I just finished getting my continuing education credits to keep up with my certification. Technically, they aren’t due until the end of June, but these things have a way of sneaking up on me, so I decided to get it done now. I guess that can be construed as a new year’s resolution. Not really, but I do want to keep on top of things better. I’ve still got a lot to learn at my job. I don’t want to fall behind on anything.

Lion is probably applauding this. I didn’t think of it in terms of home, but I’ll try. Having said that, I’m not going to give him punishment day swats today. I think he’ll get enough tomorrow during the football game. I don’t know if the opposition is good or not. So far, the games have been fairly close in score although there’s always the possibility of a blowout. His buns are hoping for a low-scoring game with no sacks on our quarterback.

Since I’m not spanking Lion tonight, that leaves time for play. I’ll set up the massage table and give 2022 a sendoff. I can’t guarantee he’ll be able to have an orgasm, or even able to get convincingly hard, but we can try. I think, since many communities ring in the new year with fireworks, Lion should ring out the old year with IcyHot. It seems fitting. Fireworks. Fiery balls. Of course, we also have some ginger in the fridge. It can set his ass hole on fire. Decisions, decisions. I don’t know which he’d like less. Actually, I think I do. Ginger isn’t quite as combustible as IcyHot. Of course I’ll use IcyHot! You would too.

We’re having steak for dinner. We’ll have the last of our Lambrusco either with dinner or at midnight. As long as we’ve been together, I only remember going out for New Year’s Eve once or twice. I think we were at the symphony five or six years ago. Other than that, we are a stay-at-home couple. We watch the ball drop in Times Square. It’s delayed for the west coast, but we watched even when we were in New York. It’s usually too cold and definitely too crowded to actually go to Times Square. My son did it once. More power to him. Nope, we’ll be snuggled in our toasty bed when the clock strikes twelve.

This is it, our 6,000th post! It’s a milestone we are proud of. I can’t verify it, but I think we are the largest sex-oriented blog in the world. We’ve averaged two posts a day for nine years. The Journal was intended to document our journey through male chastity. Along the way, we picked up domestic discipline as well.

When we started in 2014, the big deal was the idea of locking up my penis and keeping it locked until Mrs. Lion wanted to get me off. The emphasis was how being locked in a male chastity device would somehow transform my behavior in all aspects of my life. I called it enforced chastity. I was wrong about two things: It wasn’t enforced. Mrs. Lion locked me in a male chastity device because I asked her. The second was that it didn’t change my behavior at all. If I had given the matter any serious thought, I would have realized that with or without a male chastity device, I would do what Mrs. Lion wants because I love her, and she’s my mate.

Wearing the male chastity device 24/7 for three years did change me in one very significant way, I was trained not to masturbate. I had been jerking off since I was eleven years old. It was a regular part of my life, married or single. The male chastity device prevented me from doing it. That was good because Mrs. Lion didn’t want me to masturbate. No one else in my life ever made that request. Over the thousand days of male chastity, I not only broke the habit, I lost any desire to masturbate. It’s been nine years since the last time I got myself off. I’m not sure I could do it even if Mrs. Lion let me. That’s a big change for me.

spanking and domestic discipline

I always liked the idea of being spanked. Mrs. Lion started play spankings very soon after we met. It took her years to build up to a spanking I would feel hours later. She was the one who needed training. When we started, most of the writing online about spankings made a big deal about being on a bare butt. That bit of titillation was central to all of the stuff you could read.

Over the years, people stopped making a fuss about naked bottoms. It was correctly assumed that spankings are administered on a bare bottom. I’ve always been naked when spanked. Somewhere along the line, Mrs. Lion engaged in a series of “experiments” where she spanked me with various paddles and increasing force. That was when she could make me feel her spankings for days. That was when I asked her to make rules.

We didn’t label what we did as domestic discipline, but it was. She made rules like no spilling food on my shirt and waiting for her to start eating first. Simple rules that I was bound to break. There was no real injury to her if I broke them, just an opportunity to punish me. She liked catching me breaking rules. It was a sort of game for her. She didn’t like spanking me because she knew that she was hurting me.

Over time, she stopped feeling bad about spanking me. She treated it as another thing she did as part of her life as my wife. She didn’t like it but didn’t mind either. She treated beating me as a skill she had to master. As her skill grew, my dread of being spanked also increased. I still get turned on thinking about being spanked. I hate the actual spanking. Domestic discipline mission accomplished!

