We are still having problems sleeping. Lion was awake a lot because of pain in his leg. He finally gave up trying to sleep at around 4 am. He turned on the TV, and that woke me up. I was sleeping on and off from then till the alarm went off at 7. I’ve been struggling to stay awake at my desk. Lion spent some time in his office and then went into the bedroom, where he’s been snoozing on and off while watching TV.

I need to sleep. Generally, it’s difficult for me to snooze as Lion does. I may actually be able to after work today, but not normally. Ultimately, I have to figure out how to get a good night’s sleep so I’m not falling asleep at my desk. In the past, I’d eat to stay awake. I can’t do that anymore. Well, I can, but not the junk food I’d normally eat.

The screw in Lion’s cage was loose again, so I unlocked him. I played with him under the covers, and he got hard, but I wasn’t prepared to do anything else. I hoped we could continue tonight, but we may be too tired again. Luckily, we’re heading into the weekend. I hope we can catch up on sleep and catch up on sex.

I’m off to find a healthy snack for afternoon energy.

The days crawl by, and nothing sexual is happening. It isn’t just Mrs. Lion’s fault, I’m not feeling very frisky. She hasn’t tried to arouse me in a couple of days. If my penis could bang a tin cup on the bars of its cage, it would. I’m not sure how much luck I’ll have when I’m unlocked, but I would like to find out. Meanwhile, the security screw holding my Jail Bird on my penis works itself loose every day. At night, before going to sleep, I check it. The last thing I want is for the screw to get lost. It’s expensive and annoying to get a new one from Mature Metal.

Apparently, I haven’t annoyed Mrs. Lion or interrupted her. My bottom remains pristine and unblemished by her paddle. It’s been two weeks since my last ride on the spanking bench. Mrs. Lion has been making more of an effort to make loving physical contact. I like that a lot. For the last few days, I’ve been sleeping a lot. On Tuesday, I watched a movie and snoozed after lunch. I never made it back to my keyboard. Then, after dinner I snoozed during some of the TV we were watching. Maybe I have a low-grade bug.

As you can see, the pace of action here has slowed to a crawl. Of course, keeping me in a male chastity device is a sort of silent reminder that all sexual pleasure belongs to my lioness. Before this most recent lockup, I think she was  OK with enough self-stimulation to let me get hard and aroused. Of course, that’s impossible now. My only erections are produced by her. I’m not complaining. So far, I haven’t felt a strong need for self-expression.

This post is a little like the Jerry Seinfeld show; it’s about nothing. I’ve been wondering if we should stop posting daily and wait for something to happen before publishing anything new. It’s something to think about.

We saw somewhere that Jersey Mike’s sub shop is giving 100% of sales to local charities today. Lion suggested we go off the rails and get subs for lunch. I’m pretty sure, calorie-wise, we aren’t allowed to eat anything else today. It was worth it though.

Lion is still sleeping a lot. His tummy is better, but that doesn’t keep him awake. I was tired yesterday and I’m tired again today. We’re both wondering if Lion is/was sick, and now we’re wondering if I’m sick too. I guess we could burn a few COVID tests to be sure. We’re probably not sleeping well again. Maybe that’s why Lion hasn’t made it to orgasm yet.

Since we gave to charities at lunch, maybe I’ll be charitable and unlock Lion for some exercise. He hasn’t been using the treadmill as instructed. I had it buried for a few weeks and then he hasn’t been feeling well. I can’t punish him for it if there’s a valid excuse. He’ll just have to get his exercise another way. I doubt it will burn many calories, but it still counts.

For some reason, the screw on his cage keeps coming loose. He tells me he has a screw loose. I’ve known that for a long time. I threatened to use some Loc-tite on it. That would solve the problem, but then it might never come out again. We don’t want that.

I need to work on him to get my orgasm. By the time I get it, maybe he’ll have a reserve of cream filling for me. He’s been very stingy the last few times. Oddly enough, when I haven’t been able to get him to the edge lately, I swear I taste pre-cum. Maybe it’s wishful thinking. I do love a mouthful of Lion cream.

Dear Diary,

Life keeps throwing curveballs at me. Monday night, my stomach was upset again. Mrs. Lion had a sore shoulder and legs too. Sex was so far away from the table, it was still in the store waiting to be picked up.  I don’t feel bad about that. My libido is hiding at the moment. All in all, physical contact isn’t happening right now and I miss it.

It’s probably my fault that we equate closeness with sex. Neither of us is very demonstrative. Our bed isn’t very good for snuggling. It’s two joined twin beds. Each has separate controls for raising the head and legs. We traded our old king-size Sleep Number bed for this split-king before I got rotator cuff surgery. It was either get this bed or buy a recliner for me to live in for a couple of months after the operation. I didn’t like the recliner idea at all, and we bought the split-king bed. We can’t afford to replace it.

Mrs. Lion is terrific. She’ll do anything for me. When  I don’t feel well, she will do anything I ask to help me. My problem is that I don’t want to ask for anything at those times. I’m not sure why, but I don’t. Monday night is a good example. She was concerned about me and asked several times if she could do something for me. I told her that I was OK. I wasn’t.

When she’s sick, she wants to be left alone. I am the opposite. The result is that I end up bugging her when she’s under the weather, and she leaves me alone when I’m sick. I have no idea what she could have done to help me. I didn’t need anything that I couldn’t do for myself. I guess I just wanted her head on my chest and her hand on my leg. When she does that, I always feel better.

Late last night, I finally lost my dinner. I felt better and was able to fall asleep. Mrs. Lion was keeping herself awake so that she could put my eye drops in. She does that for me every morning and night. Sure, I can do that for myself, but it’s a nice point of connection.

Yes, Diary, I’m still locked in my Jail Bird. The security screw came loose again, and Mrs. Lion retightened it. It seems to work loose on its own after about 24 hours. I suppose we could replace it with a padlock. We have one that fits the small hole in the Jail Bird. I prefer the security screw. It’s smaller than the lock and doesn’t have sharp edges that catch my leg. The male chastity device is still comfortable and my urethra remains centered.

If I’m feeling OK tonight and Mrs. Lion isn’t achy, maybe she will unlock me, and we can see what develops. If not, we always have tomorrow.