Yesterday, I cleaned up the branches I cut from a maple tree that was in desperate need of a trim. The higher branches are still about even with the top of Lion’s antenna. Fortunately, (or unfortunately because I have to go on the damn roof again) his new antenna should be much taller than the branches. I also started removing the rocks the landlord put in the yard. I’m assuming it was him. It’s just the sort of thing he’d do. They were some big rocks. For now, I’ve filled in the holes with smaller rocks I pulled from beside the sidewalk. I’ll need to find dirt to fill in the rest.

Today, I mowed the non-dog portion of the lawn. I still have to weed whack. Still. It’s not my favorite activity and Lion has added a redo of the ham radio antenna to my plate. In a few weeks, it will be a year since we sold the camper. The stuff I took out of the camper is still sitting in the living room. No, I haven’t put it away. It’s on the list along with every other damn thing that needs to be done around here.

I’d rather not do the antenna tomorrow after work, but I don’t want to disappoint Lion. I know he’s anxious to make contact with more repeaters in the area. He also wants to go to one of the ham radio club meetings near us. You can imagine how thrilled I am for that. It’s like the opera all over again. I also know it will help Lion make contact with other people. I’m not sure how many clubs there are in the area. We’ll probably hit a few different ones. As long as no one encourages him to get a different antenna, we’ll be fine. There are only so many times I’m willing to go on the roof.

Somewhere in the thirty days between Lion orgasms “cured” by boner juice, Lion stopped keeping track of his wait time on the whiteboard in the bedroom. I think he got discouraged. I can’t blame him. It’s difficult to concede that your body isn’t doing what you want it to do. I thought about asking him to keep track again, but I’d rather not have it as a constant reminder of not having an orgasm. When he kept track, it was for fun. “Look how long that bitch is making me wait!” (He never said that.) It was true orgasm denial. Now it’s his body making him wait.

He did the boner juice injection last night. Usually, he sits in his office until something starts happening. He noticed that it seems to get harder once he stands up. With that in mind, he did the injection and then took a shower. Theoretically, standing in the shower should have helped. Not so much. He was hard, just not as hard as the previous time. I got him harder with oral. I don’t see a problem with that. I think he’ll get harder once we figure out the dosage, and we can play. Some ball bondage usually turns him on. He’s going to try a higher dosage next time. It really is trial and error at this point.

On the plus side, after I was done attempting to get his motor running with a blow job, I noticed how slim his stomach looked while he was stretched out next to me. His ribs were sticking up. He’s been asking if I’ve noticed him slimming down. Sometimes I can tell. Other times, I think the change has been gradual, and I don’t notice. Someone who hasn’t seen him in a while might see more of a difference. I think I’m the same way. It’s been gradual, and I see the difference in the scale, but not really in my body.

We’ve both lost a lot of weight. It’s nice to see something come of the tiresome Nutrisystem food. Lion’s been craving Mexican food, so we’re heading to a local restaurant for cheat night dinner. We tend not to eat lunch or snacks on weekends, and that’s true of today. That gained us some calories. It shouldn’t be too much of a cheat. I don’t know what Lion’s having, but I’ve been lusting after Arroz con pollo for months. [Lion — Me too. I want nachos first.]

Here we are at another weekend. I’m pretty sure I won’t wind up on the roof because the new antenna and bracket have not arrived. I hope I’ll get some other stuff done around here, but Lion wants to “do something outdoors”. I’m not sure what that means. Is it having dinner outside? Is it a short road trip? In either case, I should have at least one day to accomplish something.

I learned another task at work yesterday. I’ve spent most of my day being confused. That’s not a good thing on a Friday. I’m considering switching back to something I understand for the rest of the day and getting a fresh start on Monday. I can only stare blankly at a screen for so long.

Lion suggested doing another boner injection this afternoon. This morning I told him maybe. I wanted to see how I felt as the day went on, knowing I’d have a confusing day at work. At this point, almost 2:30, I’d say we’re a go for boner juice. I think he’s doing the same dose to see if we can replicate the results. I’m under the assumption that he may react differently to the same dose on two separate occasions. If that’s true, how will we know when we actually have the correct dose? I’m not sure. We’re still at the trial and error phase. I guess we just hope for the best.

We’ve both talked about how we’ll incorporate play. I’m not sure we should consider it until we’ve found the correct dosage. It may put too much pressure on us. On the other hand, we may have a repeat of the other day when he was erect but not turned on. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking about him saying I need to get him a little excited before I put IcyHot on him (or any other type of play). It always seemed to be at cross-purposes. We’re playing to turn him on, but I have to get him turned on to play with him. The boner juice adds yet another layer. I still haven’t gotten my mind wrapped around how everything will work together.

Lion has been listening to his radio, trying to see how far his signal goes. Between that and hearing the license training videos he’s been watching, I’m no more enthused about getting this ham license than I was before. I understand it can be used in emergencies. I’m right there with him on that. However, I know I’m not going to use the radio except in emergencies, and then I’m likely to have forgotten my call sign. ‘This is KK7…….something, something, something. Maybe.” That won’t be super helpful. (I know Lion will point out that we can put labels on the radio with each of our call signs.)

One thing I am enthusiastic about is the new boner juice. Aside from the fact he’s concentrating on having an insertable erection, I’m happy to be able to suck my weenie again. Obviously, I could have sucked it all along, but we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. Not that we got anywhere Tuesday night. He was hard but not really turned on. Once he gets the dose right, we’ll have to figure out how to use it to our advantage. If he’s not turned on, that’s a waste of boner juice.

Based on the length of time Lion stayed hard, we wouldn’t be rushed into sex. We could take our time with whatever type of play we want. The issue is that we haven’t played in a long time. How do we get back into the swing of things? Easier said than done. Spontaneity is pretty much gone. I can’t just roll over, grab my weenie and go from there. There are at least ten minutes between injection and playable boner. I guess we’ll figure it out.