Punishment is a new subject for most wives. In your role as a disciplinary wife you will be called upon to punish your husband when he breaks one of your rules or disobeys you. This was the most difficult thing for Mrs. Lion to handle.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about punishment. Neither of us were spanked as children. If you were, then you already have a good sense of how physical punishment fits into a family setting. Of course, punishing your husband is different than punishing a child. For one thing, until now you have had an essentially-equal partnership. There was no mechanism to manage behavioral issues.

That’s not really true. Most couples punish one another by withholding affection, communication, or sex. These indirect expressions of anger don’t satisfy anyone and over time emotional pressure grows and grows often resulting in separation and divorce. In a domestic discipline relationship, one partner has assumed authority. Punishment is no longer indirect and emotionally dangerous. It’s direct and to the point.

The best thing about domestic discipline in Lion’s mind is that once he’s been punished, he is forgiven and the slate is clean. There are no angry stares or silences. He knows that he has paid the price and resolves to do better in the future. If he doesn’t, he will not suffer the anger of cumulative failure that often greets men in marriages where punishment is emotional. He will get a harsher spanking because the first one wasn’t sufficient to change his behavior.

Lion knows that he is suffering because he did something he shouldn’t, or more frequently, forgot something he should do. He knows that it is his own fault that he is being spanked. In a DD relationship, the husband understands this very well. He knows that the only reason he is being punished is that he did something he shouldn’t. His disciplinary wife is simply carrying out the punishment he earned.

In our marriage, our level of affection has grown. Lion sees the work Mrs. Lion puts in to punish him as an effort to help him become better. He sees his discipline as a service to him.


When a rule is broken, punishment must result. Ideally, the spanking should be administered as soon after the offense as possible. It’s always better for things to be fresh in both of your minds when you spank him. However, this isn’t strictly necessary. Mrs. Lion often punishes Lion later in the evening, or even the next day. Lion is an adult and can understand why he is being punished even if the actual spanking is postponed.

It is extremely important that you, as a disciplinary wife let your husband know when he has committed an offense. Even if you can’t spank him at the time, you should let him know you are aware that he has earned a spanking. Most of the time, for basic rules, Mrs. Lion gives Lion a stare and a significant little smile. He knows what that means. Sometimes, when they are alone she will simply tell him that he just earned a spanking. Other couples communicate differently. However you choose to do it, it’s critical to let him know when he’s been caught. Sometimes Lion blushes a little and has an embarrassed smile when he knows he’s been caught.

The punishment itself is generally carried out with several distinct steps. These steps have been perfected over the centuries by disciplinarians everywhere. This isn’t a ritual that has to be carried out exactly as dictated. However, at some point during the punishment, each element should be covered.

1. The Lecture This is when you tell him why he is being punished. Some women like to provide a long, detailed narrative of the offense and how naughty it is. The objective is to make sure he understands exactly why he is being punished. It’s delivered an authoritarian voice. Mrs. Lion often likes to ask, “Do you know why you’re being punished?” Lion is expected to tell her how he was naughty. She will answer, “That’s right. You were very naughty.” Many disciplinary wives like to deliver the lecture as though they are talking to a naughty child. This sort of lecture adds additional humiliation to the spanking.

2.The Spanking In many cases the disciplinary wife will have her husband in spanking position before she delivers her lecture (see Chapter 3: Spanking). He is most vulnerable with his bare bottom exposed and ready to be paddled. Many believe this is an optimum time to deliver the lecture. Mrs. Lion always does it this way. Some disciplinary wives deliver some preliminary swats before beginning the lecture. Most spankings last anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. They are never over until the disciplinary wife decides they are. If for some reason her husband calls out his safeword, the spanking should stop long enough to determine what is wrong. Usually, the problem is that he can’t handle the level of pain at that moment. The disciplinary wife can back off a bit in intensity. There will be times that for some reason spanking must stop. Fair enough. Tell him that when things are better, he will get his spanking. Any spanking that is terminated because of a safeword, should be repeated at a later time.

3. Contrition Once spanking has been completed, your husband must express gratitude for the effort you have taken to help him. Mrs. Lion requires that Lion thank her. He can do this anytime up to 1/2 hour after she has spanked him. Sometimes immediately after the spanking he needs to catch his breath and compose himself. Failure to thank results in another spanking.


Some disciplinary wives use other methods of punishment. These punishments can range from corner to, writing lines, mouth soaping to grounding and long timeouts. You can decide to use these methods instead of or in addition to spanking. The vast majority of disciplinary wives use spanking for punishment. Husbands seem to react well to this painful form of discipline. It’s easy for you to administer and clearly establishes your authority. It also offers the benefit of a clear beginning and end. It doesn’t take very long and requires relatively little energy on your part.

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