The next challenge was to punish me for doing things that annoy Mrs. Lion. She hates it when I interrupt her or act as a know-it-all. She made it a rule for me not to do those things. When I broke those rules, she almost never punishes me. She finds it very difficult to spank me if I annoy her. In fact, I interrupted her yesterday. She didn’t punish me. She probably will now that I mention it.

Well, here we are

Here we are at 6,000 posts and nine years into male chastity and about six years into domestic discipline. I haven’t had an orgasm that wasn’t given by Mrs. Lion in nine years. We are still struggling with expanding domestic discipline into the more significant offenses I commit. I have no doubt that by post 7,000, that will change.

Over the last nine years I’ve been disappointed by the lack of brotherhood with other bloggers. Female sex bloggers cooperate and have formed a nice online community. Chastity and domestic discipline bloggers jealously guard their readership and never mention other bloggers. I’ve tried to build relationships with other bloggers. With only two exceptions, I’ve been unsuccessful. It’s too bad. One thing that would make our blog more interesting would be discussions between other practitioners.

I’m very happy with our readership. It’s grown steadily every year. We are both grateful that you take the time to read what we write.

Thank you!

I had Monday off and that threw my week off. Lion told me it was punishment day. Obviously, that meant it was Thursday, but I still had trouble reconciling that today was Friday. Short weeks do that to me. I guess that’s why I forgot to do punishment swats. I won’t catch up with it tonight. Tomorrow is punishment day again.

This weekend is the second to last regular season game for our football team. They started off so well. I think there’s still hope they can get in the playoffs but I don’t expect them to get far if they get there. Since the season is drawing to a close, we’ll have to take advantage of every opportunity to play our football spanking game. Lion had quite a sore butt last time. We’ll have to see what happens this week. The swats per point are up to nine.

Also this weekend is New Year’s Eve. In the past, I’ve given Lion orgasms on holidays. It’s more difficult as it’s taken him longer to get ready for the next one. I’m not sure I can plan on any given day anymore. Not that that’s such a big deal. He’ll take an orgasm whenever he can get one. Good thing I like giving them to him.

As you’ve probably read, we’re coming up on our 6,000th post. It seems crazy to me that we’ve written so much. I guess it’s even crazier that we’ve shared so many intimate details. Who would have thought we’d have kept this up. When Lion suggested locking him in a chastity device, I thought it wouldn’t last long at all. Well, maybe the chastity device isn’t around anymore, but we still are. Craziness. I admit it’s sometimes difficult to come up with things to say (today, for example) but I think it’s worth it in the long run.

As promised, I turned on the heater in Lion’s office and set up the massage table. Lion was hungry fairly early so I put some leftovers in the oven, changed the filter in one of our air purifiers and opened the box to look for the directions for putting together a desk chair. We ate dinner and watched Wheel of Fortune. Then we adjourned to his office.

Lion made the comment that he needed sunglasses to combat the overhead light. At the time, I told him I’d turn on the floor lamp and keep the overhead light off. As we played, however, I realized that a blindfold would do the trick. He likes to be blindfolded and it would certainly keep the light out of his eyes. Win-win. Next time.

This time, I still didn’t know what I was going to do with him. My answer came as I was massaging his balls. It had been a long time since his balls had been swatted. I never swat them hard. Lion may disagree. I certainly don’t do it hard enough to cause damage. He doesn’t really like it, but I figure if he didn’t want me to do it, he shouldn’t have asked me to all those years ago. I didn’t come up with it on my own.

I also pinched his boobies. He thinks I’m ridiculous for calling them boobies. He’s a man. He doesn’t have boobies. The very fact that he thinks it’s ridiculous is why I keep doing it. Then I put a clothespin on each boobie. [Lion — I think “boobie” is silly, but if it is to be used, shouldn’t it be used properly? A boobie is a breast. A nippie is a nipple. That’s where the clothespins went.] I don’t know if it was the ball swats or the boobie pinching that got him hard, but he was hard. For a while, I thought I could get him to the edge. Sadly, he said he didn’t think he could get any further “this way.” So we adjourned to the bedroom.

I decided that I’d just edge him and make him wait for an orgasm. Then I decided to give him an orgasm every time we played for the foreseeable future. Starting next time. Lion had other ideas. Lately, the orgasms sneak up on him fast. Consequently, they sneak up on me too. I stopped but too late. I quickly, but perhaps not quickly enough, started again. Lion said it was not quite in time. Sort of a halfway ruined orgasm. I hate that. He does too.

Next time I won’t try to stop. Up the mountain and right over the edge.