When Lion is due for a punishment, I usually give it to him before I take my shower. I figure he’ll have that long to recuperate and a while later we can have some fun. However, last night he was snoozing off and on through Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. He was also snoozing when I went to take my shower. I decided to let him snooze. Obviously he was tired. I can always whomp him today.

When it was time to play, I decided to have some clothespin fun. Of course, Lion doesn’t necessarily consider it fun. That’s because I find all those “good” spots that he’d rather I miss. And, when I know I’ve hit a good spot, I flick and pull the clothespin so it hurts even more. He usually gets pretty hard so I know he’s not really in too much pain. Besides, the wincing just makes it more fun.

Eventually, I yanked all the clothespins off and asked if he’d rather be sucked or have me continue with my handwork. He opted for sucking. I figured he would. Initially, he said I was sucking too hard. Is there such a thing? I backed off and he seemed to be doing better. As soon as I got him to the edge, I took a peek at his whiteboard where he shows his wait time. He was at 14 days. I debated in my head whether I should just edge him or if 14 days was enough of a wait. Then I was trying to remember how many orgasms he had last year. He wrote a post about it but I can’t remember. [Lion — I had 33 orgasms in 2020. I’ve had 272 in the last 5 years. This is an average of 54/year.] Then I was trying to figure out if two orgasms a month (on average) would match last year or if that’s too few. Lion would probably say it’s too few. And I was trying to decide if he’d be upset about getting an orgasm so soon, given the fact that he’s only been pretty horny for the past week or so.

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In the end, it was taking him so long to get there, I almost gave up. Everything was hurting. I was determined. I needed him to make it. I also needed to stop. I pushed both of us on. I knew he was close. I just had to get him closer. And finally I did. Finally. I got a nice mouthful of yummy goodness and he got less frustrated. And now the count starts again.

Lion didn’t write a post for this morning. He said he didn’t have anything to write about. Poor Lion. He leads such a boring life. It was clear that I had to do something so he’d have enough fodder to write a post for tomorrow.

If you recall, he’d forgotten to set up the coffee pot for the second time in not too many days. Obviously, my first round of swats didn’t have the desired effect. What to do? What to do? I know! More swats. When I cleared the dinner dishes, I brought his spanking pillow back with me. I don’t normally have a paddle in mind. This time I went to our over-the-door shoe holder that stores our paddles and picked out a long, thick one that has a spoon-shaped head although it’s flat. I can never remember which paddle delivers sting or thud, or even which paddle is worse. I think some of the smaller, thinner paddles are meaner than their larger, thicker counterparts. I may be wrong.

It hasn’t really been that long since I whomped him. I don’t think I started out particularly hard. And yet, Lion was whimpering not long after. He was wiggling around a lot too. When he does this, I’m afraid I’ll hit him in a bad spot. I waited, asked him if he was done moving around and continued. He kept telling me it was enough. I didn’t agree. In the past, I would have stopped when he said it was enough. For a while he’s been telling me I don’t hit him long enough or hard enough. If that’s true, then how could it have been enough last night? (Aha! Using his logic against him.) Eventually I got done with his red butt and went to take a shower. He’d have at least fifteen minutes to ponder his buns of fire.

Wednesday night Lion suggested maybe we needed some mechanical help to get him to the edge. Now the Magic Wand was all charged up and ready to go. I got him a little hard with my hand and then substituted in the vibrator. He responded but then it seemed like he stopped responding. I went back to my hand without any better luck. I asked if he wanted me to suck him. Surprisingly, he said he thought the vibrator had been better. No problemo.

My shoulder has been hurting off an on for a few days. When I move a certain way, it’s like someone is poking a bony finger right in the joint. Using the Magic Wand usually hurts my shoulders. I’m reaching over Lion and moving in a weird position. I was glad the joint itself didn’t hurt but the muscles started to. Luckily, Lion was finally moving in the right direction. I know once I stop, my muscles will stop hurting so I don’t have a problem being uncomfortable for a little while as long as I accomplish my goal.

