have to go later to get a replacement pair. Of course, it also depends on how he feels. If his ribs still hurt a lot then it makes no sense to put him through a spanking.

This is the latest example of life intruding. There will be more. You can’t really get too hung up on schedules being broken. I’m just glad I was here to get him the ace bandage and make sure he was taken care of. That’s the important thing.

One of the most problematic aspects of domestic discipline is that it is initiated and often managed by the person receiving the punishments. It makes complete sense that the initiating spouse is the recipient. After all, this is consensual. The strongest form of consent is initiation. No possibility of coercion exists. Almost all DD contracts are written by or under the supervision of the disciplined spouse.

I’m sure you can see the problem with this. It’s one thing to express a need to be disciplined. It’s another to decide when you should be punished. Most of the people who want to be disciplined have a substantial history of spanking fantasies. That’s fine since it makes it easier to get cooperation when a spanking is due. But it gets in the way of a real disciplinary relationship.

We’ve been working through this for years. We are lucky. We had a good start. I asked Mrs. Lion to be my disciplinary wife, and she agreed. I suggested that we needed rules that I had to follow. She did a very smart thing. She agreed but didn’t let me suggest rules for me to follow. She created a few that I was sure to break frequently. Her thinking was that both needed practice. It worked and is still working. I don’t break those early rules very often, but when I do, I get spanked.

The other difficult problem we faced was the actual spanking itself. I wanted it to be meaningful. That is, I wanted to feel it for days. At least that was my fantasy. It took a lot of practice for Mrs. Lion to get to the point that it hurt to sit for a couple of days. I learned that I hated spankings that produced those results. Mrs. Lion was learning how to spank me without feeling remorse. It became a skill she was perfecting. How much I liked or disliked what she did was of no consequence. She wanted me to report if it hurt after she finished and each day thereafter. That was so she could determine how she did.

We learned that spanking time seems much longer than it really is. The only way to be sure my spanking goes full measure is to set a timer. We got this idea from the now-defunct Disciplinary Wives Club. We follow their suggestion that a spanking is timed at ten minutes. If more than one offense is being punished, five minutes are added for each additional offense. Timing spankings made a huge difference. Ten minutes feels like forever when my bottom is being beaten. When the timer finishes, Mrs. Lion doesn’t. The ten-minute time is the minimum. Mrs. Lion will often go on for several more minutes after the timer sounds.

Mrs. Lion is in full control when it comes to punishing me. She doesn’t accept input from me when it comes to the actual spanking. I can yelp and complain all I want. It doesn’t make her take it easier on me. The timer guarantees that I always get full measure. Since we instituted “just because” spankings, Mrs. Lion is beginning to use them to punish me for annoying her. That was the idea. Over time she will learn to punish me for annoying her without using the “just because” spankings for that purpose.

The goal is for her to be in complete control. I’m not talking about control in the sense of a BDSM mistress. I’m talking about her punishing me for disobedience, disrespect, or annoying behavior. In my mind, the idea is that she doesn’t need rules to justify punishing me. She can do it when she feels I need it.

Lion somehow manages to grow long flowing locks from the base of his penis and on his balls, but the rest of him stays relatively hair-free. I found some hair near his boobies and his pits, but those areas could have gone another month. Even his crack didn’t have much. It must be selective hair growth.

I started with him moon-side up so I could save the best for last. It didn’t take long at all. Aside from his buns, which used to have a lot of hair, the only place I really needed to do back there was his crack. Maybe the follicles have decided not to produce any more hair since I just come along and yank it out anyway. I’m certainly not arguing.

While I like the moon-side up view, I really like the sunny side up view. I get to see Lion’s face and all the other fun parts. The front didn’t take long either. I made sure the cleanup took a while. Once I started slathering him with oil to remove the remaining wax, I avoided the one place he wanted me to touch. No freebies. However, once I got to my weenie, I made it count.

lion being jerked off by mrs. lion

I used extra oil to make sure I got all the wax off. (There was none.) And I rubbed it in very well. Lion responded quickly, although, to be fair, he had already started before I put any oil on him. I didn’t quite edge him, but I made sure he felt good for a little while. I’m sure he was disappointed when I stopped and probably even more disappointed when I didn’t play with him again last night. He had fun, and no one ever said he needs to get to the edge when I play with him.

Today is punishment day. The spanking bench will be out, and Lion will be moon-side up again. I know he’s annoyed me a few times, but I can’t quite put into words what he’s doing. I haven’t even explained it to him because I didn’t tell him when it happened, and it’s too hard to go back and try to explain. I’ll have to work harder at catching him in the act. I’ll have to be more diligent. For now, he’ll get his “required” ten minutes. I’m sure I can make it count.

[Lion — I gather from this post that tonight’s spanking isn’t a “just because.” It’s punishment for annoying my lioness.]

True to her word, Mrs. Lion waxed me today. Between her skill and the fact that less and less hair grows back, waxing has become a quicker, less annoying job for her. She waxed my back side first and then had me turn over. After she got my cock, balls, thighs, chest, and pits hair free, she used oil to remove residual wax and to play with my weenie. It felt very good. I was instantly hard and enjoyed her jerking me off. I didn’t get to the edge but had a good time. Now I am hairless and horny, just the way Mrs. Lion likes me.

It’s disappointing that another summer is winding down without us vacationing. I suppose it can’t be helped. Between COVID, our dogs, and my health, we couldn’t get it together to go away. We are lucky we like to be home together. We’re one of those couples who can be together 24/7 with no problem.

Mrs. Lion has been considering being able to spank me for disrespect or annoying her. She wrote that she couldn’t be consistent because she has to decide if I am at fault or she is having a bad day. Other disciplinary wives say the same thing. I don’t expect robotic consistency. I’m fully aware that there is a threshold I have to cross before a snarl turns into a spanking. Just because I can’t clearly understand where that threshold lies is no problem. It’s a good thing. I have to be very careful because it might be one of those days that my lioness has a hair-trigger.

For the record, I’m not worried about being punished unfairly. She is much more worried about that than I would ever be. Getting spanked for what I think is a very small misstep is a great way to warn me that I must tread carefully around my lioness. There is a fundamental difference between concrete rules, like doing chores, and squishier stuff like being obedient. Rules require consistent enforcement. More subjective offenses don’t. They are in the eye of the lioness. She gets to decide when I’ve crossed the line. If she can accept that, it will be as easy to punish me for disobedience as it is for not setting up the coffee pot.