Spanking Your Husband — What To Do If He Asks You To Spank Him

Did your husband ask you to spank him? More men than you think make that request. Recent studies show that over 80 percent of men dream about spanking. It’s not as crazy an idea as you might imagine. First off, this isn’t like spanking a child. You may have never been spanked as a child or considered spanking a child of yours. That’s fine. Spanking a grown man is a completely different matter. Nothing in this article applies to spanking children. OK, now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business.

Most men who ask are turned on when they think about being spanked. Some will search out spanking porn and masturbate while they watch it. This isn’t unhealthy behavior. You may want to control it at some point, but as we mentioned earlier, the vast majority of men fantasize about being spanked. This doesn’t mean that they are submissive or feminine. It’s just sexually arousing to them. It also doesn’t mean he wants you to treat him as a child. He wants you to paddle his bare bottom.

exactly what does he want?

He probably has scenarios in his head about being spanked. The chances are that you won’t be interested in acting any of them out. Still, it won’t hurt to discover exactly what got him to the point of asking you. It took a lot of courage for him to approach you about this. It would be easy to scare him away. Instead, make an appointment with him to discuss exactly what he wants. Here are a few suggested questions to get the dialogue going.

  • When you think of me spanking you, what do you imagine happening? If he starts outlining a fantasy plot, gently cut him off and ask him to tell you what he expects you to do. Does he want to be naked? What does he want you to use to spank him? (Bear in mind that your hand isn’t a good choice. It will hurt long before his bottom does)
  • Do you expect sex to be part of your spanking session? Spanking can be excellent foreplay for both partners. Don’t give your thoughts at this point.
  • Have you ever been spanked before?  If you were spanked as an adult, explain the situation.
  • Do you expect me to decide how much to spank you? This can give you an idea of how he imagines it.

This short interview should give you an idea of what he has in mind. Even if you are turned off by what he wants, don’t say no at this point. You won’t be alone if you find it hard to see yourself spanking him.

Why would I want to spank my husband?

We’re not going to answer that question for you. Mrs. Lion and I are in a spanking marriage and find it good for both of us. I’ll add personal notes here and there to help clarify the discussion. Let’s consider some basic points:

  • I don’t want to hurt my husband. Spanking him isn’t about hurting him. Yes, a spanking is painful. It isn’t dangerous, and it is very difficult to injure him if you swat his bottom. Bear in mind that spanking is sexual to him. He probably won’t be hard while you spank him, but he will be very turned on before you start and after you finish.
  • What’s in it for me? Your husband may tell you that you will be sexually aroused when you spank him. It’s possible, but many women don’t get turned on when they spank their husbands. If you do, that’s great. It will be fun for you. You will probably enjoy seeing how much you please him by indulging him if it doesn’t. Mrs. Lion isn’t turned on by spanking me. She gets pleasure out of a job well done when she gets the results she wants.
  • If you both want, spanking can help him learn to be a better man. Careful here! This is a male fantasy that you become a super mommy and make him behave and obey you. Much of what you read on the Web talks about this: it’s fantasy. No woman has the time or energy to micromanage her husband with or without a paddle. However, a mature approach to disciplinary spanking can do much good. Mrs. Lion has established several useful rules that I must follow. They mostly apply to my share of work around the house. I am spanked if I break any. It works. Warning: You can’t cure serious problems with spanking.
  • It’s a lot easier than you think. Even if spanking is a complete turn-off for you, it is very important to him. He wouldn’t have asked you otherwise. If for no other reason than love, it makes sense to seriously consider at least trying it out.

give it a try

The only real way for both of you to decide if spanking him is something to add to your activities is to try it. Here are my suggestions on how to avoid making it a bad experience.

  1. Set his expectations Remember, he has been fantasizing about spanking for a long time. He needs to understand that it will take time for you to establish how spanking him fits into your lives. I suggest that you agree to a simple spanking session without fantasies or elaborate scenarios. He will undress, get into position, and you will spank him. That’s it.
  2. You aren’t expected to reach any particular level of severity The first time that Mrs. Lion spanked me, I barely felt her swats. She had me on my hands and knees and used her hand. It was very brave of her to do that much. She got braver each time she spanked me. It took a long time for her to give me the sort of spanking I imagined.
  3. His job is to accept your spanking without complaint In the beginning, he’ll probably want more than you care to give. Later he will whine about the spanking hurting his bottom. When I do that, it makes Mrs. Lion laugh, and she reminds me that I asked for it.
  4. When you finish, make sure he thanks you Spanking him is an act of love from you to him. He always has to remember that.

consider how you felt during and after you spanked him

It’s not unusual to feel guilty about hurting him. Remember that you are doing something he wants. Also, remember that almost all men don’t remember that they want to be spanked while they are being paddled. Their memory will return soon after you finish. Were his reactions arousing to you? If so, it won’t be hard to keep going. If not, like my wife, you can pride yourself on doing something he needs. Always keep in mind that it took a lot for him to ask you. This is something he needs.

I wish I could tell you that spanking your husband is fun and useful. A lot of men will claim that a spanking will make him more loving and considerate. Don’t count on that. I suggest that you start by considering spanking as something he needs. It turns him on to think about  being spanked and you are fueling his arousal.

Spanking your husband is a wonderful gift that you can give him. Make sure he thanks you for it.