I have actually been following through on spanking Lion on punishment days. I know. It’s only been a few days, but I usually don’t follow through even that long. Maybe it’s because I’ve been using wooden paddles, but I seem to be making my point rather quickly. By that, I mean he’s yelping long before he would with rubber or leather. Maybe not rubber. Those are mean. But his buns are red, and I’ve been happy with the results. I set the timer for ten minutes, but I’ve been stopping at around five.

First of all, these aren’t “real” punishments. Technically. I mean, he has been interrupting me a lot more lately. What he really hates is when I tell him I’m not going to finish my thought. He hates that. Is that another form of punishment? Perhaps. From my point of view, if he interrupts, it means he doesn’t care what I have to say. Then why should I finish? Psychological warfare, I supposed, but isn’t interrupting also a form of psychological warfare? I know he’d much rather have me spank him to get him out of the habit. But he likes spanking. And it adds a “chore” to my list of things to do. If I don’t finish my thought, not only am I free from that “chore” but also from the chore of spanking him. Win-win. For me. Not so much for him.

Anyway, I didn’t necessarily start out to do that. I mean, on some level, I decided not to finish my thought, but it wasn’t really intended as psychological warfare. I just now thought of it that way. I guess my question is, with the caveat that Lion would also like me to find other ways to punish him, (in the past he’s said he’d like it) is withholding the rest of my thought a suitable punishment for interrupting? I’d think it would change his behavior like spanking would. However, it is a mind game. Does that make it off-limits?

Part of me thinks mind games should be off-limits. Part of me thinks not hearing the rest of my thought is the perfect punishment for interrupting. I’m torn. I’m guessing the spanking community will side with Lion. There’s nothing like a good spanking to get one’s point across. I’m not sure who would side with me. There’s torture and there’s torture. Messing with someone’s mind might go against the Geneva convention.

What to do. What to do.

Fine. You all know I’ll decide on spanking over psychological warfare.

[Lion–First, let me say that interrupting should be punished. Now, let me explain the main reason I do it. Mrs. Lion loves pronouns when she speaks. Very often, I have no idea what the actual subject of a sentence is. I get confused and a bit annoyed. Pronouns need an antecedent, right? I think so. However, I still shouldn’t interrupt and deserve to be spanked. I have no idea why, but spanking changes my behavior. Use the tool, Mrs. Lion. :)]

It is New Year’s Eve. I hope you have safe and fun plans. We will be home and will watch the ball drop in New York. That happens at 9 PM our time. Seattle offers an anemic fireworks display at the Space Needle. It’s accompanied by a horrid medley of pop tunes picked out by a local DJ. Seattle is a premier example of a small city with absolutely no taste. It isn’t as bad as L.A., but still pretty bad. It amazes me that the home city of Amazon, Microsoft, and T-Mobile can’t muster more than a pathetic display on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. The city does sport a first-rate symphony orchestra and a third-rate opera company. There is also a very active theater community. Unlike New York, Seattle’s is all non-profit. Don’t get me started on the TV stations. We did better stuff in high school.

Anyway, Mrs. Lion did spank me on Thursday (punishment day). She had me yelping and trying to escape. Those wooden paddles really sting. I’m writing this post on Saturday. She informed me that I would be spanked again. Sex was also possible if she spanked me early enough for me to recover in time for oral. Since it’s 1 PM now, I’m not sure if she will be early enough for me to get attention on both sides. One of us will keep you posted.

The othe day we tried an Edex injection with rather limp results. It may have been that we missed the right spot or I didn’t get the right amount of the drug set up. It’s a little tricky, and I have missed before. I’m hoping we will try again tonight or New Year’s Eve. Before our last try, Mrs. Lion applied some IcyHot to my perineum. That’s the most sensitive area for me. It’s also out of the way so she won’t bump into it when she sucks me. When she gives me a racing stripe (follows from perineum all the way up the seam in my balls), it gets in her way if she decides to suck me.

We both hope you have a happy New Year and celebrate safely.

I whomped Lion the other night. Oddly enough, when I was really swatting hard, he kept saying, “Enough!” First, I disagreed. Second, if it was really “enough” he knows what the safe word is. Third, he had about five minutes left on the timer. It wasn’t my idea to use a timer. It was his. Of course, it was his idea for me to spank him and we all know how much he loves a spanking while he’s in the middle of one. I figure I should at least try to live up to the fantasy he created for himself.

Yesterday, it should have been an Edex day. He had two doctor appointments, and that made it a pretty long day. Maybe not long in the sense that we got home late, but as long as it was tiring. He was falling asleep in the waiting room. On the way home, I made a stop to pick up my prescriptions and some food. We’ve both been gaining weight again, so we’re going to try the diet meals. If nothing else, they force portion control. It’s too easy to have second helpings of homemade food, and we tend to do bigger portions, even when we are trying not to. When we make stew or soup, for some reason, it’s easy to get somewhat correct portions. I think the problem is potatoes and pasta. It’s so difficult to figure out a serving size. I’ll blame it on pasta and potatoes, but it’s not all their fault.

Since we didn’t partake of Edex yesterday, we should today. However, today is punishment day. Lion wholeheartedly agrees with a spanking every punishment day. Wholeheartedly, maybe, but not whole butt-edly, especially when the paddles start flying. If I can get to his buns in about an hour or so, we might still be able to have some weenie fun. He needs some time to come down from the whomping high and for his tush to recover a bit. He may still feel sore, but he’ll probably be able to feel pleasure too. At least, that’s my theory.

Today is Thursday, punishment day in the lions’ den. Will Mrs. Lion follow through on her promise to spank me on every punishment day? I’m not sure how seriously I should take her resolution. If she’s serious about it, a lot could change. For one thing, discipline would never be far from the front of our minds. I understand that spanking me is an unemotional mechanical process for Mrs. Lion. But getting to the point of starting that process has often be difficult for her. I think that’s why following through on scheduled spankings is excellent training for administering them when needed without the emotional filtering that she goes through now.

Can she do it? Should I remind her? These are the thoughts going through my mind today. I want her to follow through. I know it will be good for both of us if she does. Three days a week, every week. No excuses; just get the bench out and administer at least ten minutes of paddling. Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Will she? I hope so. Should she? Absolutely.

The reason I’m so strongly in favor of this is because it’s something Mrs. Lion decided she wanted to do. She wrote about it.

” I’ll have to make it a point not to let his buns go back to virgin status. Maybe I’ll have to start spanking on punishment days again. Just because.” (The Spanking Drought is Over)

I know that she hates to commit to things like this. She doesn’t have a great follow-through record. I hope that changes. I need her to return to being consistent with me.

There! I’ve said it.