I have created a monster. A coupon monster. Last night Lion came bounding toward me waving a love coupon. It was for a weekend breakfast of his choice made by me. Now, suddenly, he has decided it’s okay to use his coupons. He says he finally figured out that I want him to. Duh! What have I been saying for the past few months? How many posts have been devoted to them? He should use them. He shouldn’t use them. I should take them back. I shouldn’t take them back. Around and around we go. For now the merry-go-round has stopped at using them.

I’m not complaining. I’m actually relieved. Even though I had to get up on a weekend and make him homemade waffles, I’m glad he’s finally using them. Yay! Score one for Mrs. Lion. I don’t even remember how many he has anymore. When I said he should be careful because he only has a certain number of them, he said maybe he’s trying to use them all up. Silly boy, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. He’ll probably get more. Plus I can give him Good Lion coupons too. I’ve only given him one of those. I should probably do it more often. And the Bad Lion coupons. I should definitely do those more often.

Lion has been wild again for the past few days since he sent the Jail Bird back. The other night I was debating whether I should give him a bonus orgasm so he wasn’t so horny while wild. Not that I’m worried about him cheating, but why put that pressure on him? As I was sucking him I was also debating whether I could give him a ruined orgasm on purpose. I know I can do it by accident. My thought was that if I just tried to edge him and kept going a few much seconds I could probably do it. But then I could also go too far and give him a full orgasm. Since I had decided I didn’t want to do the bonus orgasm I didn’t want to try for the ruined orgasm. At some point I will try it. I just need to be in the correct mindset. I’m usually upset at myself that I’ve gone too far with edging and done one by mistake. I need to give myself permission to try to do it on purpose and accept whatever the outcome is. I guess it’s sort of like Lion deciding it’s okay to use his coupons.

Mrs. Lion and I are growing up; at least in terms of enforced chastity. Thursday night was a very good example of this.  After she finished her tease and deny, she confided in me that she was very tempted several times to give me a bonus orgasm. She said that she resisted the temptation. I refrained from asking her to reconsider. In the recent past, she wouldn’t have resisted and if she did, I would have begged. We both did exactly the right thing.

That’s not to say Mrs. Lion doesn’t have the right to give me an extra orgasm, or for that matter, delay one that is scheduled. But, exercising the right to give me extras too often, does, at least in my mind, dilute my impression of her resolve. We have been slow in building chastity habits. While we both have adapted to my being caged, we haven’t truly established our roles. Both of us have been experimenting to see what works best for us. I don’t see that ending any time soon. For me, letting go of the fantasies and establishing an enforced chastity reality is a slow process. Mrs. Lion has had to struggle with taking on a sexually dominant role. We’ve both had to make compromises.

Our first compromise was around teasing. Mrs. Lion was concerned about inertia: locking me up and forgetting about it (Like I would let her!). So, she made a rule for herself: She would tease me sexually every other day; not necessarily edging, but some sexual activity. She has been faithful to her decision.

The latest one had to do with a very difficult subject for both of us: Mrs. Lion’s orgasms. Over the years, Mrs. Lion has lost her interest in sex. Part of it was my failure to initiate the way she needs. We never managed to solve our differences. A few weeks ago, Mrs. Lion got the idea that she should schedule her orgasms, the same way she schedules mine. On her scheduled orgasm day, I provide her with orgasms.

Thursday was her third orgasm date. I brought flowers home, made her dinner (take out), and proceeded to provide a romantic evening. I wrote about that in my post yesterday. We both had a really good time. While it may seem silly to some, the scheduled night has two important benefits for us: It “forces” Mrs. Lion to be sexually active even though her libido isn’t running very well right now, and it gives me “permission” to be sexual with her. I don’t feel the insecurities that initiating caused me in the past, and Mrs. Lion feels that I am initiating. It’s a real win-win.

