Chastity Hardware

The Access Denied male chastity belt.

Practical male chastity devices are new in the world. Before 1990, all chastity devices were custom made and expensive. They ranged from full belts to massively heavy penis tubes that locked to a frenum piercing. Access denied, now out of business, made a stainless steel male chastity belt. I reviewed this belt and one was made for me. I was measured in places I had no idea anyone would want to measure A pencil was put up my ass so they could measure the proper distance to create an opening for me to evacuate.

It was truly secure. Even the padlocks were protected by solid, machined stainless steel (see the penis tube image). Most of those early devices were made to be secure. That’s because the buyers were almost exclusively single men who locked themselves in and wouldn’t masturbate until they could break out. Since the devices cost upwards of $500 each, chastity was an expensive hobby.

In the 90’s, a new company arrived in the chastity world. It offered the first off-the-shelf chastity device. It was the CB2000 (named, presumably in honor of the millennium). What set it apart from every other device was the fact that it was off the shelf. It came with a variety of parts so that the wearer could get close to a custom fit. It was also inexpensive; less than $200.

original cb2000 chastity device
This is one of the very first CB2000’s. It was hand made from cast acrylic rings and rods. After a while the maker earned enough money to buy an injection molding mold and the more familiar CB line was born. This particular device is one of the very first he ever made.

Unlike its bespoken competition, this device was made of plastic. It’s design, using a ring to anchor the cage to the body by trapping the balls, was not terribly secure. With a bit of lube and effort, the soft penis could be extracted from the back. It could also be put back without unlocking.

The manufacturer understood this limitation. When I interviewed him, he said that his intention was to build a device he and his wife could use for chastity play. He realized that building a secure off-the-shelf device was impossible. A few months later, he offered his “Points of Interest” which were spikes that fit inside the top rear of the cage. These spikes made unauthorized extraction extremely painful. Unfortunately, they also made a nocturnal erection a nightmare of pain.

Lori’s stainless steel chastity tube locked on my penis with a pin through my frenum piercing. This is a very heavy and uncomfortable device to wear

This little device started the modern enforced chastity movement (if you could call it that). Couples who wanted to play with chastity could do so for less than $200 and get the product days after ordering it.

The rise of the Internet and, more importantly, the World Wide Web, made learning about enforced chastity easy for anyone who wanted the information. Sites like the Kinky Consumer offered porn-free information about enforced chastity and even reviewed devices. It’s still the go-to place for sex toy and chastity product information.

New, devices were introduced. One woman and her partner attempted to market secure chastity tubes. Lori created a line of stainless steel tubes with no cock and ball ring, that were held on by a frenum penis piercing. It seemed like a good idea, but didn’t work out for me. the tube was very thick steel and weighed a lot. Within a day of putting on, my piercing was irritated and sore from carrying all that weight.

What’s more, because the piercing was through the most sensitive area on my penis, some stimulation on the open area (see photo, left) was sufficient to give me an orgasm. It was a crude, early attempt to build a secure device.

The MCD (Male Chastity Device) is a plastic belt with sharp points on the inside. Wrapped around the penis, any attempt at erection becomes very painful. I’m modeling it here. Any attempt to get hard really hurt!

All sorts of other off-the-shelf devices cropped up. One of the least expensive and oddests is the MCD (Male Chastity Device, picture right). It’s just a plastic belt with sharp points on the inside. Wrapped around my penis and secured with a plastic tie, any attempt at erection is greeted with excruciating pain.

As you can see, there is a security issue: it’s difficult to rig a tamper-proof tie. The makers sell one with a space for the keyholder to sign it. That works unless her male is a good forger.

Over the years, more devices came out. One by one, the custom belt makers went out of business. Chastity belts are just a bit much for most of us. More and more off the shelf products were offered. In addition, a combination of blogs and forums made information about enforced male chastity widely available.

Cheap, Chinese made cages came on the market. Here, I model a stainless steel cage that sells for less than $60.

While never a mainstream kink, enforced chastity has become more popular; at least popular enough to support development of new devices. The CB xxxx line has continued to grow. Each generation offers new options.

One of the most interesting developments has been the inexpensive Chinese chastity devices. For less than $60 USD, you can get a stainless steel or plastic chastity device. offers these devices direct from the Chinese dealers. Shipping usually takes about two weeks. If you want them faster, you can find some of the on for a bit more money.

The cage in the photo (left) is the first cage I wore in 2014 when Mrs. Lion and I decided to try enforced chastity. It was a bit too long and the base ring irritated me enough to take it off for a day once a week. But for $50 USD, it was a great chance to find out how we liked the enforced chastity lifestyle without investing the time or money in a custom device.

When the time came to go for something that fit correctly, we decided on the Mature Metal Jail Bird. This custom device is made to my exact measurements. See our measuring page for how to do this. This cage is absolutely comfortable and it effectively prevents erection or sex of any kind. Is it inescapable? No, but it would take enough work for me to not go to

ghost chastity device
Custom-made, 3D printed Ghost. Great design, but rough finish from 3D printing is too rough. If you are willing to sand and finish, this is a great choice.

the trouble. After all, being locked up was my idea.


My custom made Jail Bird by Mature Metal. It fits comfortably and I can wear it indefinitely.

Currently, there are choices in materials and designs that assure something for every male. The general consensus is that the stainless steel cages are the most comfortable and trouble free. However, there are plastic and silicone rubber devices for those who want a different material.

The CB line is the most prominent plastic device maker. Currently, the CB6000 line is the latest. It comes in two cage lengths. One will come close for most men. The 6000S is for shorter penises (about 2 1/2 inches measured from the scrotum). The “regular” is 3 1/2 inches.I am about 1 1/2 inches when soft, so even the 6000S is too long for me.

A newer material, silicone, is being used by some. It is a rubber-like material that is immune to most chemicals and is hypo-allergenic. I model the Bon 4 (photo, left). This device has a few problems for me (all silicone devices share these issues): The base ring is wide and chafes me. Putting it on involves securing a plastic belt around the base ring; not easy for me. Obviously the tube is too long for me by a lot. They now make a shorter model, but it is still too long for me.

This is the silicone Bon 4. It is not a comfortable fit around the base ring, and obviously the cage is too long for me.

All of the cage/tube devices come in both solid tubes, like the Bon 4, or as cages like the Jail Bird. The tubes make staying clean difficult and peeing is a sit-down affair. Even if you sit, the tube will retain some urine and will start to smell in a day or so.

After trying all these devices, my choice and recommendation is the stainless steel cage. It has the best chance of offering comfort and ease of keeping clean. No tube or cage is 100% secure. But most are good enough for a male who isn’t intent on escape.

The temptation is to start with a plastic tube because to most males, they look more appealing at first. Most also move quickly to a cage, usually a Chinese, off-the-shelf unit; and then finally to a custom cage. My advice is to skip the preliminaries and get a custom cage. It does make sense to buy a Chinese cage or two so you can get used to the feeling of being caged and so you can try different base ring sizes.

Good luck!