According to our Alexa, it’s going up to 77 today. I like the warmer weather but that seems a bit excessive all at once. If I scramble to set up the air conditioners, it will be in the 50s and raining by tomorrow. Actually, I think that is the forecast. I found the window fans, so I think we can last a day with just those. I think the same is true of the magnetic screen door I got for the dog. It will be fine for today, but then unnecessary for a few more months.

We did a run this morning to get rid of our excess cardboard. For the most part, it will fit in our recycle can, but sometimes we have a lot, and we’ll need to load it up and drop it off. Luckily, it’s not a long drive. It’s also not out of our way like it was at the old house.

Lion was talking about moving again. He doesn’t like the area. I wonder why I’m busying myself unpacking if I’ll just have to start packing all over again. I don’t necessarily like this house, but I don’t mind the area. He also doesn’t like the management company. We know they’ll likely raise the rent in a year. I guess I’m unpacking but not getting too comfortable.

I did manage to clear a path through the middle of the living room the other day. I got rid of some cardboard and moved some of the moving boxes into the garage. There’s more to do, but I gained a little bit of wiggle room and now I can unpack more boxes, which creates more cardboard and more empty moving boxes. Vicious cycle. However, I’m that much closer to being able to use the living room.

Lion has been hinting (strongly) that he’s horny. Nope. He’s outright said he’s horny. Hint. HINT. And, of course, he’s furry. When, oh when, can I wax him. I guess it would be different if he was trying to make himself pretty for me, but I have nothing to do with it. Aside from the occasional tickled nose, I couldn’t care less how furry he is. It’s not like he smells. I don’t wind up with errant pubic hairs in my mouth. It is strictly a Lion-likes-to-feel-pretty thing. I uncovered the cart for the wax melters. I’m just not in a real hurry to wax him. If I have to choose between waxing and all the other things that need to be done around here, I choose all the other things. I will, however, take time to solve his horniness issue.

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