Lion wants me to improve him by punishing him for his behavioral transgressions. He wants to eliminate interrupting, acting like a know-it-all, and being rude. I clarified by asking if he wants things to be black and white. In other words, it doesn’t matter how I’m feeling; if he interrupts, he gets punished. Yes. That’s what he wants. Obviously, if he’s trying to warn me about something dangerous, he can interrupt away. Otherwise, his buns will be meeting up with a paddle.

It sounds obvious, right? On, off. Yes, no. Black, white. Well… Here’s something he hasn’t counted on. I just realized it myself. I’m willing to stop talking if I think he’s going to interrupt me. If we’re going back and forth in a conversation and it seems like he’s trying to get his point across to the extent that I feel an interruption coming, I’ll clam up. I did it just now in the car ride home from his MRI. I didn’t think about it until a few minutes ago, but I must have thought he can’t interrupt if I don’t give him the chance. How’s that for shooting myself in the foot with a cannon? It completely defeats the rule. Leave it to me to figure out a way to sabotage things.

What do I do now? I’ll have to force myself not to do that. We all know how easy it was for me to punish him for interrupting in the first place. Yup. It’s going to be easy peasy to fix it. I have a stupid brain. There must be a way. We’ll have to put our heads together.

[Lion — Maybe just recognize when you clam up and count that as an interruption. You must have sensed something. Black and white, right?]

If you noticed interruptions in our service, it’s because we are moving to a newer version of some software and that requires some major work on the site. I don’t expect much trouble, but if you can’t reach us, try again in a few minutes. I still have a couple of tricky issues to solve in the next few days.

Mrs. Lion gave me a great blowjob on Sunday night. She worked hard and made it amazing for me. We also spent a lot of time snuggling and holding hands. We had a very good Sunday.

She read my post from yesterday morning, “The Best Reasons To Spank Me.” So far, she hasn’t commented beyond acknowledging that she read it. Between her needing to get extra work done and my website tinkering, she didn’t write a post yesterday afternoon. More often than not, she’ll talk about her thinking on my proposals in that post. I wonder if correcting me for more meaningful issues is just as difficult as punishing me for annoying her.

Some people have suggested that our rather trivial rules could be more an excuse to exercise a spanking fetish than true domestic discipline. We don’t think so, but there is something to be said about what does and doesn’t get punished here. So far, Mrs. Lion only punishes me for breaking rules that have no emotional loading for either of us. I don’t feel particularly guilty if I forget to set up the coffee or leave the shower door open. However, I am punished every time I do, so I’ve learned to be good about doing those things. How are they different from rules about arrogance, interrupting, and not using the treadmill?

The main difference I see is that those rules involve emotional issues for me. Well, the treadmill doesn’t, but that’s a different matter. The point is that these are not trivial issues. All represent opportunities for me to improve. They also are things I’ve resisted changing in the past. Is Mrs. Lion worried that I will be angry with her if she enforces them? Might I rebel and withdraw?

Those are potential risks, given that she’s never taken a proactive stand about anything I might resist. She spoils me. I love it, but I also think it’s time for some lioness risk-taking. There’s no doubt that enhancing our domestic discipline to deal with these more-serious issues will challenge her resolve to stand up to me. I don’t think I would refuse to accept her punishment, no matter how grumpy calling me out makes me. I also think that putting her foot down in more serious areas might bring us closer as well.

When we started domestic discipline, Mrs. Lion created easy-to-break rules that were meant to help us learn to incorporate domestic discipline into our marriage. The rules were useful but not exactly life-changing. They covered some basic manners and simple chores. They met their goal and firmly established DD in our lives. They also established a pattern that may have hurt our disciplinary evolution.

Mrs. Lion said that a big reason she spanks me is that’s the way I learn. It’s true. Even when she wasn’t spanking very hard or long, I stopped breaking those little rules. I didn’t consciously work to avoid breaking them. I just stopped. Spanking me is effective for behavior modification. I think she recognized this before I did. She never discussed it with me.

Those little rules and her enforcement taught us more than the value of spanking me. It taught Mrs. Lion the importance of rigid consistency. Regardless of how trivial, if I am expected to follow a rule, and I miss, I get a full punishment spanking. At times that felt unfair, but she punished me. This helped create very healthy disciplinary habits, but I think it also diverted our attention from a key aspect of domestic discipline.

Mrs. Lion only created rules around very specific chores that had no emotional loading. For example, my most recent rule is to always keep the shower door closed. It’s a good rule. If the door is left open, the dog gets in and makes a mess. There’s no risk I will be angry or hurt because she enforces it. The need is obvious and I have no emotional investment in the shower door. The rule is risk-free.

