seal on chastity device
Lion can cut the seal with permission or in an emergency.

One of the best parts of taking time off during the summer months is that work is slow. When I get back I have a nice pile of work to do. From August to January is our busiest time. Leaving then creates mountains of work when I return. I’ll get things all cleaned up here just in time to head east for my daughter’s graduation.

As Lion said, a week away does pose a few problems. Aside from the fact that he’ll have no one to vacuum for him, he won’t get edged or played with, and he’ll be locked up for a week or be wild and unsupervised. I can’t do anything about the vacuuming but I can do something about edging.

The easiest thing would be to leave him wild. Obviously then he can get himself into all sorts of trouble if he has a mind to. Locking him away requires an emergency key. Unless I lock him in the nylon cage. Then it’s just a matter of writing down the lock number and comparing it when I get home. He’ll be able to extricate himself if he has an emergency. I can also ask him to send me a picture with the number visible to check it while I’m away.

We’re a little more than a week away from my trip. Things can change but I’m leaning toward locking him in the nylon cage. I was concerned that it could be an issue with him travelling and not having access to scissors because they wouldn’t make it through TSA. But he’ll be home this time. He’ll have access to scissors. If he has a true emergency, which he hasn’t up to now, he can cut the lock off. I can always give him permission if a less-than-emergent need arises. Maybe it’s starting to smell. Maybe he’s developing a sore. We’ll have to see how it goes.

I like the idea of having him take a picture to prove it’s still the same number. It has nothing to do with not trusting him. I know he won’t take the cage off unless he has to. It’s more of a power issue. Each time he has to send me a picture he’ll know he’s doing it because I’m telling him to do it. Because I said so. Because it’s my weenie and I want to make sure it’s still where it’s supposed to be.

We’re home from our first trip of the year. Mrs. Lion did play with me twice over the five days we were away. She punished me three times; once for spilling, once for interrupting, and once for failing to thank her for beating me. On our last night away, she gave me a most excellent hand job. That’s the stats for our trip.

In a few weeks, Mrs. Lion is spending a little over a week on the East Coast visiting her kids. She’s very excited about going. I will be on my own, unsupervised for the entire time. I’ve been away longer on business trips, so the duration is not unique. This will be the first time I am home alone for so long. It’s also the first time since 2.0 moved in.

Will I be a wild lion? I don’t know. Could I be? Yes, of course. The difference will be mostly my convenience and the opportunities to enjoy an erection during Mrs. Lion’s sabbatical. There are pros and cons to allowing this to happen. On the pro side, regular erections and limited arousal will keep me highly interested in sex. When she gets back, I’ll be primed and ready. On the con side, I have the opportunity to get myself off. That’s unlikely.

One advantage to being locked in a chastity device while she is away is the constant reminder of her control. I would say that it gives her more peace of mind as well, but the truth is that she’s never thought that way. Since she doesn’t get turned on, thinking of me in a chastity device isn’t going to get her juices running.

There’s no strong argument either way. Of course, if she decides to keep me locked up, I will need an emergency key. With her 3,000 miles away, it would be dangerous to leave me locked with no way out.  Of course, leaving me wild solves the problem. I imagine that will be her choice. We’ll see.

Lion got his butt whomped twice yesterday. It’s funny, I don’t even remember what I punished him for the first time. It was probably spilling food. But the second time was for forgetting to thank me for punishing him. [Lion – Interrupting her on Sunday]

I took his advice and swatted him longer with test swats to see if he could take more. When I got him bright red I stopped. He even had a little spot of blood on one cheek. He said I could have gone further. Of course he’d say that.

The second punishment, taking place about eight hours after the first, hurt more. It’s not that I hit any harder, although I think I might have. His butt was still sensitive from the first meeting with my paddle. His cheeks may not have felt sore but they remembered that first whomping and they were not amused with the second.

When I was done I asked if he was done. He said he never wanted to start. I was giving him the opportunity to thank me before I put my paddle away. He asked if I was done. I said I wasn’t sure. I wanted to see if he was done. Then he got the idea and thanked me.

Lion did get his orgasm last night. His balls tied-up-tightly hand job. Of course I edged him a few times first. And then I asked if he could tell me what the difference was between a hand job and a blow job. It turns out my last few blow jobs have gotten slower at the end and it’s harder for him to come.

Aha! I was doing that on purpose. I wanted the slow buildup to make it more intense. I thought the constant slow motions would drive him crazy and suddenly it would spill over into an orgasm. I had no idea it was making things more difficult for him. Now I know. So I’ll save the slow stuff for the early portion of the program and just go for it at the end.

Being the helpful soul I am, I’ve been offering suggestions on making spanking more effective. As the recipient of many punishments, I’ve become something of an expert at receiving. Mrs. Lion has become more and more effective. It turns out that there is quite a bit to know.

Mrs. Lion has experimented, with my help, with quite a few techniques. She’s learned that hitting hard makes for a very short punishment. I can’t hold still for many swats. For the last couple of months she has favored hundreds of lighter blows, occasionally peppered with a truly painful swat. We both agree that the longer spanking is more effective.

I’ve found that a spanking that hurts for a long time afterward is more educational than one that fades fast. Mrs. Lion is willing to explore this concept. The way to make the pain last and last is to do more than superficially heat the skin. Deeper, non-injurious pain is needed.

If, as we discovered, very hard swats have me heading for the hills, and we know that hard swats are the only way to make the effects lasting, we need a way to keep the pain on the edge of running away, but still hard enough to do some damage.

The answer is quite simple. If Mrs. Lion starts with milder swats, as the spanking goes on, my endorphins will begin to cut in. She can tell when this is happening if every ten or fifteen swats, she makes one harder. If my reaction is mild, she can dial up all her swats to that level. She keeps it hurting, but not too much.

As the process goes on, her swats get much harder and I can take them. Eventually, she will be hitting as hard as she did when she was trying to go for maximum impact, but now I can accept the blows without doing more than yelp and whine. She can (and I hope she does) get me deep red.

We disagree a bit about bruises. I think some are helpful in sending a message. Once the spanking has accelerated to hard, fast swatting, she can switch to a smaller tool, like a hairbrush. Then, she can pepper some full blast swats occasionally. Each of those will probably bruise.
The result is a very sore bottom that will hurt for hours and will remind me of the error of my ways each time I sit down for a day or two. That is a truly educational punishment.

I had punishment coming for interrupting on Monday. I wrote this post Tuesday morning before we took off for the day. After Mrs. Lion proofed this post, she reminded me that I had punishment coming. She put her new-found knowledge to use. Oh my! Very effective.