I am glad Lion likes super edging. I like it when he’s super horny so I guess it all works out well. The only problem is that, once he’s near the edge, it’s easy to go too far. As he said, neither of us likes ruined orgasms. Obviously, they aren’t as much fun for him as a full orgasm. There is a solution, of sorts. I can salvage the orgasm. That makes it a little more fun for Lion, but still leaves me feeling like I screwed up.

The chance of a ruined orgasm could stop me from getting him too close to the edge. It’s a fine line. I need to push my luck just enough that he thinks he might just go over without actually letting him go over. It would be helpful if he had a gauge attached somewhere that showed how close he was. I thought he had a ruined one last night. I tasted some precum, kept going and then he was panting and tensing up. He never got soft so I decided to edge him again. I’m happy to report that it wasn’t a ruined orgasm and I left Lion more frustrated than ever.

He had reported being a little horny before I edged him. I haven’t gotten the Lion weather report in a long time. He does mention how horny he is from time to time, but he used to tell me the weather was steamy or tropical. Given the fact that he thought he was only a little horny last night, I don’t know if I can trust his self-reporting. I do trust his panting and gasping for air when I’m through with him. I also note how long it takes for him to recover enough to get back on his side of the bed to watch TV. I guess it’s a gauge of how well I’ve done.

I’m not sure if he’ll get his orgasm this weekend or not. I may have to play with my food a bit longer to make sure he’s really ready for it. I doubt he’ll ever beg for an orgasm. He doesn’t want to be able to tell me when to give him one. I understand that, but sometimes I think it would be nice to know when he’s at this limit and really wants one. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll give him one, but it would be nice to know.

[Lion comments — I could start my weather reports again. I’m not sure I’ve been at the point where I just have to come. I suppose the time for me to beg for release is just after I have been edged and before Mrs. Lion begins again. She could ask me if I want to come. My problem is that in the past when she asked me if I answered that I did, she gave me an orgasm. The fun ended. I think that if she wants me to truly reach a limit, she will have to not let me come even if I say I want to. If this happens over and over, eventually she will see if I change in my response. As long as she gets me off if I say yes, I am not going to say it.]

Our stupid football team lost again. I don’t know if any other team has as bad a record. It was a fairly close game and they did do a bit better than their other games, but they still lost. Lion suggested playing Spankball. Normally we do the swats after each score but we decided to wait until the end of the game. He got 143 swats. That isn’t bad in the overall scheme of things. Afterward, he said it’s probably better to do them after each score. That way it’s tied into the game.

A while later I decided to give my weenie a try. When I started, Lion said he could probably wait another day. I decided we should give it a try to see what would happen. At the very least, he’d get some attention. He got hard and eventually, I asked if he wanted me to suck him. Silly question.

For someone who hasn’t been edged in a while, he was certainly excited. I know he wondered if he’d need extra attention to get his motor running again. Not necessary. He was raring to go. He got to the edge very quickly. I asked if he was sure he wanted to just be edged last night. I don’t remember what he said. I was willing to wait…and then I wasn’t. I gave him his orgasm. [Lion comments — I said I was fine with waiting. She didn’t answer.]

It wasn’t a huge one like when he waited 20 days last time. It probably would have been if I waited until today or tomorrow. But I was done waiting. I wanted to give him an orgasm. It wasn’t because his wait was 21 days. I just wanted him to have it. You can’t blame me for wanting to make him feel good. That’s my job.

Deciding how long to make him wait this next time is also my job. I’m toying with having it be a short wait. What does that mean? Four days is short. But so is ten when you compare it to a 21 day wait. I’ll know when it’s time. Lion won’t.

Lion is loving his green light to nag me about things being on flat surfaces. I suppose I should have specified that it starts once the flat surface is clear, but it’s not really a big deal. The fact that he’s looking at things that might be his on the table is excellent.

I finally agreed that he deserved to be punished for his remarks about my hair cutting ability, or lack thereof. He insists he doesn’t flip out about things, but I think he does. He was pretty upset about his hair. Yes, it’s short in one spot in the front. Yes, it calmed down a little after his shower. My feeling about bad haircuts is that it’s just hair. It will grow back. If he wants to get back at me, he can give me a haircut. He won’t. He likes my long hair.

Anyway, he earned a punishment. I should have given him his swats before dinner. I like to separate punishment from sex by a few hours. If I punish him after dinner, there’s not really enough time to separate it. Oh well. We do what we can. And what I did was whomp his buns with a rubber paddle. He said the rubber paddle from the other day could have been used all by itself to cause bruises. I picked a different one, but it had the same effect.

I started out slowly because I know the rubber paddle is harsher. Once I revved up to full strength, I could already see bruises forming. In all fairness, he had the beginnings of a bruise the other day. I didn’t want to keep whomping on bruises so I had to stop. I’m sure he learned his lesson. Then he said next time I should use a different paddle to warm up and then use the rubber paddle for bruises. But didn’t he just say…? Yup. He did.

While I was at work yesterday, and we were doing our emails back and forth, Lion alerted me that if I didn’t allow him to orgasm last night he’d only have two orgasms for August. I don’t normally care how many he has in a given month, but I hastened to point out that his having an orgasm isn’t entirely up to me. He hadn’t been able to get to the edge for a while so I had no choice but to make him wait. However, I offered to help things along by applying Icy Hot. When he objected, I asked if he’d rather have tiny clothespins. He didn’t. Of course, I figured the punishment he had coming would do more than the threat of Icy Hot. And it did.

It took some doing but Lion got to the edge and then some. I was rewarded for all my hard work with a nice mouthful of cum. Yum! I guess the wait was worth it.

Monday night, Lion was awake a lot. He watched TV. I don’t know if it was particularly loud, but it did wake me up at a few points. I was tired yesterday. Lion snoozed a bit in the afternoon. By quitting time, I was ready for a nap. But, true to my word, I played with Lion early.

At first, he said he wasn’t sure if he was in the mood. I figured I’d give it a shot and see how things went before abandoning him. Once I got him excited, I tied his balls up. Tell me again how you don’t know if you’re in the mood. My weenie had other ideas. He was excited whether Lion was or not.

Once I started sucking him, he was certainly excited. I vary the speed to keep things non-boring. Yesterday, I tried to get as close as possible to the speed he bucks. I figure that’s his natural rhythm so it probably works best. It did. It still took a while, but after one edging that wasn’t really an edging, I got him all the way to orgasm.

Not in the mood, my butt.

I’m assuming it was a twelve day wait this time. I’m basing that on the ninth day being a few days ago. I may be off by a day or two. It doesn’t really matter anyway. I probably should have waited until he was really horny again, but I wanted to prove a point. I don’t care if he thinks he’s in the mood or not, I can take an orgasm when I want it.

The cage maker, Evotion got back to Lion this morning. He’ll be without the cage for three weeks. I guess that means I have to lock him in the Jail Bird. I don’t think he wants to be wild for that long. (I’m fine with it, but he wants to be locked up now.) I think he’ll be annoyed when he sprays pee all over the place. I know I will. Normally, when the Jail Bird goes on, he wishes he had it back off. That didn’t happen with the printed one. I guess it really is the most comfortable cage he has.