I have no idea how it happened, but Saturday got away from me. We did get a late start, had lunch out, and ran an errand, but it was 4 o’clock before we made it home. Then I did some laundry and cleaned up a bit. We decided what to have for dinner late, and it took a while to cook. Suddenly it was 9 o’clock, and I was tired and achy. Why achy? I haven’t been sleeping well, so that makes sense. It wasn’t until around ten that I remembered I hadn’t spanked Lion.

We were supposed to get a huge wind storm with wind speeds up to 40 mph and gusts up to 50. I was trying to make sure everything was battened down and ready for a potential power outage. So far, we’ve had wind up to 27 mph. I know they can’t pinpoint where something will hit, and there’s plenty of trees down in neighboring areas, but it was a lot of worry for nothing. I guess worry makes me tired and achy too.

I initially thought we could get an early start to the spanking yesterday. Maybe if I whacked him in the afternoon, it would be better for sex later on. I want to keep a decent amount of time between punishment and sex. I don’t want to confuse Lion’s naughty bits. He knows the difference, but it’s best not to merge the two if at all possible. Normally, I spank him, take my shower, wait a bit, and then we play. From time to time, Lion has asked for things to happen earlier in the day. It’s not possible when I work. We did try to do things just as I got home, but it didn’t last long. We can try again. Lion has also said he doesn’t like to be on a schedule of sorts. For example, “It’s 9 pm. Must be time for sex.” I’m not quite sure how to fix that, but I can try to be a little more spontaneous.

Lion has two other concerns: lack of sexual touching during the day and my not wanting sex for myself. Lion used to be a lot more mobile than he’s been in the past few years. He’d be in the kitchen while I was there. Our bathroom was bigger so we could both be in there at the same time. I think it’s a lack of physically being in the same room. When Lion is up and about, I’m usually trying to keep the dog off him, or I’m staying out of his way so he can walk. I can make sure we touch and kiss more. I can’t do anything about not wanting sex for myself. I’ll try anything to help Lion have more fun. He means everything to me.

Lion’s birthday was thirteen days ago. I ordered him a few things. One got here on time. I ordered the other late so I knew it wouldn’t be here on time. I did not foresee it getting stalled out in Oregon. The package didn’t move for days. Fedex stills shows it sitting in Oregon. The company sent another shipment. It was supposed to be shipped out Monday to get here Wednesday. It actually shipped Tuesday to get here Thursday. As of yesterday, it was still in Oregon. I imagined both boxes sitting somewhere together, silently mocking me. If it didn’t make it by today, I’d get a refund. It wouldn’t make sense to get another shipment. All three would be stuck in Oregon.

Luckily, it was delivered a few minutes ago. I was worried it didn’t survive. It was frozen and the delay might have allowed it to thaw. I was very pleasantly surprised that it was still solidly frozen. Lion has four Uno’s deep dish pizzas to enjoy. He loves deep dish pizza. I wish I’d ordered it earlier so he could have had it on his birthday. It wouldn’t have been a birthday cake, but birthday pizza might have sufficed.

I’ve had a stuffy nose for days. I can’t decide if it’s just a sinus issue or if it’s a cold starting. It’s been so long since I’ve had a cold, is it possible I’ve forgotten how it feels? Of course, it’s in the back of my mind that it could be COVID. I really doubt it is, but who knows. How many people who’ve gotten COVID thought they had COVID at first? We’ve been triple vaccinated. Odds are, it’s just sinusitis. It’s annoying nonetheless.

I’ve also been tired lately. Neither of those things is conducive to sexual activity. When I moved over to snuggle with Lion, I fell asleep playing with my weenie. That can’t feel good for him. I mean, obviously it felt good to a point while I was playing with him. But when I fell asleep he must have felt boring. He’s not. I’m the boring one. I excite him less and less as his wait goes on. Although, I did manage to get him excited while I was cleaning him up after waxing him.

This weekend I’m going to figure out how to excite him no matter what stage of his wait he’s in. I have no idea how to do it but there must be a way.

We have finally figured out the smell in Lion’s office. Cat pee. Well, dog pee, but it’s very similar to cat pee. If it had smelled like that all along, I would have known exactly what it was. Now I can’t smell anything but cat pee.

Lion decided we needed Stanley Steemer to clean the rug. We have a giant carpet cleaner in the pantry. It’s buried under things but I could have uncovered it. He insists the smell goes under the furniture. Perhaps under his desk, but I can’t see it being under the printer cabinet. The dog would have had to aim into a three inch gap. Anyway, as I’m getting dinner ready and cleaning up another mess, he was yelling at me from the bedroom asking about Stanley Steemer. I’m yelling back that he needs to give me a minute. He couldn’t hear me because the damn TV has to be on at 900 decibels all the time. When I was finally able to get to him, I didn’t care if Stanley Steamer cleaned the shingles on the roof. Then he complained about the cost. Excuse me? There’s a perfectly good carpet cleaner in the pantry. Free. Already paid for. All it would take is a few minutes to uncover. Oh well.

The bigger problem is that he yells from another room and can’t hear my response because the TV is always on and usually loud. Why do men do that? My ex would yell from another room and I’d have to go see what he wanted. If I yelled from another room, I’d have to go tell him what I wanted. Lion does the same thing. Why can’t they move to where I am? Obviously I’m better at finding them than they are at finding me. ]Lion — I have trouble getting around.]

I tried to explain why I was upset at him for not hearing me and he wondered why I was yelling. He’d done nothing wrong. He was innocent. Ha! Turn the TV down. Get up and find me. If I wasn’t going to him, it probably meant I was in the middle of something (which is what I was yelling to him but he couldn’t hear).

So now I’ve cleared out his office for the Stanley Steemer guy who was supposed to be here between 12-6 or 2-6, but called a little while ago to say he’d be here in a half hour. Frenzied clearing and over a half hour later and no sign of him yet. I wanted to go to Costco to get things we either forgot last time or have run out of since. I’m not sure we’ll make it this weekend. Lion needs to be waxed. That won’t happen today. I don’t know what other curve balls will be thrown at us, but something else is sure to happen. That’s just the way things have been going lately.

When we first got together, I wondered if I’d get bored. I can’t quite put my finger on what I was thinking at the time, but Lion was a little shocked that I could feel that way. Ironically, I’ve been boring him. It’s not that I’m shocked that he could feel that way. I just find it interesting that the tables have turned and Lion is bored.

I do take issue with one statement from his post. I could get more aroused if I was arousing her. This is confusing to me. Any time he was licking me and I tried to play with him, he chased me away. He didn’t want me to turn him on while he was turning me on. When I asked him about it, he said it’s nice sometimes. Hmmm. I guess I can’t dispute that statement even though I remember it differently.

Last night, when I was playing with him, I tried not to concentrate so much on the area just below the head of his penis. However, I thought that’s where he said I should be concentrating. He was making faces while I was tugging on him so I wasn’t at all sure I was doing the right thing despite his growing erection. When I asked about it, he said I knew I was doing it right. Well, I thought I’d been doing it right all along.

[Lion — Mrs. Lion generally does ‘it” perfectly once I am hard. The issue in my post was the time before I am fully erect. I do better if she uses the same motion before I get hard as after.]

The past few days have done a number on my confidence. I disappointed him on his birthday. I annoyed him yesterday. And I’m boring. (For the record, the night he told me I could use my hand a bit lower on his body was his birthday and I thought we’d already decided sex was a bust. I thought we were going to regroup and try the next night.) Anyway, I’m going to redouble my efforts and make things more exciting for Lion. I’m still planning on riding him but I’ve got to get him aroused enough first. It’s a good thing I love doing naughty things to him.