I have a freshly orgasmed Lion. Well, he’s a little stale. It’s been almost 24 hours. He waited eleven days, which doesn’t seem like a long time, but we had some challenges this time around. I hope that’s behind us now and things will settle down.

I do have one issue, however. I’ve mentioned before that Lion tends to move his hips as he gets closer to the edge. I guess it’s a glass half empty sort of thing. I get a little indication that he’s getting closer. But I also get a change in angle of his penis in my mouth. I thought I was far enough up last night. I even readjusted to make sure. Either I slid down or he moved even more than other times. It’s not a huge deal, but it does add some stress to my neck and whether my teeth stay behind my lips. I’d think the teeth thing would be of particular concern to him. Who wants to get bitten during oral sex? I know. There are probably people out there who do. I’m willing to bet Lion isn’t one of them.

Once I noticed him doing it a few weeks ago, I solved the problem by holding his balls. If I’m pulling down, he’s less likely to move up. I thought this was a brilliant fix. The problem is that I don’t always want to pull on his balls. Sometimes I like to tickle them. Sometimes I like to move my finger around like I’m heading for his asshole. Both might increase his squirming.

I have no idea why he’d suddenly start doing it. Or did he suddenly start doing it? Maybe he’s been doing it all along and I’ve just noticed it now. Did I change something that makes what he’s doing more pronounced? Clearly, more information is needed. I guess he’ll have to let me suck him more. Poor thing. I’m sure he hates being the subject of my experiments. (Did I roll my eyes out loud?)

Poor Lion. This time I mean it. I’m not making fun of him for being horny or for asking for punishment when I know he doesn’t really want punishment. Oh, he wants it, but he doesn’t want it at the time. Anyway, he’s poor Lion because I haven’t been able to edge him sufficiently lately.

I had every intention of giving him an orgasm last night. He was snoozing before dinner so I delayed my shower in order to play with him early-ish. I don’t think I ate all that much but I was still full and I knew I couldn’t suck him. I pulled out some clothespins (regular ones, no frills) and applied them in a stripe. I got him hard and kept playing with him while I pulled on the clothespins and eventually removed some of them one by one. He was hard but I knew he wasn’t going to get very far because of my position next to him. I was just too uncomfortable to move.

Eventually I had to stop. He wasn’t getting any further and I didn’t think he would unless I could figure out how to hit the good spots. I was tempted to suck him anyway, but I knew that would be a huge mistake. I told Lion I couldn’t continue. I need to make it up to him. There have been too many miscues lately. Most of them have been my fault. First I was trying to stop taking my anxiety drug, dealing with the withdrawal and now I haven’t been feeling well. For all I know, it’s my body reacting to stopping the medication and restarting. It must be confused. Wait a minute. We just got rid of this crap and here it comes again.

Tonight, I am determined to give him an orgasm before dinner. Rest up, Lion. We’re playing early. Snooze before I get home so you’re ready. Fair warning. Relief is in sight. I’m looking forward to a creamy appetizer.

Wait times between orgasms over the last year.

Sex, namely orgasms for me, have been discussed lately. When we started male chastity, the objective was to control and delay my ejaculations. Unlike many men in male chastity, my keyholder, Mrs. Lion, decided that she wanted control but not to extend the time between my orgasms to weeks or months. Initially, she made me come every night. That was too much for me. Then she extended my wait to three or four days. That was enough time to let me get really horny.

Over the years, the wait grew a little longer. She decided that seven to ten days was appropriate for me. This worked for a long time. Within the last six months, when Mrs. Lion decided to get me off, I couldn’t get there. Even though she tried almost every night, it took over twenty days before I could ejaculate. Mrs. Lion decided I needed orgasm therapy. She tried to get me off instead of teasing me. It didn’t work until February, when I ejaculated between three and ten days after each orgasm.

This was more normal. It seems that seven to ten days is a natural frequency for me. At least that’s how I’ve been over the last seven times. I wonder if this is a case of “use it or lose it.” Am I trained to perform at this frequency? Our experience with other training has demonstrated that I can be trained. I’ve learned to wait until I either get permission, or Mrs. Lion starts eating before anything goes into my mouth. I also have been trained not to masturbate and not to spill onto my shirt. I also remember (almost always) to set up the coffee pot.

