The last day of the year is always crazy at work. Can we possibly get X done by the end of the day? Nope. What about Y? Nope. And Z is off the table too. It’s not like it’s a surprise. We’ve been planning for the end of the year for at least a month. We’re short staffed and we know what we can accomplish. Don’t spring new work on us at the last minute.

Luckily there’s no pressure at home to get anything done by this evening. As you know, Lion asked for a method of punishment. We tried it yesterday. I gave him short bursts of swats with time between to recover. I took a before picture and an after picture so we could compare them. His buns were quite red and bruised.

I’m sure he could have taken more than the 300 swats I gave him. I’m also sure he would have been redder and more bruised had I continued. It was the first foray into this type of swats. We’ve tried all sorts of combinations of swats. I think it’s best to start out slowly so we can see the effects before we move on. It’s trial and error. Hard, fast swats that lasted a long time yielded certain feedback. Rapid-fire light swats that became harder as we went yielded more feedback. Now we’re trying bursts of hard swats. So far the feedback is good. Lion “likes” this way best. He has made some suggestions. I should do more swats at a time and I should wait less time between bursts. I’m sure we’ll tweak things more as we go along.

The other thing that stopped me from continuing beyond 300 swats is that his buns were bleeding in some spots. I knew we had our football game coming up and I didn’t want to make the bruising/bleeding worse before the game.

As I whomped Lion 142 times for the points scored, he asked if he was getting redder. He wasn’t. With one exception, the scores were spread out enough that his buns were able to recuperate between swats. Even the two interceptions that our idiot quarterback threw were early enough in the game that the tenderizer side of the paddle didn’t have much effect.

Lion wants to do a round of swats every day. I get it. He wants it to become routine before we back off to just punishment. Practice makes perfect. We’ll see how far we get and what changes we make along the way.

lion's sore butt after spanking
Here’s my poor butt after the Giants lost today. I received over 100 more swats. You can see the morning marks faded a bit. It feels hot but I can sit comfortably.
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Yesterday, was eventful. Mrs. Lion finally activated her spanking training. A little before noon she brought a paddle into the bedroom and had me lie flat on the bed. She then gave me sets of ten swats with a 30 second pause between each set. Initially, it was a challenge to hold still through a set. After about ten sets, it was no trouble at all. The swats felt less painful. Maybe my endorphins were catching up.

lion's spanked ass
This is how I looked after the morning spanking.
j(Click image to view larger)

This is useful information. When I appear to settle in, she can up the count and put the groups closer together, once again pushing me to the edge of rolling over. That’s the point of this “experiment”: to train me to take hard spanking without trying to escape.

We discussed the idea of starting the punishment from the beginning if I do try to roll over. That works if there is some notion of how long the punishment will go on. At least, that was my initial thought. Actually, I don’t need that information at all. Just being aware that the end is now at further away — by the amount I already received — is a sobering thought. This is true if that’s what Mrs. Lion tells me.

Her words are a critical part of this process. Just saying,

“We’re starting over again. That’s what happens when you move too much.”

is very powerful medicine. I don’t think she realizes how important her words are during a spanking.

We’ve been struggling with effective spankings. Since she doesn’t feel comfortable with me over her lap or with her straddling my back, I’m free to wriggle out of the way. Of course, this is a problem with all adult spankings. Over time, the spankee learns to hold still. I’m clearly a slow learner.

Mrs. Lion has tried using warm up swats. That helped to some extent, but not enough to let her send  the strong message I need. She tried starting hard and hitting fast. That really didn’t work. The group of swats with a pause works. Adjusting the number of swats in a group and the length of the wait between them, allows her to keep me right on the edge of rolling away. If you combine that with the very real threat of starting again, you have an effective lion cruise control.

She can apply the restart rule to our NFL game as well. If I try to move away , she begins the scoring swats again. Poor me,

lion's spanked ass
Over 30 sets of 10 swats each. Lion held still and didn’t seem to be in much distress. Next time 15 swat groups closer together.
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On Friday afternoon, we were getting the garbage ready. Lion’s knee gave out on him and he fell before he even made it out of the bedroom. His elbow started to swell but we managed to get the garbage cans into the truck and down to the end of the driveway. Despite icing his elbow, it swelled up into a nasty bruise. Needless to say, we didn’t play that night.

Saturday we ran some errands and went out to dinner. It’s been a long time since we’ve been out of the house for any length of time. Lion hasn’t felt well enough. It was nice to see him enjoying himself outside the bedroom.

one cheek sized paddle
I used this paddle this morning. The holes may have caused some of the spots on his butt.
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When we got home, we wallowed in our fullness. Well, I guess I did. Lion was fine. When we snuggled, he asked if I was ok. I’ve recognized this as code for: why aren’t we playing? I said I was fine. He said we hadn’t played all weekend. All weekend? It’s Saturday. It’s true I said I was going to paint his toes and put him in panties, but he wasn’t talking about that. He wanted to get started on his new spanking idea. Lets do it now. How about now? Now?

It was too late (I thought) to do it last night. So I suggested starting today. I thought maybe every few hours I could whomp him a bit. He said his idea was for every day. Ok. I can live with that. We have our football game today. If I do the spanking early enough, he’ll feel the football swats even more. I owe him swats for not reminding me yesterday was punishment day. Should he get the punishment and the football swats on the same day? Why not? He’s always telling me what a tough old butt he has. Besides, if I don’t do the punishment I’ll forget.

Lion is still sleeping, but the plan is for punishment swats before noon and football swats whenever we watch the game. Poor Lion butt.

Another year is nearly over. We’ve completed our fifth year of enforced chastity and female led relationship with discipline (FLRD). There have been a  lot of changes. We’ve each embraced our roles. What we do isn’t a BDSM caricature. It’s a working relationship that incorporates our power exchange.

As I wrote yesterday, our progress isn’t uniform. Both of us have difficulty with discipline. For my part, I don’t gracefully accept my well-earned spankings. For her part, Mrs. Lion often overlooks transgressions crying out for correction and is way too willing to let me escape my full measure of pain.

This isn’t surprising. We have no yardstick to measure discipline. Neither of us was physically punished as a kid. We lacked strong authority figures. That doesn’t mean my bottom goes unswatted. Mrs. Lion spanks me and I feel her displeasure. It isn’t consistent and doesn’t rise to the level of our enforced male chastity power exchange.

We’ve been very successful with sex. In the five years we’ve been doing this, I haven’t masturbated once. My only ejaculations have been at Mrs. Lion’s hands (and mouth). Chastity is consistent and successful. I am her sexual property. And I love it!

It may be that we need to make 2019 the year of the paddle, We both agree that we want a disciplinary relationship. Mrs. Lion is an accomplished spanker, as witness her NFL spanking game results. I think we need to resolve to help each other build good disciplinary habits. Yesterday, I proposed training sessions for me so I can more gracefully accept a meaningful spanking. I’ll need to remind Mrs. Lion to begin.

We need to be consistent regardless of our mood or interest at the moment. We’ve been successful in the past when we resolve to do something. There’s no reason we can’t make this work too. Here we go again!