Every so often, she has mentioned things she should enforce, like an exercise program for me. Even though she has mentioned and written about this, she’s never done it. The benefit to me is obvious, and it wouldn’t be difficult for her to set it up for me. I don’t know exactly why she hasn’t, but I suspect there may be two big reasons. The first is that she isn’t exercising and may feel it is unfair to require me to do something she isn’t. The second is that she may think it would be hard for me to do. She’s right. Perhaps she’s a little worried that I will refuse, and she might not be able to firmly order me to the spanking bench.

Mrs. Lion doesn’t like to be prescriptive. She is laid back and happy to let things just happen. I love that about her. I also think that it would be better for me if she weren’t quite so forgiving. I’m a combination of alpha and procrastinator. In many areas of my life I charge ahead and get things done. In others, I’m happy to put things off. Is it any wonder Mrs. Lion and I fit so well?

That brings me back to our approach to domestic discipline. I saw it as a way to assure that Mrs. Lion has a strong voice in our marriage. Maybe that was just my ego talking. She sees it differently. Her take is that it is the way I learn. She’s right. Now that we’ve established a real value for it, she’s stuck with applying that value to helping me learn. There’s her challenge.

So far, I’ve been full of helpful and not-so-helpful suggestions. I’m probably the worst source of ideas on how I need to improve. I don’t have the obvious problems of drinking and staying out late. I have others and I know she is aware of them. I also know that the way I’ve suggested she apply DD is based on my original assumption of empowering her. I think that’s my biggest mistake.

She doesn’t feel the need to be empowered any more than she is. She doesn’t want to change her role. I keep pushing her to change her mind. For example, I suggested that since she hates it when I interrupt her, she should punish me when I do. The problem with that statement is that I am saying the reason to punish me is because it annoys her when I interrupt. I’m telling her to punish me because of how I affect her. Well, I suppose that is a very good reason. It isn’t the best one.

If she and I agree that DD is a great teaching tool for me, then shouldn’t she be using it to teach me? She could teach me not to annoy her, but she clearly doesn’t feel that is a goal she wants to achieve. I finally realized that it isn’t the one that makes the most sense for me either. Interrupting is rude. Shouldn’t I learn not to do it? Of course, it annoys her. It also annoys everyone else. Duh!

Mrs. Lion can teach me to stop. She can teach me all sorts of good things, things that will make me a better, healthier person. That’s why spanking me every time I interrupt her is important. It doesn’t matter if I annoy her or not. It’s an undesirable behavior that she can extinguish. Teaching me to exercise on the treadmill every day is going to extend my life. Getting me to avoid arrogance and know-it-all behavior will make me a better person.

Domestic discipline is about educating me. When Mrs. Lion has no emotional investment in a rule–like the coffee pot or shower door–she has no trouble enforcing it. If she considers things like rudeness or disregard for my health, they aren’t about her. They are about me and improving my life. Aren’t those the very best reasons to spank me?

woman giving blow job to a man

When Lion came out of the shower, he said he expected the spanking bench to be set up. I hadn’t even thought about it. Luckily, it takes a minute to do. I had him riding the bench in no time.

This was not a punishment spanking. I’m sure he hasn’t been a saint in the last few days, but nothing has risen to the level of punishing him. By his count, it had been 30 days since his buns had met with a paddle. That is if you don’t count the Super Bowl swats. When he goes so long without punishment, it’s easy for both of us to start to slack off. He can fall into interrupting and not following his rules. I can fall into not catching him when he does so. We’ve found that it helps if we do “Just Because” spankings. Sometimes it’s just because he’s forgotten what it feels like. Sometimes it’s just because I’m sure he’s done something that I missed. Mostly it’s just because we both need to be reminded to pay attention.

These non-punishment punishment spankings are less severe. Maybe that’s wrong, but if he hasn’t done anything, I’m not really punishing him. I won’t say I don’t throw some fairly hard swats his way in those five minutes. He gets a few surprises along the way. Generally, I don’t tie him down. Although I think he should be able to remain still if he focuses, I do strap him to the bench for punishments. What can I say? I hit hard, and sometimes he’s weak.

I made dinner, and we snuggled after I took care of the dishes. My head didn’t hurt, so I was free to move about at will. It was a little too late to do anything big, but I did play with my weenie and got him hard. Today, we’ll try to play earlier. There may even be a blowjob in Lion’s future. He may not get the happy ending of a blow job, but he’ll get some action. And I’ve been known to change my mind about giving him orgasms. I like to keep him guessing.