As I was about to get started on chores (well, continue them really), Lion asked what the plan was for the day. I listed off a bunch of things that need to get done and then said I didn’t think I’d get to waxing. I mean, I know he needs it, but while I was dizzy, I couldn’t do a lot of things and those things just piled up. In the overall scheme of things, waxing is not top priority. Would he rather be waxed or jerked off, for example. He decided to mutter “of course” or “it figures”. Okay. So, I guess I’m waxing him.

While I was cleaning up the sticks and leaves the dog drags in the house and plugging in the air cleaner from the spanking bench rearrangement and getting the robot vacuum cleaned out, his muttering was on replay in my mind. I decided it would be at least a part of my post. Then I remembered the shock collar. Light bulb moment. I turned on the controller, hesitated for a few seconds, and zapped him. I heard him jump in his chair and he yelled, “Ow!” And asked me why I was zapping him. I explained about the muttering. He insisted he didn’t mutter and that he’d said I don’t have to wax him. Nope. I heard words. Did he really want to try for another zap?

If you remember, Lion has been advocating for a zap or a zap and a spanking for a while. He can’t be sorry he got one. Well, he can, but he can’t be too surprised it happened. He can, of course, be shocked by it. (Sorry. Had to.) I guess he can also be a little happy about it. Why happy? I’ve finally done what he wanted me to do. I’ve corrected him when the offense occurred. Yes, it was some minutes afterward, but it was close to the offense. He annoyed me. I zapped him. Done.

Is it done? I think so. I see no need to spank him. The zap was enough to make my feelings known. At the moment, the wax is melting. Will I get to that? There’s a lot to be done around here, and I have to make sure I save some energy for the Lion fun he didn’t get last night.

I took the dog to the vet for shots yesterday. She was a handful. She wore me out. I fell asleep watching TV with Lion. He just listed things that need to get done this weekend and asked if I’d be waxing him. I need to go pick up some prescriptions and grab a few things at the store. That might wipe me out. I’ll pencil in the waxing for tomorrow.

I need to make time for Lion too. Tonight, I will definitely set up the massage table to play with him. Well, not necessarily tonight. We’re not limited to any timeframe on weekends. Or any other day, for that matter. It’s all up to his writing schedule and whether or not I can stay awake. I think the vertigo is behind me for now. The only job I have is looking for a new job, and that doesn’t take all day. Aside from chores, I’m free.

Lion, I’m sure, is looking forward to testing out the new professional strength IcyHot he bought last week. He always says he buys them for me, but I know he wants me to use them. Why else would he buy them? Oh, sure, I’m in charge and can do things to him, but if he said no more IcyHot, I wouldn’t use it. I know he doesn’t like Velcro on my weenie, and it gave him a sore, so I stopped using it. There are other ways to torture him.

Now he’ll say I shouldn’t have stopped using Velcro if I was having fun with it. That may be true, but if it gave him a sore and my weenie was out of commission, why tempt fate? If I wanted to, I bet I could find something similar that would bite into him without actually cutting. Hmmm…maybe it’s time for a Google search. [Lion — I don’t like Velcro or IcyHot. I don’t think that’s a good reason to stop. Just sayin’.]

In the late 1800s, male chastity devices were invented and put into use. At that time, it was believed that masturbation caused feeble-mindedness and insanity. Male asylum inmates were locked into these devices. Many parents also put their teenage boys in them as well. The intention was always to prevent male masturbation. Very few females masturbated.

Modern male chastity is initiated by men as a kind of sex game. Yes, I know that many guys like to imagine it is a form of involuntary submission. It isn’t. We consent to be locked into a chastity device. From the male perspective, male chastity is a way to delay sexual release. It’s exciting to be forced to wait for orgasms. Many women don’t understand this fascination. We males have always enjoyed orgasms on demand. Masturbation is an accepted male activity.

That’s why the idea of controlled release is so exciting. After decades of jerking off anytime we want, we find ourselves locked into a device that won’t even let us get hard. This can be intensely exciting. If our partners play along and tease us, being locked up becomes even more exciting. We are strongly incented to keep up the game.

All this is innocent fun. Right? Well, yes up to a point. While our male minds are focused on our next release, we are also changing. This change takes time, maybe a couple of years. But if we are kept locked in a male chastity device full time, except when our partners want to tease us or let us ejaculate, we will “forget” how to masturbate.

That’s what happened to me. Mrs. Lion kept me locked in my male chastity device full-time. She unlocked me every day or two for some teasing or an orgasm. Usually, she would jerk me off. I was never allowed to do it myself. When the session was done, the male chastity device was locked on again. After a while, this became routine. It was just the way things were with us.

Occasionally, she let me run around wild. That is, with no device locked on my penis. I loved how it felt but never tried to jerk off. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point, I stopped wanting to jerk off. I’m wild most of the time now. It doesn’t matter. I lost interest in masturbating. I sometimes play with my penis and make it hard. That’s as far as I go. It isn’t because I’ll be spanked if I jerk off. It’s because I just don’t want to do it. When we first started playing with male chastity, this never occurred to either of us. Since Mrs. Lion hates the idea of me masturbating, the change is very welcome.

My fingers are crossed. I hope my vertigo is gone. I still have a stuffy head, but nothing is spinning anymore. I still don’t feel 100%. I’m just cautiously optimistic that I don’t have to worry about keeling over. Not that I was ever in any real danger of falling over. Most of the dizziness happened while I was in bed or when changing position rapidly. I’m still giving myself more time to move around. Slow and steady wins the race.

Our timing is all off lately. I turned off my alarm since I don’t need to be up at any specific time. We eat lunch late or not at all. We eat dinner late. We’re experimenting with streaming most things with hopes of eliminating DirecTV at some point, so we’re recording Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy from the east coast. We can watch it earlier if we want to. Suddenly, we’ve been watching hours of streamed shows and it’s only 9pm. It’s weird. Plus, I haven’t been doing the dishes right after Jeopardy is done, which throws me off even more. It just proves what a creature of habit I am.

Now that I’m feeling a little better, I need to get back in the swing of things. I keep thinking I have more time so I should plan dinner. And then dinner time rolls around, and I haven’t thought of a thing. I need to do chores that I’ve been putting off for lack of time. I have plenty of time now. And, of course, I need to keep looking for a job. Most importantly, I need to start teasing and playing with Lion again. The spanking bench is easier to pull out now. I can play with him in the middle of the day if I want to. He’s been pretty diligent about getting back to work after lunch, but perhaps I could lure him away with the promise of fun. For a good time, call Lioness. [Lion — Oh, Lioness!]