Apparently, our male chastity activities have trained me to stop wanting orgasms in less than a week after the last. I am able to ejaculate in less time. I have done it in just three days. Mrs. Lion has decided to reverse this training. I’ve wondered what we can do to fix it. Julie of strictjuliespanks made an interesting observation:

“I get it if you think chastity enhances your sex lives in some way (e.g., along BDSM excitement lines), but it doesn’t seem to be doing that for you anymore. An impartial observer may even say the opposite is going on? Why not give unfettered masturbation a go for a while? Train yourself back into being more of a sexual being through self-pleasure. Don’t sex therapists prescribe something like that to get back in touch with your sexuality? With my husband, we encourage it in one another and make a bit of a game out of it by making it an on-the-spot spanking offense to be caught “red-handed” in the act.”

Julie is suggesting that I begin masturbating again. It’s almost a form of physical training to restart my libido. I’m not sure I can do that. If Mrs. Lion wants me to try, I’m seriously worried that she will stop her efforts. She also mentions that if she catches her husband jerking off, it earns him an immediate spanking. If Mrs. Lion doesn’t want me to jerk off, we can reverse Julie’s rule. If Mrs. Lion can’t make me ejaculate, I earn a spanking. If she’s up for it, she can do it immediately after stopping.

I’m not suggesting that if I can’t ejaculate every day, I get spanked. At least in the beginning, maybe give me two days to recover. On the third day and beyond, no orgasm earns a spanking. Once I reliably ejaculate in three days, go to two. What do you think, Julie?

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While I was making dinner last night, I felt yucky. My sinuses were hurting but not as bad as they have been. Still, I decided to take some Tylenol to see if I could fend off the yuckiness. I do that when I’m heading out to mow the lawn. If I don’t, sometimes I can’t make it through the whole lawn. I’m happy, and, more importantly, Lion is happy it worked.

Every weekend we seem to shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to eating. We don’t think about lunch, and either don’t eat at all or eat late. Not eating at all is less of a problem. We eat dinner a bit earlier. However, eating late throws us off. Dinner is then late, and play is late. You’d think we’d figure it out, but we did it again yesterday. I didn’t start making dinner until 7. That actually wasn’t so bad because I still went to do the dishes at 8, which puts us in the same time frame of a weeknight.

Lion has been critiquing my hand jobs lately. I’m not sure I can even call it a hand job. It’s the attention I give my weenie to see if he’s interested in getting hard. It’s not always designed to make a run for the money. Lion has told me he doesn’t like it when I go from 0 to 60 in no time. He says I’m rushing him. With that in mind, I’ve been trying to have a little getting-to-know-you session before I move on. During this stage, Lion gives the helpful advice that he reacts better to up and down motion. Really? You don’t say. And I’ve been jerking him off for how long without realizing that? Huh. Who knew?

At any rate, soon after this suggestion, I had a suggestion of my own. Wouldn’t he react even more to being sucked? I can usually tell how horny he is by how fast he answers me and how fast he extricates himself from the blankets. Talk about 0 to 60 in no time.

I’ve been massaging his balls while I suck. Last night, I decided to tickle them. He loves that when he gets very close, but he also reacts to it early on in the proceedings. I like to reach between his cheeks a bit and trace a line to the bottom of his balls. I think he likes that, but what do I know? I had no idea he reacted better to up and down motion when I jerk him off. (Did you see my eyes rolling?) It still took a while, and I wasn’t sure he’d make it all the way, but he did. I considered stopping short a few times like the good old days of edging, but it’s been hard to tell how close he is, and I didn’t want to jinx things. I was rewarded with creamy Lion filling. He was panting for a while afterward. And here I thought I was doing all the work. I’m glad we have another orgasm in our orgasm experiment. I’m not sure when we’ll go back to edging and making him wait. I’m having fun this way.

Lion said he’s not broken after all. I didn’t think he was. He said I did the other night when he didn’t get all the way. I did not. I assume there will be nights he can’t get far. That doesn’t mean he’s broken. It means it wasn’t time. And it means I get to try again the next day. I love sucking him almost as much as I love giving him orgasms.