I realize that this may seem artificial to you, but it has turned out to give us a way to get past a problem we both badly wanted to solve. In fact, our enforced chastity activities have provided us with a real solution to our sexual stagnation. We’ve both had to make changes. It isn’t an easy process, but at least as far as I’m concerned, this is a big success. I think Mrs. Lion agrees. So, it is highly unlikely I will ever have unfettered access to my penis again.

Yesterday I mentioned that my orgasms seemed more like sex and less like making love, which is really what I want. I made the comment that at least I should get flowers. Then I said I wasn’t asking for flowers. My well trained Lion, who always listens to me when I say I don’t need something, brought me flowers. I knew he would the second he said he was getting dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I love the flowers. They are beautiful. I just think it’s funny that he doesn’t listen to me when I’m just giving an example of something anymore than I listen to him when he gives an example and tells me it’s just an example.

Lion approaches this blog as a means to share information about chastity and submission. I approach it as a means to share what’s happening to us specifically. When he writes a post about X, I immediately think, “Oh no! I’m not doing X well enough (or at all). I’m failing my Lion.” Even if he tells me in the post that it is not directed toward me. Even if he says he’s never wanted to try it but knows people who have done it. When I write a post about getting flowers I get flowers. Now, granted, flowers are easier to do than X may be, but the similarities are there.

Anyway, I’ve gotten myself off topic. After he gave me the flowers and we had dinner and skip ahead a few hours, Lion turned off the tv. I was shocked. I know he records all the shows we watch so it’s not like we were missing anything, but the tv was off. Completely off. Not just muted. Not just paused. Off. I can’t remember the last time that happened. We snuggled and kissed and talked for a while and then I discovered something interesting.

We are silly romantics. There was no serious petting or kissing going on. We were being silly. Making each other laugh. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. So we don’t have the rose petals on the bed kind of romance. We have the my-arm-is-asleep and your-hair-is-in-my-eyes kind of romance. And there’s no one else I would rather have any kind of romance with than my very silly Lion.

Last night was Mrs. Lion’s scheduled orgasm. In her post yesterday, she made it clear that she needed more than just simple stimulation. I guess we are different that way. So, I pulled out all the stops: I brought home flowers and fried chicken for dinner. Now that’s romance!

But wait, that’s not all. When the time came for our trist, are you ready? I turned off the TV! Wow! Flowers, dinner and the TV off on a Thursday! That’s the best night for TV. She had to know how in love with her I am. I hadn’t put on any romantic music. Darn! Missed a great move. We soldiered through. I delivered some of my sure-fire repartee which was greeted with laughter. The romance was simply incredible. We kissed and I touched her all over. We both were having a lot of fun. Finally, I moved in for the kill and my magic paw did the rest. I asked how her orgasm was. She replied, “Which one?” Success! I hope that we can do this much more often and that her libido comes out of retirement.

We lay together for a bit and then Mrs. Lion turned the tables. Last night was my teasing night. She did a great job edging me first with her hand and then her mouth. I wondered if I might be getting a bonus orgasm. In fact, she said, “You want more, don’t you?”

“Yes!” I panted.

She said, “More teasing?”

“Sure” Anything I thought. I wondered if I might luck out with an orgasm. She used her mouth vigorously but stopped short of the magic moment. Poor lion!

I’m still wild. I dropped my cage off at the post office this morning. It will reach Mature Metal’s PO box Saturday. It will be picked up Monday and delivered to MM’s shop on Tuesday. They turn adjustments around quickly. Last time, it arrived on a Tuesday and was shipped Friday of the same week. I got it the next Tuesday. I hope that they might be a day or two faster this time so I can have it back next week.

It’s not that I’m not enjoying being free range and wild. It’s just that I miss the damn thing. I have gotten some nice erections overnight and in the morning, but I love feeling that I am not just preventing myself from coming, but that I am physically unable to do it. Regardless, I’m not going to get off unless Mrs. Lion gets me off. That’s what enforced chastity is all about. Only for the next ten days or so, it’s self control and not enforcement. Poor lion.