As Lion got closer and closer to the edge, I debated between just edging him or making him wait until New Year’s Eve. Why wait? I let him charge all the way up and over the hill. Afterwards, I realized it was his only orgasm of December. So far, that is. If I take pity on him and give him another one on New Year’s Eve, he’ll have had two. I didn’t plan to do that. He wasn’t feeling well a few nights. I wasn’t feeling well a few nights. He wasn’t interested. I was dealing with a death in the family. He wasn’t super horny and frustrated the whole time, but it was still a 25-day wait.

Finally, when I got the dog her ice cream, I got us some eggnog laced with rum and nutmeg. We had lots of Christmas Eve treats.

Lion waited 15 days for an orgasm this time around. That’s not his longest wait. I think it’s about average. I don’t know if he was looking for an orgasm or not. I guess one could argue that he’s always looking for an orgasm. On the other hand, sometimes he doesn’t want one. He wants to wait longer. Maybe he wants to be more frustrated. Too bad. I decide.

The interesting thing about last night was that, as he got closer and closer, he warned me he was going to come. I don’t know what made last night different from other times when it sneaks up on him. Was it because it was 15 days? Did I grab his balls just right? Was I sucking with just the right amount of pressure? Maybe it’s a random thing. There doesn’t have to be an answer.

When I’m about to have an orgasm, I always know. Sometimes it goes away if the stimulation changes. Sometimes I wonder why the hell it’s taking so long. I mean, it’s right there. What the hell are you waiting for? Usually, it’s just a slow buildup and then I’m over the top. There’s no sneaking up. I don’t know if that’s true for all women. I’ve never asked.

Maybe he normally feels it happening whether he warns me or not. He’s said he gets a tightening in his thigh muscle. So I guess the better question is why he decided to warn me last night. Don’t get me wrong. I liked it. There was a sense of urgency in his voice. Or maybe it was just him trying to speak while all of his muscles were working on other things. I put those muscles to good use and let him come.

[Lion comments — When I feel that thigh muscle pull, it’s too late. It is a sure sign I will ejaculate. Frustratingly, I don’t always get that signal. Unlike Mrs. Lion and other women, my arousal grows slowly at first. When ejaculation is close, I go from aroused to orgasm in seconds. I think this is true of most men. The reason I warned Mrs. Lion last night was that she had commented that sometimes she can’t tell when I am near the edge. Sometimes it sneaks up on me too. This time I knew, so I warned her.]

For the past few nights, it’s been taking Lion longer to get anywhere near the edge. We start out okay and then sort of fizzle before getting back on track. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I was thinking about making Lion wait for an orgasm to see if things worked themselves out. I also thought about giving him an orgasm as soon as he got to the edge last night. I also wondered how many orgasms he’d had in October. And, of course, today being Halloween is almost a holiday. A lot of things go through my mind while I’m sucking on Lion.

Since it was taking longer to get him to the edge, I considered stopping after the one time. I’d thought about that the night before too. Ultimately, it didn’t matter. I thought he was too close to the edge by the time I realized it so I kept going. I didn’t want him to have another ruined orgasm. A regular orgasm is much more fun for both of us. I get to hear all his noises, not just the strangled ones of a ruined orgasm. And I get to enjoy all of my hard work. Yummy.

Afterward, Lion said it wouldn’t actually have a been a ruined orgasm if I’d stopped when I paused. Damn. Oh well. I’d much rather make that kind of mistake than the ruined kind. And I was going to give Lion an orgasm sooner than a 20 day wait. I consider that a win-win. Almost all orgasms are win-win. Regular orgasms, that is.

So now I guess we restart the clock and see if he’s as horny after a few days as he was last time. I don’t have nay prediction as to how long I’ll make him wait. I think we have to answer the horny question first. Obviously, he’ll have a longer wait if he isn’t able to get near the edge for a few days. And, just because he gets to the edge quickly, there’s no guarantee he won’t have a long wait. I can be very tricky.

Good thing Lion likes my tricks and my treats.